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The US Virgin Islands sees a surge in tourism

This unique tasting expedition will be led by one of Georgia’s most passionate expatriate wines. It will take you through the fascinating country of Georgia, and show you the transformation and evolution of Georgian food & wine. To make the trip more enjoyable, organizers plan to create small groups of travelers so it feels more like a traveling dinner party than a regular tour.

The “dinner guests”, along the way, will be able to sample some of the finest food in Georgia, as well as some incredible gastronomical experiences. They plan to invite Georgia’s top chefs and vintners for each meal. This is a unique opportunity to visit Georgia’s top chefs and vintners, as well as to get to know some of the most influential people in Georgia’s food industry.

Take a Georgia Food Trip

Arcadia Expeditions is organizing the ‘Georgia Food & Wine Revolution’ adventure. David Mannix, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Arcadia Expeditions says it is based on Georgia’s unique geography combined with its turbulent history that has led to an extraordinary culinary and wine tradition.

Take a Georgia Food Trip

There’s more to the trip than just wine and food, but these are definitely the highlights. The top Georgian attractions will be on the itinerary, including cathedrals and monasteries. Along the way, they will enjoy breathtaking scenery such as the Caucasus Mountains or the Black Sea.

Take a Georgia Food Trip

Arcadia has curated a variety of delicious culinary experiences for guests throughout the expedition. The expedition will explore the connection between Georgian food, wine, and its vibrant culture. It will include meals with local families and shepherds on mountain passes. The expedition will include musicians, poets, singers, and dancers who will join them on this interactive, mobile feast to celebrate life.

Take a Georgia Food Trip

David Mannix, the founder of Arcadia Expeditions, says that this trip is the ultimate indulgence for foodies and wine-lovers who are looking for an unforgettable experience in Europe. “Most people don’t know that Georgia has the longest winemaking tradition in the globe, with a history dating back to 8,000 years. Because of its unique climate, over 500 varieties can be grown in Georgia. We meet with winemakers from the area, walk through their vineyards, and enjoy their back-vintages and rare grape varieties.

Mannix says, “We will go foraging in the forest for wild food, visit farmers’ markets and drink at hidden wine bars. We will also dine in the best farm-to-table restaurants. We will witness for ourselves the exciting Georgian experimental approach to combining organic techniques and recipes from the past.”

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