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Platform Sneakers: 10 Insane Styles Everyone Will Love in 2023!

Rising Above with Platform Sneakers: The 2023 Footwear Trend

Kicking off those stilettos and slipping into platform sneakers is akin to opting for a private jet over a crowded commercial flight – it’s all about luxury comfort. We can specify these high-rise shoes as traditional sneakers that endured a vertical growth spurt. But their roots, quite intriguingly, hark back to ancient times. Greeks in the acting community were the debutants, adjusting their heights with platform footwear to suit different roles.

Fast forward a few millenniums, the late 20th century had platform sneakers break into mainstream, getting into the groove with disco and punk vibes. A notable pop-culture icon, the so-called “Spice Girls,” gave these shoes some serious airtime, catapulting them into every teenage girl’s wardrobe. However, like all fashion trends, their popularity seemed to fade when the new millennium arrived, only for them to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix in recent years.

It’s 2023, and platform sneakers aren’t just back, they’re vying for world domination. Appealing to the street style aesthetics while drawing inspirations from our favorite throwbacks, they have once again become the star of the show, boasting recurring appearances on runways, red carpets, and your next-door Instagram influencer’s feed.

Fashion Meets Function: The Allure of Platform Sneakers

What’s not to love about platform sneakers? Like a heated vest on a winter morning, they offer comfort, but with an elevated twist quite literally. The right pair can channel your inner Miles Morales, making you feel a couple of inches taller. At the same time, the cushy soles ensure your feet don’t scream bloody murder after a day’s outing.

Top Pick

K KIP WOK Chunky Sneakers for Women Fashion Platform White Leather Casual Dad Shoes Comfortable Wedge Walking Sport Sneakers(Pink,7B(M) US)


MEASUREMENTS: Height of lightweight platform sole is approximately 3.15inch (8 cm). The chunky fashion sneakers make your legs look slimmer. Stand tall on the elevated platform outsole and show it off.
COMFORTABLE: Soft synthetic PU protects your feets and very easy to clean. Memory foam insole provide soft cushioning, classic adjustable shoelace design is easy to wear and comfortable.
UNIQUE DESGIN: The sneakers with classic white/hologram color will become your favorite everyday shoes, satisfying your best fantasy of walking shoes.
OCCASION: Simple but stylish chunky casual shoes fit into all season and any occasion, perfect for a trip, walking, gathering, dating, working. Good partner for any style of clothing.
AFTER-SALES SERVICE: if you have any dissatisfaction when receive goods, pls contact us, we will deal with it instantly.

Platform sneakers have been making quite a stir on the gram, triggering a wave of nostalgia. While you may find them frequently paired with casual outfits—a graphic tee with ripped denims, or a summer dress for a feminine touch—they aren’t a stranger to more dressy ensembles, either. It would be an understatement to say that they’re versatile and can add an edge to your wardrobe, as they are similar to a Carhartt beanie, fitting into almost any look seamlessly.

  Platform Sneakers
What A sneaker style with an elevated, flat sole
Trend One of the biggest footwear trends of the past few years
Popularity Styles of platform sneakers continue to be seen on Instagram feeds and in real life
Versatility Styled with casual and non-casual outfits
Benefit Adds up to 2 inches of height; provides extra comfort over single-sole heels
Physical Impact Less stress on the ball of the foot
Price Range Varies dependent on brand and style – luxury brands could cost up to hundreds of dollars
Major Benefit Combines high-style and comfort
Date of Trend Report Aug 2, 2023; Jan 21, 2016; Apr 27, 2023; Aug 28, 2023
Noteworthy Aspect Despite the recent trend, platform sneakers have a history in the athleisure lexicon

The Top 10 Insane Platform Sneaker Styles to Watch Out for in 2023

  • Wedge Platform Sneakers: A perfect blend of a wedge heel with the comfort of sneakers, they are the answer to walking on clouds.
  • Floral Embroidery Platform Sneakers: Like a garden on your feet but comfier, providing an instant pop to classic monochrome outfits.
  • Leather Platform Sneakers: Kind of like a mink coat, but for your feet. Elegant, edgy, and effortlessly cool.
  • Blinged Out Platform Sneakers: Complete your disco diva look with these glittery marvels.
  • Pastel Platform Sneakers: Delicate, feminine, and perfect for spring!
  • Neon Platform Sneakers: Attention-grabbing and a notable fixture in street style fashion.
  • White Platform Sneakers: The ultimate fashion statement, as versatile as camping Cots.
  • Animal Prints Platform Sneakers: Unleashing the inner wild in you with exotic prints.
  • Hiking Inspired Platform Sneakers: You get to keep the comfort, aesthetics, and add a mountainous appeal.
  • Black Platform Sneakers: As essential as a black puffer vest, a must-have staple in your wardrobe.

Hands-on With White Platform Sneakers: The Ultimate Fashion Statement

Once a humble canvas shoe, the white platform sneaker has evolved into a mighty contender in the fashion realm. Talk about minimalism meeting grandeur! Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and influencers akin to Season 3’s Ginny and Georgia have sworn by its charm, seamlessly pairing it with a vast multitude of outfits.

CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Vasco Low top Canvas Sneaker +Memory Foam, Black 8.5


From an earnest business suit to a flattering sundress, white platform sneakers add a certain freshness to any look, akin to jazzing up a cup of Joe with vanilla creamer. They transform an outfit from “just another ensemble” to “street style chic.”


Platform Sneakers: Boost Your Style Without Sacrificing Comfort

As the old saying goes, “beauty is pain,” or at least it used to be. The exhilarating journey of platform sneakers has been a testament to the opposite. Comfort and fashion aren’t mutually exclusive anymore. These stacked soles are proof, providing a platform (pun intended!) for stylish individuals to stand tall without crushing their feet in the process.

PUMA Womens Maze Paint Splash Platform Sneakers Shoes Casual – White – Size 6 M


The market is abuzz with comfortable options that do justice to this high-style shoe. With well-cushioned footbeds, premium materials, and ergonomic design, the right pair can easily surge your confidence and ooze that cool-cat swagger.

Platform Sneakers: Not a New Kid on the Block

While platform sneakers might seem like the “new black” in the fashion landscape, they’re anything but new. Making a splash in the athleisure lexicon, they’re more like the seasoned veteran flexing their muscular comeback.

Athleisure as a concept isn’t foreign to experimentation and drawing unconventional inspiration. Platform sneakers cropped up in this melting pot and have been doing the rounds ever since. With iterations ranging from neoprene to decorated blings, the trend is here to stay.


Strutting in Style: Start the Year on a High with Platform Sneakers

Welcome, 2023! What better way to begin a new chapter than adding a little height to your sartorial decisions? With platform sneakers sprucing up the sidewalks, it’s challenging to resist their appeal.

Swapping the heels for these beauties isn’t just a boon for your feet, but a joy for the onlooker as well. They’re proof that fashion can be comfortable. And as you carry yourself with oomph, paired with a newly gained confidence and a spring in your step, you’ll almost forget the extra height isn’t natural.

As we gear up to say goodbye to 2023, let the crystal ball predict that platform sneakers will endure, evolving in tandem with our wardrobes. So, step into the new year in these high-rise sneakers, because if the shoe fits (and rises), wear it!

Are platform sneakers in style 2023?

Whoa, hold on to your threads, folks! There’s no doubt about it—platform sneakers are absolutely, 100% in style in 2023. Designers and fashionistas alike are passionately jumping on this sizzling trend. So yep, it’s time to put your best foot forward and stand head and shoulders above the crowd thanks to these game-changing kicks!

What is the point of platform sneakers?

Huh, the point of platform sneakers, you ask? Well, it’s simple, really. Aside from giving you that much-needed height boost and letting you walk tall, they’re a whole lot more than just an elevation game. The perfect blend of fashion and comfort, these stacked shoes are a knockout when it comes to a style statement. So what’s their point? They’re about sashaying down the street and standing out with serious style, all while feeling comfy cozy!

Are platform sneakers still cool?

Are platform sneakers still cool? Heck yes, they’re cool! They’ve held onto their groovy vibes since they hit the fashion scene. Despite being the ‘it’ thing a while back, they’ve resurfaced once again to make us fall head over heels in love all over again. They’re hotter than ever in pop culture and on the street-style scene, and their swagger doesn’t seem to be cooling down anytime soon.

Are platform sneakers in or out?

In or out? Hold your horses! Before we go jumping to conclusions, let me tell you—platform sneakers are more ‘in’ than out. Supermodels, celebs, and influencers are all strutting their stuff in these lofty lovelies, and they’ve become a staple in wardrobes around the world. So folks, if you’re looking to step up your shoe game, you’re barking up the right tree with platform sneakers!

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