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Visit The Most Beautiful Underwater Spots With Us​

1. The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Australia

It is the largest coral reef in the world and one of the most beautiful. It is therefore one of seven natural wonders of the world. Corals, sea stars and turtles are just a few of the many marine species that make up the rich marine world. It is easy for you to see it in the clear waters.

Why should you go there?

For both beginners and professionals, the Great Barrier Reef is the ideal place to dive. Divers can also go diving at many other locations.

2. Belize’s Great Blue Hole

It is truly a natural wonder. It is a submarine hole, located next to the Lighthouse Reef. It is a large sinkhole, with a diameter of over 300m (984 feet) and a depth of 124m (407 feet).

This hole was created during the Ice Age when sea levels were lower. This amazing view was created when the cave’s water levels rose.

Why should you go there?

Belize is a wonderful holiday destination any time of year. Tourists can also explore Belize by boat or plane.

3. Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

This remote island is located in the Indian Ocean and is approximately 2,000km (1,200 mi) from Africa. It is an attractive tourist spot. The underwater waterfall is located on Mauritius’ southwestern shore. This is not a waterfall but an illusion created by the sediment of silt and sand. This is because the island is new, and an old formation of it still exists, creating an underwater slope.

Why should you go there?

Tourists can relax on the sandy beaches, enjoy the warm waters, and explore the mountains, the reef, and the underworld.

4. Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

The archipelago consists of 21 islands located 354 km (220 miles) from the Brazilian coast. The water temperature is extremely warm, and diving without a suit is possible at 40 meters depth. You will find many tunnels, canyons, and rocks in the marine landscape, which makes it even more thrilling.

Why should you go there?

The water is clear and visible up to 50m, and there is a wealth of marine life. The archipelago is open most of the year, with the exception of March and August when it becomes flooded.

5. McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

The McMurdo Sound Ice Shelf and the area of ice-clogged water are important research areas for scientists. Humans are not able to see the amazing McMurdo Sound ice formations and the stunning underwater world. McMurdo is home to some amazing wildlife, including orcas, seals and Adelie penguins.

Why should you go there?

Antarctica is undoubtedly one of the most remote areas on Earth. It has the most beautiful and natural beauty that you could imagine. Only scientists and very few tourists get to see this mysterious world. A permit is required to enter the area.

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