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Traveling is supposed to be full of culture, adventure, and peace. An excursion where you can find yourself through exploration. Or just an escape from your routine lifestyle through glimpses, tastes, and customs of a foreign lifestyle.

Trip planning is where the idea becomes concrete. The process never seems simple and tends to discourage aspiring travelers, leading them to abandon the trip altogether. Travel magazines and guides more than likely do more harm than good.

Navigate Magazine is your resourceful and trustworthy travel agent. Our writers built a report with locals all over the world; making connections that know the lay of the land like the back of their hand. Our international network of contacts is tuned in with the areas they know best and how to traverse them.

Creating the master itinerary shouldn’t be a headache but some recommendations will lead you to a tourist trap full of panhandlers and scammers. Hotels, tourist attractions, and airline companies will pay magazines for a promo that misrepresents their prices and experiences, leaving you broke and bored.

Navigate Magazine will not only help you Navigate the world, but it will also help you Navigate through all the false advertisements. Our experienced travelers will be your international guides into the unknown. No more self-serving travel companies that try to profit off travelers that don’t know any better. This way you spend more time (and less money) seeing awesome views, immersing yourself in the culture, and experiencing something new.

The world isn’t just your oyster. It’s a whole ocean, and then some. With so much to see and so little time, (plus flights most likely won’t be getting any cheaper anytime soon), we discover the obscure deals off the beaten path. We guarantee that your next adventure won’t leave you stuck sleeping in your car nor will we recommend you a bougie hotel that upsells you on minimal services.

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Expert Navigators have been everywhere, so we report our findings with honesty and integrity. We don’t get paid to promote other companies in our articles. We stand by our recommendations 100%.

Many say that the destination is second to the journey, but doesn’t apply to your wallet and your travels. Arriving at your destination should not be an inconvenience or a gamble. We know better than anyone that adventuring will always come at a cost, but Navigate makes the process simpler than ever.

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