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Winter Park Resort to Open in Summer Adventures from Mid-June

Winter Park Resort to Open in Summer Adventures from Mid-June

A new urgency is evident to hit the trails and get out there this summer. This marks a 2022 trend for outdoor vacations. According to surveys and news reports, travelers are continuing to embrace the importance and value of connecting with nature, hiking, and taking in the fresh air. Research over decades has also shown that nature is good for us. The great outdoors’ sights, sounds and smells reduce stress and anxiety and increase attention, mindfulness and cognitive health.

Winter Park Resort to Open in Summer Adventures from Mid-June

“So, you could say that a Winter Park vacation or weekend getaway is not only soul-satisfying but it can also help improve your mental well-being,” Liz Agostin (Vice President of Marketing for Winter Park Resort) said. “Winter Park is Colorado’s authentic destination, providing unique opportunities for travelers of all abilities to relax and enjoy the outdoors…or discover a new adventure.” Take a guided hike through the high-alpine backcountry, or just relax with a Gondola ride and a craft beer. Sunset views are at 10,000 feet.

Winter Park Resort to Open in Summer Adventures from Mid-June

No matter what your preference is, whether you are looking to relax or enjoy the outdoors, your vacation should be enjoyable. This article will help you identify certain characteristics that make a destination a great choice for you and your family. Winter Park Resort is a popular choice for vacationers because of its 10 top reasons for summer adventure and relaxation.

  1. Active. Summer activities include everything from biking and hiking to fishing, bird watching, frisbee golfing and Alpine sliding. Winter Park offers many opportunities for those who are active and want to experience all kinds of adventure.
  2. Relaxing. Winter Park’s tranquil setting is perfect for slowing down or being still. Relaxing is an essential part of summer vacations. You can do anything from yoga under the trees to sitting in the shade of a tree. There are many ways to relax in the mountains.
  3. Accessible. Winter Park is a great place to call home for summer adventures. It is located in Grand County and has many lakes, streams, and hot springs. Rocky Mountain National Park is only 40 miles away. You can easily build your summer adventure around Winter Park, which is only 67 mi from Denver (in the opposite direction).
  4. Never-ending. People are still trying to catch up with their families and looking for vacations that bring together many generations. This variety of activities is ideal for families as well as multi-generational groups that want to enjoy a wide range of challenging and easy summer activities.
  5. Tasty. Winter Park knows firsthand that summer activities create an appetite. There are many options for food and drink, from the mountaintop to the village. Don’t forget about the breweries that offer beers named after local mountains like Mary Jane Ale.
  6. Affordable. Lodging packages include a view from the top deal, which gives you 20% off summer lodging, and free scenic Gondola Day Passes. There are restrictions.
  7. Beautiful. Winter Park is a beautiful, pure mountain setting that offers a refreshing change from indoor routines or virtual situations.
  8. Casual. Winter Park’s relaxed vibe and “authentically Colorado” community are casual and easygoing without any fuss or fancy. All-day, you can sport your biking and hiking attire!
  9. Flexible. Winter Park offers a flexible cancellation policy. Summer travel plans can change. Winter Park is accommodating and carefree.
  10. Winner. Winter Park Resort has been voted Colorado’s Top Adventure Town.
Winter Park Resort to Open in Summer Adventures from Mid-June

“Now, the question is: Do you want adventure or relaxation?” Agostin added that you can have both.

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