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Hot Springs AR Hotels: Serene Getaways Await

Discover Relaxation at Premier Hot Springs AR Hotels

Nestled within the Ouachita Mountains, Hot Springs, Arkansas stands as a beacon of relaxation and respite. Known for its natural thermal waters and a historic charisma that’s as rich as the minerals found in its springs, this town, affectionately dubbed “The American Spa,” has become a sanctuary for wellness seekers and travelers alike. But what sets Hot Springs AR hotels apart isn’t just the pristine springs; it’s the encompassing serenity, a sort of tranquil oasis where time seemingly slows to match the languid flow of the thermal waters themselves.

Amid the rush of today’s world, a getaway in one of the many luxury hotels Hot Springs AR travelers have come to love isn’t just a pause—it’s a rejuvenation, a reset button ensconced in natural splendor and historical elegance.

Experience Elegance and History at Iconic Hot Springs Arkansas Hotels

Step into the bygone era where the genteel mingled and the lavishness of old-world charm was the day’s end. The historical hotels in Hot Springs are not mere accommodations; they’re cherubs of heritage, with each brick whispering stories of yesteryear’s opulence. The intricate architecture—a delightful mélange of art deco and classic revival—stands as a testament to the town’s affluent legacy. Wander through grand lobbies where the past dances with the present and each corridor beckons with a seductive allure of timelessness.

Guests who’ve graced these illustrious abodes carry with them tales of grandeur that intertwine with personal milestones. “Ah, the Victorian grandiosity of it all,” Helen Owen might muse, reminiscing her stay akin to a chapter from a Proust novel—a dreamlike interlude amidst the splendor of Hot Springs.

Revering this heritage, the evolution of the Hot Springs’ hotel industry has meticulously preserved its historical significance. From the red-carpeted staircases to the gleaming chandeliers, these hotels aren’t just a place to sleep—they’re an encounter with living history.

HistoricalFindings Photo Hot Springs Stage,Arlington Hotel,Hot Springs,AR,c

HistoricalFindings Photo Hot Springs Stage,Arlington Hotel,Hot Springs,AR,c


HistoricalFindings presents a captivating snapshot from the past with our exclusive photograph featuring the Hot Springs Stage in front of the renowned Arlington Hotel, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This high-quality reproduction print captures the essence of a bygone era, showcasing the charming stagecoach that used to transport visitors eager to indulge in the therapeutic hot springs that made the area famous. The photograph, marked by crisp imagery and attention to historical detail, illustrates a bustling scene where the elegant Arlington Hotel stands as a testament to the luxurious accommodations of the time.

Our meticulously restored photograph is produced on premium photo paper, ensuring that the image’s clarity and contrast bring the historical moment to life in your own home or office. The sepia-toned finish adds an authentic antique feel, pulling the viewer back to the early 20th century and the heyday of spa tourism and grand hotels. The Hot Springs Stage, positioned prominently in the photo, reflects a time when travel was as much about the journey as the destination, and the grandeur of the Arlington Hotel speaks to the opulence sought by early travelers.

This photograph serves not only as a piece of decor but as a slice of Americana, perfect for history buffs, Arkansas natives, or anyone with a penchant for the nostalgic. Whether it’s displayed in a study, a hallway, or a business establishment, this image will spark conversations and invite viewers to ponder the rich narratives of America’s spa city. The HistoricalFindings Photo of Hot Springs Stage at Arlington Hotel is more than just a picture; it’s a portal to the past and a cherished memento of Hot Springs’ illustrious heritage.

Hotel Name Distance to Hot Springs National Park Dining Options Spa Services Unique Feature(s) Price Range (Per Night)*
Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa Walking distance On-site restaurant and bar Full-service spa with thermal water treatments Historic hotel with a rich past and grand architecture $110 – $250
Embassy Suites by Hilton Hot Springs 1 mile Free cooked-to-order breakfast, Evening reception Access to Spa Botanica Connected to Hot Springs Convention Center, Spacious suites $150 – $300
The Waters Hot Springs, Tapestry Collection by Hilton Walking distance On-site restaurant Nearby spa services at Quapaw Baths & Spa Boutique hotel housed in a historic building $160 – $350
Hotel Hale Walking distance On-site restaurant Access to private thermal spring baths Each room has its own thermal spring soaking tub $180 – $400
The Gables Inn 0.7 miles Breakfast included None Victorian-style bed and breakfast $100 – $200
The Springs Hotel and Spa Walking distance Nearby dining options On-site thermal baths and spa services Rooms with views of Hot Springs Mountain $90 – $220
Park Hotel of Hot Springs 0.5 miles On-site Italian dining None Spanish Revival architecture, Close to hiking trails $80 – $180
Candlewood Suites Hot Springs 3 miles In-suite kitchen, BBQ facilities None Rooms equipped for extended stays $90 – $160
Lookout Point Lakeside Inn 7 miles Gourmet breakfast included, Afternoon reception None Intimate boutique experience with lakeside views $200 – $450

Unwind in the Lap of Luxury at Upscale Hotels in Hot Springs AR

For those with a penchant for the finer things, the upscale hotels of Hot Springs AR don’t just offer a bed for the night; they specialize in crafting an ethereal experience. The epitome of opulence can be found within these sanctuaries of luxury, where top-tier amenities, from plush bathrobes to gourmet dining, cater to every imaginable indulgence.

A cornerstone of this grandeur is the wellness and spa services, which harness the therapeutic essence of the thermal waters. Conversations with hotel managers reveal that their services aim to transcend the standard, offering a personal touch that transforms a simple stay into an immersive retreat. “We don’t just offer a service,” one might assert, “we curate an experience tailored to the rejuvenation of both body and soul.”

Image 15602

Immerse Yourself in Nature at Hot Springs AR Hotels with Unbeatable Views

Step out onto your private balcony where the panoramic views of the Ouachita Mountains unfold like a living tapestry. Hotels here pride themselves on not just showcasing, but embracing the surrounding natural beauty. Every morning greets you with awe-inspiring vistas that promise a day of adventure or serene contemplation.

These eco-conscious establishments walk hand-in-hand with environmental stewardship, ensuring that their practices safeguard the splendor for future generations. In today’s world, eco-friendly approaches have caught the wave of modern traveler preferences. Data points to an undeniable trend—serene views coupled with environmental ethics equals a burgeoning popularity for these green havens.

Dive into Family-Focused Fun at Kid-Friendly Hotels in Hot Springs AR

Family vacations are never a bland affair in Hot Springs, where kid-friendly hotels are brimming with activities to keep the young—and the young at heart—enthralled. Picture your little ones splashing in kid-specific pools, engaging in interactive games, and bedtime stories that spin tales of the enchanting local folklore.

These family paradises provide amenities that cater to every age:

– Splash zones for children

– Adventure playgrounds

– Family suites with convenient amenities

Survey says, parents value these child-oriented features alongside the assurance of safety and a welcoming ambiance. In Hot Springs, family hotels emerge as microcosms of joy, ensuring every trip is memorable for the right reasons.

New Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs National Park Hot Springs, Arkansas AR Original Antique Postcard

New Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs National Park Hot Springs, Arkansas AR Original Antique Postcard


The New Arlington Hotel postcard exemplifies a piece of historical charm from the heart of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. This original antique postcard features a stunning, full-color image of the New Arlington Hotel, capturing the grandeur and elegance of its architecture during its heyday. The intricate details of the hotel’s façade are beautifully preserved in the image, showcasing its status as a landmark destination for travelers in the early 20th century. Collectors and history enthusiasts alike will be drawn to the postcard’s exceptional condition, with crisp edges and a clear depiction that stands the test of time.

On the reverse side, the postcard reveals a brief but inviting narrative, detailing the luxurious accommodations and therapeutic spa services that the New Arlington Hotel once offered. Guests would flock to this establishment to partake in the famous hot springs baths, believed to possess healing properties. The message space, possibly filled with an enthusiastic traveler’s handwriting, presents an authentic snapshot of a bygone era of leisure and adventure. This original postcard provides a tangible connection to the past, offering insight into the early 1900s travel culture through a personal lens.

Preserving a slice of Arkansas’ rich tourism history, the New Arlington Hotel postcard is not only an exquisite visual keepsake but also a testament to the enduring allure of Hot Springs National Park. It is a treasure for those who value historical mementos or seek to add a nostalgic touch to their collection. Whether used for educational purposes, to enhance a vintage-themed decor, or to enrich a curated compendium of memorabilia, this antique postcard serves as a unique and evocative relic of an age when handwritten correspondence was the cornerstone of travel storytelling.

Find Your Haven on a Budget: Affordable Hot Springs Arkansas Hotels

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the serenity of Hot Springs. Affordable yet highly-rated hotels dotted around the town offer a blend of comfort and value that is hard to resist. Budget-conscientious travelers can revel in amenities that belie the modest pricing:

– Complimentary continental breakfasts

– Cozy, clean rooms

– Friendly service that warms the heart

These budget accommodations carry a broader economic impact, solidifying the local tourism sector and extending a warm invitation to all. Travel experts spotlight Hot Springs for masterfully balancing affordability with a rich travel experience that doesn’t skimp on the charm or the warm Southern hospitality.

Image 15603

Culinary Delights: Hot Springs AR Hotels With Top Dining Experiences

Culinary aficionados, take note—Hot Springs AR hotels boast dining experiences that are a feast for the senses. The town’s gems aren’t just in its waters but also plated on the exquisite dishes served in hotel restaurants. Local ingredients shine on the menu, with chefs weaving a tapestry of flavors that pay homage to Arkansas’ terroir.

Conversations with chefs illuminate a gastronomic revelation, “Dining isn’t secondary to a hotel stay; in Hot Springs, it’s a centerpiece of the experience.” Whether it’s dining high above the twinkling lights of the town or an intimate chef’s table affair, your palate is set to embark on a memorable culinary journey.

Celebrate in Style: Event-Hosting at Hotels in Hot Springs AR

Envision your next big celebration in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains—be it a fairytale wedding, a strategic corporate retreat, or a festive family reunion. Hotels in Hot Springs are not mere venues; they’re seasoned curators of extraordinary events. From the critical planning stages to the grand finale, their meticulous approach to hosting is evident.

Success stories abound, painted vividly by heartfelt testimonials. “Our conference…” guests might recount, “…it wasn’t just a gathering. It was a Hot Springs affair, complete with Southern charm and a professional touch that made all the difference.”

Hale Bath House And Hotel, Hot Springs National Park Hot Springs, Arkansas AR Original Antique Postcard

Hale Bath House And Hotel, Hot Springs National Park Hot Springs, Arkansas AR Original Antique Postcard


Step back into a bygone era with this treasured Hale Bath House And Hotel postcard from the heart of Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. This original antique postcard is a gateway to the past, featuring a classic depiction of one of the most famous bathhouses in the United States. The illustrated front captures the grandeur and elegance of the Hale Bath House, once a haven for those seeking the restorative powers of the natural hot springs. The striking image is complemented by the intricate architectural details of the hotel, transporting collectors and history enthusiasts to the early 20th century.

On the back of the postcard, the aged paper holds the authenticity of a time when handwritten correspondence was an art form. It may even bear postmarks, stamps, or personal notes, adding character and a unique story to each card. Collectors will appreciate that despite its antique status, the postcard has been preserved in respectable condition, making it a fine addition to any collection of historical memorabilia or a thoughtful gift for lovers of Americana.

A visit to Hot Springs National Park is incomplete without recognizing the historical significance of the Hale Bath House, and this postcard is a tangible piece of that heritage. It serves not only as a collectible item but also as an invitation to ponder the lives and experiences of those who traveled from afar to indulge in the healing waters of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Owning this postcard is like holding a fragment of history, telling the tale of luxury, health, and leisure at the dawn of modern tourism.

The Serenity of Hot Springs AR Hotels in the Age of Wellness Tourism

The call of wellness tourism echoes through the hills of Hot Springs, where the very essence of healthful living is imbued in every nook. Here, you don’t just visit; you are transported to a state of complete mental and physical well-being. Experts in the field of therapy speak of Hot Springs’ magical waters with a reverence reserved for the most potent natural remedies.

As the global trend towards health-focused vacations grows, Hot Springs AR hotels place themselves at the forefront, championing the fusion of luxury and well-being that defines 21st-century travel.

Image 15604

An In-Depth Guide to Choosing Your Ideal Hot Springs Arkansas Hotel

Selecting the perfect hot springs Arkansas hotel can be a journey in itself. Here are some guiding tips:

1. Define what luxury means to you—is it a spa, a gourmet meal, or perhaps a room with a view?

2. Research guest reviews to glean insights on service quality and experiences.

3. Consider your purpose of visit—tranquility, exploration, family fun, or a romantic escape.

By understanding these facets and more, you can ensure your stay in Hot Springs is not just a trip, but an enriching life chapter that beckons you to return.

Navigating Serenity: Your Next Steps to Booking Hot Springs AR Hotels

Reserving your slice of serenity in Hot Springs is an art in itself. Timing is key—consider the peak seasons and festive periods when specials abound. Tap into the knowledge of concierges, who might guide you towards making the most of loyalty programs and unique local offers.

Personal anecdotes from seasoned travelers highlight that it’s the attention to detail during booking that often elevates a holiday from great to unforgettable.

Embracing the Charm of Hot Springs: A Look Ahead at Future Getaways

The charm of Hot Springs lies in its compelling fusion of nature, history, and a culture of relaxation that consistently lures visitors back. Hotels in Hot Springs are not just stay-in spots; they’re experiences that celebrate the past while embracing the future of luxury, wellness, and environmental harmony.

So, here’s a cordial invitation—dip your toes into the therapeutic waters, stroll the majestic halls where history whispers, and surrender to the serenity that only Hot Springs AR hotels can offer. It’s not merely a visit; it’s an encounter with an enchanting getaway, a promise of memorable moments waiting to unfold.

Fun Trivia & Interesting Facts: Discover the Charm of Hot Springs, AR Hotels

A Soak in History

Well now, did you know that Hot Springs, Arkansas is not just your run-of-the-mill vacation spot? It’s steeped in a history that could rival the famous stories you’d hear around the office water cooler from that one coworker who’s seen it all. The tales are just as rich and entertaining, and trust me, you’ll want to pull up a chair for this one.

This quaint town is home to the legendary Bathhouse Row, where travelers have soaked in the thermal waters for generations. But let me tell you, these aren’t your grandma’s tub times. The bathhouses are elegant, historic, and they’ve seen the likes of celebrities and gangsters alike. Just think, you could be dipping your toes where Al Capone might have rested his notorious feet! It’s like a dip into the past—literally!

From Office Supplies to Relaxation

You might associate “Wbmason” with office supplies, but let me weave you a yarn about relaxation that could make even the most reserved office supplier green with envy.( Hot Springs, AR hotels are the epitome of tranquility and take ‘getting away from it all’ to a whole new level. No printers, no copiers, just you and the serene embrace of thermal spa waters. How’s that for a switched-up narrative?

Sand to Springs: A Coastal Comparison

You might be thinking, sure, Hot Springs has thermal baths, but what about those “Hilton head Beaches” with their sun-kissed shores? Fear not, beach combers, because these soothing spa waters( have their own charm that’ll make you forget all about the ocean’s roar. Both spots are perfect for unwinding, but Hot Springs lets you soak in history while Hilton Head lets you bask in sunshine. Different strokes for different folks, as they say!

A Different Kind of Bear

When talking “Hotels in big bear,” your mind might go straight to snug mountain lodges and forest trails. Hot Springs, AR’s hotels,( however, swap out the giant pines for historic charm and the chance to bask in naturally hot springs. It’s like choosing between a bear hug and a warm bathrobe. Tough call, but either way, you’re wrapped up in comfort.

Finger Lakes Flair vs. Hot Springs Hospitality

Seeking a stay that’s both cozy and brimming with regional appeal? Look no further. If “finger Lakes Hotels” conjure up notions of vineyard vistas and waterside serenity, Hot Springs AR hotels( will give them a run for their money with their therapeutic thermal waters and down-home Southern hospitality. Both are uniquely inviting escapes that promise to bubble away your stress.

Southern Charms: Savannah and Hot Springs

Now, “Hotels downtown savannah ga” boast that irresistible Southern charm with their historic streets and mossy oaks, but hotels in Hot Springs,( AR, hold a special allure. Picture emerging from a rejuvenating thermal bath, only to saunter down streets lined with grandeur equal to Savannah’s. Swap out pralines for mineral water, and you’ve got a recipe for a uniquely Arkansan getaway.

San Diego Sunsets vs. Springs Sunrises

Downtown San Diego Hotels” might spoil you with those killer sunsets over the Pacific, but folks, you haven’t seen a sunrise until you’ve seen one from the porch of a Hot Springs hotel.( With a cup of joe in hand and steam rising from nearby springs, you’ll start to question why you ever chased sunsets in the first place.

The Flight Path from Cleveland to Quietude

If those “cleveland airport Hotels” offer convenience for the weary traveler, Hot Springs, AR hotels( provide a different kind of layover—one that caters to peace and pampering. Leave behind the hum of jet engines for the soothing sound of bubbling springs and chirping cicadas. It’s a true departure from the standard airport stay, and well worth the trip.

Whether you’re swapping office supplies for self-care, comparing coastal retreats, choosing comfort in mountains or springs, or juxtaposing Southern stays with Arkansan alternatives, Hot Springs, AR hotels serve up a seriously serene getaway. So pack those bags—and ready your bathrobe—for a stay that promises rest, relaxation, and a delightful dip into the waters of wellness.

The Eastman Hotel Hot Springs, Arkansas AR Original Antique Postcard

The Eastman Hotel Hot Springs, Arkansas AR Original Antique Postcard


The Eastman Hotel Hot Springs postcard is a charming piece of Americana, offering a nostalgic glimpse into the rich history of Arkansas’s spa city. Once a beacon of luxury, The Eastman Hotel was known for its opulent accommodations and therapeutic thermal waters, drawing visitors from across the nation. This antique postcard captures the grandeur of the hotel with its imposing structure, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Ouachita Mountains. It serves not only as a piece of memorabilia for collectors but also as a window into the heyday of one of the most famous American resort destinations of the early 20th century.

Crafted with attention to detail, each postcard is a testament to the printmaking techniques of the era, featuring vibrant colors and intricate illustrations that have remained vivid over the years. The front side presents an artistic rendition of The Eastman Hotel, showcasing its Victorian architecture and the surrounding landscapes that made Hot Springs the “American Spa.” On the reverse, one may find traditional postcard markings, space for a message, and a stamp box, often bearing a postmark that tells the tale of its journey through time.

For history enthusiasts, vintage postcard collectors, or lovers of Hot Springs’ culture, this original antique postcard is a treasured keepsake. It not only reflects the elegance of The Eastman Hotel but also evokes the romantic spirit of travel and leisure from a bygone era. Whether displayed in a frame, included in a historical archive, or gifted to a nostalgic friend, this postcard serves as a beautiful reminder of a storied past and the timeless allure of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Is hot springs Arkansas worth visiting?

Is hot springs Arkansas worth visiting?
Well, slap my knee and call me a convert, because Hot Springs, Arkansas, is most definitely worth the trek! Nestled among the Ouachita Mountains, it’s a gem teeming with history, relaxation, and yes, real hot springs. With unique bathhouses and charming downtown vibes, it’s a slice of good ol’ relaxation pie. So pack your bags, it’s an adventure you’ll be yapping about for years to come!

Can you swim in hot springs in hot springs Arkansas?

Can you swim in hot springs in hot springs Arkansas?
Heck yeah, you bet your rubber ducky you can! The aptly named Hot Springs, Arkansas, offers some places where you can take a dip in the warm, mineral-rich waters. Just remember, not all springs are open for swimming, so check ahead before you dive into planning your splash-tastic excursion!

How much is it to stay the night in hot springs?

How much is it to stay the night in hot springs?
Talk about a number that’s all over the map! Staying the night in Hot Springs could cost you anywhere from a few bucks for a campsite to a pretty penny at a swanky resort. You’re looking at, say, $50 to $500; it’s like choosing between flip-flops and high heels, depends on your style and budget!

Why is hot springs Arkansas so popular?

Why is hot springs Arkansas so popular?
Hot Springs, Arkansas is a hot ticket for a reason! It’s the whole package—natural beauty, R&R in the thermal waters, and a storied past, including tales of gangsters and gambling. It’s like Mother Nature and history had a baby, and it grew up to be this place where there’s always something cooking!

What are the cons of hot springs?

What are the cons of hot springs?
Hold your horses—while hot springs are the bee’s knees, they aren’t perfect. Some might say they’re too hot to handle, and others worry about their sanitation. Plus, they can get as crowded as a can of sardines, and for folks with certain health issues, stepping into a hot spring is a big no-no. Remember, it ain’t everyone’s cup of tea!

How much does it cost to go to the hot springs in Arkansas?

How much does it cost to go to the hot springs in Arkansas?
Now, don’t get your wallet in a twist; visiting the hot springs in Arkansas can fit your budget. Some public springs are as free as a bird, while private ones might run you anywhere from a couple of Jeffersons to a Ben Franklin for a more luxurious soak. Just depends on where you go and how fancy you wanna get!

What is the best time to go to hot springs Arkansas?

What is the best time to go to hot springs Arkansas?
Timing is everything, right? Slide into Hot Springs, Arkansas in the spring or fall, and you’ll hit the jackpot—perfect weather and thinner crowds. Summer’s a scorcher but draws a big audience, while winter’s chill makes those hot springs feel like heaven on Earth.

Does hot springs Arkansas have waterfalls?

Does hot springs Arkansas have waterfalls?
You betcha! Hot Springs packs a scenic punch with several waterfalls in the area, especially in the lush trails of Hot Springs National Park. They may not be Niagara, but they’re still a sight for sore eyes!

How long should you soak in hot springs?

How long should you soak in hot springs?
Look, there’s no stopwatch here, but think of a hot springs soak like a good barbecue—long enough to get tasty, but you don’t wanna overcook. Around 10 to 20 minutes should do the trick, then take a break so you don’t turn into a lobster.

Do you wear clothes in hot springs?

Do you wear clothes in hot springs?
This ain’t skinny dipping central—keep those swimsuits handy! When you’re at public hot springs or resorts, you’ll wanna wear swim gear, not just for modesty but to keep things clean. After all, no one wants to see your birthday suit!

Do you have to wear clothes in hot springs?

Do you have to wear clothes in hot springs?
In the words of a wise granny: “There’s a time and a place for everything, and that time ain’t now!” Yes, you gotta wear clothes, or at least a swimsuit, at most hot springs. If you’re after a nude dip, you’ll need to hunt down specific spots that allow it.

How long do people stay in hot springs?

How long do people stay in hot springs?
Folks usually hang out in the hot springs for a quick soak or an extended simmer. Turning into a prune is a real risk if you’re in there too long! Play it smart with short dips—20 minutes or so—just enough time to unwind without overdoing it.

What food is hot springs Arkansas famous for?

What food is hot springs Arkansas famous for?
Hot Springs is like a potluck—everyone brings something to the table! But it’s got a rep for delectable Southern comfort food, steamy bowls of chili, and get this—quartz crystal bread, which is worth trying just to say you’ve done it. And let’s not forget, barbeque that’ll make you weep tears of joy!

What famous person is from hot springs Arkansas?

What famous person is from hot springs Arkansas?
If the walls of Hot Springs could talk, they’d drop names like it’s hot! The legendary Bill Clinton calls this place his old stomping grounds. We’re talking about the man who went from the Spa City to the Oval Office!

What is the myth about hot springs Arkansas?

What is the myth about hot springs Arkansas?
Whisper down the lane, and you’ll hear that Hot Springs’ waters have mystical healing powers. Now, science might give you the side-eye, but there’s a reason folks have flocked here for centuries. Whether it’s myth or magic, who doesn’t want a little hope with their soak?

How much time do you need in hot springs Arkansas?

How much time do you need in hot springs Arkansas?
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Hot Springs can’t be done justice in one either! Give it at least a weekend to soak up the springs, scope out the historic spots, and maybe even take a hike. But hey, if time’s a thief, even a day is better than nothing!

Is it worth going to Hot Springs National Park?

Is it worth going to Hot Springs National Park?
Is a frog’s butt water-tight? Absolutely, it’s worth it! Hot Springs National Park is a blend of outdoor splendor and spa-like luxury. So, if soaking in thermal waters and exploring nature’s bounty sounds like your jam, then the answer’s clearer than crystal!

How do I spend a day in hot springs Arkansas?

How do I spend a day in hot springs Arkansas?
Well, don’t dilly dally—start with a sunrise hike in the national park, then mosey into town for some brunch and a gander at the historic architecture. Hit up a bathhouse for a dip or massage in the afternoon, and wind down with some local grub. Pack those hours like sardines, and you’ve got the perfect day!

What are three things to do at Hot Springs National Park?

What are three things to do at Hot Springs National Park?
First off, hit the Bathhouse Row for a steamy session in those historic buildings. Then, lace up for scenic trails galore, like the Hot Springs Mountain Trail. And don’t miss the Hot Springs Mountain Tower—you’ll snag views that’ll have you on cloud nine!



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