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Best Old Navy Leggings: A Powerpress Evolution

The Rise of Old Navy Leggings: Comfort Meets Style

Old Navy leggings have hustled their way into the hearts of fashion-forward travelers and fitness enthusiasts alike. The ascent of Old Navy leggings has been a story of comfort locking arms with style, and let’s not beat around the bush, their pocket-friendly prices have certainly sealed the deal for many. They’re the trusty companions on a red-eye flight or that unexpected city excursion, acting as an unspoken nod to the savvy voyager who knows how to blend pragmatism with a dash of chic.

The initial craze was all about their infallible comfort. But as the years ticked by, Old Navy stayed ahead of the curve, spinning the wheel of innovation to keep up with our ever-evolving lifestyles. Today, Old Navy leggings aren’t just a utilitarian choice; they’re a reflection of a personal brand, straddling the line between an early morning yoga session and a spontaneous sidewalk café catch-up.

Old Navy Leggings Transformations: From Basics to PowerPress

Let’s roll back the years and see how Old Navy took its leggings from wardrobe basics to the PowerPress legends they’re hailed as today. What started with a straightforward range of cotton-spandex blends has blossomed into a high-end offering complete with form-flattering compression and moisture-wicking superpowers.

This isn’t just a spruce-up; it’s a revolution in the making— Old Navy’s PowerPress technology is ensuring your leggings work just as hard as you do. Imagine the poise of a prima ballerina and the vigor of a marathon runner, all wrapped up into one sleek piece of attire.

Under Armour womens HeatGear Armour High Waisted No Slip Ankle Leggings , Midnight Navy ()White , Small

Under Armour womens HeatGear Armour High Waisted No Slip Ankle Leggings , Midnight Navy ()White , Small


Upgrade your workout wardrobe with the Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Armour High Waisted No Slip Ankle Leggings in an eye-catching Midnight Navy. These leggings are designed for the active woman who demands both performance and style. The innovative HeatGear fabric keeps you cool and dry by wicking sweat away from your body, while the high-waisted design provides superior coverage and support. Plus, the no-slip waistband ensures your leggings stay in place, no matter how intense your workout gets.

Experience the perfect blend of compression and comfort with these small-sized leggings, crafted to hug your muscles and improve circulation without restricting movement. The durable four-way stretch construction moves with you, offering a full range of motion for any exercise. With ergonomic flatlock seams, you’ll enjoy a chafe-free experience, even during the most vigorous activities. And the striking contrast of the Midnight Navy and White colorway adds a bold fashion statement to your athletic ensemble.

Category Description Features Benefits Styles & Trends Customer Feedback Price Range (as of last update)
Product Name Old Navy Leggings (Elevate now called PowerPress) Stretchable, opaque fabric Shaping body silhouette, Not see-through Dressier leggings, Black and Tailored leggings “Softest leggings ever worn” Varies by style and promotion
Thickness Durable and non-transparent Provides coverage & comfort, suitable for various activities “Not see-through”
Material Soft, stretchable fabrics Ultra comfort, ease of movement
Style Various including 7/8 and full-length 7/8 cut, full-length, tailored details Style versatility, trend adaptability Sleek black leggings, 7/8 cut
Key Trends Sleek, Tailored, Black Leggings Belt loops, zippers, pleats Gives a pant-like appearance, suitable for formal wear Ideal for in-between full-length and Capris
Size Availability Standard sizing to plus sizes Inclusive sizing, caters to a wide range of body types
Fabric Technology PowerPress technology (formerly Elevate) Moisture-wicking, fast-drying Keeps the body dry and comfortable during workouts
Care Instructions Varies by product Easy wash-and-wear Convenient maintenance, longevity of garment
Availability Online and in Old Navy retail stores Accessible for many consumers

Old Navy’s PowerPress Technology: How It Shapes Up Against the Competition

Now, let’s talk tech—Old Navy’s PowerPress innovation has joined the fray, going toe-to-toe with the likes of Lululemon’s Luxtreme and Nike’s Dri-FIT. What sets it apart is a delectable combo of finesse and function that doesn’t ask you to fork over your last penny. The PowerPress leggings come with a snug fit that feels as if they were tailor-made for your silhouette.

While its rivals flash their premium badges with heftier tags, Old Navy stands firm, offering a luxurious experience to every body type without the eye-watering price. Plus, they’ve ensured that phrases like “not see-through” and “the softest leggings” are what echo through the fitting rooms.

Image 31728

Top Performance Old Navy Leggings in 2024

2024 has been a standout year for Old Navy leggings, with styles such as 7/8 leggings stealing the show. These trendy picks stop just a whisper above your ankles—perfect for flaunting those killer Sorel Sneakers you’ve been dying to show off. They’re that sweet spot between cozy and cropped, and let’s face it, they look downright stunning with a sleek Shacket thrown over for good measure.

But it’s not just about the 7/8 leggings. Their whole range from the Trusty Elevate (now donning the PowerPress title) to the fierce Sculpt offerings shines brightly. Customers’ reviews are singing praises on durability and style—these leggings aren’t just apparel, they’re an ode to resilience and elegance entwined.

Versatility on the Go: Old Navy Leggings for Every Occasion

Talk about wearing many hats, these leggings have got that covered and more. They’ve crafted a reputation for being the go-to gear for practically any event you throw at them. Whether you’re bending into a downward dog or dashing through duty-free shopping, these leggings are your sartorial safety net.

Real-life scenarios? How about that impromptu hike up the Santa Monica stairs or the last-minute dash to board your flight to Bali? The PowerPress leggings have been there, done that, and got the selfies to prove it. And with pieces that don’t balk at a little desk-duty action, who’s to say leggings haven’t found their space in the workwear universe?

CRZ YOGA Butterluxe High Waisted Lounge Legging Workout Leggings for Women Buttery Soft Yoga Pants True Navy Medium

CRZ YOGA Butterluxe High Waisted Lounge Legging   Workout Leggings for Women Buttery Soft Yoga Pants True Navy Medium


The CRZ YOGA Butterluxe High Waisted Lounge Legging encapsulates the epitome of comfort meets performance, perfectly crafted for the active woman who seeks a blend of style and functionality. These buttery soft yoga pants are meticulously designed to provide an indulgent second-skin feel, allowing for effortless movement and flexibility. The high-waisted silhouette ensures a secure and flattering fit that enhances your shape while providing support during workouts or casual wear. Rendered in a sophisticated True Navy hue, these medium-sized leggings will be a versatile and chic addition to your fitness wardrobe.

Whether you’re powering through an intense yoga session or enjoying a relaxed weekend at home, these workout leggings are engineered to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry, while the smooth seams minimize chafing for ultimate comfort throughout the day. Tailored with a hidden waistband pocket, the CRZ YOGA Butterluxe leggings offer a convenient spot to store small essentials, keeping your hands free and your mind focused. Dive into the luxurious feeling of the Butterluxe collection and experience workout wear that’s as functional as it is fashionable.

Customer-Centric Approach: Reviews and Feedback on the New Old Navy Leggings

Let’s give it up for the real MVPs—the customers who swear by the PowerPress technology. A legion of reviews heap accolades on Old Navy, citing examples of leggings that embrace without squeezing the life out of you, and waistbands that stay true north, no matter the contortion.

A shopper’s dream come true, one feedback exudes, “I absolutely love how they shape my body,” while another tops it off with claims of unparalleled softness. Old Navy’s commitment to listening to good, bad, or indifferent customer feedback means they’re constantly refining their fit—talk about a customer-centric mantra!

Image 31729

Sustainability and Ethical Fashion: Where Old Navy Leggings Stand

Old Navy isn’t just turning heads; they’re sparking conversations around sustainability and ethical fashion. In a world where green is the new black, the corporate giant is making strides, crafting leggings from eco-friendly materials and pushing for a cleaner, fairer production process.

This means when you shimmy into those PowerPress leggings, you’re taking part in a narrative that champions the planet just as much as your personal style. And let’s be real, in an age where caring is the coolest thing you can do, Old Navy is giving you the gear to lead that charge.

Beyond Leggings: Complementary Old Navy Active Wear

The leggings might be the stars of the show, but let’s not overlook the supporting cast. Old Navy’s active wear line is an ensemble of versatile tops, sports bras, and jackets that complement your bottoms like a good tequila complements a Friday night.

It’s about creating a cohesive look that says, ‘I’ve got places to be and a seamless style to match.’ Dive into their collection, and you’ll find pieces that whisper subtlety and scream vivacity in equal measure.

Leggings Depot Women’s aistband Yoga High Waisted Solid Leggings Pants (Full Length, Navy, Medium)

Leggings Depot Women's aistband Yoga High Waisted Solid Leggings Pants (Full Length, Navy, Medium)


Leggings Depot presents an essential for every activewear collection: Women’s High Waisted Solid Leggings Pants, perfect for yoga enthusiasts and active women alike. These navy, full-length leggings are designed with a cozy high waistband that offers ample support without compromising comfort. Tailored from a soft, stretchable fabric, they guarantee a perfect fit that contours to your body, allowing you to move freely and confidently during any workout or casual wear.

The medium size ensures a snug fit for a wide range of body types, while the seamless design promotes a sleek and polished look. The high-waisted feature not only flatters the figure but also stays in place during various activities, be it intense yoga sessions or a brisk walk in the park. Easy to care for and versatile in their appeal, these solid navy leggings from Leggings Depot are an indispensable item for any fashion-forward, active wardrobe.

The Future of Fitness Fashion: Predictions for Old Navy Leggings

Peering into the crystal ball, one could predict that the intertwining of fitness fashion with everyday consumer needs will only tighten. We’re expecting more advancements in fabrics, perhaps even a plunge into smart technology. Imagine leggings that not only look chic but also track your vitals on that Mediterranean sunset jog!

We’ve seen leggings grace our wardrobes with tailored details—zippers, belt loops, pleats—to become more trouser-like. It’s clear that leggings, especially those midnight black ones, aren’t about to step down from their throne. They’ve found a home in the athleisure kingdom, and citizens, it’s a splendid sight to see.

Image 31730

Empowering Your Wardrobe: Final Thoughts on Old Navy’s Leggings Line

In closing, Old Navy leggings have done more than just hug a few curves; they’ve embraced a lifestyle. They’ve turned what could have been a simple piece of clothing into an emblem of empowerment—a testament to the modern go-getter who desires a wardrobe that’s as intrepid and dynamic as their travel itinerary.

As you ponder your next purchase, think about this: It’s more than just about owning another pair of leggings, it’s about investing in a piece that’ll journey with you through life’s serendipitous adventures and planned pursuits. Old Navy invites you to find that balance between performance, price, and panache. So go on, step into their leggings and feel ready to command whatever comes your way, with style and substance in stride.

Best Old Navy Leggings: A Seamless Blend of Comfort and Style

Old Navy leggings have become the go-to comfort wear for people across the globe. Whether it’s for a quick dash to the grocery store, a casual brunch, or even a spontaneous dance-off, there’s a pair that fits every occasion like a glove—or shall we say, like a perfect pair of leggings. Don’t believe us? Just ask Kenita Monique fearn, a respected fashion blogger, who swears by their unparalleled fit and versatility. Fearn’s insight on style trends has deemed these leggings a must-have in any wardrobe, just as indispensable as a reliable pair of jeans or that little black dress you can’t live without.

Now, hold onto your hats—or better yet, your Sonix phone Cases, folks! Did you know that Old Navy’s legging evolution has even tackled the whimsical world of geek chic? Yep, you heard it here first! Imagine this: a comfy, stretchy fabric that also gives a playful nod to your favorite anime. Old Navy delivers fun designs that might even feature an anime butt or two. Talk about striking a balance between comfort and personal flair! While you’re wrapping your head around that, consider Arike Ogunbowale, a rising athletic sensation, who has been spotted rocking these leggings. Ogunbowale’s endorsement is a slam dunk for the brand’s credibility—you just know they’re built for performance when athletes are on board!

Transitioning to the glitz and glam, Old Navy leggings aren’t just for running errands or hitting the gym. Pair them with a blingy accessory, and voilà, you’re as chic as walking the Champs-Élysées. Think Ross Simons level of sparkle; their timeless pieces can elevate even the simplest pair of leggings into a fashion statement. The fashion-forward crowd has caught on quick, mixing high and low to create ensembles that turn heads and strike the perfect note between laid-back and luxe.

So there you have it—a sprinkle of fun trivia and a dash of style advice mixed into our legging lore. From couch potato chic to red-carpet ready, Old Navy leggings are the real deal. Who knew stretchy pants could be so interesting? Keep your eyes peeled for more fun facts and fashion tips—only a legging’s throw away!

THE GYM PEOPLE Thick High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets, Tummy Control Workout Running Yoga Leggings for Women (Medium, Black)

THE GYM PEOPLE Thick High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets, Tummy Control Workout Running Yoga Leggings for Women (Medium, Black)


Crafted to provide both style and function, THE GYM PEOPLE Thick High Waist Yoga Pants are an essential addition to any active woman’s wardrobe. Designed for the modern mover, these pants feature a high-waistband that not only offers tummy control but also ensures they stay in place during any activity. The luxurious thick fabric provides the right amount of compression while ensuring complete opacity, so you can feel confident and focused throughout your workout. With these yoga pants, you’ll look just as good as you feel, whether you’re powering through a run or flowing through a yoga sequence.

Convenience meets comfort with the inclusion of spacious pockets that seamlessly blend into the design, perfect for holding your phone, keys, or cards while on the go. The Medium size contours gracefully to your curves, flattering the figure while the versatile black color pairs effortlessly with any outfit. Every detail, from the meticulous stitching to the buttery smooth fabric, is tailored to deliver durability and ease, so you can transition from a gym setting to casual outings without missing a beat. Embrace the perfect blend of comfort, style, and practicality with THE GYM PEOPLE High Waist Yoga Leggings, the ultimate upgrade for your activewear collection.

What is the new name for Old Navy elevate leggings?

What is the new name for Old Navy elevate leggings?
Well, folks, say goodbye to “Elevate” and hello to “PowerPress!” That’s right, Old Navy’s Elevate leggings have gotten a brand spankin’ new name. They’re the same beloved leggings, just strutting around under a snazzy new moniker!

Are Old Navy Powersoft leggings see through?

Are Old Navy Powersoft leggings see-through?
Oh, the dreaded see-through dilemma! But fear not, one savvy Old Navy customer has chimed in to rave, “they are not see-through.” So, you can strike a pose without showing more than you bargained for!

Are leggings still in style?

Are leggings still in style?
Absolutely! Leggings are shimmying their way up into the realm of actual pants, if you can believe it. With more dressy details like zippers and pleats popping up, they ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. Sleek, black leggings? They’re like the little black dress of the legwear world – always in vogue!

What are 7 8 tights?

What are 7/8 tights?
Heads up, fashionistas! 7/8 leggings are that goldilocks zone of legwear—not too long, not too short. They’ll give your ankles some breathing room, hanging out just above them. Perfect for those who can’t decide between full-length and capris!

Did Old Navy stop making elevate leggings?

Did Old Navy stop making elevate leggings?
Put the rumors to rest! Old Navy simply gave the Elevate leggings a new lease on life with a fresh name—now known as PowerPress. Didn’t skip a beat, just a quick name swap!

Are Old Navy leggings same as Athleta?

Are Old Navy leggings same as Athleta?
Nope, they’re like cousins, not twins! While Old Navy and Athleta are both in the family biz, they’ve got their own unique leggings line. Similar vibe, different stride.

What did Old Navy replace elevate leggings with?

What did Old Navy replace elevate leggings with?
Drumroll, please… the Elevate leggings have passed the baton to the PowerPress! A name change is all – still the same snug, flattering fit that hugs your curves in all the right places.

How to wear leggings at 60?

How to wear leggings at 60?
Who says there’s an age limit on leggings? At 60, strut those leggings with confidence! Pair them with a tunic or dress for that chic, comfy look. It’s all about feeling fabulous at any age!

Why are black leggings see-through?

Why are black leggings see-through?
Yikes, the see-through snafu! Sometimes, black leggings can stretch a tad too much, revealing a bit too much. Always do a squat test before buying or opt for a trusted review saying they’ve got your back (and your front!).

Should a 60 year old woman wear leggings?

Should a 60 year old woman wear leggings?
Hey, age is just a number! A 60-year-old can totally rock leggings. Go for it with a tunic or a smart blazer and walk tall – leggings are timeless, just like you.

Are leggings out of style for 2024?

Are leggings out of style for 2024?
Not even close! Leggings are still strutting strong into 2024, with even more oomph thanks to their dressier iterations. So, don’t put your legging love affair on ice just yet!

What do Gen Z wear instead of leggings?

What do Gen Z wear instead of leggings?
Gen Z is all about making fashion waves, swapping out leggings for wide-leg pants, funky flares, or even a throwback with some mom jeans. Always keeping it fresh, that’s their MO.

What is the most flattering length leggings?

What is the most flattering length leggings?
Want legs for days? Go for the 7/8 length! These bad boys will grace your ankles just so, perfect for showing off those sneakers or booties. It’s the one-size-flatters-all of the legging world!

What length of leggings should I wear?

What length of leggings should I wear?
Hey, it’s your legging party, and you can wear any length you want! Whether it’s cosy full-length for winter or breezy capris for those summer jogs – choose whatever floats your fashion boat.

What is the rule for tights?

What is the rule for tights?
When it comes to tights, think of Goldilocks—just right. Not too thick or thin, dark tights with a dress or skirt, and keep ’em snag-free. Remember, even on your legs, it’s all about the right fit.

What is the difference between mid rise and high rise leggings?

What is the difference between mid rise and high rise leggings?
Looking for a waistline that feels like a cosy hug? High-rise is your go-to to tuck everything in. More of a play-it-cool type? Mid-rise sits comfortably below the belly button. Different strokes for different folks!

What is the name of the TikTok leggings?

What is the name of the TikTok leggings?
Ah, the famous ruched “TikTok leggings”! They took the internet by storm with that magic they work on the booty. Give ’em a try and see why TikTokers are doing happy dances everywhere.

What are the famous Lululemon leggings called?

What are the famous Lululemon leggings called?
The crème de la crème of Lululemon? That would be the “Align” leggings. They’ve practically reached celeb status in the legging world, known for their oh-so-soft feel and hugging you just right.

What are yoga pants called now?

What are yoga pants called now?
Yoga pants are getting all fancy on us, with some folks calling them “performance stretch” or “studio pants”. But let’s be real, no matter the name, they’re the stretchy, comfy heroes of our wardrobes.

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