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Merit Beauty: 10 Insane Tips for a Mesmerizing Glow

Ah, the elusive pursuit of merit beauty. The world of beauty routines can be baffling with the assortment of products and an almost infinite variety of skin regimes. But, fear not, for we bring you a soulful fusion of Brian Kelly’s comprehensive knowledge with the mystical narratives of Pico Iyer. Embark on our epic voyage to merit beauty, discovering the essence of charm. Stay engaged; your mesmerizing glow is just ten tips away!

The Genesis of Merit Beauty

Every great thing has a humble beginning. The concept of “Merit” is no different. This minimalist, clean luxury beauty brand is an ingenious brainchild of Katherine Power, an accomplished editor turned consumer-brand builder. Initiated in 2021, it was born with a vision of redefining luxury beauty by creating a clean, well-edited, and accessible assortment of beauty products. Eureka! The new face of merit beauty was born. For more on brand birth stories, sneak a peek at One Quince from our archives.

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Designed for on-the-go use, our highlighter stick is perfect for sculpting your features while also moisturizing and awakening the skin with caffeine and other nourishing ingredients.
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Our makeup collection is Certified Organic, All Natural, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, and Made in the USA.


Certified Excellence: Merit Standards

‘Non-toxic beauty’ is the holy grail of the beauty industry. But, how do you measure it? Well, Merit has got it all covered. With its clean beauty standards, it stands high on a testament of non-toxic ingredients, both native and lab-created. Striking a safe haven status, Merit refrains from artificial fragrances. As a cherry on top, it’s proud to sport the ‘Clean at Sephora’ brand standard and EU standard badge. Checking the ‘clean beauty’ box, they step into the realm of merit beauty.

Quick Facts: Merit Beauty Unveiled

What makes Merit stand out in the ocean of beauty brands? The brand’s minimalist approach to makeup and ingredients is the crucial determinant of its distinct identity. Strictly adhering to EU compliance, Merit beauty keeps away the menace of potentially unsafe ingredients — a whopping count of 1400! To add to the integrity, they are gleefully certified cruelty-free, reflecting their noble stand against animal testing. Their vegan badge manifests their earth-friendly commitment, significantly underpinning their merit beauty brand philosophy.


Unleashing the Merit Beauty Regimen

Now that we’ve covered what Merit is all about, it’s time for the main course. Here are ten strikingly simple must-do’s to get you the glow that rings merit beauty!

1. Start Clean: The Foremost Step

The prime step to a mesmerizing glow is a clean slate; healthy skin is clean skin. A good wash-away of impurities paves the way to clear, vibrant skin. Merit champions its cause with product formulations that are fresh and light, letting your skin breathe easy.

2. Hydration is Key: Quench your Skin’s Thirst

To maintain that fresh, plumped look, your skin demands hydration. Drink ample water, follow a healthy diet, and top it off with a hydrating moisturizer. The more hydrated your skin is, the more it sparkles with youth and vitality, becoming a true testimony to merit beauty.

3. Minimal Makeup: The Mantra

We stand by Merit’s approach to makeup: less is more. Overdoing makeup can lead to clogged pores and skin irritation. Merit’s compact product range encourages minimalistic makeup that is light yet effective, painting a picture of natural elegance.

4. Treat Yourself: Regular Spa Sessions

Nothing says luxury like a good spa session. Akin to a revitalizing stop on a serene polynesian island, a spa session can work wonders for your skin’s health and appearance. Take it from Mr. Feeny, “an occasional retreat is just about the best treat.”

5. Sunscreen: Your Skin’s Best Buddy

This is a no-brainer. Exposure to the sun can lead to spots, pigmentation, and worst case, skin cancer. Sunscreen is your skin’s first line of defense against harmful UV rays, making sunscreen application an indispensable step in achieving merit beauty.

6. Go Natural, Go Green

Crowned as vegan, Merit promotes an earth-friendly approach. Adopt a green lifestyle. The body absorbs what we put onto it, so shift to products that harbor the power of natural elements. Beauty is skin deep, and so should be our commitment to the environment.

7. Consistency is Golden: Stick to Your Regimen

Consistency can pay off in the long run. Although it’s enticing to hop on the latest trends, sticking to your skin regime brings more substantial rewards. Regularity in skincare practices ensures prolonged health and vitality of the skin.

8. Beauty Sleep: Replenish Your Skin

“Let me sleep. For when I wake, I will move mountains,” is the wisdom we need, even for our beauty quests. A rested mind and body reflect on the skin; proper sleep regenerates skin cells, giving it a fresh, rested appearance.

9. Know Your Skin: Personalized Care

Every human is a unique story; so is their skin. Remember, what worked for someone else may not work for you. Understanding your skin type and its needs is vital in adopting a successful skincare routine. Seek out products tailored for your skin type to optimize the route to merit beauty.

10. Step out Confident: You Define Beauty

An ingredient often overlooked in the pursuit of beauty is confidence. Your belief in your skin and body manifests radiantly, contributing to your overall presence. A confident individual sporting a genuine smile beats any high-end beauty product.

All Roads Lead to Beauty

The journey to achieve and maintain a mesmerizing glow needs dedication and consistency. Within every diligent skincare step, lies the heart and soul of the merit beauty ideology of devotion and minimalism. But remember, the beacon of beauty should always be lit within oneself, making you the final destination in this voyage.

Artistry isn’t confined to paintings and sculptures; it’s a gloryhole of opportunities. Just like the secret New York zip code that uncovers the city’s hidden gems, our meticulous beauty regimen sprinkles in surprises at each turn, keeping the vibrancy alive!


Adieu with a Glow

The elixir of Merit beauty is found within the blend of these ten vows to your skin’s wellness. Savor your radiant glow, rejoicing in the reflection of your commitment and discipline towards your skin regime. And, while you secure your next flight to Norfolk, VA, ensure you have your merit makeup essentials tucked in neatly. After all, merit beauty transcends borders and occasions, becoming an innate part of our journey of life and wanderlust.



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