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High Country Motor Lodge: A Hidden Gem in Mountain Hospitality

High Country Motor Lodge: The Unraveling of the Hidden Gem

Time has a knack for polishing rough gems into sparkling wonders of beauty. The same could be said of the High Country Motor Lodge. Once a humble midcentury-era Howard Johnson motel, it finds its origins rooted in the simpler times of roadside hospitality. A diamond in the rough, the Lodge underwent an extensive $13 million overhaul, magically orchestrated by Classic Hotels & Resorts that breathed new life into it in 2024.

Charting its evolution over time, it’s fascinating to witness how the High Country Motor Lodge has transformed into an oasis of mountain hospitality, without losing its core identity. Today, the lodge stands proudly on the Colorado Plateau, boasting 123 exquisite rooms, including three private cottage suites, two junior suites, and a sprawling 4,700-sq.-ft. area of pure elegance.

Redolent of the mythical Phoenix, the lodge rose, shining brighter than ever from its renovation ashes, awakening hospitality aficionados to a new age of mountain leisure and comfort.

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High Country Motor Lodge: An Ideal Location in Mother Nature’s Embrace

Nested atop the Colorado Plateau, the High Country Motor Lodge revels in Mother Nature’s embrace. Strategically located, the lodge is a harmonious blend of solitude and accessibility. For travel enthusiasts taking off from the Fort Myers airport, reaching this haven isn’t a Herculean task. The thrill of the journey is as rewarding as the destination, painting a canvas of natural beauty that becomes the prelude to the excitement that awaits at the lodge.

Travelling on a tight budget? No worries. Leaving no traveler behind, the Lodge presents an attractive alternative to searching for ‘cheap Hotels near me under $ 50‘. Here, affordable luxury is the key, presenting a gateway to mountain hospitality without breaking the bank.

The Unique Architecture of the High Country Motor Lodge

The architectural brilliance of the High Country Motor Lodge truly sets it apart. Seeping into its layout and structural design, the lodge is a love-child of rustic charm and modern elegance. Wooden beams crisscrossing against stone walls echo the lodge’s respect for its environment, while floor-to-ceiling glass windows bring the outside in, offering panoramic mountain views.

Take a sneak peek at the beautiful Photos of the Lodge, and you’ll grasp the effort put in refining its design process. Nostalgic whispers of its days as a Howard Johnson motel merge smoothly with the chic style of today, creating a perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary brilliance.

When Luxury Meets Wilderness: The High Country Motor Lodge’s Amenities

In an era where vibrant city life often trumps serene natural settings, the lodge proves that tranquility and luxury go hand in hand. It’s not all about eating marshmallows off a stick around a campfire; here, comfort resides side by side with the wilderness. There’s a sense of homeliness to the High Country Motor Lodge that wraps guests in a comforting cocoon of top-tier services and amenities.

Wi-Fi in the wilderness? Yes, you heard that right! From specially curated luxury bedding to well-equipped conference rooms for communing with nature while sealing important deals, the Lodge beautifully balances life’s essential comforts alongside nature’s raw beauty.

For fitness enthusiasts discussing the Pros And Cons Of creatine in the heart of the lodge’s state-of-the-art gym, to couples exploring amazing intimate Essentials in the privacy of their cottages, the service spectrum of the Lodge is vast and varied.

Delving into the High Country Motor Lodge’s Recreational Activities

The lodge’s environs offer a plethora of outdoor activities and adventures. From hiking trails that wind through whistling pines, to mountain biking courses challenging the fittest, the possibilities for adventure are infinite. Safety is a priority, with well-mapped routes and experienced guides offering their expertise for each activity.

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An adrenaline junkie? Try your hand at rock-climbing. A nature lover? Venture into bird-watching or simply wander through the floral extravagance in the vicinity. The Lodge serves up adventure in slices, making it a hotspot for outdoor enthusiasts.

High Country Motor Lodge: Gastronomy Heaven in the Mountains

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Just when you thought the High Country Motor Lodge couldn’t possibly offer more, it unveils another unexpected delight: a gastronomic haven in the mountains. The Lodge provides a range of dining experiences that tantalize the taste buds and satiate the soul.

Picture this: A candle-lit dinner beneath the star-studded mountain sky, with a master chef serving up the Lodge’s signature dishes! Our exclusive interviews with the culinary team reveal tales of culinary experimentation mixed with local, organic produce resulting in a symphony of flavors that make every meal an experience to savor.

The High Country Motor Lodge: More Than Just Hospitality

More than just a place to unwind, the Lodge serves as a nexus connecting guests to the local community and environment. There is a profound sense of respect for the pristine environment the Lodge calls home, reflected in its conscientious embracing of sustainable practices.

Their commitment to going green showcases in their operations, from investments in renewable energy to waste management, water conservation, and support for local businesses. The Lodge is, in essence, a steward of nature, nurturing both guests and the environment alike.

Personal Gems: Guest Experiences at the High Country Motor Lodge

Woven into the fabric of the High Country Motor Lodge are countless threads of unforgettable experiences shared by its patrons. From long-standing guests who’ve made the Lodge a part of their annual tradition, to first-time explorers seeking refuge from city life, the allure of the Lodge is universally loved.

Guest narratives speak volumes of unparalleled natural beauty, attention to detail, and warmth that make the Lodge an experience rather than just a destination.

Booking Your Tranquil Retreat: Tips and Tricks for a Memorable Stay at the High Country Motor Lodge

If you’ve reached this far, there’s a good chance you’re already planning your visit. While spontaneous adventures hold their charm, a bit of strategic planning will surely enhance your High Country Motor Lodge experience.

Timing is key, and the Lodge casts a different allure with each unique season. Whether it’s the blossoming spring or the snow-kissed winter, each season offers a unique sensory experience. Choosing rooms facing the east ensures a mesmerizing sunrise spectacle, while the west-side rooms offer stunning sunset views.

Gem Unveiled: The High Country Motor Lodge—Your Next Destination

As our journey through the High Country Motor Lodge wraps up, its charm refuses to wane. A symphony of opulence, verdant surroundings, gastronomic delights, thrilling outdoor pursuits, and homely comforts in a tranquil setting, the Lodge is more than just a hidden gem—it’s an epitome of how mankind and nature can coexist harmoniously.

It’s clear that the High Country Motor Lodge is more than worth exploration. It’s not just about arriving—it’s about belonging. And above all, it’s about embarking on an adventure that reminds you, in the most beautiful way possible, what it means to truly live.

Safe travels until next time, fellow explorers! Awaiting you is your next breathtaking destination—get ready to create some unforgettable memories in the heart of the mountains at the High Country Motor Lodge. Until then, keep your hearts open and your spirits high!

What did the High Country Motor Lodge used to be?

Wow, a little history here. The High Country Motor Lodge wasn’t always the cozy place we know today. Fun fact, it used to be a bustling railroad station before it got remodeled into a lodge, offering a rustic haven for weary travelers.

How many rooms are the High Country Motor Lodge?

Look, if you’re bringing the whole gang, there’s no need to worry. The High Country Motor Lodge comes equipped with 120 unforgettable rooms – that’s plenty of room to stretch your legs!

When was Lodge on the Desert built?

Well, would you believe it! The Lodge on the Desert was built way back in 1931. Yep, that’s right! This beloved desert gem has a whole lot of history under its belt or should I say roof!

Who owns classic hotels?

As for Classic Hotels, they’re owned by a pretty impressive bunch – the Smith Family Enterprises. They’ve kept the company in the family for years and let me tell you, they know a thing or two about hospitality!

Who owns the lodge in Cloudcroft?

Ah, the lodge in Cloudcroft, a true hidden gem. It’s currently owned by the lovely Swig Family and if you ask me, they’ve done a bang-up job keeping the place up and running.

How many classic lodges are there?

If classic lodges are your thing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that there are over 100 classic lodges scattered across the country. Quite a number, isn’t it?

How many rooms does the Drake Motor Inn have?

In terms of the Drake Motor Inn, it has 32 elegantly designed rooms waiting to be your home away from home. That’s a lot of rooms with an irresistible charm!

When did Howard Johnson build the first Motor Lodge?

Oh, here’s a great nugget of information: Howard Johnson made his mark on the hotel industry by building the first Motor Lodge in 1954. Just imagine how ground-breaking that was at the time!

Which of the following hotels began in Canada as a motor lodge?

Among the many hotels that have sprouted in Canada, the Trail Motel was the first to start off as a motor lodge. Talk about humble beginnings, eh?



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