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Beis Travel: Top 7 Essentials for Stylish Jetsetters

The Beauteous Revolution of Beis Travel in up-to-the-minute Jetsetting

Welcome aboard the Beis travel express, a locomotive engine of style and functionality that’s dramatically reshaped the landscape of contemporary jetsetting.

The Story behind Beis Travel

Harnessing Unique Perspectives

Founded by actor and entrepreneur Shay Mitchell in 2018, Beis Travel stormed the travel gear industry with its innovative style and affordability. Mitchell’s vision was distinct: creating products that fused elegance with practicality while ensuring they’re accessible to everyone. The inception of Beis had a profound impact within the travel gear industry, and it flipped the script on how jetsetters styled their voyages.

A surprisingly large number of folks enjoy pairing their Nike walking shoes with Beis travel gear. This fashion amalgamation has become both a practical and style statement for many globetrotters.

Analyzing the global impact of the Beis Travel phenomenon

Data and trends on Beis Travel Zooming in on what’s beneath surface-level facts

Beis Travel has had a remarkable global impact, with the brand’s products seeing adoration from customers, industry leaders, and influencers alike. In just six years, Beis products have been embraced by the masses – a reality underlined by the fact that Beis factories in China are at about 25% production capacity. The brand’s core strategy of balancing affordability with high-quality, functional designs played a significant role in sustaining this growth trajectory.

Unveiling the Charm of Beis Essentials for Jetsetters

Gym Bag for Women, Sports Travel Duffel Bag with USB Charging Port, Weekender Overnight Bag with Wet Pocket and Shoes Compartment for Women, Travel, Gym, Yoga (Beige) Medium

Gym Bag for Women, Sports Travel Duffel Bag with USB Charging Port, Weekender Overnight Bag with Wet Pocket and Shoes Compartment for Women, Travel, Gym, Yoga (Beige) Medium


The Gym Bag for Women is a sophisticated and functional sports travel duffel bag designed to cater for all your fitness needs. Its distinctive feature is a USB charging port, perfect for keeping your gadgets fully charged while on-the-go. Crafted in a chic beige tone, this medium-sized gym bag is not only fashionable but also versatile, seamlessly transitioning from a gym bag to a weekend getaway bag or an overnight bag.

This gym bag sets itself apart with its well-thought-out storage compartments. It has a designated wet pocket for storing your damp gym clothes or towels and a separate shoe compartment to keep your sneakers in place, avoiding any mix-up with your clean clothes. Its spacious design doesn’t compromise on compactness, offering ample capacity to carry your gym essentials without being overly bulky.

Designed specifically for women who lead an active lifestyle, this sports travel duffel bag is a great companion for travel, gym, yoga, and other sports activities. The USB charging port offers unrestricted convenience, the wet pockets ensure a good degree of hygiene, and the dedicated shoe compartment keeps your items well organized. Get more out of your gym bag with this all-in-one solution that beautifully combines aesthetics and functionality.

Beis Travel Essential #1: The Weekender Bag

The Weekender Bag from Beis Travel is a perfect blend of style and functionality. Flaunting a spacious 33-liter capacity, this bag is designed for travelers who appreciate the luxury of space. It measures 41cm by 20cm by 40cm, conveniently fitting under most airline seats. The bag comes in black, beige, and grey, providing versatility to match any airport style.

The bag’s spaciousness and sleek design quickly cemented its must-have status among fashion-forward travelers and even among those heading to Louisiana Beaches for a weekend getaway.

Image 9191

Beis Travel Essential #2: The Convertible Backpack

The Convertible Backpack from Beis Travel is a testament to the brand’s innovation and creativity. As the name suggests, this bag can be transformed to suit your needs, changing from a backpack to a duffle with ease. The bag’s flexibility and elegance have quickly made it a favorite among globetrotters.

Aligning with your semi-formal attire for men, the Convertible Backpack is an excellent choice when donning a gentleman’s style and you’re on the move.

Beis Travel Essential #3: The Rolling Luggage

The Rolling Luggage from Beis Travel is the epitome of chic comfort. This bag blends style and practicality, bringing about a unified whole that’s both impressive and functional. Its standout features, including well-constructed wheels and an ergonomically designed handle, have unsurprisingly made it a fan favorite.

A set of these and you are sorted for your flights to Venice, Italy, making it a popular choice for long-haul travels.

Coolife Suitcase Set Piece Luggage Set Carry On Hardside Luggage with TSA Lock Spinner Wheels (White, piece set)

Coolife Suitcase Set Piece Luggage Set Carry On Hardside Luggage with TSA Lock Spinner Wheels (White, piece set)


The Coolife Suitcase Set is a versatile and stylish option for the modern traveler. This three-piece luggage set in an elegant white hue is designed with a hard exterior for optimum resistance against wear and tear during transit. Each piece is embedded with a TSA lock system for heightened security, ensuring your valuables remain safe throughout your journey. Additionally, the set comes with spinner wheels for smooth, hassle-free mobility across different surfaces in airports or stations.

The Coolife Suitcase Set not only prioritizes durability and secure transportation of your belongings but also values organization and ease of packing. Inside each suitcase, you will find spacious compartments and zippered pockets for neatly storing your clothes or essentials, helping you keep an organized suitcase during your travels. Each piece conveniently fits into the larger one, making it easier to store when not in use.

With this Coolife Suitcase Set’s combination of style, durability, and convenience, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and secure. Not only will you make a chic statement at the baggage claim with the pure white aesthetic, but you’ll also have easy access to your items thanks to the suitcase’s well-constructed interior. Enhance your travel experience with Coolife, where quality and style mesh to provide your perfect travel companion.

Beis Travel Essential #4: The Cosmetic Case

The Cosmetic Case by Beis Travel is an indispensable item for maintaining your grooming routines while on the move. Fitted with well-organized compartments, it simplifies the task of packing and finding your cosmetics. Its stylish design also makes it a chic accessory that’s more of a statement than a utility case.

Image 9192

Beis Travel Essential #5: The Travel Tote

The Travel Tote from Beis Travel serves as a perfect companion. Whether it’s a casual stroll in the city or heading to the airport, the Tote can conveniently hold all your essentials. The bag’s high functionality combined with its stylish appeal reflects the magic this brand brings.

Beis Travel Essential #6: The Packing Cubes

The Packing Cubes from Beis Travel revolutionize the way you pack. These cubes, available in different sizes, offer a structured way to organize your belongings, making it easy to locate your items while on the move. The unique uses and advantages of this travel essential have placed the Packing Cubes on the must-have list for many travelers.

Beis Travel Essential #7: The Luggage Tag

At the close of our list is the seemingly innocuous Luggage Tag. With Beis Travel, even this commonplace accessory is given a dose of elegance. A chic Beis Luggage Tag adds flair to your luggage, making it easy to distinguish your belongings in the sea of bags at any airport.

BAGAIL SetSetSet Compression Packing Cubes Travel Accessories Expandable Packing Organizers

BAGAIL SetSetSet Compression Packing Cubes Travel Accessories Expandable Packing Organizers


The BAGAIL SetSetSet Compression Packing Cubes Travel Accessories Expandable Packing Organizers are the ideal answer for every passionate traveler who values order and efficiency. The set is brilliantly designed to help compress your belongings, allowing you to pack more than you could imagine. With a robust yet lightweight construction, you can trust these cubes to hold and protect even your most delicate items while making the most out of the space in your suitcase.

Each cube in this set is fitted with a durable zipper and mesh top panel. Not only does this design aid in ventilation, but its transparency allows for easy identification of items without the need for unpacking. These cubes are sure to streamline your packing process, minimizing the effort and time spent, all while maximizing space – allowing for an additional comfort and ease to your travelling experience.

Experience a whole new level of packing organization with the BAGAIL SetSetSet compression packing cubes. These expandable packing organizers are versatile and come in different sizes to tackle various packing needs. Whether it’s clothes, toiletries or travel necessities, these packing cubes keep everything in its place, and their expandability allows for accommodating those extra items you may pick up during your travels.

Subject Details
Brand Name Béis
Founder Shay Mitchell
Founded in 2018
Mission To produce chic, functional, and affordable luggage and bags
Product Range Luggage and everyday bags
Production Factories in China, 25% production capacity (as of March 2020)
Popular Product 33 liter-capacity bag
Bag Measurements 41cm x 20cm x 40cm
Bag Features Fits under most airline seats
Color Options Black, beige, and grey

Trendsetting with Beis Travel – Why It’s More Than Just Comfort

The Beis Travel Aesthetics

Beis Travel offers more than just well-designed travel products– it sets trends. The brand’s aesthetics are sophisticated, creating pieces that look as good as they function. In the world of jetsetting, visuals play a significant role, shaping the traveler’s personality and style.

The Environmental Responsibility of Beis Travel

Lesser-known is Beis Travel’s commitment to producing eco-friendly products. The brand is conscious of its environmental footprint and incorporates measures to minimize this impact, aligning itself with global sustainability goals.

Image 9193

Lighting up the Path Ahead for Beis Travel

Forward-looking: The future as envisaged by Beis Travel

Analyzing potential trends and shifts, Beis Travel looks poised to leverage its robust presence in the market to steer the industry towards eco-friendliness and affordability, in tandem with style. The brand’s future projections appear to be focused on creating an innovative line of products that meet the evolving needs of consumers without compromising its commitment to the environment.

ETRONIK Weekender Overnight Bag for Women, Large Travel Duffle Bag with Shoe Compartment & Wet Pocket, Carry On Gym Duffel Bag with Toiletry Bag for Hospital Pcs Set, Beige

ETRONIK Weekender Overnight Bag for Women, Large Travel Duffle Bag with Shoe Compartment & Wet Pocket, Carry On Gym Duffel Bag with Toiletry Bag for Hospital Pcs Set, Beige


Introducing the ETRONIK Weekender Overnight Bag for Women, a blend of sophistication and efficiency for the modern woman. This large travel duffel bag comes in an elegant shade of beige that complements any style. One extraordinary feature is its unique shoe compartment that allows you to pack your shoes separately, preventing any dirt or smell from reaching your clothes. The bag also features a wet pocket for damp or soiled items, ensuring the cleanliness and orderliness of all your belongings.

Keeping the needs of women in mind, the ETRONIK Weekender Overnight Bag comes with a stylish toiletry bag for added convenience. This is perfect for storing all your beauty essentials, making it a breeze to freshen up after a long day of travel or a strenuous gym session. It’s also a must-have if you’re heading to a hospital stay; it allows you to confidently carry your intimate items without worry. Compact yet spacious, it fits directly in your duffel bag, eliminating the need for multiple carry-ons.

The ETRONIK Weekender Overnight Bag is a great combination of fashion and function – It’s not just a bag, it’s a vital partner that carries your world with you. Whether you’re traveling, heading to the gym, or preparing for hospital stays, this is the bag that has your back. It provides optimal space, whilst projecting style and ensuring functionality. It’s undoubtedly the perfect bag to accompany you on every journey.

Sign-Off: Jetsetting with Beis Travel – A Fashion Statement in the Making

Parting thoughts, the Beis travel revolution

Travel gear has never been the same since Beis Travel arrived on the scene. Continually redefining the concept of travel, the brand, with its chic and functional product range, is transforming jetsetting from a simple journey to a statement of individualistic style, a trend that is only expected to gain more traction in the future. Hold a Beis bag, and you embrace an ideology that peers into the horizon of revolutionary travel.

Who is the owner of Beis?

Well, ain’t that peachy? The renowned actress Shay Mitchell is the proud owner of Béis. A globetrotter herself, she sought to redefine travel gears through this phenomenal brand.

Is BEIS made in China?

Guess what? Yep, your instincts are spot on! Some of Béis products are indeed made in China. The brand deploys highly skilled artisans there to deliver top-notch quality, following stringent material standards.

Does the BEIS weekender bag fit under an airline seat?

You betcha, the Béis weekender bag is a perfect fit under those airline seats. Designed keeping in mind the ever-evolving travel regulations and traveller convenience, it easily tucks away under your seat.

Which bag is best for Travelling?

Seems like you’re headed on an adventure, eh? Well, the Béis weekender bag tops the chart for being the best travel bag. Its savvy design effortlessly couples style and functionality.

Who is the CEO of Béis travel?

Right on the money again, Shay Mitchell wears the hat of the CEO of Béis travel as well. With her putting the pedal to the metal, the brand strives to enhance and enrich the travel experience globally.

Where is BEIS headquartered?

Where is Béis centered you ask? Béis has its roots deep in sunny Los Angeles, California, and its headquarters boast a brewing epicenter of out-of-the-box ideas and creativity.

Where are bags made in China?

China, the land of dragons, is also the homeland to numerous bag factories. Cities like Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Dongguan are brimming with enterprises that manufacture bags.

Is the BEIS bag considered a personal item?

Yeah, you got it! The Béis bag is indeed considered a personal item. Despite its spacious interior, it meets the standard specifications of most airlines.

Does handbag count as cabin luggage?

Sure thing, a handbag generally falls under the category of cabin luggage. Don’t sweat it, you can certainly whisk it along with you on the flight.

Does handbag count as cabin bag?

You heard it here first, folks! A handbag does count as a cabin bag. Just remember to check the size restrictions with your airline.

What size bag do I need for a 7 day trip?

Going away for a week, eh mate? A medium-sized bag, around 25 inches, should be your go-to. It’s usually capacious enough to nestle all your necessities for a seven-day escapade.

What is the best lightest luggage for international travel?

Fancy an overseas jaunt, do ya? The IT Luggage World’s Lightest might just be your best pal. As the name suggests, its feathery weight makes zipping around the world a piece of cake!

Are expensive travel bags worth it?

Well, that’s a poser! Expensive travel bags can be worth it, depending on the old adage “you get what you pay for.” Better materials, superior construction, and durability could make all the difference.

What size bag fits under most airline seats?

The universal size for bags that snugly fit under airline seats, typically, is around 9 inches by 10 inches by 17 inches. But remember, every airline is a different kettle of fish; best to confirm beforehand!

How big of a bag can fit under an airline seat?

How big a bag can fit under an airline seat? Usually, a bag measuring about 18″ x 14″ x 8″ will slide under without a hitch. However, the exact dimensions do vary across carriers.

Can you take a weekender on a plane?

Taking a weekender on a plane is smoother than a gravy sandwich! Conveniently designed, most weekenders fit into overhead compartments or under the seats quite happily.

What size bag fits under United airlines seat?

United Airlines rollers? They usually prefer if your bag measures up to 17 x 10 x 9 inches to fit under their seats. This ensures smooth moving and grooving through your flight experience!



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