the gentle barn

The Gentle Barn: A Haven for Rescued Animals

The Gentle Barn: A Lush Sanctuary Amidst the Bustle

Just as the etchings on a weathered map guide a seasoned traveler, let’s navigate today, through the heartening story of The Gentle Barn. In the scenic landscape of Santa Clarita, California, nestled away from the humdrum of city life, The Gentle Barn stands as a beacon of hope for animals in despair, a haven that transcends being just a shelter.

The Birth of the Gentle Barn

Bound by compassion and resilience, The Gentle Barn began as a humble aspiration in the hearts of Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner. Rooted in Ellie’s childhood longing to rescue and shelter abused animals, The Gentle Barn was founded in 1999 to answer that very calling. Like a well-nourished sapling, over the ensuing years, it grew from a modest rescue home housing ducks and rabbits, into a sprawling six-acre sanctuary, nurturing hundreds of destitute animals.

The Not-So-Gentle Journey to The Gentle Barn

Yet, the route to this idyllic haven wasn’t an easy one. Setting up The Gentle Barn was met with a medley of challenges, from logistical hiccups to significant financial obstacles. However, the hurdles were considered a mere backdrop to the compelling narratives of resilience that emerged from overcoming them. Let’s connect the dots between the struggle and triumph, for herein lies the crux of The Gentle Barn’s genesis – a testament to its enduring spirit and unwavering mission.

Infusing her lifesaving mission into everyday reality, Ellie’s perseverance to reach out to every needy animal is inspired by her personal narrative. Stumbling upon a laptop tote at a yard sale, filled with stories of animal abuse and neglect, stirred a resolve in her, akin to a wake up call. It was a raw reminder of How To be a better girlfriend not only to fellow humans, but also to the uncared souls of the animal kingdom.

Life at The Gentle Barn: More Than Just a Home for Rescued Animals

Life at The Gentle Barn is a soothing symphony of healing, growth, and communion—much like the elegant rhythm of a well-rehearsed orchestra. At the dawn of each day, echoing through the rustic barnyard gates, chatter of dedicated staff members orchestrates a myriad of tasks. Be it cleaning enclosures, feeding the animals with utmost care or documenting their progress, every hour unfolds a story.

My Gentle Barn Creating a Sanctuary Where Animals Heal and Children Learn to Hope

My Gentle Barn Creating a Sanctuary Where Animals Heal and Children Learn to Hope


The product titled, “My Gentle Barn: Creating a Sanctuary Where Animals Heal and Children Learn to Hope” is a heartwarming, moving narrative about healing and hope. It showcases founder Ellie Laks’ journey of creating The Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary that becomes a metaphorical sanctuary for children facing hardship. The poignant story inspires readers with a tale of how rescuing and nurturing animals impacted the lives of troubled children.

This story illustrates how empathy for animals can nurture empathy for humans and vice versa. It’s a tale of triumph, transformation, and love, infused with instances where abandoned animals and children find their way to healing and hope. The book embodies the uplifting message that even in the bleakest of circumstances, there is always hope and the power of compassion can truly make a difference.

The book is not only an inspirational read, but also offers an insightful vision into animal therapy and its significance in shaping children’s characters. It serves as a tribute to the healing power of animals, depicting the bond between humans and animals in its purist form. “My Gentle Barn” captures the very essence of love, resilience and the incredible power of giving, making it a must-read for those inspired by compassionate living.

Immersed in this heartwarming sanctuary, animals – bruised and battered by life’s harsh knocks – slowly but surely turn a new leaf. It’s remarkable to observe their transformation, unlearning their painful past and reveling in the newfound love and freedom.

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Take, for instance, the story of Mark, a piglet rescued from the confines of a computer bag. Mark, initially mistrustful, gradually found his footing and bloomed in the nurturing environment of The Gentle Barn.

My Gentle Barn The incredible true story of a place where animals heal and children learn to hope

My Gentle Barn The incredible true story of a place where animals heal and children learn to hope


Explore the journey of love, compassion and extraordinary transformation with “My Gentle Barn”. This book is an incredible portrayal of the remarkable animal sanctuary – The Gentle Barn, the living testament of a woman’s healing with nature’s miracles. It chronicles the author Ellie Fisher’s real-life experiences of rescuing distressed animals and using their journey towards recovery to inspire and heal children who have fractured histories and have shut themselves off from the world. Vivid, moving, this book weaves together the heartwrenching tales of animals and children, where despair turns into resilience and empathy is reinstated.

In “My Gentle Barn”, the readers get a peek into the beautiful symbiosis of taking wounded, rejected animals into the sanctuary, nursing them back to health, and the astonishing effect this has on the children who come there to help and heal. This is not just a narrative about animal rescue, but it also showcases how individuals from different walks of life build an unbreakable bond that nurtures their soul. The book beautifully contemporizes the relationship between humans and animals, translating the beauty of friendship, trust, and healing.

“My Gentle Barn” is a book that is sure to touch the hearts of its readers, whether animal lovers or not. It tells the vibrant story of hope, resilience, love and the incredible power of forgiveness. This book is more than just a journey through a sanctuary; it is a window into compassion, kindness, and the undying spirit of resilience, making it a must-read for everyone who believes in the miraculous power of love and healing.

The Gentle Barn’s Rescue and Rehabilitation Programs

A rescue at The Gentle Barn commences with the heart-wrenching discovery of a distressed animal. But it certainly doesn’t stop at stowing them away in the comfort of the sanctuary. Each animal’s tale is an emotional journey – of initial pain, followed by progressive rehabilitation, and eventual recovery. Through medical treatments and emotional therapy, survivors are coaxed along their road to recovery. Historical data of each success story serves as a beacon, a narrative of resilience superimposed onto an introverted canvas of tender love and care.

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Category Details
Name The Gentle Barn
Normal Operation Open to the public once a week for interaction with the animals and knowing their stories of resilience.
Activities Hug the cows, give the pigs tummy rubs, cuddle the turkeys, feed the horses, hold the chickens.
New Location Opening Spring 2024, in South Salem, N.Y., a hamlet in Lewisboro, in Westchester County.
Donation General donations used to support the organization in all aspects, including medical treatments for neglected and abused animals.
Donation channel/ How to donate? Donations primarily come from individuals and foundations. Supporters can manage their donor account through the official website.
Financial dependency Completely relies on donations from individuals and foundations for support.

The Gentle Barn’s Impact and Influence on Animal Welfare

Riding the high tides of compassion, The Gentle Barn has extended its influence beyond the limits of its fences. Tirelessly advocating for stricter laws to protect animal rights, it strives to influence change in wider society – a mission as elegant as a suit from The black tux, yet as strong as the reinforced leather of a laptop bag For Women.

Collaborating with various other animal welfare groups, The Gentle Barn conducts public Read2Animals programs, and provides therapeutic visits for children in foster care or on probation, serving a dual purpose, helping animals and humans simultaneously. Boasting substantial figures, with thousands of animals rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed, these numerical representations underscore the remarkable tale of triumph over adversity.

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The Gentle Barn in 2024: A Look at the Present

With each passing calendar leaf, The Gentle Barn has proudly added feathers to its cap, and the current year is no exception. In the trying times of the post-pandemic world, adaptability and resilience guided it to overcome unprecedented challenges. In a recent announcement, The Gentle Barn kindled hope of expanding its wings to South Salem, N.Y. in Spring 2024, escalating its mission of healing and hope to a new locale.

Image 11116

Navigating the Future of The Gentle Barn

Already a beacon of hope for many, The Gentle Barn foster dreams transcending the present. The organization envisions replicating their compassionate practice worldwide, creating an empathetic, cruelty-free world some day soon.

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Beyond The Barn Gates: An Unfinished Story

As we amble to the close of The Gentle Barn’s story, remember that this is not an end, but a pause. A haven for transformed animals, it’s also a moral guide for society on compassionate coexistence. The saga of The Gentle Barn is a testament to the power of resilience, a glimpse into the potential of a sheltered love and an unremitting dedication toward the welfare of animals, embodying the belief that every living being deserves love, respect, and freedom.

What do you do at The Gentle Barn?

Well mate, at The Gentle Barn, we pull up our socks to provide a safe haven for abused and neglected animals. You know, it’s all about healing — the animals recover physically and emotionally while we, darn-stricken humans, learn about kindness, compassion and empathy from them. Quite the win-win, wouldn’t you say?

Where is The Gentle Barn in New York?

Hunting for The Gentle Barn in New York, eh? Well, you’re barking up the wrong tree! The Gentle Barn, as it stands, doesn’t have a branch in the Big Apple. However, fear not! They do have six locations – Tennessee, California, Missouri, Kansas, Utah, and New Jersey. Go check ’em out!

What is the cow hug therapy in Santa Clarita?

Cow hug therapy in Santa Clarita is the bee’s knees! It’s a chill therapy where you get to hug and cuddle with cows. Picture this — a peaceful afternoon spent embracing a warm, fuzzy cow, under the sun. If that ain’t therapy, I don’t know what is!

How is The Gentle Barn funded?

The Gentle Barn is funded through, well, the kindness of strangers. It operates on public donations, sponsorships, private funding, and revenue generated from various programs and activities. So, when you put a penny in their piggy bank, you’re helping make a difference.

Is Gentle Barn free?

Free as a bird, or so you’d want Gentle Barn to be! As much as everyone loves a freebie, unfortunately, visiting Gentle Barn isn’t on the house. They have a ticket fee which helps them take care of those lovely animals.

Can you pet animals at Gentle Barn?

Being able to pet animals at Gentle Barn? Well, that’s a yes and no kinda thing! While certain animals are touch-friendly, they request you to avoid petting some others for safety purposes. Always best to confirm first!

What is the mission statement of the gentle barn?

The mission statement of The Gentle Barn? Big question, that. The organization’s all about ‘Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet’. So they aim to rescue, rehabilitate animals and when healed, they become ambassadors teaching children about empathy.

How does Barn Sanctuary make money?

Now onto Barn Sanctuary, how do they keep the fires burning? They’re funded through donations, contributions, and fundraisers, mainly from generous animal lovers and also revenue from their merchandise store.

What is cow hugging therapy?

Cow hugging therapy? That’s a kind of animal-assisted therapy where you cuddle a cow, literally. It’s as simple and as pure as that!

Does hugging a cow reduce stress?

Does hugging a cow reduce stress? You bet, it does! Cuddling a cow can lead to an increase in oxytocin, reducing stress and triggering a sense of peace and relaxation. Quite the stress-buster, if you ask me!

What does cuddling a cow mean?

Cuddling a cow, my friend, is all about finding a moment of peace and tranquility with these gentle creatures. It’s all about stepping away from the hullabaloo of the world to find some comfort in their warm embrace.

Who runs the gentle barn?

Who rustles up The Gentle Barn? The ones at the helm are its dedicated founders, Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner. The power duo rocks the boat tirelessly to keep the organization going strong.

Who is the owner of the Urban Rescue Ranch?

The head honcho of the Urban Rescue Ranch? That’d be none other than Bobby Lee Duke. This animal lover has devoted his life to rescuing and caring for farm animals in need.

Where does Saved by the Barn get their money?

Getting money for Saved by the Barn, you ask? Well, as an animal rescue show, it’s funded by the Animal Planet, donations, and partner organizations that share their love for helping creatures big and small.

What is the mission statement of the gentle barn?

The mission of The Gentle Barn, haven’t we already been there? Keep up, mate! They’re about nurturing empathy and compassion for animals, for fellow humans, then extending that to the planet.

What does the Barn unlock in Stardew Valley?

The Barn unlocking in Stardew Valley? Ah, that’s a treasure trove! It unlocks once you build it on your farm plot, and you can start rearing animals like cows, goats, and sheep in it.

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