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Nestled in the embrace of Santa Fe’s rolling hills, Bishop’s Lodge is a sanctuary of luxury encased in a tapestry of historical grandeur. It’s the kind of idyllic retreat that travelers whisper about – a well-kept secret among the whispers of pines, boasting luxury accommodations that have drawn an elite crowd since its grand reopening.

The Historical Genesis of Bishop’s Lodge: A Dance of Luxury and Legacy

Settled over 150 years ago by the visionary Bishop Jean Baptiste Lamy, Bishop’s Lodge has been a beacon of serenity and retreat. In the hands of Juniper Investment Advisors since their strategic acquirement in a 2021 bankruptcy court decision, it received a breath of fresh air with its $75 million-dollar makeover in the summer of that memorable year. This was more than a refurbishment; it was a rebirth under the guidance of the visionary teams at HKS architects.

Taking a stroll down the paths of this landmark, you are stepping on the very grounds that echo the heartbeat of the Southwest. Each stone, each beam of wood, resonates with stories that span over a century—stories that Bishop’s Lodge has venerated and woven into its renewed luxury fabric.

Christmas Dreams (Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge Book )

Christmas Dreams (Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge Book )


“Christmas Dreams” is the enchanting next installment in the Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge series, a heartwarming collection of tales about love, family, and the magic of the holiday season. As the frosty days of December draw close, the majestic Cedar Mountain Lodge is a winter wonderland, setting the scene for this touching narrative of connection and self-discovery. In this book, readers are introduced to Maddie, who is preparing for the lodge’s annual Christmas Soiree. Amidst the flurry of festive preparations, Maddie stumbles upon an old diary that leads her on an unexpected journey, intertwining her path with the intriguing history of the lodges past.

While Maddie is caught in the whirl of holiday cheer and the mystery of the diary, we meet the Soul Sisters, an ensemble of characters introduced throughout the series, each engrossed in their own trials and triumphs. The sisters find themselves enveloped in the warmth of friendship and the stresses of orchestration as they support the upcoming Christmas gala. As they navigate through their personal challenges and shared endeavors, they discover the strength found in kinship and the unique bond they share. Their stories unfold against the backdrop of the lovely Cedar Mountain Lodge, where roaring fires, twinkling lights, and the promise of snow create a cozy backdrop.

“Christmas Dreams” is not just a novel; it’s an invitation to indulge in the festive spirit and find comfort in the connections that define us. Readers will be spellbound by the intertwined tales of love, nostalgia, and new beginnings, all wrapped in the glow of holiday traditions. As the characters’ lives weave together to reveal surprising revelations and heartfelt resolutions, the book serves as a reminder of the season’s potential to heal and transform. Every page promises to envelop the reader in the joy and peace that only a Christmas at Cedar Mountain Lodge can bring, as the Soul Sisters come together to celebrate the season in true festive fashion.

Indulge in the Grandeur: The Accommodations at Bishop’s Lodge

The lodge today unveils 100 uniquely designed rooms and suites, each a cozy enclave that offers guests the exclusive feel of a private, high-end residence. From rustic, authentic charm to the latest in modern amenities, the accommodations at Bishop’s Lodge are nothing short of captivating.

The suites, ah, you’ve got to hear about these – think fireplaces that crackle with the tales of yesteryear, terraces that open up to the vast New Mexican sky, all while you’re curled up in what you’ll swear are the softest blankets this side of the Rio Grande. And the bathrooms, with their deep soaking tubs, invite you to wash away the dust of your travels in the most sublime way.

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Category Detail
Name Bishop’s Lodge
Location Santa Fe, New Mexico
Ownership Transfer Awarded to Juniper Investment Advisors in October 2021
Previous Owner Loan $15 million loan by Juniper Investment Advisors in 2019
Reopening Date Summer of 2021
Renovation Cost $75 million
Renovation Lead HKS (design firm) and Nunzio M. (architect)
Number of Rooms 100 rooms and suites
History Over 150 years old, founded by Bishop Jean Baptiste Lamy
Resort Collection Auberge Resorts Collection
Characteristics Luxury resort with Southwestern heritage
Heritage Preservation Sensitive restoration of a historic Santa Fe landmark
Special Features Preserved distinctive Southwestern heritage, luxury amenities
Current Use Hospitality and accommodation services

A Gastronomic Journey: Dining Excellence at Bishop’s Lodge

Now let’s talk about the palate-pleasing journey that awaits. The dining at Bishop’s Lodge is not merely a meal; it’s an exploration of Southwestern flavors intertwined with innovative culinary techniques.

The on-site options boast menus brimming with signature dishes that sing of the local terroir. The chefs, artists in their right, proudly share insights into their cuisine that embody their vibrant culinary philosophy – one that is deeply rooted in the use of locally sourced ingredients. Imagine sinking your teeth into a succulent cut of local game, enhanced by herbs picked just moments before from the garden outside your window.

Wellness Redefined: The Spa Experience at Bishop’s Lodge

The spa at Bishop’s Lodge is not merely about indulgence; it’s a sanctum of well-being that draws on age-old traditions infused with the delicate touch of modernity. Here, treatments are designed to nurture both body and spirit, aligning with the natural synergy of the land.

Numerous guests have attested to the transformative effects of these wellness programs. Some swear the air itself is imbued with a healing energy – that it’s more than the sum of relaxing massages, saunas, and mindfulness sessions. It’s a holistic approach that honors the lodge’s commitment to rejuvenation and respite from the whirlwind of life.

Pendleton Men’s Long Sleeve Classic fit Lodge Shirt, GreenBlack Plaid, Medium

Pendleton Men's Long Sleeve Classic fit Lodge Shirt, GreenBlack Plaid, Medium


Stay cozy and stylish in the great outdoors or your daily urban adventures with the Pendleton Men’s Long Sleeve Classic Fit Lodge Shirt. This handsome shirt features a vibrant GreenBlack plaid pattern that captures the timeless look of Americana. The design showcases a classic button-down front, a crisp collar, and a single chest pocket that adds both function and a touch of traditional detail.

Constructed from premium, mid-weight 100% pure virgin wool, the Pendleton Lodge Shirt provides exceptional warmth without sacrificing breathability or comfort. The wool is sourced from local ranchers in Umatilla County, Oregon, and is specially treated to be machine-washable, ensuring easy care without compromising the fabrics soft touch and lasting quality. The classic fit allows for ample movement, making it an ideal choice for both casual outings and more active endeavors.

This shirt’s versatility is unbeatable, whether you’re layering it under a jacket for a rugged look or wearing it solo to show off the distinctive plaid. With its impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Pendleton Men’s Long Sleeve Classic Fit Lodge Shirt in GreenBlack Plaid, size medium, is a wardrobe staple that offers enduring style and comfort; it is sure to be a favorite for cycles of the fashion seasons.

The Thrill of Adventure: Activities and Experiences at Bishop’s Lodge

It’s the adventure that often calls the loudest to guests at Bishop’s Lodge, and for good reason. Be it on horseback as you traverse the ancient trails, or under the stars during a night of guided stargazing, the range of activities available is nothing short of exhilarating.

Every turn is a chance for discovery – maybe you’ll learn the little ways in which the landscape has shaped local culture, or perhaps you’ll find yourself enchanted by storytelling that rivals the adventures of explorers of old. Either way, the stories you take home will be as rich as the landscape from whence they came.

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Tying the Knot at Bishop’s Lodge: A Destination for Dream Weddings

Envision exchanging vows against the backdrop of amber sunsets and the soft chorus of nature; this is the signature of a wedding at Bishop’s Lodge. The facilities and services jigsaw perfectly to craft an event that is both personal and as grand as the horizons stretching out beyond the chapel doors.

From “I do’s” under an embroidered New Mexican sky to the laughter and dance in one of the lodge’s grand ballrooms, many a couple has started their journey together here. Each wedding story is as unique as the couple telling it, a testament to the bespoke nature of bliss curated by the lodge.

Crafting Unforgettable Moments: Events and Retreats at Bishop’s Lodge

Not only does Bishop’s Lodge spell enchantment for those seeking a respite in luxury, but it’s also a hub for high-end corporate events and retreats. The array of spaces lends itself to everything from intimate gatherings to grandiose conferences.

With seasoned planners at your service, every aspect of your event unfolds with silken smoothness. Participants often remark on how even the most formal of gatherings feels touched by the magic that is Bishop’s Lodge’s hallmark.

Christmas Rings (Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge Book )

Christmas Rings (Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge Book )


“Christmas Rings” sweeps readers away to the enchanting Cedar Mountain Lodge where the spirit of the holidays and the unbreakable bond of sisterhood take center stage. This heartwarming tale follows the journeys of four women with deep-rooted connections, yet different life paths, as they come together to celebrate a Christmas none of them will ever forget. The lodge, blanketed in a serene cloak of winter’s snow, becomes a quaint backdrop for the unravelling of each woman’s story, their struggles, and the shared laughter and tears that bind them.

In the midst of crackling fireplaces and the shimmering glow of festive lights, the Soul Sisters navigate the complexities of love, family, and ambition. The book delves into the sisters’ pasts and futures, weaving a narrative that sparkles with magic and the possibility of new beginnings, echoing the transformative power of the season. Personal growth and the warmth of rediscovered relationships are central themes, with every turn of the page pulling the reader deeper into their lives, loves, and the Christmas miracles around the corner.

Authored with grace and wit, “Christmas Rings” captures the intricate dynamics of sisterhood and the joyous encounters that only the Christmas season can facilitate. This novel doesn’t just entertain; it resonates with the true essence of friendship and festivity, leaving readers with a sense of hope and the comforting reminder that home, ultimately, is where the heart is, and that family can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places. Whether you’re in search of a seasonal escape or a tale rich with emotional resonance, this addition to the Cedar Mountain Lodge series is a beautiful gift waiting to be unwrapped.

Beyond the Stay: Bishop’s Lodge’s Commitment to Sustainability and Community

This is not a place that simply rests on its laurels: Bishop’s Lodge is at the forefront of sustainability, marrying eco-friendly practices with uncompromised luxury. Each sustainable touch, from the sourcing of its foods to the conservation efforts of its grounds, enhances the guest experience.

Moreover, the lodge doesn’t stand aloof from the locality – it serves as an active participant in the chimney of the community, contributing in ways that stitch it ever closer to the fabric of the region it is so proud to call home.

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VIP Treatment: Exclusive Services and Offerings for the Elite Guests at Bishop’s Lodge

For those seeking an even more secluded corner of heaven, Bishop’s Lodge rolls out a mosaic of exclusive services. Private dining under the stars, personalized adventures – each designed to elevate the regular stay into a tale fit for the elite globetrotter. These services and their attention to the minutiae of luxury may well place Bishop’s Lodge at the zenith of high-end retreats, rivalling some of the most resplendent spots on the globe like Bimini Island.

Real Guests, Real Impressions: Testimonials and Stories from the Heart of Bishop’s Lodge

Scour through the testimonials of those who’ve graced Bishop’s Lodge, and you’ll notice a theme – enchantment, warmth, and the creation of memories that last a lifetime. Guests recall the lodge not just for its opulence, but for its power to touch hearts and its knack for making every stay personal.

These stories, genuine and heartwarming, serve as the lifeblood of the lodge, perpetually informing and shaping its ever-forward march towards hospitality excellence.

Reflecting on the Luxurious Legacy of Bishop’s Lodge

If luxury had a heart, it would beat in time with the pulse of this extraordinary retreat. With its unique blend of Southwestern heritage and 5-star grandeur, Bishop’s Lodge is a testament to what luxury hospitality can and should be – both a mirror and a gateway to the soul of a region.

Beyond the lodge’s adobe walls lays the vast, living tapestry of tomorrow’s journeys in luxury tourism. What we find here today is a cornerstone not just built upon history but paving the way for the future – a future where affluence gracefully waltzes with authenticity.

In the chronicles of high-end retreats, Bishop’s Lodge is not just a chapter; it’s a whole stunning narrative that continues to captivate and inspire. It emerges, phoenix-like, not just as a destination of choice but as the embodiment of a legacy – one that stands as a benchmark in the world of luxury retreats. The melding of this pristine past with the present ensures that Bishop’s Lodge is not simply a waypoint on our travels; it is an indelible mark on the map of life’s grandest adventures.

Unveiling the Charms of Bishop’s Lodge

Nestled in the heart of tranquility, Bishop’s Lodge isn’t just any retreat – it’s the epitome of 5-star luxury that’ll make your heart skip a beat faster than a sperm cramp during a surprising sprint. Let’s dive into some of the most intriguing tidbits about this iconic sanctuary, where the extraordinary doesn’t just visit – it resides.

A Peek Into The Past: Did You Know?

Well, strap in, ’cause Bishop’s Lodge is as storied as they come. Constructed by the illustrious Bishop Lamy in the 1800s, this haven has played host more times than Jessica Springsteen has saddled up for a showjumping event. It’s a place steeped in history, where each stone wall and rustic beam tells a tale of bygone elegance.

The Suite Life

If you thought dd Tits was a mesmerizing topic of attraction, wait until you get a load of the suites at Bishop’s Lodge. We’re talking about indulgence that’s so sumptuous, it should probably come with a warning label. Each room is outfitted with furnishings so plush, you’ll feel like you’ve fallen headfirst into a cloud made of sexy Leggings — that kind of comfy.

Shared Splendor: Ownership Options

Thinking about making your stay a bit more, shall we say, permanent? Bishop’s Lodge offers ownership options that’ll make you feel as secure as joint Tenants With right Of Survivorship. Imagine that! A luxury home away from home where you don’t just visit — you belong.

Social Consciousness: More Than Just a Stay

Wanna hear something cool? Bishop’s Lodge isn’t just about living the high life; they’ve got depth too. They’re all about supporting initiatives that matter, kind of like what the tcf program does for communities. Ensuring that your stay contributes to something bigger gives an extra layer of satisfaction to your stay, doesn’t it?

The Perfect Fit

In a world where fit is everything—think those tailor-made sexy leggings—the services at Bishop’s Lodge are customized to a T. They’re all about ensuring the perfect fit for your relaxation and adventure needs. Whether you’re seeking the serenity of a spa day or the thrill of a mountain trail, everything is tailored just for you.

So, there you go, folks—a little trivia mixed with a handful of quirky insights about the luxurious Bishop’s Lodge. It’s a place that’s got more layers than an onion, and every single one of them is worth peeling back. Ready for your next getaway? Bishop’s Lodge is waiting to wow you—and trust me, it’s got wow factor in spades.

Christmas Sisters (Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge)

Christmas Sisters (Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge)


“Christmas Sisters (Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge)” is a heartwarming novel that captures the magic of the holiday season and the power of sisterhood. Set against the idyllic backdrop of a snow-covered mountain lodge, this book tells the story of four adopted sisters who reunite for an unforgettable Christmas celebration. The lodge, run by their loving adoptive mother Maddie, is the perfect setting for the sisters to reconnect and create new memories, while revisiting cherished traditions from their childhood.

As the festive season beckons, the sisters, now grown, navigate the complexities of adulthood, family dynamics, and personal dreams. Each sister brings her own challenges and aspirations to the table, as they bond over cookie baking, tree decorating, and the warmth of the lodge’s crackling fire. Their tales intertwine with festive cheer, tears, laughter, and the occasional dusting of seasonal romance, reminding readers that family comes in many forms.

The novel beautifully explores themes of acceptance, forgiveness, and the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood. As the holiday spirit fills Cedar Mountain Lodge, the sisters learn valuable life lessons and rediscover the importance of family. “Christmas Sisters” will leave readers inspired, uplifted, and eagerly awaiting their own holiday gatherings, as the true meaning of Christmas is brought to life through the experiences of these endearing siblings.

Who bought Bishops Lodge?

Ah, the lavish Bishops Lodge has been scooped up by the hospitality group Auberge Resorts. They’ve definitely got a penchant for polishing hidden gems, and this historic spot’s no exception!

When did Bishops Lodge reopen?

Guess what? After a swanky makeover, Bishops Lodge swung open its doors again in 2021. Talk about a comeback, eh?

How many guest rooms does Bishops Lodge have?

Bishops Lodge boasts a cozy selection of 100 guest rooms. It’s kind of like a giant sleepover spot, but with way more luxury.

How old is Bishops Lodge Santa Fe?

Well, well, well, isn’t Bishops Lodge Santa Fe an oldie but a goodie? This charming spot has been hosting weary travelers since 1918. Yup, over a hundred years of stories within those walls!

Who owns Grandview Lodge in Minnesota?

Up in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Grandview Lodge is proudly owned by the Cote Family Companies. They’ve been keeping things snug and welcoming up there for ages.

When did Salish Lodge open?

Hold your horses, history buffs! Salish Lodge first opened its doors way back in 1988. Seems like just yesterday, right?

When did Sparrows Lodge open?

Sparrows Lodge chillaxed into the hotel scene in 2013. It’s been the talk of the town since, with its laid-back vibes and desert cool.

When was the Lodge at Pebble Beach built?

The Lodge at Pebble Beach has been wowing golfers and guests since 1919. That’s a century of chip shots and luxury stays!

How many rooms does Shore Lodge have?

If you’re planning a trip to Shore Lodge, pack for options—they’ve got 77 rooms to choose from. Plenty of space for everybody to hit the hay in comfort.

How many rooms does the Lodge at Blue Sky have?

Ah, the Lodge at Blue Sky—she’s a looker with 46 rooms! That’s right, exclusive but not too snooty, you know?

How many rooms does Sparrows Lodge have?

Sparrows Lodge, with its rustic charm, has 20 guest rooms. Perfect for when you wanna be social but not too social.

How many acres is Bishops Lodge?

Big news: Bishops Lodge sprawls over a whopping 317 acres! That’s a whole lot of space to roam, kick back, and pretend you’re a cowboy.

How many Auberge hotels are there?

The Auberge Resorts family is pretty big – they’re strutting around with over 19 luxurious properties in their portfolio. Fancy, right?

What is the oldest government building in Santa Fe?

Stepping into the past, the Palace of the Governors stakes its claim as the oldest government building in Santa Fe. Bet it’s seen some stories since 1610!

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