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5 Crazy Facts About St Helens Oregon

The Hollywood Connection in St Helens Oregon

Imagine a quaint town, nestled in the heart of Oregon, that once a year, transforms into a living, breathing film set. No need to let your imagination run wild, because St Helens, Oregon is just that place. Perhaps most famous for lending its bewitching streets and homes as the backdrop for the cult-favorite Disney franchise, “Halloweentown”, this small town’s fling with Hollywood is no mere star-crossed love affair, but a fully-fledged romance that blooms afresh each autumn.

With the first leaves falling, St Helens magically morphs into a Disney wonderland, complete with witches and warlocks, much to the delight of movie buffs. The annual Spirit of Halloweentown festival is a whimsical testament to the town’s dedication to preserving the fantastical essence of the movies. Old and young alike are bewitched by the elaborate decorations, events, and an endearing replica of the giant pumpkin from the film, causing a seasonal tourism surge that benefits local businesses accustomed to the quieter life.

Yet, the film industry’s embrace of St Helens doesn’t stop with jack-o’-lanterns and broomsticks. The town has also had its moments on the silver screen as a setting for parts of the “Twilight” saga, adding yet another layer to the town’s cinematic allure. This Hollywood connection, albeit seemingly far-fetched for a small Oregon town, presents an almost mystical charm that entices visitors to experience the thrill of stepping through a movie screen and into the real world. The people of St Helens relish in this connection, guarding it like a precious heirloom, ensuring no particle of that pixie dust settles out of place.

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Volcanic Origins and Natural Wonders

Like a sentinel watching over the landscape, Mount St. Helens stands as a striking reminder of the town’s volcanic origins. A testimony to Earth’s fiery temper, the volcano’s historic eruptions have carved a landscape that is as rugged as it is beautiful. Not many towns can boast of being shadowed by a real-life titan of tectonics, but St Helens, Oregon, wears this geographic badge with subtle pride.

This volcanic legacy bestows upon the area a rich tapestry of natural wonders just waiting to be discovered. To venture into the surrounding wilderness is to step into a world of outstanding ecological diversity. From the dense forests that blanket the volcanic foothills to the winding Columbia River that gives life to the region, St Helens is a playground for those hungry for outdoor adventure.

Bird watchers, fishing enthusiasts, and hikers find solace in the town’s proximity to nature’s grandeur. Opportunities for kayaking or canoeing on the placid waters of the Columbia River, hiking the trails that crisscross the volcanic basins, or simply breathing in the tranquil vistas are enough to lure even the most discerning adventurers from their swanky urban nests. As you partake in these experiences, it becomes abundantly clear: Mount St. Helens doesn’t just dominate the landscape—it is the artisan responsible for the town’s very foundation.

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Category Description
Location St. Helens is a city in Columbia County, Oregon, United States.
Coordinates 45°51′N 122°48′W
Elevation Approximately 31 feet (9.4 m)
Area Total: 5.51 sq mi (14.27 km²); Land: 4.53 sq mi (11.73 km²); Water: 0.98 sq mi (2.54 km²)
Population (as per the latest census) Approx. 13,000
Climate Has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen Csb), with wet, cool winters and dry, warm summers.
Founded Officially founded in 1845
Incorporated 1889
Economy Diversified economy including manufacturing, retail, and services; nearby logging and timber industries have historically been economic drivers
Education Served by the St. Helens School District which includes St. Helens High School, several elementary schools, and a middle school
Attractions Known for its Halloweentown festivities, inspired by the Disney movie that was filmed there; Columbia River waterfront; Olde Towne St. Helens hosting shops, cafes, and a historic district
Points of Interest The Columbia County Museum, The Courthouse Plaza, Sand Island, and the St. Helens Marina
Access & Transportation Accessible via U.S. Route 30; public transportation options include Columbia County Rider bus service
Annual Events Spirit of Halloweentown, 13 Nights on the River concert series, Columbia County Fair & Rodeo
Notable Facts St. Helens’ waterfront was used as a filming location for the “Twilight” movie. Known for its beautiful views of the Columbia River and Mount St. Helens (which is located to the northeast in Washington State, not in the city itself).

The Sasquatch Phenomenon in St Helens

Now, if there’s something that can rival volcanoes in terms of legend, it’s the tale of Bigfoot. Sasquatch sightings are a curious part of Oregonian folklore, but in St Helens, they are almost a local tradition. The dense Pacific Northwest forests surrounding the town have long been whispered to house this elusive creature, and whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, the allure of Bigfoot is undeniable.

The town has smartly embraced the mythos, fostering a Sasquatch culture that captivates the imagination, churns the local economy, and delivers an additional quirk to its identity. Dare to dive into this phenomenon and you might find yourself at the Oregon Bigfoot Festival or perusing through business establishments that give a nod to the cryptid in their names and decor.

Local Bigfoot researchers are akin to celebrities here, with their tales of close encounters adding a dose of adrenaline to the experience. Whether these stories are tall tales or truths too wild to tame is left to the discretion of listeners, but they add a layer of mystique that turns St Helens from an ordinary getaway into a place of untamed legends.

The Mystical Rock Formation – Columbia County Basalts

Away from footprints of unknown beasts, the geological marvels of St Helens continue with the Columbia County Basalts. Sprinkled across the region, these rock formations tell a story billions of years old. The cooling and fracturing of lava flows led to the creation of these unique structures, standing like silent sentinels across the landscape, untouched by time.

Geologists and historians are often spellbound by these formations, their composition and significance equally fascinating to those with a more academic interest in the area. For the local Native American tribes, these stones are stitched into their cultural quilt, their ancient voices echoing through each basalt column.

When exploring St Helens, a journey through these natural sculptures is essential, and select viewpoints offer a visually enriching experience. To stand in the presence of the Columbia County Basalts is to stand where the earth itself once bled and cried, solidifying into monuments for millennia to wonder upon.

The Historic Olde Towne Revitalization Effort

Yet, for all its natural and mythical riches, St Helens has not turned its back on progress. The Olde Towne district stands as a vibrant testament to the town’s resurrection, a Phoenix risen from its economic ashes. Brick by brick, historic buildings of a bygone era have been restored to their former glory, repurposed into chic boutiques, artisan bakeries, and cozy bed-and-breakfast inns.

Personal narratives from locals decorate each corner of this revitalized hub, with business owners weaving tales of transformation, resilience, and revitalization. Community pride is tangible, percolating through the cobblestone streets and infusing new life into landmarks. This careful blend of nostalgia and innovation has proven a formula for boosting the local economy, turning dilapidated shells into bustling centers of commerce and connection.

The revitalization effort of Olde Towne also unveils a blueprint for other small towns looking to blend past and present in a symphony of rebirth. It’s a delicate dance between maintaining historical integrity and ushering in a new era, and St Helens seems to pirouette with unparalleled grace.


Venturing through the myriad facets of St Helens, Oregon, one discovers a tapestry woven with threads of history, fantasy, and pioneering spirit. Each element, from the supernatural allure of Halloweentown to the whispers of ancient basalt, contributes to the town’s enigmatic character. St Helens stands as a proud custodian of both legend and fact, successfully marrying the two into the fabric of everyday life.

For visitors seeking a grand adventure or a hushed retreat into nature’s embrace, St Helens beckons with open arms, offering more than just a place to visit but a realm to become a part of, even if just temporarily. As we reflect on the tales etched into the town’s soul, we invite you, dear reader, to consider the path less traveled and embark on a journey to explore the complex charm that is St Helens, Oregon—a charm that surely secures its rightful place as a unique gem in the crown of the Pacific Northwest.

Discovering the Quirks of St. Helens Oregon

St. Helens, Oregon, a charmingly eccentric town nestled along the Columbia River, is a treasure trove of quirks and hidden gems. If you think you’ve got the lowdown on this Pacific Northwest haven, think again! Here, we’re digging up five crazy facts that’ll have you viewing St. Helens through brand-new, wide-eyed wonder. So, buckle up, because we’re not just scratching the surface – we’re diving deep!

The Halloween Capital? You Bet!

Boo! Did you know St. Helens can give some east coast towns, say like, Flushing New york, a run for their money when it comes to Halloween celebrations? It’s no trick! The town transforms into “Halloweentown” every October, a tribute to the Disney movie of the same name, which was filmed right in the heart of St. Helens. Imagine the entire town decked out with pumpkins, scarecrows, and cobwebs – it’s like stepping onto a movie set or getting lost in a sea of costumes that could even outshine the variety you’d find in the bustling aisles of Flushing NY.

The Sweet Smell of Success?

Yves Saint laurent cologne might have some competition from an unlikely source. The scent of St. Helens isn’t all forest and river, folks. For years, the local paper mill was the dominant aroma around town. While it might not be everyone’s top choice for a fragrance, it sure has lent St. Helens its distinctive olfactory signature. Who needs Yves Saint Laurent cologne when you’ve got eau de pulp?

The Call of the Wild, or at Least, the Quirky!

Speaking of distinctiveness, did someone mention the 949 area code? Sure, it’s southern California’s calling card, but St. Helens could beat it on the ‘gram’ for quirky charm. From Sasquatch sightings to strange local lore, this town has stories that could keep a conversation going longer than a trans-Pacific phone call to the 949 area code.

A Doorway to the Past

St. Helens isn’t just modern streets and contemporary quirks. Its historical district is like a well-oiled door hinge, seamlessly connecting the present to the past. Speaking of connections, have you ever pondered how a door hinge smoothly opens gates to new worlds? Well, St. Helens’ old-town charm provides a similar experience, guiding you into another era with every step on its antique-laden, cobblestone streets.

Stars Among Us

Ever wondered Noelle Robinson, where art thou? The answer could be St. Helens! That’s right, this town draws not only tourists but also celebs looking for their slice of peace and quiet, akin to the tranquil lifestyle Noelle Robinson enjoys away from the spotlight. Who knows, you might just bump into a familiar face from the silver screen while grabbing a coffee on Columbia Boulevard!

So, there they are – the five crazy, fascinating, and slightly off-the-wall facts about St. Helens, Oregon, that you probably didn’t know till now. Before you jet off to your next adventure or settle back into your reading nook dreaming of Psg Vs Reims-style showdowns between legendary locations, remember: St. Helens has its own winning charm, undiscovered secrets, and small-town allure that just might make it your new favorite destination.

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