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Southwest Checked Bag: Top 5 Crazy Secrets to Light Packing!

Light packing for a flight, especially one with Southwest airlines, might seem like rocket science. However, with the right approach, this task can be as effortless as a carefree walk on your favorite beach. Drawing from the insights of luxury travel experts like ‘The Points Guy’ and using narratives akin to those of Pico Iyer, we present the top 5 secrets to light packing for your Southwest checked bag.

Revolutionizing Air Travel: Southwest’s Generous Baggage Policy

When we take a short flight through history, we land in the 70s, when Southwest Airlines decided to revolutionize the air travel industry. Armed with their customer-friendly policies, they allowed passengers to check in not one, but two bags for free! As long as your Southwest checked bag doesn’t exceed 50 lbs and 62 inches (length + width + height), you’re good to go. Southwest was and still is a game-changer in the industry!

The Facts and Figures

Arranging facts in a row, the availability of two free checked bags isn’t the end of Southwest’s tantalizing offer. Golfers and skiing enthusiasts can breathe a sigh of relief-your golf bags and skis also count towards your free checked bag if they abide by the weight limit. Simply put, you can check these items at the same cost, zilch! And for the surfers hitting the Hawaiian waves, your surfboards also fly free. Add this to the fact that you can check your luggage up to four hours prior to your flight, and the convenient journey Southwest promises becomes clear!


Knowing the Exceptions

Of course, travel isn’t always as straightforward as that dream maple bar doughnut at the airport cafe. If your Southwest checked bag goes beyond the weight limit of 50 pounds or the total size limit of 62 inches, don’t sweat bullets! You might need to shell out just $75 as a one-way charge, even for items between 50 to 100 pounds and larger than 62 inches but not more than 80 inches.

1. Roll, Don’t Fold

Coming down to the business end of things, the first secret to light packing is as simple as changing your folding technique. Rather than folding, roll your clothes! Believe it or not, this saves a ton of space. Another hack is using viori shampoo bars, which are compact and airport-friendly, over bulky liquid shampoos.

2. Stick To Your List

To avoid hurling your life’s items into your Southwest carry on, write a checklist of absolute essentials. The key here is to avoid packing unnecessary items. If you’ve just finished that back and shoulder workout and you’re contemplating about packing all your gym equipment, think twice!

3. Harness The Power Of Travel Accessories

Use space-savers like vacuum bags or travel-sized toiletries. They are great at compressing your items, helping to keep your Southwest checked bag size in check without letting go of essentials.


4. Opt For Multi-Functional Items

This tip saves not only space but also offers you flexibility. Pack items that serve multiple purposes. Say, a sarong that can be your dress, beach towel, or even a blanket.

5. Think Layers

A practical way of saving space in your Southwest carry on is by layering clothes. This isn’t just stylish, but also makes your packing game strong, especially for those visiting the best spring break destinations.

Utilizing Reward Points: A Bonus Tip!

With strategic use of reward systems like amex reward points and chase sapphire reserve point value, you can accrue perks that include extra baggage allowance. That’s another fantastic way to marry luxury with practicality, while dealing with your packing woes.

Double-Checking Your Travel Documents

To ensure a smooth traveling experience, be sure to renew your TSA precheck ahead of time, if needed. Getting a fast pass through security can save you a lot of hassle! Also, be aware of specific identifiers such as a redress number if they apply to you.


The Preference For Southwest

If you’ve been loyal to other airliners and considering a possible united status match, the generous baggage policies and customer-friendly services of Southwest may tip the scales in their favor.

Round-Up: Understanding Southwest’s Checked Bag Policies

So there you have it! A treasure trove of knowledge on how to pack light for your Southwest journey, the historical context of Southwest’s generous baggage policy, and some trivia. With these insights and hacks, your next journey with a Southwest checked bag should be a breeze. So, pack your bags, and get ready to hit the skies without breaking your back or your bank! Adventure awaits!

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