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What to Do in Savannah GA: Historic Charm Awaits

Nestled on the Georgia coast, Savannah boasts a tapestry of lush green squares intertwined with cobblestone streets, all draped in the quintessential Southern charm. Known for its coastal landscapes, exquisite architecture, and vibrant history, Savannah is a city where the past and present dance together in harmony. If you’ve ever found yourself pondering what to do in Savannah GA, take heart – a plethora of experiences await your indulgence. From the almost-secret gardens to known locales like the stirring Forrest Gump scene, treasures abound. But enough introductions, let’s dive in, shall we?

What to Do in Savannah GA History and Culture: Exploring the Historical Districts

Begin your journey by diving into the soul of Savannah—the historical districts. A stroll through these living museums reveals antebellum homes that whisper tales of old, cobblestone roads that have felt the footsteps of generations, and iconic symbols like the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist that stand as testimony to past splendor.

  • In-depth look at Savannah’s famous Historical District: Strut down the gas-lit walkways, peruse ironwork galleries and don’t be shy to march into estate gardens. You’ll feel the essence of centuries past, not to mention capture Instagrammable moments at every turn. It’s history that you can touch, feel, and even taste!
  • Connection of history to present-day experiences: Every nook of this district connects you to the present. Stop by the home of Juliette Gordon Low for a taste of early girl power, then scout locations where “Life is like a box of chocolates” isn’t just a catchphrase, but a lived experience.
  • Analysis of restoration efforts and their impact on tourism: Restoration isn’t just talk here, it’s a revelation. The perfectly preserved Victorian district, once poised on the brink of decay, now stands vibrant, and as a result, tourists flock to experience this rebirth, a testament to the city’s investment in preservation and, indeed, itself.

Things to Do in Savannah Before You Die, nd Edition (Things to Do Before You Die)

Things to Do in Savannah Before You Die, nd Edition (Things to Do Before You Die)


Embark on a journey through the charming Southern oasis with “Things to Do in Savannah Before You Die, 2nd Edition,” an essential guidebook for both the spirited adventurer and the thoughtful wanderer. This comprehensive edition unveils the heart and soul of one of Georgia’s most enchanting cities, inviting you to immerse yourself in its rich history, bewitching natural beauty, and vibrant culture. From the haunting allure of Bonaventure Cemetery to the timeless elegance of Forsyth Park’s grand fountain, every recommendation promises an experience steeped in the unique spirit of Savannah.

Each page of this beautifully curated guide is brimming with insider tips that will transform your visit into an unforgettable tapestry of eclectic shops, delightful cuisine, and remarkable historical sites. Discover hidden gems and local favorites as you traverse the cobblestone streets beneath moss-draped oaks; this edition not only highlights must-see landmarks but also unveils lesser-known treasures waiting to be explored. The guide empowers you to create a journey tailored to your own interests, whether you’re seeking ghostly thrills, culinary delights, or artistic inspiration.

“Things to Do in Savannah Before You Die, 2nd Edition” is more than just a travel book; it’s a lovingly crafted invitation to connect with the soul of a city that many have left their hearts in. Each chapter is updated with the latest attractions and activities, ensuring that even returning visitors find new wonders to explore. Make the most of your sojourn in Savannah with this indispensable companion, as it guides you through a city where every square, every meal, and every sunset tells its own unforgettable story.

Savannah’s Green Jewels: The Allure of Public Squares and Parks

Consider Savannah’s public squares the city’s beating heart—a network of 22 squares that serve as communal living rooms for locals and a verdant oasis for visitors.

  • Research on the history and design of Savannah’s public squares: General James Oglethorpe, the city’s founder, was quite the visionary. He imagined a city built around these green hubs, and oh, how that vision has flourished into genteel spaces, each with its own story and statue.
  • Original insights on the cultural significance of these green spaces: Think of the squares as outdoor salons, where ideas, confessions, and the occasional picnic unfold under a canopy of oaks dripped in Spanish moss. They’re not just parks; they’re gatherings that breathe life into the city’s rhythm.

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Activity Description Location Suggested Duration Tips/Notes
Explore Savannah’s Historic District Immerse yourself in Savannah’s history through its cobblestone streets, historic homes, and southern charm. Takes up downtown Savannah Half day to Full day Take a guided tour for historical insights; wear comfortable shoes.
Visit the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace Take a tour of the birthplace and childhood home of the founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA. 10 E Oglethorpe Ave 1-2 hours Buy tickets in advance as tours can fill up quickly.
Trolley Tour Hop on a trolley for a narrated historical tour, perfect for first-time visitors or those wanting to learn more about the city. Various pick-up locations 1-2 hours Most tours are hop-on, hop-off, offering flexibility to explore.
River Street Promenade Stroll down this bustling waterfront street lined with shops, galleries, and eateries, offering beautiful views of the Savannah River. Starts at the east end of Bay St 1-2 hours Try the local pralines and other Savannah sweets.
Forsyth Park Relax in this sprawling park that is home to the iconic fountain, walking paths, and open spaces for picnics. Drayton St & W Gaston St 1-2 hours Visit on a Saturday for the farmers’ market.
Tybee Island Enjoy beaches, the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum, and fresh seafood at this nearby coastal escape. 18 miles from downtown Savannah Full day Bring sunscreen and arrive early to beat the traffic.
Bonaventure Cemetery Explore this famous, hauntingly beautiful cemetery with ornate tombstones, ancient oak trees, and serene atmosphere. 330 Bonaventure Rd 1-2 hours Guided tours available; look out for the grave of songwriter Johnny Mercer.
Ghost Tours Experience the spookier side of Savannah with a night-time ghost tour through the city’s most haunted locations. Various locations 1-2 hours Not recommended for very young children; bring a flashlight for walking at night.
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Visit one of the most impressive landmarks in Savannah known for its Gothic architecture and beautiful stained glass windows. 222 E Harris St 1 hour Check for service times; modest dress recommended.
Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters Learn about antebellum life in Savannah with a tour of this historic home and its preserved slave quarters, reflecting on past injustices. 124 Abercorn St 1-1.5 hours Ticket often includes entry to Telfair Museums; save with a combo ticket.
Learn about Forrest Gump Scene Visit Chippewa Square where the famous bench scene was filmed, although the bench itself has since been moved to a museum. Chippewa Square 30 minutes The bench is now at the Savannah History Museum.
Savor Southern Cuisine Sample traditional Southern and coastal dishes at local eateries, from fried green tomatoes to shrimp and grits. Citywide Meal times Ask locals for their recommendations to find the best dining spots.
Take a Riverboat Cruise Enjoy a scenic cruise along the Savannah River for a unique view of the city and learn about its maritime history. 9 E River St 1-2 hours Choose between sightseeing, dinner, and sunset cruises.

Tantalizing Tastes of the South: Culinary Delights and Food Tours

Now, if your taste buds are itching for a journey, Savannah’s culinary scene is a smorgasbord of Southern comfort with a twist of innovation.

  • Analyze Savannah’s culinary evolution and current trends: From the humble shrimp and grits to a renaissance of avant-garde eateries, this city serves history on a plate while tipping a hat to contemporary flavors.
  • Highlight unique local dishes not to be missed: You’d be remiss not to savor Mrs. Wilkes’ mouthwatering fried chicken or to pass up a scoop of taste-bud tingling peach ice cream that screams Georgia from the first lick.
  • Profile standout culinary tours and gastronomic experiences: For the food connoisseur, Savannah lays out a buffet of culinary tours that delight. Saunter through the city, sampling dishes that define the region, and bet us you’ll book another tour as fast as your fork twirls spaghetti.

An Artist’s Escape: Savannah’s Thriving Art Scene

For the artistically inclined, Savannah is a masterpiece—brush-stroked with galleries and ateliers that would make even Paris blush.

  • Explore the local art scene through galleries and studios: Dive into the art hubs downtown, where paintings and sculptures tell of the city’s dynamic present and hallowed past.
  • Offer fresh perspectives on Savannah College of Art and Design’s (SCAD) influence: SCAD doesn’t just shape the art scene; it is the scene. With talent dripping from the town’s pores, you can bet your bottom dollar that the innovation here is as thick as a Lowcountry stew.
  • Terrance Talks Travel The Quirky Tourist Guide to Savannah

    Terrance Talks Travel The Quirky Tourist Guide to Savannah


    Embark on an adventure through the enchanting city of Savannah with “Terrance Talks Travel: The Quirky Tourist Guide to Savannah,” your ultimate companion for navigating this historic gem with a twist. Unlike standard travel guides, this volume uncovers the offbeat and often overlooked corners of one of the South’s most captivating destinations. Readers will uncover a trove of hidden spots, from secretive gardens to eccentric mom-and-pop shops that capture the distinctive personality of Savannah. Perfect for the traveler seeking experiences beyond the typical tourist traps, this guide promises to reveal the quirky heartbeat of a city steeped in tradition and mystery.

    “Terrance Talks Travel: The Quirky Tourist Guide to Savannah” is meticulously curated to ensure your journey is filled with tales and treasures not found in conventional guidebooks. The guide provides a rich narrative of lesser-known historical anecdotes, folklore, and local characters, offering an immersive experience for the inquisitive tourist. Each page invites tourists to chart a unique path through the city’s lively squares, cobblestone streets, and lush parks, all while pointing out secret local dining spots that offer authentic Southern cuisine with an unusual twist. The guide’s whimsical tone and insightful tips help create a personalized adventure in a city known for its Southern charm and mysterious allure.

    Complete with maps and photos, the guide is both a practical resource and an entertaining read, ensuring you can easily navigate while enjoying stories that bring the city’s quirky character to life. “Terrance Talks Travel: The Quirky Tourist Guide to Savannah” includes a calendar of peculiar local events and festivals, encouraging visitors to engage with the city’s culture in ways they never imagined. For adventurous souls who dare to explore Savannah’s whimsical side, this guide is the perfect travel partner, ready to unveil a journey replete with intrigue and unexpected delights. Crafted for the curious, this quirky traveler’s guide is bound to become a cherished resource for anyone eager to experience Savannah’s hidden charms.

    Ghostly Whispers: Unraveling Savannah’s Haunted Mystique

    No visit to Savannah would be complete without brushing shoulders with the supernatural—or at least the tales that abound.

    • Investigate the origins of Savannah’s reputation as a haunted city: With history as rich as Savannah’s, the line between this world and the next is as thin as a wisp of Spanish moss.
    • Provide a deeper understanding of the most haunted places and their stories: Whether you believe in phantoms or not, a ghost tour unraveling the haunted heritage of the Mercer Williams House or the spooky goings-on at the Bonaventure Cemetery will send shivers up your spine.
    • Image 17024

      Retail Therapy with a Twist: Discover Unique Savannah Shopping Experiences

      Shopping in Savannah isn’t just about souvenirs and trinkets; it’s a treasure hunt in antique stores and high fashion, all at a gentle trot.

      • Examine the city’s blend of boutique shops and artisanal stores: With boutiques nestled tightly between century-old buildings, shopping here is akin to time-travel. You might go in looking for walmart women’s boots and come out with a vintage fascinator or a jar of locally sourced honey.
      • Present analysis on how shopping in Savannah differs from other tourist destinations: This isn’t your typical mall crawl; it’s an experience where artisans greet you by name, and each item has a narrative as rich as the city itself.
      • The Rhythm of Savannah: Music and Festivals That Define the City’s Beat

        Savannah is a melody, a city scored with the eclectic beats of jazz, the soulful hum of blues, and the rousing call of indie bands.

        • Coverage of the music scene, festivals, and live performances unique to Savannah: From the Savannah Music Festival to impromptu performances under the stars, music here is akin to breathing—necessary, ever-present, and wholly invigorating.
        • Insight into the impact of music on local culture and tourism: Whether it’s the strumming of a banjo in a leafy square or the symphony warming up their bows, music is Savannah’s siren call, luring visitors and locals into a shared experience that’s unforgettable.
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          The Andaz Press U.S. City oz. Coffee Mug is the perfect companion for anyone who cherishes the warmth and charm of Savannah, Georgia, no matter where they are. With its bold assertion, “I’d Rather Be in Savannah,” this mug speaks directly to the heart of those who hold this picturesque city close, making it an ideal gift for those who are away for college, studying abroad, or relocated for work. The high-quality ceramic construction ensures durability for daily use, while the professionally printed design retains its vibrancy, sip after reflective sip. Whether it’s a morning coffee or evening tea, this mug is a delightful reminder of the city’s southern hospitality.

          Packaged with care, this mug arrives ready to grace your coffee table or desk, offering a touch of Savannah’s unique atmosphere to any location. The product comes as a thoughtful pack, making it an excellent choice for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, or as a farewell present for a loved one embarking on a new adventure. The mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe, offering convenience and ease to the recipient, allowing more time to reminisce about the cobblestone streets and historic squares of their favorite city.

          The Andaz Press U.S. City oz. Coffee Mug isn’t just a drinkware item; it’s a statement of affection for Savannah’s enchanting vibe, oozing with southern comfort and historical beauty. Whether it’s for a friend, family member, or yourself, this mug serves as a daily reminder of where the heart truly wishes to be. It bridges the distance with its heartfelt message and serves as a cozy emblem of Savannah’s irresistible draw. Gift it with pride to the Savannah enthusiast in your life and watch them cherish each coffee break a little more, holding their beloved city in their hands.

          Nature’s Call: Adventures in and Around Savannah’s Natural Landscapes

          For the outdoor enthusiast, Savannah’s natural reserves and marshlands beckon with adventures that resonate with the pulse of the earth.

          • Describe the richness of the natural reserves and outdoor activities available: Fancy kayaking through the tidal creeks, or maybe a serene hike through maritime forests? It’s all there, woven into the landscape like threads in a tapestry.
          • Provide research on the conservation efforts and their significance: Preservation takes center stage as the city advocates for its flora and fauna, ensuring that the natural beauty of the area remains unspoiled for generations to come.
          • Image 17025

            Learning Through Leisure: Savannah’s Educational Tours That Entertain

            Learning in Savannah isn’t limited to classrooms; it erupts on the streets where history, ecology, and culture converge into unforgettable lessons.

            • Examine the variety of educational tours, from historical to ecological: From ghostly tales to the fragile marsh ecosystems, tours here don’t just inform; they transform with a wealth of knowledge that enthralls both young and old.
            • Provide context on how these tours enhance the visitor experience: With guides as knowledgeable as they are passionate, you’ll amass stories and facts that resonate long after you’ve left the cobbled streets behind.
            • Southern Hospitality: Where to Stay and How to Get Around Savannah

              Lodging in Savannah ranges from opulent inns to cozy B&Bs, all echoing the welcome of Southern hospitality.

              • Analyze the best lodging options for a range of visitors: Whether you’re seeking the lavishness of a historic mansion or the snug charm of a riverside cottage, your stay will be punctuated with the grace and ease that the South is celebrated for.
              • Offer useful tips for transportation within Savannah: Don’t fret the commute; the city’s navigable layout means you can meander on foot, hail a pedicab, or glide on a trolley tour. After all, here in the city of Spanish moss and sweet tea, the journey is just as sweet as the destination.
              • A Journey Through Time and Tales: Concluding Insights on Savannah’s Offerings

                As we pull back the curtain on this Southern belle, remember that things to do in Savannah Georgia are as plentiful as the stars in the Southern sky. With just two days in Savannah, you’ll taste the cultural smorgasbord, feel the beats of its festival drums, and walk pathways laden with stories and specters. And if the Atlantic’s call at Tybee Island tempts you, grant yourself the time – for Savannah, with her storied squares and verdant canopies wrapped in history, is a love affair you’ll want to last.

                So there you have it, a guide shimmering with Savannah’s centuries-old appeal, which, like a fine Georgia peach, is always ripe and ready for the picking. Come, take a bite, and let the juice of experience run down your chin, for in Savannah, the historic charm isn’t just awaiting – it’s downright irresistible.

                Hidden Gems and Must-Sees in Savannah, GA

                Discover Savannah’s Historic Squares

                Boy oh boy, if you’re lookin’ for a little slice of Southern heaven, you can’t go wrong with Savannah’s enchanting historic squares. Picture this: Spanish moss-draped oaks, inviting benches, and fountains that seem straight out of a fairy tale. Snag a spot under a tree and daydream about which charming Resorts in North carolina you’ll trot off to next.

                Stroll Down River Street

                Now, hang onto your hats, because River Street is where it’s at! This bustling cobblestone wonder is just brimming with quirky shops, delicious grub, and riverboats galore. And if your feet start protesting from all that ambling, just imagine them snug in a pair of cozy Walmart Women ‘s Boots,( perfect for your walking adventures!

                Take a Bet on History

                Believe it or not, but Savannah has got quite the reputation—for being haunted! Fancy a spooky good time? Why not bet US history buffs won’t be able to resist the city’s ghost tours. They’re sure to send a shiver down your spine faster than you can say “boo!”

                Day Trip to Waynesville, NC

                You’ve soaked up a fair bit of Savannah’s magic, but why stop there? Go on, get a little wayfaring spirit in ya and head out for a delightful day in Waynesville , Nc.( This small town packs a punch with its artsy vibes and mountain views that’ll knock your socks off.

                Tech & Treasures

                Now, don’t go thinking Savannah’s all old-timey charm—this city’s got a modern twist, too. Wander into a boutique and you might just find the latest Usb-c gadgets nestled among handcrafted jewelry. It’s like finding a technological treasure trove in the heart of history!

                Savor Savannah’s Culinary Scene

                Hold up, foodies! You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted Savannah’s mouthwatering Southern cuisine. From succulent seafood to finger-lickin’ barbecue, your taste buds will be dancing faster than you can say “more please!”

                Relax on Tybee Island

                After all that exploring, you deserve a break. Soothe your soul and your soles on the sandy shores of nearby Tybee Island. And hey, while you’re chillaxin’ by the ocean, why not daydream about island getaways? Maybe ponder over Where are The Maldives and whether their beaches can compete with Georgia’s own seaside serenity.

                There you have it, folks! Just a few tidbits to make your Savannah adventure as sweet as peach pie. Keep this guide handy, and you’ll be livin’ it up in Georgia’s historic gem like a true local. Y’all come back now, ya hear?

                What is Savannah Georgia popular for?

                What is Savannah Georgia popular for?
                Boy, oh boy, where do we start? Savannah, Georgia, is a charmer with its historic architecture, Spanish moss-draped oaks, and a ghost story or two lurking around its cobblestone streets. It’s a hit for its picturesque squares, the bustling waterfront on the Savannah River, and its simply irresistible Southern hospitality. This city doesn’t just wear history on its sleeves—it’s decked out in it!

                Is 2 days enough in Savannah?

                Is 2 days enough in Savannah?
                Whew, talk about a whirlwind tour! Two days in Savannah is tight but doable. You’ll catch the highlights—like Forsyth Park and the Historic District—but you’ll be skimming the surface, kinda like speed dating with a city. You won’t regret a longer stay to really soak in that Southern charm!

                What to check out in Savannah Georgia?

                What to check out in Savannah Georgia?
                Listen up; you’ve gotta check out the Historic District’s 22 squares, the hauntingly beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery, and take a stroll along River Street. Don’t forget the Mercer Williams House, and if you’re into the spooky stuff, a ghost tour is a must. Oh, and swing by the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist—it’s a knockout!

                Is Savannah or Charleston better?

                Is Savannah or Charleston better?
                Ooh, talk about a Southern showdown! Both Savannah and Charleston pack a punch with history and charm, but it depends on your vibe. Savannah’s more laid-back with a spooky side, while Charleston struts with historical elegance and a top-notch culinary scene. Apples and oranges, folks—it’s a matter of taste!

                What food is Savannah famous for?

                What food is Savannah famous for?
                Honey, Savannah’s got the goods on Southern cuisine. Think shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes, and peach cobbler that’ll make you slap ya momma – it’s that good. Don’t skip a hearty plate of Lowcountry boil, and definitely save room for some pecan pralines—pure Georgia bliss!

                Why is Savannah so expensive?

                Why is Savannah so expensive?
                Well, you see, Savannah’s a real gem—the prime location, the swoon-worthy historic charm, and all those tourists upping the demand mean prices for lodging and amenities are often through the roof. Plus, those gorgeous historic homes? They cost a pretty penny to maintain. You’re paying for a slice of history!

                What is the best month to Visit Savannah?

                What is the best month to Visit Savannah?
                Planning a trip, are ya? March to July is the sweet spot—Savannah’s in full bloom, the weather’s warm, and all the festivals make the city buzz with excitement. Just prepare for some humidity; it’ll have your hair doin’ its own thing.

                Is Savannah a walkable town?

                Is Savannah a walkable town?
                Absolutely, and it’s the best way to soak in the charm! Savannah’s Historic District is tailor-made for walking, and you’ll stumble upon all sorts of little treasures on foot. Just make sure you’ve got comfy shoes; those cobblestones aren’t kidding around.

                How far apart are Charleston and Savannah?

                How far apart are Charleston and Savannah?
                Road trip, anyone? They’re about 100-ish miles apart—figure about a 2-hour drive, give or take. Depending on how lead-footed you are, you can hop from one city to the other faster than you can say “peach pie.”

                How far is Tybee Island from historic Savannah?

                How far is Tybee Island from historic Savannah?
                Not far at all! It’s a sweet little 18-mile drive, which should take you around 20 to 30 minutes—just a hop, skip, and a jump to beachy goodness from the heart of Savannah’s city vibes.

                What is the prettiest street to walk down in Savannah?

                What is the prettiest street to walk down in Savannah?
                Jones Street, hands down! It’s like stepping right into a postcard with all those historic homes and moss-covered trees—it’s got that magic Instagram touch. Make sure your phone’s charged for all those “I’m making my friends jealous” snaps.

                Can you openly drink in Savannah?

                Can you openly drink in Savannah?
                Yep, it’s one of those “Is this for real?” perks! In the Historic District, you can stroll with your drink in a plastic cup, 16 ounces or smaller—just keep it classy and within the boundaries. It’s like Vegas without the casinos, folks.

                What is the best area to stay in Savannah?

                What is the best area to stay in Savannah?
                If you wanna be smack dab in the heart of it all, the Historic District is your golden ticket. You’ll be stepping out your door straight into the action. Looking for something quieter? Try the Victorian District. And if you’re beach-bound, Tybee Island’s calling your name!

                What is the prettiest square in Savannah?

                What is the prettiest square in Savannah?
                It’s a tough call with so many stunners, but Chippewa Square might take the cake—it’s got the “Forrest Gump” fame and a whole lot of Southern grace. Park yourself on a bench and drink in the view. Life’s like a box of chocolates around here, after all!

                Should I go to Savannah or Atlanta?

                Should I go to Savannah or Atlanta?
                Alright, here’s the scoop: if you’re all about the hustle and bustle, big city lights, and a heaping helping of cultural hotspots, Atlanta’s your jam. But if it’s the slow-paced, ol’-timey romance and historical digs you’re after, Savannah will treat you right.

                Is Savannah a party town?

                Is Savannah a party town?
                Think more “sophisticated soirée” than “wild rager.” Savannah’s nightlife has an easy-going beat with live music, rooftop bars, and that to-go cup magic. It’s a good time without the mega-club vibes—picture sippin’ a mint julep rather than slammin’ shots.

                What food is Georgia famous for?

                What food is Georgia famous for?
                Prepare to loosen your belt! Georgia’s all about classic Southern comfort: we’re talking juicy peaches, crispy fried chicken, buttery biscuits, and sweet pecan pie. And don’t skimp on the Brunswick stew or barbecue—Georgia’s got flavor that just won’t quit.

                What is the biggest industry in Savannah Georgia?

                What is the biggest industry in Savannah Georgia?
                You might not guess it, but those big cargo ships aren’t just for show—Savannah’s port is mega, making international trade the big cheese around here. Manufacturing’s also revvin’ its engines, and tourism? Huge. Folks can’t resist Savannah’s charm, and who can blame ’em?

                Is Savannah an expensive city?

                Is Savannah an expensive city?
                Let’s not sugarcoat it—Savannah can hit the wallet pretty hard. From historic home prices to tourist trap souvenirs, your greenbacks might fly away quicker than birds on River Street. But savvy travelers can still find deals; it’s all about smarts and timing.



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