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Pet Friendly Airbnb: Top Choices for Traveling Pet Owners

Discovering the Best Pet Friendly Airbnb Accommodations

Well, aren’t we on a roll, folks? Over the years, the number of people choosing to jet-set with their pets has ballooned faster than you can say “sit, stay, fetch”! If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and got a pooch who’s also raring to explore the world, then you’re in luck.

But first, let’s tackle how Airbnb is accommodating pet owners. It’s a simple as a toggle switch. Airbnb allows hosts to set their pet policies, and at the time of booking, guests must accept these rules. Violations could lead to extra charges, either deducted from the pet deposit or charged separately. Also, hosts can edit their house rules, indicating whether pets are allowed, and if charges may apply, which will be applied to the reservation once a guest confirms their pet’s attendance.

We’ve scoured countless listings on Airbnb and compiled the best options with the most accommodating pet policies. We considered factors like large outdoor spaces, nearby pet-friendly attractions, host reviews and additional pet amenities provided.

Navigating the World of Pet Friendly Airbnb

What makes an Airbnb truly pet friendly? We’re not just talking about allowing your fur baby to tag along. We’re referring to accommodations that embrace your furry friend, not simply tolerate them. Picture this: a welcome basket custom-made for your pooch, complete with calming Treats For Dogs. Now, that’s what being a real pet embrace entails.

Understanding the do’s and don’ts of pet policies is paramount. In some accommodations, pets may be allowed but restrictions apply, like keeping them off the furniture or barring them from specified areas.

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Factor Details
Airbnb Pet Policy Airbnb allows the host to implement their own pet policies. This varies from one listing to another depending on the host.
Rules & Regulations for Guests Guests are required to agree to and observe all host’s pet policies during their stay. Violation of these policies may result in additional charges.
Pet Deposit and Additional Charges Possible charges against any violation of pet policies could be deducted from the pet deposit or separately charged via the Airbnb Resolution Centre.
How to Indicate a Pet-Friendly Airbnb Listing Airbnb hosts should edit their listing’s house rules, turn on the “are pets allowed” toggle, and mark the “charges may apply” checkbox.
Pet Fees The pet fee will only be added to the reservation when a guest marks that they are bringing a pet during the booking process.
Airbnb Policy Update Date The policy update regarded to pet-friendly services was last updated on September 26, 2023.

Top Pet Friendly Airbnb in North America

North America’s pet-loving culture has birthed some of the best pet friendly Airbnb’s. Each of these properties boasts unique features that set them apart.

First on our list is a rustic cabin in the heart of the Colorado mountains, less than an hour drive from the closest airport To Disneyland. Why does it top our list? Paw-fect pet policies, a spacious garden, and even a dedicated pet play-area. They also offer an additional pet service—pet-sitting and grooming.

Stepping it up a notch, we have The Ranch at Rock creek in Montana. They provide specialty services like dog training and accommodating pet dietary requirements.

Standout Pet Friendly Airbnb in Europe

Europe’s love for pets is clearly reflected in Airbnb’s on the continent. Three top options caught our eye, each boasting unique pet amenities.

In the heart of France, a charming chateau offers extensive grounds for your pet to roam, a dedicated pet playroom, and the hosts even arrange pet playdates if you fancy it!

In Spain, a sun-drenched villa not only welcomes pets but has partnered with local pet businesses offering guests discounts on pet supplies at the local Stop & Shop.

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Exceptional Pet Friendly Airbnb in Asia

Asia’s pet friendly Airbnb’s have a distinct flair. Cultural nuances strongly influence the pet-friendliness of accommodations. An open-air bamboo villa in Bali, for example, provides amenities like dog-friendly beach towels and custom-made pet food, crafted with local ingredients.

Adventurous Pet Friendly Airbnb in Africa and South America

For the adventurous pet owners, opt for an Airbnb that feeds both your adrenaline and pet-centered needs. A treehouse in the Amazonia with pet-suitable jungle walks, or a yurt in the Moroccan desert, complete with cool resting spots and personalized pet-care-packages – adventure, with furry friends!

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Exclusive Insights: Pet Owners’ Experiences At These Airbnb’s

Wouldn’t it be great to learn directly from pet owners who’ve stayed at these Airbnb’s? We’ve gathered some personal narratives and photos of pets enjoying their holiday. Plus, we’ve got a few tips, tricks and “tail-wagging” reviews from these seasoned traveling pet owners that could be just what you need.

Unearthing Future Trends: The Future of Pet Friendly Airbnb

In the coming years, Airbnb plans to bolster their accommodation models suited for pet owners. Hosts will play a significant role in shaping pet friendly Airbnb—after all, they’re the ones opening their doors to your lovely pets. It won’t be far fetched to predict that soon, hosts might even offer pet-specfic services such as dog walking, trip to local dog parks or cat cafes, or even setting up ‘puppy playdates’.

Retracing Our Paw Prints: A Reflection on Pet Friendly Airbnb

Looking back, pet friendly Airbnb’s have come a long way. What used to be a scarce footnote in a few Airbnb listings is now a dedicated setting, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We must continue to advocate for more accommodation of our furry friends because, let’s face it; they’re part and parcel of our family trips! If you’re ready to pack the leash, tennis ball, and embark on your next journey from LAX To Disneyland or anywhere across the globe, these pet-friendly Airbnb’s are waiting to roll out the welcome mat for you and your fluffy companions. Happy travels!

Is pet-friendly still an option on Airbnb?

Absolutely, pet-friendly is still a go-to option on Airbnb! Many hosts understand that pets are part of the family and gladly welcome them. However, it’s crucial to sort this out before you book. Airbnb’s search filters can direct you to listings that accommodate pets, saving you time and hassle.

How do I charge my pet fee on Airbnb?

Charging a pet fee on Airbnb is simple as pie! When setting up your listing, include the pet fee under ‘additional prices’. It’s essential to remember that Airbnb doesn’t automatically add pet fees, so adding this manually is your best bet.

How do pets work on Airbnb?

Hopping onto Airbnb with your furry friend? Here’s the lowdown. Airbnb hosts have autonomy to decide if pets are welcome at their properties. When you search for listings, apply the ‘pets allowed’ filter to see places where pets are welcomed with open arms. Don’t forget to confirm this with the host though, as not all pets may be accommodated.

What is the average pet fee on VRBO?

Wondering about the average pet fee on VRBO? Here’s the skinny: it varies greatly based on the particular property. However, a ball-park estimate based on recent data puts the regular VRBO pet fee between $50 and $150. Keep in mind this is just an estimate – it could be more, could be less!

How do I add a pet to my Airbnb reservation?

Adding a pet to your Airbnb reservation is a walk in the park. When making a booking, you’ll have the opportunity to send the host a message. This is where you’ll mention your pet. Make sure to include details like breed and size to ensure a smooth stay.

Can you charge a pet fee on VRBO?

Can you charge a pet fee on VRBO? You bet! As a VRBO host, you can charge additional fees for guests bringing pets, which typically includes a non-refundable pet fee and a refundable damage deposit. It’s all about striking a fair balance between accommodating pet-lovers and maintaining your property.



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