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7 Insane Airplane Movies Ranked

Soaring Through the Sky with the Most Jaw-Dropping Airplane Movies

Hold onto your seats – and I don’t mean the rather comfy ones you may find in the first-class cabins with their seamless Panties comfort – because we’re about to take flight through some of the most enticing and adrenaline-pumping airplane movies out there. These films have skyrocketed our film experiences, combining the thrill of flight with the unpredictability of action-packed narratives.

Why do we love these movies so much? Perhaps it’s the rush of vicariously cruising through danger at 30,000 feet, or maybe it’s the visceral challenge of survival in a confined space that can only be navigated with 10 fitness levels of agility. Airplane movies have a unique way of capturing our imaginations, terrifying and enthralling us with scenarios that play on both our fears and fascinations of flying. Buckle up as we embark on this high-octane journey through silver screen skyscapes!

#7: “Non-Stop” (2014) – A Tense Thriller at 40,000 Feet

Picture this: A transatlantic flight with Liam Neeson on board as an air marshal – sounds safe enough, right? Wrong! In “Non-Stop,” Neeson’s character unwittingly becomes a pawn in a high-stakes murder plot that unfolds tens of thousands of feet above the earth. The film utilizes the restricted setting of an airplane to a tee, making your skin crawl with the tension of an Executive Decision at 40,000 feet.

Neeson’s portrayal of a man racing against time evokes a sense of urgency that will have your palms sweating more than if you’d used the wrong dry scalp shampoo this morning. The intensity is non-stop indeed, as Neeson navigates the confined labyrinth of aisles, overhead bins, and mysterious motives.




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Title Year Lead Actor/Actress Genre Plot Summary Production/Release Notes
The Aviator 2004 Leonardo DiCaprio Biopic/Drama Chronicles Howard Hughes’ career as a director and aviator. N/A
Airplane! 1980 Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty Comedy A disaster parody revolving around a flight with a sick crew and an unlikely hero. Alternatively titled “Flying High!”
Con Air 1997 Nicolas Cage Action/Thriller An ex-con is caught in a hijacked prisoner-transport plane. N/A
Plane 2023 Gerard Butler Action/Thriller Pilot saves passengers after a lightning strike damages the aircraft. Filmed in Puerto Rico, faced acquisition changes, earned $74.5 million.

#6: “Executive Decision” (1996) – Stealthy Tactics Above the Clouds

Imagine needing the precision of a surgeon and the stealth of a cat burglar while miles in the air. That’s “Executive Decision” for you. Kurt Russell and Steven Seagal team up to take back a hijacked plane without letting the terrorists (or the audience) catch a breath. It’s chess, not checkers – each move must be calculated, as the stakes are just a touch higher than choosing the right seat.

The emphasis on high-tech gadgetry and tactical acumen is a refreshing pivot from the typical airborne muscle-flexing heroes. It’s about brains and bravado, a rare blend that makes you appreciate the intricate intricacies on display – as layered as Andrew Lincoln’s movies and TV shows.

Image 24356

#5: “Red Eye” (2005) – High Stakes at High Altitudes

“Red Eye” takes you on a nocturnal voyage packed with more twists than the flight path of a storm-dodging pilot. Rachel McAdams unwittingly finds herself embroiled in an assassination plot, ensuring you’ll keep a suspicious eye on your fellow last-minute seat buddies next time you catch the red-eye.

Director Wes Craven elevates the tension, steering the storyline through heart-racing turbulence. Why does it resonate so deeply? It’s the undercurrent of reality – something that reverberates with the pulse of Quotes about kindness caught in a deadly storm. It’s a psychological thriller that could, frighteningly, happen to anyone.

#4: “Air Force One” (1997) – Presidential Peril in the Sky

“Get off my plane!” shouts Harrison Ford, embodying a U.S. President whose policy-making extends to fisticuffs and gunfights against airborne terrorists. It’s not just another day in the Oval Office, folks. “Air Force One” is the ultimate executive order, one that delivers action with a side of steadfast resolve that would make any Park City snow report look tame in comparison.

From the score to the stoic intensity Ford brings to the role, this one’s a cinematic oath to keep you riveted. With each presidential punch thrown, viewers are guaranteed a dose of good old-fashioned American resolve – no veto needed.




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#3: “Flight” (2012) – A Sobering Dive into Heroism and Human Fallibility

Denzel Washington’s portrayal of a pilot with a penchant for addiction in “Flight” offers a steep descent into the exploration of a flawed hero’s psyche. It’s dignity under duress; it’s confronting your demons when your wings are on fire.

What begins as a miraculous crash landing soon spirals into a soul-searching expedition where truths are as unpalatable as the blue milk at a dubious diner. It prompts one to ponder – beyond airplane bravery, what else is the pilot hiding?

Image 24357

#2: “Con Air” (1997) – A Turbulent Ride with Outlandish Characters

“Cyrus the Virus,” played with devilish delight by John Malkovich, turns a convict transport plane into his personal arena of anarchy in “Con Air.” Into this mix, throw Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage), a newly-paroled ex-ranger with a heart of gold and biceps to match, and you’ve got the recipe for airborne madness.

There’s unabashed excess here; imagine enjoying the grandiose spectacle of Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan, yet with seatbelts and escape slides. It’s cinematic lunacy soaring at Mach speed, a film that basks in its own absurdity and invites you along for the ride.

#1: “United 93” (2006) – A Hauntingly Real Depiction of Tragedy

Topping our list is “United 93,” which doesn’t just soar – it resonates. It’s a visceral reminder of tragedy, a film that anchors the terror of flying not in fiction, but in harrowing memory. Director Paul Greengrass offers a respectful, almost reverent account of real-life heroes who faced the unimaginable as one of the planes involved in the September 11 attacks.

It’s an uncomfortable watch, sure, but its stark realism implores, giving us a sense of communal reverence and reflection – a powerful, poignant emblem of bravery and sacrifice. It’s this authentic engagement with reality that truly punctuates “United 93” as a masterwork in the genre of airplane movies.




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Conclusion: Sky-High Cinematic Spectacles That Thrill and Reflect

Cruising back down to our final descent, it’s clear that the allure of airplane movies hinges upon their innate ability to whisk us away from the mundane and inject a jolt of adrenaline directly into our wanderlust hearts. Sure, we can chat about the organized chaos of holiday flight schedules, but these films carry us further, thrusting us into the confluence of human ingenuity and vulnerability at stratospheric heights.

From the edge-of-your-seat suspense carried by Liam Neeson in “Non-Stop” to the intense homage to real-life heroism in “United 93,” we traverse an altitude of emotions and narratives. Airplane movies provide a breathtaking panorama of human experiences: the genius of aviation, the precariousness of fate, and the indomitable spirit to survive against the odds.

Image 24358

These movies serve as more than just entertainment – they are powerful allegories of life’s journey. Sometimes unsettling, often thrilling, but always memorable, they are reminders that our love for travel, for the ques of airports, for the allure of the skies, is, at its core, a love for life’s grandest adventure. And isn’t that what we always chase after – the promise of a journey as expansive and profound as the sky itself?

Fasten Your Seatbelts for These Airplane Movies Trivia!

Get ready to soar through some sky-high facts and giggle-worthy gaffes from the world of airplane movies. We’ve got a list that’s flying circles around the rest, and it’s packed with info that’ll have you jetting off to your next movie marathon!

A High-Flying Start

Whoosh! Did you know that the thriller-packed genre of airplane movies has been a crowd-puller for as long as we’ve been dreaming of defying gravity? Absolutely true! From the Wright Brothers’ first flight to today’s jumbo jets, these movies have depicted every kind of aerial nail-biter possible. Drama in the clouds? Check. Tense hijackings? Double-check. Comical cockpit craziness? Oh, you betcha!

“Walker, Walker, Zombie Flyer”

Hold onto your complimentary peanuts, because did you hear about that time they almost cast an unexpected star in a nail-biting thriller at 30,000 feet? Picture this: the plane’s going down, and who’s going to land it? None other than the ruggedly handsome star known for battling walkers. Curious? You can explore the world of Andrew Lincoln beyond the undead in his assortment of roles which, alas, never included “zombie pilot.”

That’s Not Supposed to Be There!

Bloopers in airplane movies? You can’t make this stuff up. Picture a scene set in a Boeing, only to spot an Airbus window shape—sticking out like a sore thumb! And don’t get us started on the flight paths that somehow magically avoid thunderstorms. Oh, and the next time you watch one of these flicks, keep an eye out for that plane wing that suddenly has an extra engine. It’s like they think we won’t notice—uh, hello?

Flying by the Seat of Our Pants!

Ever felt like those inflight movies are dizzying? Imagine watching an airplane movie while on a plane—Meta, right? And forget about predictable plots; sometimes, the unsung hero is a meek passenger turning action star. These gripping tales, they write themselves!

Stay Grounded with Geography

Let’s chat about geography for a hot sec. Yup, even these high-flying sagas can get a bit lost. Case in point: one minute, our on-screen aviators are over the ocean, and the next, they’re zooming past Yosemite National park el capitan without a care in the world. Talk about a scenic route!

Classic Lines We Can’t Forget

A major staple of these high-altitude spectacles? Iconic lines that stick with you longer than a layover. Who can forget the all-time classic “We’re gonna need a bigger plane”? Wait, was that not it? Oh well, these movies definitely have a way of parachuting us into unforgettable one-liners.

“Based on a True Story”… Sort of

Some airplane movies claim to be “based on a true story,” and we’re here for the drama. But let’s be real, we take that with a grain of salt the size of a suitcase. We could tell you more, but then we’d have to check your boarding pass for “Spoiler Class.”

Now that you’re buckled in with these fun facts and odd jumbles, why not take flight with a marathon of airplane movies? They might defy logic, gravity, and sometimes even taste, but boy, do they make for an entertaining journey!

Which aviation movie is based on a true story?

“Which aviation movie is based on a true story?”
Oh, you’re in for a real treat with “Sully”! It’s the gripping film based on the true story of Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who heroically landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River. Talk about a nail-biter!

What is the old funny Airplane movie?

“What is the old funny Airplane movie?”
Ha! You’re probably thinking of “Airplane!” – the knee-slapper from 1980. This parody is truly a classic, packed with puns and slapstick that’ll keep you chuckling from takeoff to landing.

What movie is about hijacking a plane?

“What movie is about hijacking a plane?”
Yikes! “United 93” is the intense flick you’re referring to. It reconstructs the tragic hijacking of United Flight 93 during the 9/11 attacks. Definitely not a watch for the faint of heart.

What is the new plane movie called?

“What is the new plane movie called?”
Heads up, aviation enthusiasts! The latest high-flyer is “Horizon Line” – it’s a heart-pounding tale of survival after a couple face disaster in a small plane over the ocean.

What was the 1950s movie airplane based on?

“What was the 1950s movie airplane based on?”
Step back in time to “The High and the Mighty,” a 1950s blockbuster that soared into cinemas, inspired by Ernest K. Gann’s novel of the same name. It’s an oldie but a goodie!

Is Flight 261 Based on a true story?

Is Flight 261 Based on a true story?”
Absolutely, “Falling from the Sky: Flight 174,” also known as “Freefall: Flight 174,” is a chilling made-for-TV drama that’s sadly grounded in the real tragedy of Air Canada Flight 143, dubbed the “Gimli Glider.

What was the plane movie in 1983?

“What was the plane movie in 1983?”
If you’re digging for the 1983 aviation film, look no further than “Twilight Zone: The Movie,” which, mind you, takes you on a wild ride beyond just planes, into the supernatural!

What was the first Airplane flight movie?

“What was the first Airplane flight movie?”
Buckle up for a history lesson! “The Wright Brothers’ First Flight,” a silent short from 1903, chronicles those historic moments of the first powered flight. Talk about a blast from the past!

What was the first aviation movie?

“What was the first aviation movie?”
Hold onto your hats! “The Aeronauts,” released way back in 1868, is considered a pioneer in aviation films, even though it predates actual powered flight!

What movie is about the planes with Tom Hanks?

“What movie is about the planes with Tom Hanks?”
“The Terminal,” with Tom Hanks playing a man stranded in an airport, isn’t about planes – but “Sully,” that’s the one where Hanks shines as the pilot who made that miraculous landing on the Hudson.

What is the movie about the flight that disappeared 1961?

“What is the movie about the flight that disappeared 1961?”
Get ready for a spooky vibe with “The Flight That Disappeared,” a sci-fi flick from 1961 where a flight heading to D.C. mysteriously vanishes. Creepy…but in a cool, old-school way.

What is the movie about a girl being kidnapped on a plane?

“What is the movie about a girl being kidnapped on a plane?”
Hold on tight! “Flightplan” is the edge-of-your-seat thriller where Jodie Foster’s character’s daughter vanishes mid-flight. Talk about every parent’s worst nightmare.

What is the four planes movie?

“What is the four planes movie?”
“United 93,” “Flight 93,” “I Missed Flight 93,” and “September Morning” form an unofficial quartet of films grappling with the harrowing tale of the fourth plane during the 9/11 attacks.

What is the new Netflix movie about the missing plane?

“What is the new Netflix movie about the missing plane?”
“If you’re scouting for some binge-worthy mystery, “Manifest” with its missing plane making a shocking reappearance after five years, has got everyone talking. But hang tight, it’s a series, not a movie!

What is the new series on Netflix about a plane?

“What is the new series on Netflix about a plane?”
Netflix has you covered with “Into the Night,” a Belgian series where passengers on a plane must escape the sun to avoid a global catastrophe. It’s like a non-stop flight to the danger zone!

How much of the movie Aviator is true?

“How much of the movie Aviator is true?”
“The Aviator,” zooming in on the life of the eccentric Howard Hughes, is jam-packed with truths but takes some creative detours. Let’s call it a cocktail of fact and fiction, shaken, not stirred.

Why did Whip Whitaker go to jail?

“Why did Whip Whitaker go to jail?”
In “Flight,” Whip Whitaker, played by Denzel Washington, ends up behind bars not for his heroic crash landing but for flying under the influence. Tough break after saving so many lives.

Why did Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crash?

“Why did Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crash?”
Tragically, Alaska Airlines Flight 261 plunged into the Pacific due to a failed jackscrew assembly in the tail. A grim reminder of how crucial every single part of a plane is.

What movie is a true story black pilot?

“What movie is a true story black pilot?”
“Red Tails” salutes the Tuskegee Airmen, African-American pilots who fought in WWII. While it’s based on true heroes, the film takes flight with its fair share of Hollywood flair.

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