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3 Tips on How to Pack for Carry-On Only Traveling

When it comes to packing for a trip – less is more! Seasoned Navigate will tell you the most common mistake most novice travelers make is overpacking their luggage. Of course, the idea of being ready for anything is good in theory, however, bringing your entire life in your suitcase isn’t going to be fun to lug around during a relaxing vacation.

To help ensure your adventures are less stressful, we’ve curated a list of helpful packing tips for carry-on-only traveling.

1. Selecting The Right Luggage Is Key

All carry-on bags are not alike. Just because it may fit in the overhead compartment does not mean it may be the most practical fit for you! It’s important to keep a few things in mind when considering carry-on luggage.

Size matters. Make sure to consult your airline carries carry-on size limits, as they vary from airline to airline. It’s not uncommon for domestic and international flights to have different sizing and weight restrictions. Also, you’ll want to select the correct style of bag for your trip. If you’re going to be on the go often and traveling on multiple vehicles, you may want to consider going the backpack route. You won’ have to stress about hauling a clunky suitcase upstairs or through the streets.

Backpacks tend to be made of softer materials which is helpful if you need to squeeze your things into compact areas like overhead bins. With that said, minimal packing is advised as to avoid breaking zippers from overpacking.

Conversely, if you require more durability a rolling suitcase may also be a great option. Although these cases keep items secure and more organized they’re heavier than backpacks. If you choose the wrong case a big portion of the weight limit may be taken up – so choose wisely!

2. Take Advantage of Airline Personal Item Allowances

Sometimes to get ahead you have to game the system. That said, most airlines have an allotment for a small personal item along with your carry-on. Your personal item should fit securely under the seat in front of you and be large enough to hold your valuables and passport.

It’s ideal to pick a personal item that can also double as a daypack during your vacation. Little backpacks, laptop bags, or messenger bags work well. But just keep in mind they shouldn’t be used as an excuse to pack a second heavy carry-on since you’ll be taking it everywhere you’re going.

3. Bring a Set of Clothes for Seven Days

A good wardrobe base for traveling is to simply pack for a week. If you’re traveling for a long period of time, you can always plan on doing laundry. Clothes that can be washed and easily air-dried are good items to pack for this reason.

The key is to stay lightweight with carry-on packing. By following these space-saving tips you’ll have no issue traveling with just a carry-on. Not only will you be free of heavy clunky luggage but you’ll be free to travel the world more efficiently wherever your adventure takes you!

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