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French Polynesia Islands: 5 Unforgettable Wonders

Exploring the Rich Tapestry of French Polynesia Islands

The French Polynesia islands, an enchanting constellation of over a hundred islands scattered across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, represent a paradise lost, now found. Known officially as an autonomous overseas country within the French Republic, these gems offer a unique blend of natural splendor and rich cultural tapestry—a siren’s call for any traveler.

The mosaic of the French Polynesian culture is as vivid and diverse as its shimmering turquoise waters. The islands’ tapestry is woven with threads of local folklore, European influence, and a lively heartbeat reverberating through traditional dance and music. On these remote and magnificent shores, nature’s handiwork is on full display, flaunting lush mountains, pristine beaches, and lagoons that teem with marine life more colorful than a painter’s palette.

The islands don’t just boast biodiversity; they are also champions of sustainability. With efforts in marine conservation and eco-friendly tourism, the French Polynesia islands present a model for harmonious living, where people and nature thrive side by side. The Polynesian culture, with its warm ‘mana,’ welcomes you to a world where the past and present coexist in perfect balance.

Bora Bora – The Jewel of French Polynesia Islands

Don’t Miss French Polynesia (Tahiti & Moorea) Take a Deep Dive guide into the Best of the Society Islands, French Polynesia

Don't Miss French Polynesia (Tahiti & Moorea) Take a Deep Dive guide into the Best of the Society Islands, French Polynesia


“Don’t Miss French Polynesia (Tahiti & Moorea) Take a Deep Dive” is the quintessential guide for travelers seeking an enchanting journey through the heart of the Society Islands. Beautifully illustrated and written with passion, this guide invites you to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and the azure beauty of the Pacific. Every page turns into a vivid portal, showcasing the best of Tahiti and Moorea, from their iconic overwater bungalows to the verdant mountain peaks that tower above lush rainforests. It is an indispensable travel companion that promises to enhance your experience, whether you’re lounging on the pearl-white beaches or exploring the coral gardens teeming with marine life.

Crafted by travel experts with a deep love for these islands, the guide not only highlights essential information on the top sights, accommodations, and eateries but also delves into the hidden gems that offer authentic Polynesian charm. It includes insider tips on how to respectfully engage with the local culture and partake in traditional activities, such as Tahitian dance and canoeing adventures. Readers will learn about the best times to visit, how to navigate island transportation, and where to find the most captivating snorkeling and diving spots. The guide’s detailed itineraries cater to all types of travelers, ensuring that your time in French Polynesia is filled with unforgettable memories.

“Dive into the Best of the Society Islands, French Polynesia” is more than just a travel book; it is a narrative that captures the soul of these idyllic islands. Each chapter is structured to guide you seamlessly through exciting excursions, serene spa retreats, and lush tropical trails, making it the perfect tool for planning and embarking on a journey tailored to your dreams. If you are seeking romance, adventure, or simply a peaceful retreat, the insights within these pages will lead you to the heart of what makes Tahiti and Moorea truly special. By the end of your trip, with this guide in hand, you’ll not only have explored the islands’ majesties but also formed a personal connection that will linger long after you’ve left their shores.

Bora Bora’s Mesmerizing Lagoon and Mount Otemanu

Ah, Bora Bora, the jewel of the French Polynesia islands, often the poster child for island luxury and solitude. At the heart of its allure lies the mesmerizing lagoon, a natural swimming pool with every shade of blue and green imaginable. Grand, jagged peaks rise from its depths, where Mount Otemanu stands tall, regal and steeped in mythology.

Bora Bora’s majesty isn’t just skin-deep; this island is the caldera of an ancient, sunken volcano, and its lagoon hosts a complex ecosystem. This geological marvel formed by fire, now embraced by water, plays host to coral reefs vibrant with life, a testament to nature’s resilience and beauty.

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Luxurious Overwater Bungalows and World-Class Resorts

Booking a stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora is like grabbing a slice of heaven and calling it your own. Suspended above the glassy lagoon, these luxury accommodations offer a French Polynesian islands exclusive experience with a tailored blend of privacy and pampering. Each resort, from the last word in opulence to the intimately charming, presents a world-class service that makes Bora Bora the epitome of a luxury getaway.

Island/Archipelago Description Features Major Cities/Towns Popular Attractions Accessibility Average Cost Unique Aspects
Tahiti The largest and most urbanized island in French Polynesia, home to the capital city. Lush landscapes, black sand beaches, museums, and nightlife. Papeete (capital city) Papeete Market, Museum of Tahiti and the Islands, Fautaua Waterfall International airport (Faa’a International Airport), ferries. Moderate to expensive, budget options available. Cultural hub with urban amenities and natural beauty.
Bora Bora Known as the ‘Jewel of the South Seas’, an intimate high-end resort island. Overwater bungalows, crystal-clear lagoon, luxury resorts, and Mount Otemanu. Vaitape Matira Beach, Coral Gardens, Bora Bora Lagoonarium Domestic flights and boat transfers from Tahiti. Expensive, mostly luxury-oriented. Iconic luxury destination with stunning overwater bungalows.
Society Islands An archipelago including both Tahiti and Bora Bora among other islands. Diverse, spanning from mountainous landscapes to atolls with rich marine life. Papeete (Tahiti), Vaitape (Bora Bora) Moorea’s Belvedere Lookout, Maupiti’s ancient marae (temples) Vary per island; mostly accessible by boat and some by flight. Varies, generally moderate to expensive. Offers a mix of cultural experiences and natural wonders.
Tuamotu Archipelago Known for its atolls and some of the world’s best diving spots. Atolls, pink sand beaches, coral reefs, and scuba diving. Rangiroa, Fakarava Rangiroa’s Blue Lagoon, Fakarava UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Domestic flights and boat transfers from Tahiti. Moderate to expensive, depending on the atoll. Renowned diving destinations with unique atolls.
Marquesas Islands Remote archipelago with rugged terrain, rich history, and strong cultural heritage. Marquesan art, wild horses, archaeological sites, and waterfalls. Taiohae (Nuku Hiva), Atuona (Hiva Oa) Vaipo Waterfall (Nuku Hiva), Gauguin Museum (Hiva Oa) Domestic flights, occasional cruise ships. Expensive due to remoteness. Seclusion and cultural richness with fewer tourists.
Gambier Islands A lesser-known group with a cooler climate and pearl farms. Pearl farms, mountainous terrain, and historical landmarks. Mangareva St Michael’s Cathedral in Rikitea, pearl farming tours Limited flights from Tahiti and cargo/passenger ships. Expensive, limited accommodation options. Cool climate and low tourist footprint, ideal for off-the-beaten-path explorers.
Australs Islands Southernmost group known for humpback whale watching and traditional handicrafts. Humpback whales, traditional crafts, and untouched nature. Tubuai, Rurutu Humpback whale watching (July to October), ancient Polynesian sites Domestic flights from Tahiti. Moderately expensive, limited tourism infrastructure. Humpback whale migrations and rich Polynesian culture.

Tahiti – The Heartbeat of French Polynesian Islands

Tahiti’s Black Sand Beaches and Vibrant Capital City, Papeete

Tahiti stands as the vibrant heartbeat of the French Polynesian islands. Her shores are kissed by unique black sand beaches, a stark and stunning contrast to the archetypal white sands. Venturing inland to Papeete, the island’s capital, one encounters a bustling hub brimming with life. The city wears its heritage with pride; French chic meets Tahitian charm, creating a vibrant cultural mix.

Marketplaces overflow with local crafts and the tantalizing aroma of island cuisine. The sounds of ukuleles underscore the hum of city life, and street art tells tales as colorful as the sunsets. Here, modern life thrives amidst the echoes of ancient Polynesian traditions.

Surfing, Waterfalls, and Cultural Festivals

Beyond the beaches, Tahiti calls to the adventurer. The island is renowned for its world-class surf breaks—a siren song to surfers craving monumental waves. The hinterlands hide cascading waterfalls and verdant valleys, tracts unspoiled and ripe for exploration.

Immersing yourself in a Tahitian cultural festival is an experience akin to stepping into a living, breathing canvas of tradition. Annual events like the Heiva I Tahiti showcase the rhythmic dances, ancient sports, and artistic expressions of the Polynesian people—a cultural feast for the senses.

Nuku Hiva Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia Pullover Hoodie

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Wrap yourself up in the essence of paradise with the Nuku Hiva Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia Pullover Hoodie. This stylish and comfortable hoodie features a vibrant print showcasing the breathtaking landscape of Nuku Hiva, one of the most enchanting islands in the South Pacific. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, this hoodie promises warmth on a breezy beach night or a cozy layer during a cool island evening. Its adjustable drawstring hood and large kangaroo pocket offer a practical touch to its laid-back, island-inspired design.

Whether you’re reminiscing about your past adventures or dreaming of your next tropical getaway, this pullover hoodie is a perfect pick for any travel enthusiast. The Nuku Hiva Marquesas Islands hoodie isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a conversation starter that reflects the awe that the Marquesas Archipelago’s emerald hills, deep valleys, and towering waterfalls inspire. The durable material ensures it stands up to the demands of any escapade while retaining its vivid colors wash after wash. It’s an ideal travel companion that combines comfort, style, and the spirit of adventure in one.

Make a statement with the Nuku Hiva Marquesas Islands hoodie, an emblem of your wanderlust to carry wherever life takes you. Imagine walking through misty forests or along the shores of tranquil bays with this hoodie as your protective layer, bringing you closer to the heart of French Polynesia with every use. It serves as a beautiful souvenir or a thoughtful gift for friends who share your passion for exotic destinations. Embrace the allure of Nuku Hiva every time you put on this hoodie, and keep the island’s magic alive no matter where you are in the world.

Moorea – The French Polynesia Islands’ Garden Isle

Moorea’s Lush Landscapes and Unique Pineapple Plantations

Moorea, often referred to as the ‘Garden Isle’ of the French Polynesian islands, bursts with life. Its heart is a verdant haven of tropical flora, where exotic fruits and flowers abound, and pineapple plantations checker the landscape. The island’s fertile valleys and sharp mountain peaks create a landscape painter’s dream.

Amidst its agricultural bounty, Moorea invites you to trek through its lush landscapes. Trails lead you through rainforests, past gushing streams, and up to panoramic views where the scope of nature’s artistry can truly be grasped.

The Magic of Swimming with Sharks and Rays in Moorea

Beyond the idyllic plantations, Moorea offers aquatic ballets every day as sharks and rays glide through its waters. The island’s commitment to nature is evident in its conservation efforts, allowing visitors to partake in the awe of safely swimming alongside these magnificent creatures. Under the Polynesian sun, this interaction stands as a pinnacle of Moorea’s magic, captivating the hearts of those lucky enough to experience it.

Image 21787

Rangiroa – A French Polynesian Islands’ Diver’s Paradise

Rangiroa’s Astonishing Atoll Formation and Drift Diving Experience

Rangiroa, with its vast atoll formation, the second-largest in the world, offers a diver’s paradise amidst the French Polynesian islands. This colossal ring of coral and motus (islets) hides a universe beneath its gentle waves. Unique to Rangiroa is the drift diving experience, where divers can “fly” underwater, swept along by the gentle currents through channels teeming with marine life—a dance with the ocean like no other.

Rangiroa’s Winery – A Testament to Human Ingenuity

On land, Rangiroa harbors an oenophile’s surprise—a flourishing winery in the heart of the Pacific. Amidst coconut palms and coral soils, vines yield grapes that become wines with exotic profiles. When you think of Polynesian innovation, remember Rangiroa’s winery, where each bottle is a triumph of human ingenuity blended with the island’s bountiful environmental assets.

Huahine – The French Polynesia Islands’ Archaeological Treasure

The Enigma of Ancient Marae Temples and Huahine’s Rich History

Huahine, lesser-known yet rich in mystery, is the archaeological jewel of the French Polynesian islands. The island is dotted with ancient marae temples, sacred spaces that encode tales from before the West found these shores. Each stone structure, now resting silently among the tropical foliage, was once a vibrant center of pre-colonial Polynesian society, inviting us to unravel its enigma.

Huahine’s Sustainable Tourism Practices and Local Lifestyle

Huahine’s attitude towards tourism is refreshingly responsible. Sustainable practices are the fabric of local life here, a dedication to preserving both nature and culture. This genuine approach ensures that as a visitor, your footprint is light, your impact favorable, and your experience enriched by the knowledge that you are part of a positive legacy.

Tahiti Travel Guide Your Comprehensive Guide to Explore French Polynesia Islands Discovering the Beauty and The Natural Wonders.

Tahiti Travel Guide Your Comprehensive Guide to Explore French Polynesia Islands Discovering the Beauty and The Natural Wonders.


Embark on a tropical adventure with “Tahiti Travel Guide: Your Comprehensive Guide to Explore French Polynesia Islands – Discovering the Beauty and The Natural Wonders.” This authoritative and beautifully illustrated guidebook is your passport to the stunning archipelagos of French Polynesia. It offers in-depth information on the lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant cultures that make Tahiti and its surrounding islands a bucket-list destination. Dive into detailed chapters covering everything from the legendary waves of Teahupo’o to the tranquil lagoons of Bora Bora, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of what these paradise islands have to offer.

Every page of this guide is bursting with valuable insights, from recommended travel itineraries that cater to different lengths of stay, to tips on navigating local customs and languages. Discover hidden gems with our carefully curated lists of must-visit spots, including secluded waterfalls, sacred ancient marae (temples), and the best places to sample traditional Polynesian cuisine. With this guide, you’ll expertly plan your daily adventures, find the finest accommodations for every budget, and immerse yourself in the cultural festivities that bring the spirit of French Polynesia to life.

The Tahiti Travel Guide is also a treasure trove of practical advice, providing you with the know-how to travel sustainably and respect the delicate ecosystems of the islands. Stunning photographs will inspire your itinerary as you learn about the various activities available, from snorkeling amongst vibrant coral reefs to hiking the verdant volcanic peaks. Whether you’re a solo traveler seeking serenity or a family looking for fun in the sun, this guide is the quintessential companion to ensure your journey to French Polynesia is everything you dreamed of and more. Get ready to set sail for the trip of a lifetime with this essential guide to one of the most enchanting corners of the globe.

Conclusion: Embracing the Majesty of the French Polynesia Islands

As you prepare to journey homeward, with sun-kissed skin and a heart full of memories, it becomes clear that each island offers a vibrant fragment of the grand mosaic that is French Polynesia. The privilege of experiencing these wonders first hand is one that comes with a responsibility—to travel thoughtfully, respecting the natural beauty and cultural richness of these islands.

Image 21788

By embracing sustainable tourism practices, we help ensure that the majesty of the French Polynesia islands remains a touchable dream, not just for us but for all who follow in our footsteps. So, let us carry these isles in our hearts, not merely as destinations on a map, but as havens where the spirit of adventure, luxury, culture, and natural wonder coalesce into an unforgettable experience.

Exploring the French Polynesia Islands: Trivia and Facts that Are Simply Wowsers!

Ah, the French Polynesia Islands! An archipelago that’s just bursting with tropical charm and enigmatic allure, isn’t it just the dream? Picture those overwater bungalows, the sun-kissed beaches, and that sparkling blue ocean that seems to stretch on forever. Alright, let’s dive into some trivia and interesting facts that’ll have you packing your bags and dreaming about this paradise even more!

The Mingle with Marine Life

Did you know that French Polynesia is one of those rare places on earth where you can literally have breakfast with fishes? Well, not quite at the table, but pretty close! If you ever decided to stay at the legendary Evergreen Lodge, you’d notice how the crystal-clear lagoons are home to dolphins, sharks, and not to mention, an aquarium’s worth of colorful reef fish. Better than your morning news with Red State news, eh? Who needs politics when you’ve got parrotfish!

Hollywood’s Hidden Retreat

Hollywood celebs love their secret getaways, and the French Polynesia Islands are like the secret garden for the stars! Remember when Chris O’donnell took that break from the Silver Screen to rejuvenate? Well, rumor has it, those pristine beaches are the perfect spot to escape the paparazzi and belt out your favorite line from Live Action nightmare before christmas, with absolutely no side-eye from the locals!

The Real Estate of Dreams

Ever watch Bre Selling Sunset and think,I need one of those lavish properties, but make it tropical”? We’ve got you covered! French Polynesia isn’t just about the bungalows; it’s about lagoon-side villas that are so gorgeous, even the most seasoned real estate moguls would be left with their jaws on the flawlessly swept floorboards!

Fashion on The Islands

Imagine strolling along a secluded beach, not a care in the world, except maybe a teeny concern over proper footwear. On these islands, those Keen sandals For Women are more than just a fashion statement; they’re like a trusty companion keeping all the pesky sand grains and pebbles at bay. And, they’re stylish to boot! Forget the catwalks; our sandy shores are where real comfort meets chic.

Blooms and Bluebonnets, Island Style

While Texas has its bluebonnets, French Polynesia brings its A-game with blooms, too! Their gardenia, known locally as ‘Tiare’, is to the islands what Texas Bluebonnets are to the Lone Star State’s hills. These little white flowers aren’t just pretty to look at, they’re steeped in local tradition and you’ll often catch their delicate scent wafting on the island breeze. Ooh-la-la, talk about nature’s perfume!

To Binge or Beach?

Here’s a conundrum for you: you’re lying there on a sun lounger, do you play the next episode of Ginny And Georgia season 3, or do you take another dip in the warmest, bluest ocean you’ve ever seen? It’s a toughie, but hey, #IslandProblems, right?

So, there you go—a little trivia and some fun facts about the French Polynesia Islands that will tickle your wanderlust pink. And, just remember, when the day comes to jet off to this little slice of heaven, don’t forget to pack those keen sandals, wave a cheery goodbye to your favorite TV shows, and get ready for the real estate envy. French Polynesia is waiting to sweep you off your feet, so what are you waiting for? Dive in!

Tahiti and her islands, islands of French Polynesia Long Sleeve T Shirt

Tahiti and her islands, islands of French Polynesia Long Sleeve T Shirt


Embrace the tropical charm and island spirit with the “Tahiti and her islands, islands of French Polynesia Long Sleeve T-Shirt.” Made from premium, soft-touch fabric, this garment is designed to keep you comfortable whether you’re basking in the warmth of a Pacific sunset or sharing stories of oceanic adventures. The eye-catching graphics illustrate the enchanting silhouette of Tahiti and her sister isles, invoking the serene beauty of these paradisiacal French Polynesian gems. Show off your love for one of the world’s most idyllic destinations with this stylish and durable tee, a perfect addition to any traveler’s wardrobe.

With its versatile long sleeves, the T-Shirt is suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to more formal gatherings where a touch of island flair is a conversation starter. The fabric offers breathability and a snug fit, ensuring day-long comfort while protecting you from cooler breezes that sweep across the lagoon. Ribbed cuffs provide an extra layer of coziness and a well-structured look that complements the shirt’s relaxed elegance. It is an ideal choice for those who appreciate a balance between laid-back style and thoughtful design.

This unique T-Shirt not only showcases your appreciation for the lush landscapes of French Polynesia but is also a testament to sustainable fashion choices. The vivid colors and crisp print remain resilient through washes, demonstrating the garment’s high-quality craftsmanship. Whether you’re exploring the verdant valleys of the Marquesas or simply dreaming of a tropical escape, this T-Shirt serves as a wearable memento of your connection to the exotic allure of Tahiti and her islands. Make a statement about your adventurous spirit with this must-have piece for any world-traveler’s closet.

What is better Tahiti or Bora Bora?

Picking between Tahiti and Bora Bora is like trying to choose a favorite child, right? They’re both gems of the South Pacific, but here’s the skinny: Bora Bora’s got the edge if you’re after mind-blowing lagoons and overwater bungalows, while Tahiti boasts a lively local vibe with a capital city hustle. It’s apples and oranges, folks – depends on what flavor of paradise you’re hankering for!

Is Tahiti the same as French Polynesia?

Hold your horses, Tahiti isn’t the same as French Polynesia; it’s actually the largest island in that spread-out necklace of gems we call French Polynesia. Think of Tahiti as the big kahuna, the main event — but remember, there’s a whole lot more to explore in the neighborhood.

Is French Polynesia a US territory?

Nope, French Polynesia isn’t wearing Uncle Sam’s hat — it’s not a US territory. These gorgeous islands are kinda like France’s BFF; they’re an overseas collectivity of the land of croissants and couture.

Is Tahiti very expensive?

Well, tighten your purse strings because Tahiti is known for making wallets weep. While it’s not all caviar dreams — there are budget options — expect a heftier price tag for those overwater bungalow fantasies and island escapades. But hey, paradise ain’t cheap!

Is Bora Bora or Tahiti cheaper?

It’s a toss-up! Generally speaking, Bora Bora might ask you to cough up more cash, what with all those luxury resorts. But don’t get it twisted, Tahiti can also have you reaching deep into your pockets, especially if you’re eyeing some fancy digs in Papeete or a swanky beachfront spot.

Why is it so expensive to go to Tahiti?

Why is Tahiti as pricey as a top-shelf martini? Simple: it’s remote, exclusive, and drenched in luxury. Everything’s shipped in or flown in, which jacks up the cost. Plus, those fancy resorts and once-in-a-lifetime experiences? They come with a price tag that’ll make your bank account raise an eyebrow.

Is Tahiti or Fiji better?

Now that’s a tricky one, trying to pick a fave between Tahiti and Fiji is like comparing champagne to fine wine — they’ve both got their perks. Fiji’s your go-to for a laid-back, flip-flops vibe and stunning coral, while Tahiti’s all about dramatic landscapes and chic retreats. What’ll it be? Only your taste buds can decide!

Is French Polynesia expensive?

French Polynesia, expensive? Does a one-legged duck swim in circles? With its remote location and swanky resorts, this slice of heaven can chew through your budget faster than a shark on a feeding frenzy. Budget travel’s possible, but it’s more ‘glamping’ than ‘camping’.

Is Fiji part of French Polynesia?

Fiji’s a whole different ball game, folks—it’s not part of the French Polynesia team. This independent country’s strutting its stuff solo in the South Pacific, so don’t mix up your players!

How much is a trip to French Polynesia?

Dreaming of French Polynesia? Better start saving your pennies now! Depending on how plush you want your pad and how high you want to fly, a week’s getaway could run you anything from a few grand to the price of a small car. It’s “choose your own adventure” — and how much you shell out!

Can US citizens live in French Polynesia?

US citizens can definitely set up camp in French Polynesia, but remember, it’s not ‘finders keepers’. You’ve got to navigate the red tape, with visas and permits, and prove you can fund your South Seas dream life. No free lunch here, just a lot of paperwork!

Is French Polynesia a third world country?

Hold on, no need to slap the “third world” label on French Polynesia. It’s more first-class than coach, with a higher standard of living thanks to its French connections. But watch it — those paradise islands do face challenges, just like anywhere else.

Is it cheaper to go to Tahiti or Hawaii?

Jetting off to Tahiti or Hawaii, and your wallet’s feeling the heat? Hawaii can be a smidge cheaper, especially with deals from the US mainland. But Tahiti’s luxury could leave your savings on fumes. Either way, it’s a slice of paradise that’ll cost you a pretty penny or two.

What is the crime rate in Tahiti?

Talk about a sting in the tail — Tahiti’s crime rate isn’t something to write home about. It’s generally low, especially compared to big city dramas. Just keep your wits about you, as you would anywhere else, and you shouldn’t run into any trouble.

Is Tahiti closer to Hawaii or Australia?

Geography 101: Tahiti’s actually closer to the Aloha state than the land down under. So, if you’re dreaming of a Tahiti getaway, the hula skirts of Hawaii are way nearer than the kangaroos of Australia. Pack your bags accordingly!

Which is better Fiji or Bora Bora or Tahiti?

Well, isn’t that the million-dollar question? Fiji, Bora Bora, or Tahiti — which takes the paradise cake? It’s all about taste: Fiji’s the king of coral, Bora Bora’s a honeymoon hotshot, and Tahiti’s the jack-of-all-trades with a cultural kick. Spin the globe and let your heart decide!

How many days are enough for Tahiti?

Thinking of a Tahitian getaway? A good rule of thumb is to give yourself at least a week to soak up those island vibes. That’ll give you time to explore, unwind, and get that all-important ‘grams on the gram. But let’s face it, in paradise, the longer the better!

What is the best time of year to go to Tahiti?

Best time for Tahiti? Aim for the Goldilocks zone — not too hot, not too rainy. May through October is when you’ll dodge the worst of the wet season and sidestep the sizzle. Perfect for maxing out those lazy beach days and piercing blue skies.

What is so special about Tahiti?

Tahiti’s got that special sauce: a cultural melting pot set in an oasis of blue lagoons, lush mountains, and — yup — those overwater bungalows everyone’s gaga over. It’s the stuff of wallpapers and screen savers, and very much the real deal. Plus, where else can you say you sipped coconut water straight from a coconut on a Tuesday?



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