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Beis Bag Review: Top 5 Best Buys

Embrace Travel In Style: Exploring the Beis Bag Phenomenon

Travel accessories are more than mere functional items; they embody personal style, carry memories, and testify to our love for exploration. There’s a cachet, a charm, in the name – Beis Bag. Dare to say, it’s turned more heads than the latest “sistas season 5” on Motion Picture magazine. The Beis Bag revolution has set an entirely new presedence in the world of travel essentials.

The Beis Bag Revolution: A Peek into Its Inception

The story of BEIS is worth narrating. Shay Mitchell, a celebrated actor turned entrepreneur, founded Beis in 2018 with a dream: to sprinkle a measure of chic upon the world’s collective journey. But that’s not all. She wanted to keep things real, relatable, hence functional and affordable items found their way into the catalog. And it worked!

The Beis Bag, with its 33-liter capacity, has quickly taken center stage. Measuring 41cm by 20cm by 40cm, it fits snugly under most airline seats. Ever since its release in 2023, it’s offered in the colors of versatile elegance – black, beige, and grey. Let’s dive in a bit deeper.

Unpacking the Craftsmanship behind the Beis Bag

High-quality and durability won’t fall far from the Beis family tree. The meticulous attention to detail in the design and production rivals that of any piece at Jordan ‘s Furniture. Wherever you’re headed- from the bustling “flights to Venice, Italy” or to the serene “Louisiana Beaches” your Beis Bag is ready to take it all in stride.

Distinctive Characteristics that Set Beis Bag Apart

Gym Bag for Women, Sports Travel Duffel Bag with USB Charging Port, Weekender Overnight Bag with Wet Pocket and Shoes Compartment for Women, Travel, Gym, Yoga (Beige) Medium

Gym Bag for Women, Sports Travel Duffel Bag with USB Charging Port, Weekender Overnight Bag with Wet Pocket and Shoes Compartment for Women, Travel, Gym, Yoga (Beige) Medium


This Gym Bag is a perfect blend of style and functionality specially designed for women. It comes in a sophisticated beige tone that exudes an air of elegance, proving ideal for those who want to maintain a chic vibe even while on their fitness journey. It is not just a bag to hold your gym essentials, but a multifunctional tool, perfect for sports, travel or even a spontaneous weekend getaway. With its medium size, it provides ample room for your attire, toiletries, sneakers, and more, without being too cumbersome to carry around.

One of the standout features of this bag is its dedicated USB Charging Port, making it a unique blend of tech and style. It provides the convenience of ensuring your electronic devices are always charged, be it for playing your favorite workout music or keeping up with your busy schedule. Also, it comes equipped with a wet pocket compartment, which proves essential for stowing away sweaty clothes or wet swimwear, keeping the rest of your items fresh and dry.

Equally important, the bag offers functionality with its separate shoe compartment, which ensures your shoes are conveniently stored away, avoiding any contact with your clean clothes. Its design arises from understanding and catering to the needs of women who juggle between their fitness routine and daily commitments. In short, this Gym Bag for Women is a perfect blend of style, technology, and practicality, designed to make your active lifestyle a breeze.

Convenience Redefined through Thoughtful Design

The Beis Bag design done right is obvious. From large packing compartments to small essentials holders, this bag ensures maneuvering your way through custom checks and airport crowds will be a breeze. Our readers provide compelling testimonies illustrating the bag’s thoughtful design, with many opting for Beis Bag when it comes to their favorite “Beis travel” essentials.

Image 9177

Manifestation of Luxury in Affordability

High-quality at an affordable price – an oxymoron for most, a mission statement for Beis Bag. Relative to its high-end material and design, the bag is surprisingly budget-friendly. A quick market trend analysis and customer review sweep reveal that this feature stands out for many Beis Bag devotees.

A Sustainable Companion for the Eco-Warrior Traveller

It’s not just style and substance that Beis Bag carries; it carries social responsibility. Keeping up with more than the latest fashion trends, Beis Bag aligns with sustainable practices. You travel not just with elegance, but also with a clear conscience.

ETRONIK Weekender Overnight Bag for Women, Large Travel Duffle Bag with Shoe Compartment & Wet Pocket, Carry On Gym Duffel Bag with Toiletry Bag for Hospital Pcs Set, Beige

ETRONIK Weekender Overnight Bag for Women, Large Travel Duffle Bag with Shoe Compartment & Wet Pocket, Carry On Gym Duffel Bag with Toiletry Bag for Hospital Pcs Set, Beige


The ETRONIK Weekender Overnight Bag for Women offers a stylish and practical solution for all your travel needs. This large travel duffle bag in a classy beige tone is crafted with an eye for detail, making it both a functional and fashionable accessory. The ample interior provides enough room for clothes, electronics, and other essentials, while the dedicated shoe compartment and wet pocket ensure shoes and wet or dirty items are kept separate from your clean belongings.

Designed with simplicity, durability, and utility in mind, this bag features a robust construction that can withstand the rigors of travel. Its wear-resistant fabric doesn’t compromise on quality or style, promising a long-lasting travel companion. Further enhancing its functionality, the gym duffel bag comes with a convenient toiletry bag, making it an ideal choice for trips to the gym, hospital stays, or weekend getaways.

The ETRONIK Weekender Overnight Bag is more than just a bag—it’s a travel experience that offers organization and convenience. Its carry-on size makes it a perfect fit for airline travel, effectively avoiding check-in hassles. With a perfect blend of style, space, and functionality, this bag is certainly your go-to travel buddy for every journey.

Béis Bag
Founded by Shay Mitchell
Year of Establishment 2018
Product Type Luggage and Bags
Design Chic, functional, and affordable
Best Known For Spacious, stylish, suited for everyday use
Ideal for Busy professionals, Travelers
Capacity 33 liters
Dimensions 41cm x 20cm x 40cm
Compliance Fits under most airline seats
Color Options Black, Beige, Grey
Maintainance Easily cleanable but may get dirty

Top Five Features of the Beis Bag to Adore

Image 9178

Organized to a T: A New Standard of Internal Compartments

Your essentials and spill-prone items are safe in the Beis Bag – it’s compartmentalized like a dream. Scrutinizing the bag closely and interacting with users led us to this conclusion. Beis Bag owners laud the multiple, smartly crafted compartments that keep their items well-structured and secure.

Travel-Friendly: An End to Your Packing Woes

Taking the load off the minds of travelers, packing has become an effortless task, thanks to the Beis Bag. From boarding pass to sunscreen, the bag caters to all, making it a reliable carry-on for travel aficianados across the globe.

The Ultimate Configurable Carry-On

Ergonomic design at its best, the Beis Bag can be tailored to fit varying packing routines and travel plans. The ease with which it turns from a weekender bag to a business trip carry-on is quite remarkable, and travel bloggers have been singing praises of its configurable design capabilities.

All-Weather Companion: Resilience and Durability

Whether it’s a tropical vacation or a snow-capped retreat, the Beis Bag stands up to any weather condition. It boasts of durability and weather-resistant capabilities, a claim backed by rigorous tests and splendid user experiences.

Style-Centric: Make a Statement with Every Travel

The Beis Bag isn’t just about practicality – it’s about making a fashion statement each time you jaunt off to a new destination. Its visually appealing, fashion-forward design has won it admirers across the globe, and it continues on its mission to turn travel gear into a style accessory.

BAGSMART Yoga Mat Bag Women Tote Bag Large Shoulder Bag Top Handle Handbag with Yoga Mat Buckle for Gym, Work, School

BAGSMART Yoga Mat Bag Women Tote Bag Large Shoulder Bag Top Handle Handbag with Yoga Mat Buckle for Gym, Work, School


The BAGSMART Yoga Mat Bag designed explicitly for women is a multipurpose accessory that melds practicality with style. It’s large enough to carry a yoga mat, as well as other essentials like gym clothes, water bottle, laptop, and more, making it perfect for your various requirements including gym, work, school and even for weekend getaways. Its unique feature is a specially designed Yoga Mat Buckle that securely attaches your yoga mat to the bag while not in use, providing a convenient solution for your workout routine. It features a top handle for easy carrying, and a shoulder strap for those times when your hands are full.

Crafted with attention to style as well as function, the BAGSMART Yoga Mat Bag is also a chic shoulder bag. Featuring a timeless tote design with a neutral color palette, the bag lends an elegant touch to your daily wear and sports gear. It’s made from high quality materials and skilled workmanship to ensure its durability and longevity. Its large main compartment with zipper closure provides ample space and easy access to all your belongings.

In addition to the main compartment, the BAGSMART Yoga Mat Bag also includes multiple pockets and compartments. These handy features help you stay organized by providing separate spaces for smaller items like keys, cards, phone, and cosmetics. This handbag makes it easy to transition from a workout to work, to after-work drinks, or an impromptu weekend trip. No matter what your lifestyle demands, this bag is sure to meet them with style, ease and efficiency.

Beis Bag: More Than Just a Travel Accessory

The Beis Bag is a stalwart companion during travels, a game-changer that transforms the very experience of a journey. It’s the embodiment of the adage, travel not to escape life but so that life doesn’t escape you.

Image 9179

Beis Bag: A Reverberating Impact across the Travel Industry

The ripple effects of the Beis Bag will be seen in the travel accessories market for years to come. It’s raised the bar, shifted consumer expectations, and brought about a paradigm shift in the perception of travel essentials.

ODODOS Daily Sling Bag with Adjustable Straps Crossbody Chest Bag Lightweight Small Backpack for Casual Outdoor Traveling Hiking, Beige

ODODOS Daily Sling Bag with Adjustable Straps Crossbody Chest Bag Lightweight Small Backpack for Casual Outdoor Traveling Hiking, Beige


The ODODOS Daily Sling Bag is a versatile accessory, perfect for both casual outings and outdoor adventures. With adjustable straps, this beige crossbody chest bag can be customized for comfort and fit, providing a compact solution for carrying essential items while freeing your hands. The lightweight design makes it ideal for extended use, ensuring you won’t suffer from shoulder pain even after a full day outing.

Crafted for ultimate convenience and style, the ODODOS Sling Bag features a minimalist design that doesn’t compromise on functionality. Although compact, it provides ample space with various compartments to satisfy your storage needs. It’s the perfect place to keep your wallet, keys, phone, snacks, compact umbrella, and even a water bottle.

This beige bag offers an understated yet stylish aesthetic suitable for any activity, from city sightseeing to outdoor hiking. The durable material ensures longevity, standing up to daily wear-and-tear, while the lightweight structure makes it easy to bring anywhere. The ODODOS Daily Sling Bag combines functionality, comfort, and style into one handy package that’s an essential for everyday use.

Carrying Forward with Beis Bag: A Tailpiece

The Beis Bag wholly exemplifies an intersection of innovation, style, sustainability, and functionality. With nifty features that are crafted with care and precision, every journey is set to become a remarkable voyage when in the company of this phenomenal piece of travel ware. Indeed, the supremacy of the Beis Bag in the realm of travel accessories has been, once again, firmly established.

Who is the owner of Béis?

Whew! You’ve got lots of questions, mate! Let’s take them one at a time.

Does the Béis weekender bag fit under an airline seat?

Insanely talented actress Shay Mitchell is the mastermind behind Béis. She recognized a gap in the affordable, chic travel gear market, and filled it beautifully with her own line of luggage and accessories.

Which bag is best for Travelling?

Absolutely! The Béis Weekender bag is perfectly designed to comfortably slide under airline seats, making it the perfect flying buddy – a tidy fit for a stress-free trip!

Does the beige weekender get dirty?

When it comes to the best bag for travelling, it’s a toss-up depending on your needs. If you’re after flexibility, a duffel bag usually wins top billings. But for structure and organization, nothing beats a good suitcase. When picking, ensure you balance between function, style, and comfort.

Is the BEIS bag considered a personal item?

Sure, the beige Weekender might get a bit grubby over time like every bag. But, that’s what gives it character, right? Not to worry, the durable material can be wiped clean and maintain its chic look.

Does Duffel count as carry-on?

Ayup, the Béis bag is considered a personal item on most airlines. Its compact design and dimensions fit within the usual guidelines. Of course, always double-check with your airline before you start packing.

Can I use duffel bag as cabin bag?

Yesiree, a duffel is typically considered a carry-on. It offers the flexibility of packing what you need without the bulkiness of a suitcase. Be aware though, it still needs to meet the airline’s size and weight restrictions.

Why is Rimowa so expensive?

Absolutely! A duffel bag can work a treat as a cabin bag, so long as it adheres to the airline’s size limits. It’s versatile, flexible, and can be stowed under the seat in front of you.

What size bag do I need for a 7 day trip?

Why is Rimowa so pricey, you ask? Well, it’s mainly down to the premium materials they use, and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each piece. It’s the Louis Vuitton of luggage, if you will – it’s all about quality, durability and style.

What is the best lightest luggage for international travel?

For a 7-day trip, typically a 24 to 26-inch bag would do you well. This should give you enough space for a week’s worth of clothes, toiletries, and a couple of pairs of shoes.

Are weekender bags worth it?

The best lightweight luggage for international travel is probably the Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner. It’s light as a feather, durable, and the spinner wheels keep you gliding along with ease.

Can I wash my weekender bag?

Are Weekender bags worth it? In short, yes! They’re the perfect middle-ground between a suitcase and a duffel, providing structure without being too bulky. Plus, they’re designed to fit under airline seats – who wouldn’t love that?

Does beige luggage get dirty?

Typically, cleaning your weekender bag involves giving it a good wipe down using a mild soap and warm water mix. Each brand is a bit different though, so always consult the manufacturer’s care instructions first.

What size bag fits under most airline seats?

Concerned about your beige luggage getting dirty? Fair play, light colors are prone to showing dirt. But most luggage, including beige ones, can be cleaned. So while yes, it might show a bit more dirt, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

How big of a bag can fit under an airline seat?

The size of bag that fits under most airline seats is generally around 18 x 14 x 8 inches. This allows it to squeeze beneath the seat without any struggle.

What is the universal under seat bag airline size?

The size of the bag that can fit under an airline seat will depend on the airline. Most airlines, though, allow a personal item to be around 18 x 14 x 8 inches. Each airline may have slightly different dimensions, so it’s best to check first!

What size bag fits under United airlines seat?

The universal under-seat bag size is usually around 9 x 10 x 17 inches. Different airlines might have different rules, but this is the most widely accepted size.



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