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Be more productive

Be more productive by outwitting your own mind.

You are not the only one to have felt pulled back by your mind. A lot of people experience this because it’s difficult to get started on something they truly would like to do. Even when they start the task, it can be difficult to keep going and complete it, despite the overwhelming urge to focus.

Distractions are only getting more appealing in recent years and our brain appears to like being distracted. If not then it would not be that difficult to take on the task at hand and finish it quickly.

Everyone has had this productivity issue at one time or the other, even the most talented and efficient. This means that you don’t need to feel bad or beat yourself up over it. What you need to do, is to learn how to hack your own brain to take care of the work that must be done.

In order to conquer distracting thoughts and outsmart your brain, it doesn’t require lots of resources either time or the services of a doctor. You already have the equipment you require to alter your brain. Here are some methods to do this.

Learn to manage stress

It’s not obvious, however, that the stress you face every day is affecting your brain in a negative way. No matter how you live your life, so long as you’re dealing with stressors, you need to begin tackling them, as depression, anxiety depression, or general laziness may be a result of stress.

The body and your mind will begin to feel anxious when you exhibit these signs. You’ll delay and feel guilty if you don’t finish the work.

To prevent this from happening and be more productive You can try a variety of strategies for managing stress to relax your mind and get yourself motivated about your everyday activities. Here are some strategies to reduce stress:


There is no need to take classes in the gym. There are many yoga-related videos on YouTube and they could be a great way to refresh your body and mind.

Going to the fitness center

Being around other people in the gym will give you a feeling of community and as you stretch those muscles and your brain is renewed and this will reflect on your performance.

Write down your thoughts

As simple as this might be, it has really helped many people relieve stress and could help you too. Write down the issues that you are struggling with and then burn them to let go.

Take a break when you can.

Stress can result from overworking. Learn to relax and give time to yourself.

Find solutions to your personal issues

A large number of people believe that their inability to perform at work is due to problems in their lives. Your brain wants your issues cured, so if you have to fight your mind to focus on work, there is an issue that you haven’t dealt with.

You can take time out from the book that you are trying to comprehend. Then, address the issues you are having. Then, go back to the book and see the way your brain processes what you have read.

If you’re not on speaking terms with a loved one that is hurting, it’s considered a pain in this instance and could make your brain work against you. In this case, you could send a text if you are unable to call the person. This will make you feel better about yourself and you will be able to work.

You will outsmart yourself no matter what job or cause you’re trying to achieve.

Discuss your thoughts with those who will discuss it

Normally, harsh critiques will make you feel bad or even discouraged, but you can make use of them to sabotage your brain and improve your performance beyond what you ever have been.

The human brain is able to see what it wants to perceive — what it believes should be visible This is the reason an entire group of people could hear the same message at the same time, but interpret it in different ways.

It is because your brain is focused on a certain way of thinking about a subject or in this case, how a task should appear.

It is possible to take advantage of the bias each brain is equipped with, and utilize it to get more efficient and smarter. This can be done by sharing with someone else your ideas for something you are struggling with.

Their totally different perspective will open your eyes to newer methods that you would not have seen on your own.

Do not get caught up in the details.

The tendency to think is unconsciously experienced when you are faced with difficulties or any type of blockage, however, there are those who prefer to think things through over and over in a bid to find ways to solve a difficulty. This is wrong.

This adds to your stress and strains your brain. If that’s not enough, the lack of positive results from having spent so much time thinking could make you feel discontent, which can make your brain function against you.

Stop if you feel overwhelmed or frustrated. It doesn’t have to be a different kind of work, because using this break to eat, take a nap, watch a movie or talk to your loved ones or just relax however you want to will be helpful to your brain.

It is possible to take the task off your mind and follow any approach you like to finish it. This will help your brain remain more focused and calm when you return to the task at hand.

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