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Best Cover Up Dress Styles for 2024

Elevating Beachside Fashion with the Latest Cover Up Dress Trends for 2023

The Resurgence of the Cover-Up Dress in Beachwear Couture

Have you noticed it? That sudden wave of elegance brushing across the sands and sunloungers? Cover up dresses are reclaiming their throne in the beachwear kingdom. This isn’t just a fleeting trend but a renaissance, a rebirth of fabric and form that’s got us all turning heads. The question buzzing on every sun-kissed lip is simple: Why now? What sparked this love affair between the sea, the sun, and the sophisticated swathe of fabric?

The answer lies in the glossy heart of our social media feeds. Influencers and fashion icons have resurrected the cover-up, draping it in the light of luxury and leisure, making it a statement piece that shouts both relaxation and chic. With each post and story, they’re heralding a new age for beachwear, and we’re all ears – and eyes.

The Fusion of Functionality and Style in Beach Coverups

But let’s be honest, the cover up dress isn’t just winning hearts for its looks alone. It’s also marrying functionality with style in a way that seems almost too good to be true. Sun protection? Check. Comfort? You bet. Versatility? As versatile as your travel plans. These modern marvels embrace the contours of any form, dancing between dress and drape, between protection and pizzazz.

CUPSHE Women’s Animal Print Kimono Cardigan Cover Up Bathing Suit Beach Loose Maxi Dress for Summer, Black Leopard Large

CUPSHE Women's Animal Print Kimono Cardigan Cover Up Bathing Suit Beach Loose Maxi Dress for Summer, Black Leopard Large


Indulge in the wild allure of summer with the CUPSHE Women’s Animal Print Kimono Cardigan Cover Up, an effortlessly chic addition to your beachwear collection. This striking Black Leopard Large design combines the comfort of a loose-fitting maxi dress with the convenience of a bathing suit cover-up. Made from a lightweight and breathable fabric, it’s perfect for those balmy summer days when you want to transition smoothly from the water to the boardwalk. The animal print exudes a daring edge, ensuring you’ll stand out in the crowd with a touch of exotic sophistication.

The silhouette of this beach cover-up offers a flowing and relaxed fit, accommodating a range of body types with grace and style. Its open-front design allows for easy slipping on and off, giving a feel of a breezy impromptu layer that adds dimension to your swimsuit ensemble. Wide, kimono-style sleeves add an element of drama to the cardigan, fluttering elegantly with every gentle sea breeze. The versatile length offers coverage while allowing for ample freedom of movement, whether you’re lounging by the pool or strolling along the shore.

Completing your summer wardrobe with the CUPSHE Animal Print Kimono Cardigan shows a savvy sense of fashion and function. Imagine wrapping yourself in this cover-up as the sun sets, the black and leopard pattern playing against the fading light, creating an intriguing aura of mystery. Not just limited to beachwear, this cover-up easily transitions to a casual daytime look when paired with denim shorts and sandals. For a carefree yet captivating summer staple, this kimono cardigan promises to infuse your warm-weather adventures with a dash of the wild and an abundance of style.

Seasons of Elegance – Summersalt Swim’s Contribution to Cover Up Dresses

Image 15406

The Brand Phenomenon: Summersalt Swim’s Entry into Cover Up Elegance

Moving into deeper waters, let’s swim over to the shores of Summersalt Swim. This brand isn’t just splashing – it’s making waves with a design philosophy that speaks volumes in 2023. These creators have stitched their ethos with the threads of environmental awareness, all without compromising an iota of elegance.

And let’s talk materials! They’re not just soft on the skin; they’re kind to Mother Earth. Recycled fabrics, eco-friendly dies – Summersalt Swim is the captain of conscious couture, steering the cover up dress ship into sustainable horizons.

Exclusive Peek: Bestselling Cover Up Styles from Summersalt

Speaking of horizons, let’s cast our gaze toward the most coveted cover up dresses from Summersalt Swim. Imagine fabrics cascading down your body like a waterfall of tactful style, cuts that are as fluid as the ocean itself. These cover ups are more than just beachwear; they’re your passport to a world where the shore is your runway.

Picture this: their bestselling Tidal Wave Tunic with its rebellious ruffles and the Sea Breeze Maxi, an ode to the elegant ease of beachside evenings. Each piece whispers a story, a summer ballad that sings of sunsets and seafoam.

Dokotoo Womens Summer Beach Button Down Kimonos Long Cardigan Short Sleeve Side Split Casual Solid Loose Fit Bathing Suit Swimsuit Cover Ups for Women White Medium

Dokotoo Womens Summer Beach Button Down Kimonos Long Cardigan Short Sleeve Side Split Casual Solid Loose Fit Bathing Suit Swimsuit Cover Ups for Women White Medium


Introducing the Dokotoo Women’s Summer Beach Kimono, the quintessential addition to your sunny-day wardrobe. This elegant cardigan features a classic button-down front, making it a breeze to put on or take off as you lounge by the water. The crisp white fabric is both lightweight and breathable, perfect for staying cool while providing ample coverage from the summer sun. With its flowy short sleeves and relaxed silhouette, this kimono offers a blend of comfort and style for any beachgoer.

Crafted with a comfortable loose fit, the Dokotoo Kimono ensures a flattering look for a range of body types without compromising on ease of movement. The side split design adds a hint of allure and practicality, allowing for unhindered strolls along the shore or poolside relaxation. It’s versatile enough to serve as a casual layer over a swimsuit or paired with a tank top and shorts for a chic, coastal ensemble. The solid white color allows for easy mixing and matching with a variety of swimwear and summer accessories.

Functionality meets fashion with the Dokotoo Women’s Summer Beach Kimono, which doubles as a stylish swimsuit cover-up. The mid-length cut provides the right amount of coverage while maintaining a fashionable edge, perfect for transitioning from a day at the beach to an evening beachfront dinner. Its soft, durable fabric is designed for longevity, ensuring that it remains a staple in your beachwear collection for seasons to come. Available in a medium size, this kimono is an essential pick for those seeking a comfortable, yet fashionable beach cover-up.

Type of Cover-Up Ideal Fabric Best Suited For Body Type Length Wearability Typical Price Range Key Benefits
Tunic Light cotton, linen All body shapes, especially apple-shaped Mid-thigh to mid-calf Casual outings, easy to slip on $20 – $100 Versatile, easy to match with other clothes
Sarong Silk, chiffon, cotton Pear-shaped, hourglass Waist to ankle-length, adjustable Beachwear, easily ties around waist $10 – $80 Lightweight, multifunctional (can be a dress or skirt)
Caftan Cotton, silk, rayon Tall and plus-size figures Ankle-length (maxi) Luxurious feel for beach & beyond $30 – $200 Roomy, elegant, suitable for all-day wear
Wrap-dress Viscose, jersey, silk blends All body types, especially curvy Knee to ankle-length Versatile for daywear and evening $25 – $150 Flattering fit, adjustable closure
Maxi-dress Cotton, polyester blends Tall and slender figures Ankle-length From beach to a casual dinner $20 – $150 Comfortable, provides full coverage
Cover-up Pants Gauze, mesh, lightweight synthetic All body types Full length Pool lounging to afternoon town visits $20 – $100 Cooling, comfortable with elastic waistbands and stylish prints

The Top Cover Up Dress Styles That Dominated Beach Fashion in 2023

Image 15407

Bohemian Rhapsody: The Unstoppable Allure of Boho Cover Ups

Bohemian rhapsody on the beach? Absolutely! Boho cover ups remain the undefeated champions of the laid-back yet luxe look. Picture yourself: a sun-goddess draped in the poetic flow of paisley and lace, the rhythmic rustle of tassels with every gentle breeze. The boho style clings to its crown by evolving, never staying still, always dancing to the beat of the latest seaside symphony.

Effortless Chic: Shirt Dresses and Tunics as Beach Must-Haves

What’s that one beach coverup you’ll spot from Mykonos to Malibu? The all-powerful shirt dress. This hero piece has nailed the off-duty model look with its ‘just-threw-this-on’ vibe. Sleeves rolled up, buttons flirtingly undone, this cover up strolls the line between “I woke up like this” and catwalk-ready.

And let’s not forget tunics, the quintessential pick for a beach-bound sophisticate. They whisper nonchalance, and yet scream refinement, making them the ultimate ensemble for anyone strolling from sand to soirée.

Resort-Ready Glamour: Taking Kaftans and Kimonos to New Heights

Once the domain of ancient royalty, kaftans and kimonos have ascended their traditional throne and landed right in the heart of resort fashion. Whether it’s silk that shimmers with every step, or patterns that tell tales of far-off lands, these garments have become the epitome of resort-ready glamour.

Maxi and Midi Wonders: The Perfect Companions for Every Swimsuit

Now, let’s not overlook the maxi and midi cover up dress wonders. These beauties have staged a comeback that’s nothing short of spectacular. And they’re here to flatter – every. single. body. type. Whether you’re soaking up the seabreeze in a breezy midi or toasting the twilight in a statuesque maxi, these cover ups are like your best beach friend – reliable, flattering, and always making you look good.

Sustainable Sophistication: Eco-Friendly Fabrics Take the Spotlight

Sustainable sophistication is not just a fancy phrase; it’s a revolution, darling. And it’s taking center stage with eco-friendly fabrics stealing the spotlight. Enter the realm of conscious consumerism, where looking fantastic and being planet-friendly can go hand in hand. Cover up dresses in organic cotton, recycled polyester, and every green fabric in between – that’s the tune of 2023’s fashion fiesta.

Innovations in Cover Up Dress Designs for the Future-Forward Beachgoer

Technological Textiles: The Future of Beach Coverup Comfort and Durability

“Bright future?” More like brilliant! Textiles are getting techy, and the future of cover up gown comfort and durability is looking as strong as a double-knot on a yacht’s sail. Imagine materials that repel sand, resist UV rays, and shrug off splashes – that’s what’s docking at the beachwear harbor. This isn’t your regular fabric; this is next-gen wizardry at its finest.

Adaptive Cover Ups: Inclusivity in Beach Fashion Beyond 2023

Fashion that fits all – and we mean all – is no longer a pipe dream; it’s the new standard. From petite to plus, wheelchair-friendly to post-surgery suits, the cover up dress is spreading its embrace far and wide. Inclusivity is in, exclusion is out, and the tides are turning for good.

Ekouaer Womens Beach Bathing Suit Swim Bikini Swimsuit Cover Up Dresses Black

Ekouaer Womens Beach Bathing Suit Swim Bikini Swimsuit Cover Up Dresses Black


The Ekouaer Women’s Beach Bathing Suit Swim Bikini Swimsuit Cover Up Dress in black is an elegant and versatile piece perfect for those sun-soaked days at the beach or by the pool. Crafted from a lightweight and breathable fabric, it provides both comfort and a flattering drape that complements a variety of body types. The loose-fitting silhouette ensures ease of movement, while the intricate detailing along the hem adds a touch of sophistication to this breezy cover-up. Whether lounging on the sand or sipping a cool drink at the bar, this dress is a chic addition to any swimwear collection.

This swimsuit cover-up features a deep V-neck and an adjustable drawstring waist, allowing you to customize your fit for personalized comfort and style. The pullover design makes it easy to slip on and off, offering a convenient and stylish solution to transition from swimming to socializing. The solid black color not only exudes timeless elegance but also makes it a versatile choice that can pair effortlessly with virtually any bikini or one-piece swimsuit.

Functionality meets fashion in the Ekouaer Women’s Cover Up Dress, as it not only serves as a protective layer from the sun but also doubles as a casual summer dress suitable for occasions beyond the beach. The light fabric dries quickly, ensuring you won’t be left with a damp garment after a dip in the water. With this chic cover-up, you can easily go from the shoreline to a seaside lunch or an evening beach party, making it a must-have for any vacation wardrobe.

Wrapping Up in Style: Embracing the Future of Beachside Elegance

The Continued Evolution of Cover Up Dress Styles

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to beachside elegance? Honey, we’re just getting started. As we gaze into the crystal ball of fashion’s future, we sense a continuum, an evolution that never stops growing, changing, surprising.

The Wave of Personalization: Customizable Cover Up Dresses on the Horizon

Ready for a fashion epiphany? Customizable cover up dresses are on the horizon. Your cover up, your rules – monogrammed initials, tailored cuts, fabrics that feel like they’re spun just for you. This is about to change the game, making every cover up as unique as the person flaunting it.

Embracing Individuality: The Cover Up Dress as a Statement Piece

Let’s cut to the chase: cover up dresses are the ultimate statement piece. They’re your chance to strut your stuff, showcase your style, and tell your story without saying a word. On the beach, by the pool, or aboard a luxury liner, the cover up dress talks the talk.

Final Thoughts: The Enduring and Evolving Journey of the Cover Up Dress

So here we stand, at the curve of a grand journey as the cover up dress sails into the sunset of 2023 and beyond. It’s been quite the voyage, with every stitch a step, every fabric a path less traveled. It’s more than fashion; it’s a statement, a canvas for our times, a soft silhouette against the sun-drenched horizons of tomorrow.

As we wrap up, let’s not forget the essentials you’ll need aside from your stylish attire, like Massagers to soothe those post-beach muscles, and Tankinis for when you’re ready to dive into the waves. And for a dose of indulgence, why not check out celebrity insights, such as from Romi Rain, to inspire your next luxury beach escape?

Image 15408

We’re not just dressing up. We’re covering up with purpose, with passion, with personality. Until next time, keep it stylish, keep it conscious, and most importantly, make it your own.

Fun Trivia & Interesting Facts: Unveiling the Cover Up Dress

The Evolution of the Cover Up

Well, would ya look at that! The cover up dress, a beachside staple has truly evolved over the years. Let’s take a quick dive into its pool of history, shall we? Often overshadowed by its glitzier counterparts, the humble cover up dress dates back to a time when discretion and modesty were the names of the game at the seaside.

Fast forward to today, and we’re seeing cover ups that are just about suitable for a swanky beach bar as they are for a sandy stroll. From crochet wonders to breezy kaftans, these pieces have become fashionista’s best pal for a reason: they’re as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. And get this – some of the best cover up dress styles for 2023( are nodding to past eras with a modern twist.

Sheer Genius to Crochet Craze

Can you believe it? Sheer fabrics have been a go-to for those hot, I-need-a-breeze-on-my-skin days at the beach. And guess what’s hot off the press for 2023? Sheer cover ups are making waves again, bringing a bit of ooh-la-la to the salty air without giving away all your secrets.

Now hold your horses; let’s not forget about crochet. Crochet cover ups have this granny-chic vibe but don’t be fooled; they are cool as a cucumber. Check out how these crocheted styles are taking over beaches and poolsides alike( with artisanal flair and breezy ease.

From Towel to Trendsetter

Here’s a funky fact for ya: Did you know that some of the first cover ups started as simple towels or robes? Yup, you heard that right. Talk about a glow-up! Today’s cover ups can take you from a lazy lounge on your sunbed to a cheeky sundowner in no time. In fact, cover up ideas that double as regular clothing are all the rage,( blending functionality with high fashion. Oh, and they’re saving you some precious suitcase space for those pesky baggage limits.

Sustainability in Style

Oh, and here’s something to chew on. The fashion world’s been buzzing with talks of sustainability, and cover ups are joining the eco-friendly bandwagon. Made from recycled materials and sustainable fibers, these trendy togs aren’t just kind to your skin, they’re giving Mother Earth a big ol’ hug. If you want to make a sartorial choice that’s easy on the eyes and the environment, peek at these gorgeous sustainable cover up options.(

Wrapped Up in Trivia

So, to wrap things up (see what we did there?), the cover up dress, while often an understated ensemble, has a rich tapestry of history and stylish significance. Whether you’re waxing lyrical about their versatility or gobsmacked by their glamorous transformation, one thing’s for certain: the cover up dress is here to stay in 2023, and it’s zestier than ever. Cheers to looking cool while covering up!

Ekouaer Womens Swimsuit Cover Up Beach Coverups for Women V Neck Beach Dress(Colorful Leaf, Medium)

Ekouaer Womens Swimsuit Cover Up Beach Coverups for Women V Neck Beach Dress(Colorful Leaf, Medium)


The Ekouaer Womens Swimsuit Cover Up offers a harmonious blend of comfort and style, perfect for the summer season. Adorned with a vibrant, colorful leaf design, it stands out with a playful yet sophisticated pattern that is sure to turn heads at the beach or by the poolside. The cover-up features a flattering V-neck cut, which adds a touch of understated elegance to your swimwear ensemble. Its lightweight fabric ensures breathability and ease of movement, making it an ideal choice for those hot, sun-soaked days.

Sized medium, this beach dress is thoughtfully tailored to drape beautifully over a variety of body types, providing a relaxed fit that is both stylish and comfortable. The versatile piece transitions seamlessly from a casual beach cover-up to a chic dress suitable for a seaside lunch or a stroll along the boardwalk. Its pullover design allows for quick and easy changes, ensuring you can slip in and out of your beachwear with ease. Moreover, the easy-care fabric promises convenience, as it dries quickly and maintains its shape after washing.

The Ekouaer Womens Swimsuit Cover Up is not just a practical addition to your summer wardrobe; it’s also a sustainable one. Made with high-quality materials, it’s designed to withstand the elements and repeated use, without sacrificing softness or comfort. The medium size offers ample coverage while still showing off your swimsuit, giving you confidence and style in equal measure. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, enjoying a beach day, or indulging in summertime adventures, this cover-up is the perfect companion to ensure you look and feel your best.

Can you wear a coverup as a dress?

Oh, absolutely! Rocking a coverup as a dress is totally doable and fabulously versatile. Just make sure it’s not too sheer or lightweight for your plans. After all, you wouldn’t want your undies stealing the show when you step into the sunlight!

What are swimsuit cover ups called?

Swimsuit cover-ups? They’ve got a bunch of names! People often call them sarongs, wraps, caftans, or tunics, depending on the style and cut. It’s like a fashion Baskin-Robbins—pick your flavor!

What are cover ups clothes?

Cover-ups are those nifty pieces of clothing designed to be thrown over a swimsuit to offer a bit of modesty or protection from the sun. Think of them as your bathing suit’s best pal, giving you a quick transition from poolside to café without a full outfit change.

What do you call something you wear over a swimsuit?

That thing you toss over your swimsuit is often called a cover-up, pure and simple. They come in all shapes and sizes, from wraps and kimonos to kaftans and tunics. Like a superhero’s cape for the beach, but way more stylish!

What do I wear over my dress?

Wondering what to wear over that dress? Let’s see—you’ve got cardigans, blazers, denim jackets, shawls… the list goes on! It’s all about picking the perfect companion piece to complete your look and feel cozy.

Why wear a cover up?

Why wear a cover-up? Well, they’re the Clark Kent to your Superman! Cover-ups offer sun protection, keep you warm when the breeze kicks in, and add a touch of class when you step off the sand and into the real world.

Can you wear a bra swimming?

Heading for a swim and thinking of wearing a bra? Just hit pause there. Most bras aren’t made to tackle chlorine or saltwater and might get damaged. Opt for a swim top or a sports bra designed for water activities instead.

Why do people wear swimsuit cover ups?

People wear swimsuit cover-ups for a whole bunch of reasons—they’re like the Swiss Army knife of beachwear! They protect you from the sun’s rays, give you a modest look when needed, and boost your style. Plus, they help prevent those post-swim chills.

Can you wear cover ups in the pool?

You can totally wear cover-ups in the pool, but watch out, it might not be the best idea. They’re not meant for swimming—they can get heavy and drag you down. Stick to poolside posing with them instead.

Why are cover-ups expensive?

Why are cover-ups expensive? Sheesh! Sometimes it feels like you’re paying for a tiny piece of fabric, right? Well, it’s all about the materials, design, and brand name. And let’s be honest, anything that’s tagged as “specialty swimwear” tends to ding the wallet a bit harder.

Do cover-ups cost more?

Do cover-ups cost more? Well, yeah, sometimes they do ring up a higher price. Like many things in fashion, it’s about the quality, the designer, and the details. But hey, you can always find a deal if you hunt around!

What do you wear over a wet swimsuit?

What to wear over a wet swimsuit? Throw on a moisture-wicking sports top or a breezy tunic. Sure beats soaking your car seat, unless you’re going for that just-left-the-beach car scent.

What can you use as a cover up?

Need a quick cover-up? Grab anything flowy or breezy, like a kaftan, an oversized shirt, or even a lightweight scarf. Get creative—there’s no rulebook here!

Why is it called a tankini?

Tankini got its snazzy name from a combo of ‘tank top’ and ‘bikini’. It’s like the mullet of the swimwear world—business on top, party on the bottom.

What is a jammer swimsuit?

A jammer swimsuit is kinda like the biker shorts of the pool—tight, knee-length swim trunks that make sure you slice through the water like a hot knife through butter. Perfect for those who mean serious business when they dive in!

Can you wear a dress as a top?

Sure, you can wear a dress as a top! Just tuck it into a skirt or let it hang loose over some skinny jeans. Fashion’s all about breaking rules, so mix it up and express yourself!

How do you wear a cover-up wrap?

To wear a cover-up wrap, just cinch it around your waist or drape it over your shoulders like a superhero. There’s no wrong way to do it, really—just wrap it, tie it, and go make waves!

Can you wear a shirt over a dress?

Wearing a shirt over a dress? Absolutely. Slip on a cropped tee or tie a knot in a button-down for a chic, layered look. It’s like giving your dress a cool new friend to hang out with.

How do you cover your shoulders when wearing a dress?

Covering your shoulders when wearing a dress is a snap—think pashminas, boleros, or even a cute denim jacket. They’re like the cherry on top for any dress that feels a little bare up there.



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