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Why More and More People Are Considering Medical Tourism

Have you ever considered traveling overseas for a medical procedure? You’re not alone! Each year, millions of US residents partake in medical tourism.  Medical tourism is most often for surgeries, cosmetic or otherwise, treatments and many people often travel for dental or fertility tourism. Some people with rare conditions may often travel to countries where treatments are better understood as well.

Some countries seeing the largest increases in tourists from the United States are Mexico, Canada, and Thailand as well as countries in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

For example, medical tourism in Thailand is absolutely booming and has been steadily increasing since the early 2000s according to Thailand dominates the global medical tourism market for a number of reasons including:

Well-Developed Medical Infrastructure

Hospitals in Thailand are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and provide top-notch care. Patients are provided with world-class treatment with comfortable accommodations.

Excellent Services And Hospitable Environment

Highly attentive attention to care is provided to patients. Thailand is extremely well known for its warm and welcoming nature.

Internationally Recognized Healthcare Facilities

Thailand is home to Asia’s first Joint Commission International-accredited hospital, the Bumrungrad International Hospital. Thailand houses over 50 other JCI accredited hospitals, offering excellent medical services.

Large Spectrum Of Treatments Offered

Hospitals in Thailand are popular for a variety of other treatments and specialties like cosmetic surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, transgender procedures, IVF/reproductive medicine and dentistry.

Alternative Treatment Offerings

Thailand has world-renowned spas and wellness resorts where one can source alternative treatments like aromatherapy, and Thai therapeutic massages, among others.

Cost Benefits and Possible Savings

Thailand offers medical treatments to patients at some of the lowest prices in the world, without the slightest compromise in the quality of care offered.

How should one go about planning their medical trip? Here are a few things to consider:

Do your research

You’ll want to determine the cost of getting care abroad to ensure you’ll save money by getting a procedure overseas. With that said, if maximizing savings isn’t your main goal, you may be enticed by the idea of traveling somewhere abroad, even if you spend a little more than if you had the procedure locally.

Locate reputable hospitals and read online reviews

Consider looking up hospitals and providers listed on

Create a detailed list of pros and cons

A major upside of getting medical treatment abroad is the opportunity to reduce costs. According to the Medical Tourism Association, the cost savings can be up to 90%. It does really depend on the procedure being performed, and the country where it’s being done. Additionally, you’ll need to factor in travel and accommodation fees. You may find that what you want to be done isn’t cheaper at an accredited overseas facility. On the other hand, you may enjoy the opportunity to visit a new country before or after treatment.


With ever-increasing US health care costs, it’s no wonder medical tourism has become a viable option for so many.

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