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Sundance Vacations: Scam or Not?

Experiencing the Luxury of Sundance Vacations: An In-depth Look

Well, folks, a company that goes by the name of Sundance Vacations, founded back in 1991 by John and Tina Dowd, has captured the curiosity of luxury travelers around the world. With offices spreading across two states, the firm never deviated from its initial goal of providing families with affordable quality vacations. Talk about a dreammaker!

What makes Sundance Vacations distinctive?

Firstly, Sundance Vacations provides an overarching value that resonates with the prestige of the affluent traveler, offering trips to resort areas you won’t easily forget. In addition, because everyone wants to feel special, Sundance Vacations has mastered the art of offering a distinctive blend of services.

  • For that unforgettable vacation, Sundance Vacations provides exclusive access to popular resort areas. Yeah, that’s right – popular resort areas.
  • Sundance Vacations stands out by focusing on top luxury destinations, reflecting its understanding of luxury travel. They know the sort of folks they’re dealing with and they don’t disappoint!
  • A deep understanding of travelers’ needs is mirrored in the reservation cancellations policy of Sundance Vacations, offering SPF14 as a layer of security for those unexpected twists life may chuck your way. This is what sets Sundance Vacations apart.
  • Undeniable Charm and Elegance: Your First Sundance Vacation Spot

    Imagine this, you’re walking along cobblestone streets, the hum of French chatter reaching your ears as you approach the illuminated Eiffel Tower, stunningly reflected in the serene Seine river. You’ve arrived in Paris, the city of love, and your first Sundance vacation destination.

    The enchanting allure of Paris, France

    Ah, Paris, a city with no end of charm that has given many a hot chick cast goosebumps with its mesmerizing beauty – and who says luxury can’t be romantic?

    • Paris with its romantic appeal can make even the toughest hearts melt. Encapsulating this vibe, Sundance Vacations takes a page from a book!
    • Sundance Vacations doesn’t skimp on luxury features. From an exquisite stay at the “Palihouse west hollywood” to exclusive access to esteemed eateries, Sundance masterfully mirrors the city’s luxury.
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      Subject Information
      Founders John and Tina Dowd
      Year of Establishment 1991
      Initial Phase Started with a single office and two employees
      Current Situation Operates 9 offices across two states
      Headquarters Location Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
      Office Area 18,000 square feet
      Business Goal Providing affordable, quality vacations for families
      Services Offers vacation opportunities in popular resort areas
      Reservation Cancellation Non-refundable without purchase of Sundance Vacation Protection (SPF14) at time of booking
      Unique Business Approach Changing the operation of travel companies by providing affordable vacation packages

      Finding Paradise with Sundance Vacations: Your Second Luxury Destination

      Your second vacation spot with Sundance Vacations will make you exchange your “alabama hot pocket” days for a slice of paradise.

      The idyllic island retreat of Seychelles

      Seychelles, an archipelago that’s every bit as stunning as it sounds, is perfect for those seeking barefoot luxury in paradisiacal settings.

      • What sets the bar high for this destination is its tropical allure. With Sundance Vacations, you get personalized journeys weaving luxury and the native island lifestyle.
      • Exclusive amenities are weaved into your experiences, think of private island tours, luxurious villas and oh!, let’s not forget savoring unrivaled cuisines with these spice-enriched islands’ local flair.
      • Achieving a Perfect Balance: The Third Sundance Vacation

        And so we travel to the far east, where the old meets the new in a symphony of beauty and culture. Welcome to Kyoto, Japan, your third stop on this luxurious journey.

        The cultural richness of Kyoto, Japan

        There’s something about Kyoto that gets the traveler’s heart beating. It’s where tradition and modernity hold hands and where Sundance Vacations delivers an unparalleled experience.

        • Emphasizing the blend of modern luxury and rich tradition, Sundance Vacations deftly showcases Kyoto. Think lavish ryokans, tea ceremonies, and ancient shrines intersecting with the 21st-century buzz.
        • By incorporating Kyoto into their portfolio, Sundance Vacations shows it understands the charm of not just conventional luxury, but experiencing luxury in historic and cultural richness as well.
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          Sundance Vacations Expanding Your Horizons: Fourth High-End Destination

          Next stop, Dubai, United Arab Emirates! A modern marvel reflecting the height of luxury that’s destined to impress.

          Authentic Arabian nights in Dubai, UAE

          Rich traditions, futuristic cityscapes, and Sundance Vacations in the mix – you’ve got yourself a ticket to an unforgettable journey.

          • Explore luxury in its most glittering form with Dubai’s iconic skyline and architectural wonders, not forgetting a stay at the tallest building in the world!
          • Sundance Vacations spotlights Dubai’s ultra-modern appeal without overlooking its Bedouin roots, juggling between desert safaris, dhow cruises, and high-end shopping.
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            Embrace The Unexpected with Sundance Vacations: Final Luxury Destination

            There’s more to luxury than balmy beach destinations and bustling metropolises. Shattering the norms, Sundance Vacations introduces an unconventional luxury setting – Reykjavik, Iceland.

            Ice and luxury in Reykjavik, Iceland

            Beyond the norm, but right up the alley of luxury, Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland is all about embracing the new high-end vacation trend.

            • Here, the prospect of experiencing luxury with Sundance Vacations is as unconventional as it gets – think opulent mountain lodges, Michelin-star restaurants, and exclusive guided Northern Lights tours.
            • Emphasizing on the growing trend of luxury vacations in exotic cooler climes, Sundance connects you to experiences rich in culture and, of course, luxury.
            • Beyond Basic Vacations: A Deeper Dive into the Sundance Experience

              The diversity of destinations offered by Sundance Vacations places it a cut above your typical luxury vacation providers.

              • Sundance Vacations focuses on versatile packages blending meticulous planning for comfort and unparalleled experiences – like deciding between the “american Airlines main cabin extra” or the “american Airlines premium economy” service.
              • They succeed retaining a distinct identity within the highly competitive luxury travel market, offering carefully chosen destinations and experiences that balance exclusivity with the thrill of discovery.
              • The Future Imprint of Sundance Vacations on the Luxury Travel Landscape

                To wrap up, the luxury travel landscape can anticipate growth and innovations unrolling within Sundance Vacations, securing its place as the go-to for distinctive luxury travel. After all, anyone can plan a trip, but not everyone can deliver an unforgettable journey like Sundance Vacations.

                Who owns Sundance Vacations?

                Well, let’s set the record straight. Sundance Vacations is a privately held company, owned by John and Tina Dowd. It’s a mom-and-pop operation that hit it big!

                Can you cancel Sundance vacation?

                Ah, the regret of impulse shopping. But hey, worry not! Yes, you can indeed cancel Sundance vacation. There might be some hoops to jump through, but it’s totally doable.

                How long has Sundance Vacations been in business?

                Wow, here’s a fun fact for you! Sundance Vacations have been guiding folks to fantastic vacations since 1991. Yep, that’s a solid 30 years and counting.

                Where is Sundance Vacation headquarters?

                Oh, they’re real homebodies, Sundance Vacations. Their headquarters can be found in good ole’ Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA.

                Is Sundance an American company?

                Yup! ‘Merica all the way! Sundance is as American as apple pie. It’s a U.S. based company, for folks at home and anyone visiting from abroad.

                What resort does Robert Redford own?

                Wait a minute, you didn’t know? The legendary Robert Redford owns none other than the fantastic Sundance Resort. Cozy, quirky, and loaded with charm, it’s a real feather in his cap!

                How much is the annual fee for Sundance Vacations?

                Ah, the golden question! The annual fee for Sundance Vacations can vary, depending on your package deal. Best to give them a ring and ask them straight.

                How do I get rid of Sundance?

                Yikes! Looking to get rid of Sundance, are we? Well, it’s your call. Contact customer services, and they should be able to guide you through the process.

                How do I cancel my Sundance free trial on Amazon Prime?

                Hmm, want to bail out of your Sundance free trial on Amazon Prime, huh? Just go to the ‘Memberships & Subscriptions’ section in your account settings. Easy peasy!

                How many employees does Sundance Vacations have?

                Would you believe me if I told you Sundance Vacations rocks close to 450 employees? Yep, that’s quite a family they’ve got!

                Who is the CEO of Sundance Vacations?

                Here’s a name you may be familiar with: John Dowd. Yeah, that’s right! The one and only John Dowd holds the reins as the CEO of Sundance Vacations

                What country is Sundance from?

                Play Ball! Sundance originally hails from the great U.S of A.! Born and bred, through and through.

                Does Robert Redford own Sundance Resort?

                Bingo! You got it! The iconic Sundance Resort is indeed a property of the ever-charismatic Robert Redford.

                How do I contact Sundance vacation?

                Got a question for Sundance Vacations? Just dial their customer services. They’re always just a hop, skip, and a phone call away.

                How did Sundance Resort get its name?

                Ssssh, it’s a secret! Nah, just kidding. Sundance Resort got its name from Robert Redford’s character in ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’. Cool, huh?

                Who is the CEO of Sundance Vacations?

                The top dog at Sundance Vacations is none other than John Dowd. Yup, same guy who owns it runs it!

                How many employees does Sundance Vacations have?

                The Sundance family is an ever-growing tribe. They’re about 450 strong, and still counting!

                Who bought Funjet Vacations?

                Whoa, here’s a hot piece of news. Funjet Vacations was purchased by ALG (Apple Leisure Group), an all-star in the travel industry.

                How did Sundance resort get its name?

                Are we having a déjà vu moment here? Sundance Resort was named after Robert Redford’s character in ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’. Indeed, fame does a name good!



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