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Josh Alexander’s 5 Craziest Ring Battles

The High-Impact Path to Stardom: Josh Alexander’s Rise in Professional Wrestling

In the world of professional wrestling, few names have soared as rapidly as that of Josh Alexander, the embodiment of tenacity and skill inside the squared circle. Known for his bone-crunching “Ankle Lock” and thunderous “Divine Intervention,” Josh Alexander has earned the moniker, “The Walking Weapon,” and rightfully so. Trained by Johnny Devine, Alexander debuted in 2005 and swiftly climbed the ranks, starting with the gritty regional Canadian independent circuit where sweat and grit paved the road to glory.

Josh Alexander’s style isn’t just about brute force—it’s a symphony of technical precision, heart, and an unyielding drive to push his body through unimaginable pain for the sake of victory. His tireless work ethic has yielded a treasure trove of career milestones. Each punishing suplex and meticulously executed submission hold has further solidified his reputation as a wrestler’s wrestler—a true paragon inside the ring.

#5: An Unforgettable Showdown with Michael Elgin at Impact Wrestling: Slammiversary 2020

When you hear the roar of a crowd turned electric with anticipation, you know you’re about to witness something extraordinary. Slammiversary 2020 set the stage for such a spectacle as Josh Alexander, the Walking Weapon, collided with the formidable Michael Elgin. The rivalry leading up to this encounter was ripe with tension, animosity, and the promise of an epic confrontation.

Body slams that rattled the ring and near-fall heart-stoppers punctuated the match. At one point, Elgin seemed poised to put Alexander away, only for the tenacious Walking Weapon to lock in his signature Ankle Lock in a pure display of resiliency, sending the audience into a frenzy. This battle wasn’t just a match; it was a testament to Alexander’s ironclad will—a defining moment that underscored his unbeatable spirit and unwavering determination.

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Category Details
Full Name Josh Alexander (possibly “Joshua Lemay” as real name, if relevant)
Date of Birth Not Specified (typically kept private by most wrestlers)
Nationality Canadian
Professional Debut 2005
Trainer Johnny Devine
Starting Point Canadian Independent Circuit
Prominent Championships Impact X Division Championship (if held), Tag Team Championships, etc.
Signature Moves Ankle Lock, Divine Intervention (Spinning Tombstone Piledriver), etc.
Wrestling Style Technical, Powerhouse, High-flying signatures (if relevant)
Promotions Worked For Impact Wrestling, AAW Wrestling, Other Independent Promotions
Notable Feuds Not Specified (may include significant wrestling rivalries)
Tag Teams or Factions The North with Ethan Page (if applicable)
Career Highlights Winning Impact World Tag Team Championships, Other titles and accolades
Public Persona/Character Tough, Resilient, Technical Savant, etc.
Notable Matches Against notable opponents (specify matches if they are historical)

#4: Tag Team Turmoil: The North vs. The Lucha Brothers – Full Metal Mayhem

The tag team realm of professional wrestling brings its own brand of chaos, and Josh Alexander thrives amidst the maelstrom. Enter the Full Metal Mayhem match—the very name sends chills down the spine. The North, consisting of Josh Alexander and Ethan Page, faced off against the Lucha Brothers in a clash that promised a shower of metal and mayhem.

The North’s cohesion against the Lucha Brothers’ aerial acrobatics created mesmerizing “you had to see it to believe it” moments. Ladders became launching pads, chairs turned into weapons, and through it all, Josh Alexander showcased the range of his in-ring arsenal. The Walking Weapon not only demonstrated power but also an adaptive strategy, using the unforgiving metal to his advantage, ensuring that this match etched itself into the annals of tag team legacy.

Image 23950

#3: Pushing Limits: Ironman Match Against TJP

For any grappling purist, an Ironman Match is a holy grail—an hour-long battle of attrition that tests every fiber of a wrestler’s being. Josh Alexander’s showdown with TJP was a masterpiece of endurance and technical mastery. Each minute ticked away with dramatic reversals, grueling holds, and the palpable tension of a match still too close to call.

Alexander displayed his signature perseverance as he endured the onslaught of TJP’s offense. The Walking Weapon’s cardiovascular capacity was on full display as he wrestled with intense precision for the full 60 minutes. This punishing trial by combat was more than just a wrestling match; it was a gauntlet that affirmed Josh Alexander’s place among the iron-willed legends of the mat.

#2: Redemption and Grit: Josh Alexander’s X-Division Title Victory

The journey towards any championship is fraught with setbacks, pain, and the weight of unfulfilled aspiration. Josh Alexander’s path to the coveted X-Division Title was no different, marked by adversity that tested his very resolve. The X-Division Title wasn’t just a belt to be worn; it was the embodiment of Alexander’s unwavering commitment to his craft.

His moment of triumph erupted as he outwrestled one adversary after another, showcasing a breathtaking blend of agility and technical virtuosity. The climax arrived when Josh Alexander’s hand was raised, and the weight of gold finally graced his waist. It was more than a win; it was a cathartic release, an emotional watershed not only for Alexander but for every fan who witnessed his ascent to glory.

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#1: Championship War: Josh Alexander vs. AEW’s Jon Moxley at Bound For Glory

The worlds of Impact Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling collided in a cataclysm called Bound For Glory, where Josh Alexander squared off against AEW’s battle-hardened Jon Moxley. This high-octane cross-promotional bout was layered with intricate storytelling and characterized by a visceral exchange of punishing blows and strategic prowess.

The match ebbed and flowed with explosive energy, each grappling savant laying claim to superiority with moves that left the audience gasping. Josh Alexander’s fortitude shone through, with each dramatic near-fall ringing out like a battle cry. The contest transcended a simple championship—it reshaped the wrestling landscape and elevated Alexander’s status as a preeminent combatant of his generation.

Image 23951

Josh Alexander’s Lasting Impact on Professional Wrestling

These five ring battles are not merely highlights of a career; they are the chapters of a warrior-poet whose every move is etched in the annals of wrestling history. Josh Alexander embodies the evolution of in-ring psychology and exercise in relentless physical storytelling that leaves audiences captivated. From his first Ankle Lock to his current reign, he’s not only inspired aspiring wrestlers but given fans a myriad of unforgettable memories.

Alexander’s dedication to wrestling reverberates beyond the echoes of cheering crowds; it’s felt in the admiration of his peers and the respect of legends. As we speculate on the future of this dynamic “Walking Weapon,” one thing is clear—the ring is his canvas, and the wrestling world keenly awaits his next masterstroke. Will Josh Alexander continue his legacy of jaw-dropping encounters? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for certain—his place in the wrestling pantheon is undisputed.

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Josh Alexander: A Titan of Tussles and Tales of Triumph

Get ready to be slammed with knowledge because we’re diving headfirst into the high-flying, bone-crunching world of Josh Alexander and his most outrageously unforgettable ring battles. From the stratosphere of spinebusters to the canvas of calamity, these tales are so wild, they’re almost unbelievable!

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The Night of Near-Defeats

Oh, what a nail-biter! Remember when Josh Alexander stared down the barrel of defeat? The underdog story had us on the edge of our seats — you could cut the tension with a knife. After being pummeled to the mat, he pulled out a victory that was like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Talk about a comeback kid, am I right?

Image 23952

When Stamina Stole the Show

And then there was the marathon match that seemed to stretch on for days. The guy’s stamina was tested big time, making you wonder if he’s powered by some kind of never-ending energy drink. By the end, even the crowd needed to catch their breath!

A Rivalry Renewed

Let’s not forget the clash that reignited an epic rivalry. Picture this—Josh Alexander, face-to-face with his arch-nemesis. The atmosphere was so electric, it could’ve lit up a city. That fight wasn’t just a match, it was a full-on war. You could feel every slam, smack, and shout!

(Here’s a hot tip: If you’re itching for more ringside rivalries and showdowns that’ll make your heart race, scope out this nail-biter featuring Travis hunt.)

The Tag Team Turmoil

Whoever said “two’s company, three’s a crowd” never saw Josh Alexander tag-teaming it. Like a well-oiled machine, he and his partner brought down the house with synchronicity that’d put a Swiss watch to shame. It was teamwork on steroids, folks—total mayhem and yet, a ballet of brawn!

The Title Takedown

Finally, who could forget the title takedown that had us all talking? With sweat and determination, Josh Alexander grasped glory with both hands and wouldn’t let go. There’s no denying it, securing that belt was nothing short of legendary.

So, there you have it—the five craziest, most jaw-dropping ring battles that firmly place Josh Alexander as a living legend in the wrestling world. From heart-stopping close calls to victories snatched from the jaws of defeat, this guy’s story is the stuff of myth and muscle!

Whether you’re a day-one fan or just caught the wrestling bug, one thing’s for sure—Josh Alexander’s spectacular bouts will keep you glued to your seat, fists clenched, and screaming for more.(rng battles will keep you glued to your seat, fists clenched, and screaming for more.

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Who trained Josh Alexander?

Oh, you’re curious about the masters behind the greats, eh? Well, Josh Alexander sharpened his wrestling chops under the watchful eyes of Johnny Devine and Tyson Dux. Pretty cool mentors to have in your corner, right?

Who trained Tyson Kidd?

Well now, Tyson Kidd, he learned the ropes from the legendary Hart family. Yeah, you guessed it, that’s the dungeon of Stu Hart in Calgary, Alberta – talk about a wrestling pedigree!

Who trained Jackie Fargo?

Ah, the fabulous one! Jackie Fargo didn’t just strut his stuff without learning a thing or two first. He was trained by the no-nonsense Jim White – talk about old-school tough!

Who trained Cedric Alexander?

Cedric Alexander picked up his high-flying skills from Highspots Wrestling School, with George South leading the way. The man’s a walking highlight reel, thanks to some fine-tuning from a seasoned pro.

Who trained Tyler Bate?

Oh, Tyler Bate, that young British phenom, right? He was trained by the UK’s own, Pete Dunne and Trent Seven of British Strong Style. Imagine having pals like those show you the ropes!

Who trained Shawn Spears?

Let’s talk about Shawn Spears, formerly known as Tye Dillinger. He went from rookie to pro under the guidance of Cody Deaner and Eric Young. Oh, and he got a little extra sparkle at the WWE Performance Centre.

How much does Josh Alexander weigh?

And as for Josh Alexander, the walking weapon weighs in at a solid 225 pounds. That’s about the weight of a large fridge, in case you’re wondering!



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