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Baggallini Bags: Top 10 Stunning Styles You’ll Absolutely Love!

Experiencing Baggallini Bags: Not Just a Bag, But a Lifestyle

Here’s the thing, bags are more than just a storage solution. They’re a beloved travel companion, a holder of memories, and believe it or not, a reflection of your gusto for style. Take it from me, a seasoned traveler, a solid, reliable bag can make or break your travel experience! Cue drum roll Baggallini Bags. These babies aren’t just bags; they’re a bona fide lifestyle! Trust me, once you’ve journeyed with a Baggallini bag, you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without it!

Baggallini unisex adult Triple Zip Bagg cross body handbags, Black, One Size US

Baggallini unisex adult Triple Zip Bagg cross body handbags, Black, One Size US


The Baggallini unisex adult Triple Zip Bagg is not just a handbag, but a statement of sophisticated style enhanced with practical functionality. As the name suggests, this sleek black crossbody bag is designed to suit both men and women, offering a versatile accessory that works for any occasion. Made from high-quality materials, the bag is sturdy enough to withstand daily use yet still lightweight for comfortable wear throughout the day. With a size that accommodates all your essentials, this handbag is perfect for those always on the go.

The highlighted feature of the Baggallini unisex adult Triple Zip Bagg is its triple zip system, which ensures all your items are neatly organized and easily accessible. The storage compartments have adequate space to hold your phone, wallet, keys, makeup, and even a small notebook, all while maintaining a slim profile. The zippers are smooth to use and add a touch of style to the overall look. The strap is adjustable, allowing you to carry the bag at a length that you find most comfortable.

The Baggallini unisex adult Triple Zip Bagg, in its timeless black color, complements any outfit and any personal style. Whether you’re heading to the office, strolling around the city, or going out for a night, this handbag blends in seamlessly. Beyond its stylish aesthetics, this bag communicates an aura of class and poise. You will definitely stand out in any crowd with the Baggallini unisex adult Triple Zip Bagg cross body handbag, Black, One Size US.

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Unraveling the Origins of Baggallini: How it All Began

Ever wondered, ‘who on earth designed these genius Baggallini bags?’ Meet Dixie Powers and Ann Simmons, the visionary brains behind your favorite travel accessory. Both flight attendants by profession, they birthed the Baggallini brand in 1995, bringing their hunt for stylish yet practical bags to a victorious end!

Now, here’s an exciting tidbit. Baggallini enjoys an interesting affiliation with the well-established Barry Corporation, known for its trusted Dearfoams Slippers. This partnership reinforces the quality and reliability of Baggallini Bags – like a true Batman-Robin dynamic duo!

Subject Information
Brand Baggallini
Founders Dixie Powers and Ann Simmons
Parent Company Barry Corporation (RG Barry)
Other Brands under RG Barry Dearfoams slippers
Origin Columbus, Ohio
Founded 1995
Brand Identity Practical, organized, and travel-friendly bag options that are as fashionable as they are functional
Main Products Travel bags, crossbody purses, tote bags
Quality & Design Known for durable construction, rightly sized for travel purposes
Special Features Locking zippers, slash-proof fabric panels, removable RFID-protected phone wristlet
Material Composition Outer is 100% Nylon
Manufactured Cambodia
User Base Travelers with an eye for style, flight attendants, etc
Brand History Baggallini was formed in 1995 by Dixie Powers and Ann Simmons, a pair of Delta Air Lines flight attendants who found success buying inexpensive handbags on layovers in Japan and reselling them to their airline colleagues
Acquired By RG Barry, a developer and marketer of footwear, handbags, and foot care products

Baggallini Bags: Marrying Functionality and Style with Ease

In the cosmos of bags, Baggallini stands out with its bold philosophy. These bags masterfully blend functionality with style – an art not easily mastered by many. But hey, that’s why Baggallini bags are the favorite travel buddies of many travel enthusiasts. With a Cirkul water bottle in one hand, and a Baggallini bag comfortably slung over your shoulder, you’re geared up for an adventurous trip!

Baggallini Womens Calais Crossbody Bag, Black

Baggallini Womens Calais Crossbody Bag, Black


The Baggallini Women’s Calais Crossbody Bag in a classic black color is a statement piece and an essential accessory for any fashion-conscious woman. This bag is both fashionable and functional, curated to safely secure all your everyday items while adding a sophisticated touch to your outfit. Constructed from premium quality nylon, the Baggallini Calais Crossbody Bag is designed for durability, long-lasting wear, and easy maintenance.

This compact yet spacious bag offers a main compartment with multiple zipping, slip-in pockets, and storage sections, so you can stay organized on the go. The sleek, black exterior is perfectly matched with silver-tone hardware accentuating its elegance. For added convenience, the bag features a fully adjustable strap allowing for the perfect fit as a crossbody or shoulder bag. Despite its compact design, this bag can carry all your essentials such as your phone, wallet, cosmetics, and keys with ease.

One of the significant aspects of the Baggallini Women’s Calais Crossbody Bag is its versatile nature. Whether you’re dressing up for a fancy dinner or a casual outing, this piece can complement any outfit effortlessly. The bag’s sophisticated charm is an excellent addition to your work ensemble, and its relaxed vibe is also perfect for weekend outings. Indeed, this black Calais Crossbody Bag from Baggallini is a must-have accessory to elevate your style and keep you organized wherever you go.

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Baggallini Crossbody Bags: Your Secure Travel Companion

Ever heard of a bag securing your belongings like a vault? Welcome to the world of Baggallini crossbody bags! With their innovative slash-proof fabric panels and locking zippers, these bags ensure your possessions stay secure and out of harm’s way. And don’t forget the ultra-handy, removable RFID-protected phone wristlet that effectively shields your credit cards and ID from potential theft. Now that’s what I call a bag with brains!

Baggallini womens Pocket With Rfid Crossbody Bags, BlackSand, One Size US

Baggallini womens Pocket With Rfid Crossbody Bags, BlackSand, One Size US


Baggallini women’s Pocket with RFID Crossbody Bags, BlackSand, is a blend of both luxury and practicality that fits perfectly into every woman’s casual or professional wardrobe. This one-size-fits-all bag comes in a subtle yet trendy black sand color, that adds a touch of elegance and adapts seamlessly to any outfit. Its superior build quality means it’s durable enough to withstand daily use, while its chic design ensures you always stay in style.

This crossbody bag stands out with its distinctive RFID technology, providing an added layer of security for your important personal data. This innovative feature helps to protect your credit cards and IDs from electronic theft, offering you peace of mind when you’re on the move. You can keep your necessities organized with its spacious compartment design, providing roomy pockets for your essentials and smaller pockets for compact items.

On top of its fashionable design and utility features, the Baggallini Women’s Pocket with RFID Crossbody Bag also offers user-friendly accessibility. Its adjustable strap allows you to customize the bag’s length to your preference, delivering optimal comfort. The bag guarantees effortless hands-free travel and it is also surprisingly lightweight, contributing to the overall pleasure of carrying and operating this fashionable, utilitarian accessory.

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Where Beauty Meets Durability: The Making of Baggallini Bags

In case you’re curious about the birthplace of Baggallini bags, let’s turn our compass towards picturesque Cambodia. That’s right! Baggallini employs local Cambodian craftsmanship and 100% Nylon to craft these traveling masterpieces. When you observe a Baggallini bag closely, you can truly appreciate the meticulous attention to detail and fine workmanship. Kind of like examining a work of art!

Baggallini Everywhere Bagg Hobo Crossbody Bag for Women with RFID Wristlet – Water resistant Travel Bag

Baggallini Everywhere Bagg   Hobo Crossbody Bag for Women with RFID Wristlet – Water resistant Travel Bag


The Baggallini Everywhere Bagg Hobo Crossbody Bag for Women with an RFID Wristlet is a sophisticated, utility-friendly piece that exudes a timeless charm. This water-resistant travel bag offers convenience and elegance in one perfect package. Made from robust and durable material, the bag stays resilient even in a downpour, ensuring your valuable items like phone, wallet, and makeup kits always stay dry and secure.

A standout feature of the Baggallini Everywhere Bagg is its RFID wristlet that shields your cards from potential electronic theft. The crossbody strap ensures hands-free carrying convenience at all times, which is perfect for those on the move. Whether you’re on an adventurous vacation or just running errands in the city, this brilliant accessory will keep you stylish, organized, and tension-free.

Furthermore, the Baggallini Everywhere Bagg exemplifies stellar craftsmanship and comfort. Smartly divided compartments with ample storage facilitate easy organization of your essentials. The bag’s design amalgamates class with functionality to offer a versatile accessory that can complement any outfit, thus making it ideal for every occasion, be it a formal dinner or a casual outing. Elevate your travel accessory game with this chic, practical, and reliable bag.

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baggallini crossbody

Baggallini Bags: Transforming Lifelong Relationships with Travel Bags

Wrapping it all up, I can safely say that Baggallini bags consistently shine in realms of fashion, function, and comfort. They strive to redefine your relationship with travel bags, taking it from a mundane necessity to a cherished attachment.

Every journey with a Baggallini bag is like unfolding a new chapter of an ‘on-the-go’ love story. Be it the ease of slipping in your Apl Sneakers, or the convenient stashing of your winter hat, there’s a Baggallini bag tailored for every travel need. Who knew you could fall head over heels for your travel gear?

To further fuel your Baggallini love, why not pair it with irresistible deals like Crocs on sale, or explore other bag brands like Kipling Bags?

Remember, dear readers, travel is not about ticking off destinations, it’s about immersing in experiences. And these experiences start by choosing a loyal travel companion — your Baggallini bag!

What is baggallini bags

Travel chic, travel smart.

Why are Baggallini bags so popular?

Baggallini Bags? Oh, they’re a total hit, my friend. Trust me, these bags tick all the boxes – style, functionality, and durability all rolled into one. I mean, who wouldn’t want a conveniently-sized carry-all with multiple compartments and a sleek design to boot? No wonder they’re causing quite a stir among bag aficionados.

Are Baggallini bags good?

Good? You bet, Baggallini bags are more than ‘good’, they’re downright terrific! Constructed from lightweight, water-resistant materials and known for their thoughtfully designed pockets, they redefine practical chic. When you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off, these bags are a godsend to keep your stuff organized.

Who makes Baggallini?

So, who’s the brains behind Baggallini? It was the brainchild of two globe-trotting flight attendants who knew a thing or two about what folks needed in a bag. Today, their legacy continues under the guiding hand of the RG Barry Corporation.

Can Baggallini bags be washed in the washing machine?

Hold your horses! Throwing your Baggallini bag in the washing machine is a no-no. Your best bet is to clean it by hand. Just some warm water, a soft cloth, and a mild soap should do the trick. Pretty easy, eh?

Are Baggallini bags cut proof?

Cut-proof you ask? Well, now there’s a question! While Baggallini bags are sturdy, they’re unfortunately not cut-proof. They’re tough cookies, no doubt but, they’re not designed like armor. Best keep a sharp eye on them in crowded places!

Which company travel bag is best?

If it’s the best travel bag you’re after, look no further than Tumi. Their travel bags are made for the long haul, with top-notch durability, design, and functionality. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with Tumi. It’s like hitting the travel jackpot.

Which company has best bags?

Who boasts the best bags? That’s got to be Louis Vuitton. Their bags are the crème de la crème – a blend of timelessness, luxury, and craftsmanship. I mean, it’s Louis Vuitton, for Pete’s sake. They’ve got this in the bag!

Which is most expensive bag brand?

The most expensive bag brand? That would be none other than the House of Hermès. Known across the world for their jaw-droppingly extravagant handbags, Hermès brings luxury to a whole new level. You definitely need a few pretty pennies to own a piece of their collection.

Which is the best place to buy luxury bags?

Best place to buy luxury bags? That’s got to be New York City’s 5th Avenue or London’s Bond Street. These are shopping Meccas, boasting high-end stores galore. Talk about being in the lap of luxury! Scoring a luxe bag from one of these ritzy strips is like winning the lottery.

Is Coach considered a luxury brand?

As for Coach, it’s got one foot in the luxury brand circle. While it doesn’t reach the astronomical prices of some high-fashion houses, it takes pride in its quality craftsmanship and distinctive designs. You can certainly feel a tad bit swanky carrying a Coach bag.

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