the resort at paws up

The Resort at Paws Up: Top Luxury Retreat

Discovering The Resort at Paws Up: A Journey into Extravagant Tranquility

Ah, the spellbinding promise of the open wilderness, wrapped in the lap of luxury. Let me take you on a journey to The Resort at Paws Up, where rustic charm seamlessly blends with grandeur, creating an unparalleled haven of serenity and splendor. Nestled amid Montana’s picturesque landscape, this retreat is a love letter to those who adore life’s finer things without sacrificing the call of adventure.

Exploring the Heart of Montana: Unveiling The Resort at Paws Up

  • Location and surroundings: Envision a place where the sky stretches forever, cradling the rolling hills and pristine rivers of Big Sky Country. That’s where you’ll find The Resort at Paws Up, sprawled across a jaw-dropping 37,000 acres with 10 miles of the legendary Blackfoot River as its soulmate.
  • Brief history of the resort: Since its grand opening in June 2005, it has been a sanctuary for discerning travelers. It was birthed from the meeting of wild spirit and luxurious comfort, offering a unique footprint in the world of premium retreats.
  • Ownership and design philosophy: The resort has no main lodge, no numbered rooms or hallways. It boasts 28 luxury cabins and homes, offering ultimate exclusivity. The owners poured their hearts into creating an authentic Montana ranch experience enveloped in the comforting arms of indulgence.
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    Category Details
    Location Situated on 10 miles of the Blackfoot River in Montana
    Opening Year June 2005
    Accommodation Types 28 luxury cabins and homes, 36 Uber-luxury tents
    Unique Aspect Private and exclusive, no main lodge, no room numbers or hallways
    Activities Included in Stay Wilderness adventures (varying by season and availability)
    A la Carte Activities (Additional Cost) Countless guided adventures (can be scheduled by concierge services)
    Featured Media Appearance The Real Housewives of Orange County episodes
    Special Packages Real Housewives of Alpine Falls packages
    Rate for Two Adults Inclusive rates starting at $1,850 per night before taxes and resort fee, staying in a Meadow Home
    Rate for Family of Four Inclusive rates starting at $2,327 per night for two adults and two children (ages 4–11), staying in a Meadow Home
    Resort Fee & Taxes Additional to per night rate (specific figures not provided)
    Benefits Privacy, luxury wilderness experience, gourmet food, and a variety of outdoor adventures tailored to guest preferences
    Dedicated Services Concierge services for activity scheduling and guest needs

    The Distinctive Offerings of The Resort at Paws Up

    • Accommodation types: From luxury homes echoing homely warmth to glamping tents that redefine outdoor living, choices abound. Every dwelling is a storybook of plush amenities set against the raw beauty of Montana.
    • Culinary experiences: Your taste buds are in for a wild ride with the culinary journey at the resort, where local ingredients meet world-class culinary finesse to dance on your palate.
    • Wellness and spa amenities: Amidst this untamed majesty, find your Zen in the spa havens, where wellness transcends the expected, wrapping you in a cocoon of rejuvenation.
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      Adventure Redefined: Outdoor Activities at The Resort at Paws Up

      • Overview of seasonal activities: Whether blanketed in snow or bathed in summer’s glow, the resort offers a vast menu of wilderness escapades, from horseback riding to fly-fishing, included in your stay.
      • Exclusive guided experiences: The concierge services team arranges a la carte guided adventures, ensuring tailored exploits that speak to the wanderlust in your soul.
      • The resort’s commitment to nature conservation: Interspersed among these adventures is a hymn of commitment to Mother Nature, preserving the land that cradles this nirvana of repose.
      • Service Elevated: The Resort at Paws Up Guest Experience

        • Personalized service anecdotes: Picture a staff that knows not just your name, but your unspoken wishes. Time and again, guests recount tales of anticipatory service that feels like fairy dust on their vacation stories.
        • Notable guest services: Butler service? Check. Transportation? You bet. The resort leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that your stay is as seamless as it is majestic.
        • Special touches that make the difference: It’s the little things, isn’t it? The unexpected note, the perfectly-timed refreshment—those special touches that transform a stay into a memory etched in the heart.
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          Celebrations and Events with Style at The Resort at Paws Up

          • Overview of event-hosting capabilities: Envision an event canvas as wide and as beautiful as Montana’s skies. Weddings, corporate retreats, intimate celebrations—each finds its perfect expression here.
          • Types of events typically hosted: Whether tying the knot against a sunset that steals your breath or brainstorming business amidst nature’s symphony, the events at Paws Up are legendary.
          • Case study: An event, executed to perfection, remains a vivid chapter in the annals of the resort. Be it the bling of The Real Housewives of Orange County or your own family’s milestone—every occasion dons its unique sparkle here.
          • Image 13164

            Sustainable Luxury: The Resort at Paws Up’s Environmental Ethos

            • Sustainable practices employed by the resort: The lap of luxury here is also the cradle of sustainability, with practices that whisper love for the land and its lineage.
            • Local community involvement: Beyond its fences, The Resort at Paws Up harmonizes with the local community, nurturing bonds that enrich both guests and residents.
            • Future sustainability goals and initiatives: A vision towards the horizon, the resort is constantly evolving in its sustainability journey, ensuring that luxury and responsibility walk hand in hand.
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              The Culinary Journey: Savoring The Resort at Paws Up Flavors

              • On-site dining options and food philosophy: Dining is an event here, with each bite a testament to high-quality, locally-sourced, and meticulously-prepared dishes that celebrate Montana’s rich bounty.
              • Spotlight on signature dishes and chef profiles: Behind every divine dish is a maestro of flavors. Meet the culinary artists who paint your plate with the sublime, one ingredient at a time.
              • Guest reviews of dining experiences: Don’t just take my word for it. The rave reviews from past patrons paint a picture vivid with gustatory delights—a testament to the resort’s exceptional culinary chapter.
              • Image 13165

                Real Guest Narratives: Life-Changing Experiences at The Resort at Paws Up

                • Compilation of guest testimonials: It’s one thing to describe heaven, and entirely another to read the words of those who’ve lived it. Dive into the myriad Testimonials that sing praises of transformative stays.
                • Notable guest stories and transformative experiences: Each guest carries back a slice of Montana magic. These stories serve not just as endorsements but as beacons beckoning new souls to experience the magic themselves.
                • Analysis of guest feedback trends over the years: Over time, a patterns of joy emerge from guest feedback—a trend that speaks volumes of the resort’s dedication to its vision of unparalleled escape.
                • The Future of The Resort at Paws Up

                  • Planned expansions or upcoming offerings: Paws Up doesn’t just rest on its laurels. With an eye on the pulse of luxury travel, exciting expansions and fresh offerings are always on the horizon.
                  • How the resort is keeping pace with luxury travel trends: Ever-changing, ever-evolving, the resort is a chameleon, adapting swiftly to the rhythms of high-end travel demands, ensuring a stay that is always a step ahead of contemporaries.
                  • Long-term vision for guest experiences: The long game? To cement Paws Up as a timeless sanctuary that evolves with times but remains anchored in the essence of indulgent escapism.
                  • The Lasting Impressions of Opulent Wilderness

                    • Personal reflection on the experience of visiting The Resort at Paws Up: As the author of this journey, every recollection of Paws Up is a mosaic of wild beauty, unrivaled comfort, and soulful discoveries—a personal narrative eternally intertwined with Montana’s grandeur.
                    • The lingering impact on the author and potential for guests: Long after the parting glance, the resort lingers in the mind’s eye—a distant, beckoning paradise that calls one back to its embrace of splendor and solitude.
                    • Final thoughts on why the resort stands out in the luxury retreat landscape: Standing tall amidst the pantheon of high-end havens, The Resort at Paws Up is more than a mere getaway. It is a rite of passage into a realm where exhilaration meets calm—a true treasure in the crown of luxury retreats.
                    • This opulent utopia, known as The Resort at Paws Up, bids you welcome. Will you answer the call?

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                      Are activities included at Paws Up?

                      Oh, absolutely! At Paws Up, they’ve got activities coming out the wazoo—think horseback riding, fly fishing, and ATV adventures, to name a few. And hey, don’t forget archery and hot air ballooning! Your stay includes a daily dose of fun; some activities cost extra, but trust me, you won’t be twiddling your thumbs.

                      How many rooms does the Paws Up resort have?

                      Now, for a place as swanky as The Resort at Paws Up, they aren’t cramping your style with a gazillion rooms. Nope, they’ve only got about 28 vacation homes and 36 safari-style tents. Talk about an intimate and luxurious getaway!

                      When did The Resort at Paws Up open?

                      Well, The Resort at Paws Up flung open its doors in 2005, and ever since, folks have been living it up in Big Sky Country with their top-notch luxury ranch experience.

                      Where did the Real Housewives of Orange County stay in Montana?

                      Ah, those Real Housewives of Orange County, always living large! They stayed at The Resort at Paws Up in Montana. That’s right, where the Great Plains meet the rugged Rocky Mountains, these gals got their glam on in Mother Nature’s backyard.

                      How expensive is paws up?

                      Hold onto your wallets, folks! Paws Up is definitely a splurge, kind of like that fancy steakhouse downtown. It’s a luxury ranch, so prices are pretty steep. Think high-end, with rates often soaring to over a grand a night. But hey, can you really put a price on a bucket-list experience?

                      What airport do you fly into for Paws Up?

                      When you’re jet-setting to Paws Up, you’ll want to fly into Missoula Montana Airport (MSO). It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away—around a 35-minute scenic drive to the resort. Not too shabby, right?

                      Who is the owner of Paws Up?

                      The owner of this fancy-schmancy ranch, Paws Up, is none other than Dave Lipson. Yup, he’s the top dog who had the vision for this glamping paradise nestled in the wilds of Montana.

                      What is the meaning of paws up?

                      “Woah there, what’s with the ‘paws up’?” you ask. Well, it’s a playful nod to the feeling of surrendering to relaxation and comfort—like a happy pup belly-up without a care in the world! At the resort, it means sit back, relax, and enjoy the rugged elegance.

                      How big is Paws Up resort?

                      Talking about size, Paws Up isn’t your run-of-the-mill backyard. Oh no, this place is ginormous, sprawling over 37,000 acres. That’s freedom to roam, and then some!

                      Are dogs allowed at Paws Up?

                      Dog lovers, rejoice! Your furry friend will get the red-carpet treatment because yes, dogs are absolutely allowed at Paws Up. Their pet-friendly policy means you can bring Fido along for the ride.

                      What actor has a ranch in Montana?

                      Here’s some celebrity trivia for you: Kevin Costner! This Hollywood hotshot owns a slice of heaven in Montana. Although it’s not exactly a ranch you can book a stay at, Costner’s property is said to be downright gorgeous.

                      When did Salamander Resort open?

                      Salamander Resort & Spa pranced onto the scene in 2013. Set in Middleburg, Virginia, it’s got all the equestrian chic you could ask for, minus the cowboy boots and hats.

                      What dude ranch did the Orange County Housewives go to?

                      Those glammed-up gals from Orange County hoofed it over to The Resort at Paws Up for some serious dude ranch action. They traded their high heels for hiking boots and had a rip-roaring Montana adventure.

                      What neighborhood do The Real Housewives of Orange County live in?

                      The Real Housewives of Orange County are all about that suburban drama and they hail from, well, Orange County. Specifically, places like Newport Beach, Coto de Caza, and Laguna Beach—all sunny spots oozing with Cali charm.

                      What ranch did The Real Housewives of Orange County go to?

                      Ah, the ranch where the Housewives got down and dirty (but kept it stylish) is The Resort at Paws Up in Montana. Talk about serious glamping while pretending to be cowgirls!

                      Are dogs allowed at Paws Up?

                      Dogs at Paws Up? You betcha! Your pooch can tag along because this place prides itself on being pet-friendly. They might as well rename it Paws Up and Paws Included!

                      Who is the owner of Paws Up?

                      Dave Lipson is the big kahuna, the head honcho, the owner of The Resort at Paws Up. Thanks to his vision, visitors can whoop it up in luxury under the big Montana sky.

                      What is the meaning of paws up?

                      The phrase ‘paws up’ basically means “all good” in happy pet language. So at The Resort at Paws Up, it’s their way of promising you an unforgettable, paws-positively pampered experience.

                      What is there to do on ranches in Montana?

                      Out in the vastness of Montana, ranches like Paws Up offer a truckload of fun. You can saddle up for some horse riding, try your luck at fly fishing, or give your inner cowboy a workout with cattle drives. Plus, there’s hiking, mountain biking, and, for the adrenaline junkies, white-water rafting. Just pick your adventure and giddy up!



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