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Athens Hotels: 10 Top Historic Stays

Exploring Timeless Charm: An Insider’s Guide to Historic Athens Hotels

When you wander through the vibrant streets of Athens, you’re not just sauntering through a modern metropolis but stepping across pages of history. This city doesn’t just touch history—it embraces it, whispers it from every nook, and sure enough, you can even sleep in it! Athens hotels have been more than mere places to drop your bags; they’re portals to the past, cradling ancient tales within their walls.

With the hospitality sector in Athens innovating at a meteoric pace, the essence of Greek culture and history isn’t paved over but polished, shining through in contemporary comforts. So let’s peek behind the antique doors, shall we? Prepare to be ensnared by the allure of history, luxe leisure, and perhaps, if you listen close enough, the echoes of Socratic dialogues or the clang of Spartan armor.

Unveiling the Legacy of Athens: Hotel Grande Bretagne, A Historical Landmark

Hotel Grande Bretagne stands majestically, as it has since the 1800s — a beacon of architectural grandeur and a testament to Greece’s storied epoch. Its halls whisper of history, having witnessed political intrigue and served as a sanctuary during tumultuous times; it’s not just a hotel but a piece of Athens’ heart.

Step through the doors, and it’s a headlong dive into a resplendent past, greeted by antiques and handcrafted murals depicting Greek myths. The Grande Bretagne masterfully marries yesteryear charm with today’s luxuries like an exclusive spa retreat worthy Of an Emirates first Class experience.

Imagine sipping a vintage wine at the plush Alexander’s Bar, surrounded by the air of a bygone era, or peering out at the illuminated Acropolis from a suite balcony – that’s the Grand Bretagne for you, timeless yet ever-evolving.

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Neighborhood Hotel Name Price Range (€) Notable Features Proximity to Attractions
Syntagma NJV Athens Plaza 150-250 Luxury accommodation, views of the Acropolis, close to the Hellenic Parliament Steps away from Syntagma Square
Plaka Plaka Hotel 100-200 Rooftop terrace with Acropolis view, traditional Greek charm Walking distance to the Acropolis
Monastiraki A for Athens 120-220 Modern rooms, rooftop bar with city views, near ancient Agora Adjacent to Monastiraki Square
Kolonaki St George Lycabettus 130-230 Boutique style, panoramic views, close to upscale shopping A short walk from Lycabettus Hill
Koukaki Herodion Hotel 110-210 Near major museums, garden with jacuzzi, views of the Acropolis Close to the Acropolis Museum
Psiri Fresh Hotel 90-190 Stylish decor, rooftop pool and bar, vibrant neighborhood Near Monastiraki and Plaka
Exarchia Exarchion Hotel 60-110 Budget-friendly, bohemian vibe, close to National Archaeological Museum Near the University of Athens
Pangrati Zappion Hotel 70-130 Near the Panathenaic Stadium, peaceful area, budget-friendly A few minutes from the National Gardens
Syntagma King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel 200-400 Neoclassical luxury, sits on prestigious hotel row, fitness center, boutique spa Directly on Syntagma Square
Hilton Area Hilton Athens 180-350 Elegant rooms, 3 swimming pools, Galaxy Bar, 4 restaurants, close to metro 5 minutes to Syntagma by metro

Modern Luxury Meets Ancient Traditions at King George Athens

Brace yourselves; we’re about to court royalty! King George Athens is no mere hotel—it’s a landmark sprung from neoclassical dreams and filled to the ornate rafters with stories. This stalwart institution seamlessly interweaves modern riches with the grand narrative of Greece.

From politicians to glitterati—the hotel’s guestbook reads like a ‘who’s who’ of history. Yet, the King George doesn’t rest on its laurels; it keeps its pulse on the contemporary, offering a vestibule to the heart of Athenian life where modern travelers can engage with a legendary locale without forsaking any mod con.

From rain showers echoing the Spartan rigor to plush bedding summoning Morpheus himself, at King George, one doesn’t just stay — one reigns.

Electra Palace Athens: A Neoclassical Retreat Amidst Urbanity

Lost in the buzz of city life? Step into Electra Palace Athens and take a breather in a tranquil Athenian chapter. With its neoclassical façade, this sanctuary harks back to an Athens poised between past and present.

The hotel’s allure lies not just in its visage but inside, where marbled floors lead you to rooms accented with Hellenic motifs. Here, the Attic sky becomes your canopy and the whisper of ancient epics your evening lullabies. It’s history, yes, but with a side of high-speed Wi-Fi—because who wants to choose between Aristotle and Instagram?

Electra Palace is where you plot your next day’s adventure to the Parthenon, fueled by a breakfast befitting Greek gods.

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AthensWas Hotel: A Contemporary Homage to Athenian Aesthetics

Next up, AthensWas Hotel. It’s a contemporary tapestry with Classical Greece embroidered into every stitch. This hotel whispers a story of simplicity and elegance, built on the aesthetics of the ancient Athenian lifestyle, updated for the discerning modern traveler.

How about wine glasses clinking on your private balcony as the sun sets behind the Pantheon—capturing Slim Aarons-esque Scenes Of chic luxury? AthensWas’s design genius isn’t loud; it’s a soothing hum, encompassing every iota of comfort without tossing aside heritage.

Come bedtime, the sleek lines and muted tones usher in restful nights where dreams of Socratic discourses feel just within reach.

A Journey Through Time: The Storied Halls of NJV Athens Plaza

One can’t skip NJV Athens Plaza without missing a hefty slice of Athens’ grandeur. This establishment doesn’t just sit in the heart of the city—it pulses with its rhythm, rubbing elbows with the Greek Parliament and the whispers of political ghosts.

Dine under chandeliers as you unravel the tales of bygone figures who once graced these very spaces or let the golden Mediterranean light bathe you in a blend of opulence and history. From behind grand windows, Athenian life unfolds like a play, and you’ve got front-row seats.

NJV Athens Plaza doesn’t just hark back to the past; it serves it up with a side of contemporary zest. How’s that for a historic stay that refuses to age?

Divani Caravel Hotel: Where Elegance and History Are Intertwined

If the walls of the Divani Caravel Hotel could talk—they’d recount a narrative lush with culture and refinement. From its spot in the sophisticated district of Kolonaki, it has seen Athens evolve and has evolved with it.

Within this elegant abode, one finds amenities brushed with Athenian history. The sophistication poured into each suite is nothing short of Hotel Providence ‘s grace, yet, every corner pays subtle homage to Greece’s golden age. They offer not just a night’s stay but a ticket to Athens’ high society across ages.

The Pinnacle of Athenian Splendour at The Athens Gate Hotel

Perched with a siren’s allure is the Athens Gate Hotel, a stone’s throw away from the historic gates of Athens. With columns echoing the rhythm of ancient times, this hotel is a hushed conversation with the past.

But let’s talk about those views, shall we? On the rooftop, the Parthenon seems close enough to touch, a silent sentinel over your dawns and dusks. This hotel wraps you in the fabric of Athenian pride, offering comfort that serves as your personal modern-day Delphic oracle, promising memories worth the voyage.

The Margi: Experiencing Athenian Riviera’s Grandeur

There’s a slice of the Grecian coastline that echoes with tales of the old world—welcome to The Margi. Nestled in the exclusive Athenian Riviera, it’s where history and high society dance to a tune that reverberates through the olive groves.

At The Margi, the glory of ancient Athens isn’t just an introspective backdrop but a lifestyle. Take your taste buds on an odyssey with farm-to-table gastronomy, or surrender to the cerulean pool that mirrors the Aegean Sea. It’s a reinterpretation of the Athenian laid-back grandeur, sans togas.

InnAthens: A Quintessential Expression of Athenian Heritage

Let’s turn the page to InnAthens—it’s as if someone took a piece of Athenian soul and crafted it into a cozy, chic retreat. Here, modern art meets age-old tradition, and guest experience translates to a cultural odyssey.

This hotel plays a siren’s song—quiet yet irresistible, luring you into a garden where the bustle of the city fades into a whisper. Rooms exude the ethos of Greek hospitality, while the courteous staff uphold a legacy of warmth and welcome. At InnAthens, heritage isn’t just observed; it’s lived and breathed.

Embracing Legacy at the Titania Hotel in the Heart of Athens

Finally, we come to the Titania Hotel, towering with noble pride in the Athenian cityscape. Its very name is a nod to the rich mythic history of the land, and unsurprisingly, the premises have been a protagonist in many of Athens’ historic scenes.

Walk its corridors, and a blend of innovation and reminiscence greets you. Here, Titania’s offerings are not just services—they are a mosaic of history and comfort. Whether indulging in honey-sweet desserts at the rooftop or sinking into the cozy embrace of its suites, you’re part of Athens’ continual story.

Envisaging Athens’ Historical Voyage Through Its Iconic Hotels

Chronicling through these historic stays in Athens, one can’t help but marvel at how these establishments are not just resting spots but custodians of legacy, beckoning luxury explorers and history buffs alike. Our travels are, after all, tapestries woven with the threads of experiences, and Athenian hotels offer an exhaustively opulent canvas.

Thoughtfully chosen, each hotel is a chapter in Athens’ odyssey, inviting guests to scribe their narratives in an ongoing epic. So, the next time you’re at a crossroads deciding on one of the countless Athens hotels, think beyond a room with a view—embrace a view with history.

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Which is the best area in Athens to stay?

Oh boy, if you’re hunting for the crème de la crème of where to stay in Athens, Plaka is your go-to neighborhood! It’s charming, it’s central, and you’ll swear you stepped back in time with all the history at your doorstep. Now, don’t just take my word for it—Plaka’s cobbled streets and stunning views of the Acropolis are a traveler’s dream come true!

How much is an average hotel room in Athens?

Hang onto your hats—on average, a hotel room in Athens will cost ya around €100 a night. But hey, prices can swing up or down depending on how plush you want your digs. Scour for deals, and you might just snag a bargain!

How many days do you need in Athens?

Well, well, well… How many days in Athens? You’ll want at least three days to hit all the high notes—Acropolis, Parthenon, and those mouth-watering tavernas. But if you’re really itching to explore, giving yourself four to five days means you won’t have to rush.

Does Hilton have any hotels in Athens Greece?

Yes sirree, Hilton’s got a foothold in Athens! With the Hilton Athens standing tall, you get a slice of luxury with killer views of the ancient city. So if you’re a Hilton fan, you’re in luck—they’ve staked their claim right here in the heart of Greece.

Where to avoid staying in Athens?

Here’s the scoop: some say to give Omonoia Square a wide berth when booking your stay in Athens. It’s a bit rough around the edges, you know? But don’t worry, there’s a whole city out there waiting to welcome you—just keep your wits about you!

Is Athens a walkable city?

Ready those comfy shoes because Athens is as walkable as it gets! With historical landmarks around every corner, you’ll be stepping through history like it’s nobody’s business. And hey, when your feet need a break, their public transport is a cinch to use.

How much is an average meal in Athens?

When in Athens, fork out around €10-20 for an average meal and you’re set! It’s easy on the wallet and a treat for the taste buds. You’ll be saying “opa!” with every bite!

What is the average cost of a dinner in Athens Greece?

Now, for the average dinner cost in Athens, think €15-30 per person. Not too shabby for a night out, huh? And if you’re lucky, you might just catch some live Greek music to serenade you while you dine.

Are things cheap in Athens?

Are things cheap in Athens? Well, it’s no secret that your euros can stretch further here than in other European cities. Think affordable with a capital “A”!

What is the best month to visit Athens?

The best month to visit Athens is May or September. You dodge the sweltering heat and the worst of the tourist stampede. Perfect time for some sightseeing bliss!

How much is the ferry from Athens to Santorini?

Hop on the ferry from Athens to Santorini and you’ll be shelling out anywhere from €20 to over €70. Remember, fast ferries cost more but save you time!

How much does it cost to go from Athens to Santorini?

Going from Athens to Santorini? Keep your wallet in check, since it’s roughly the same as the ferry—around €20 to €70+. Plane or boat, the choice is yours, and as they say, time is money!

What resort did the Kardashians stay at in Greece?

The Kardashians? Oh, they lived it up at the luxe Mykonos retreat Celestia Grand in Santorini. Chic, posh, and oh-so-Instagrammable—no surprise they chose that spot!

Can you drink hotel water in Athens?

Drink up the tap water in Athens; it’s safe, my friend. But if you’re still iffy, bottled water’s everywhere, problem solved!

Do hotels in Greece have shampoo?

What’s that in your travel bag? Leave your shampoo at home ’cause most Greek hotels have you covered with those little bottles of hair magic.

What is the safest neighborhood to stay in Athens?

Looking for the safes t spot in Athens? Kolonaki or Plaka are safe bets—upscale, lots of folks milling about, and pretty as a picture.

What is the safest area to stay in Athens?

And for the safest area to stay in Athens, same deal—Kolonaki and Plaka win the gold. You’ll sleep soundly, that’s for sure.

What is the safest way to get around Athens?

As for getting around Athens without a hitch, the Metro is your best bud—quick, efficient, and it avoids the famous Athens traffic snarls.

What is the main square in Athens?

Lastly, the heart of Athens beats in Syntagma Square. It’s where all the action’s at, from political hustle to everyday bustle. Don’t miss it!



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