Sarong: 5 Amazing Ways to Wear It

The Timeless Appeal of the Sarong

In the world of fashion and attire, few items possess the universal charm and versatility of the sarong. It’s as if this simple piece of cloth morphs itself to accommodate every conceivable whim of functionality and style. If clothes were hardware, this would be the Swiss Army knife.

Tracing the Origins of the Sarong

No story shines without its roots, and the sarong has a vibrant history to boot. Originating in Southeast Asia, the sarong was the garment of choice for men attending Friday prayers at mosques. Over time, it became a common wardrobe staple in many parts of Asia and the Pacific islands, especially in hotspot destinations like Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the larger part of the Indian subcontinent. In these regions, folks didn’t limit it to religious or ceremonial usage; it paraded around as everyday casual attire, both at home and in public.

The Evolution of Sarong Styles and Patterns

Traditionally, sarongs were crafted using local materials with designs unique to each culture, a representation of each region’s idiosyncratic art. However, a variance called the Pareo, blossomed with a twist. Unlike the traditional sarong, Pareos adopted Western fabric and incorporated vibrant colors with floral designs, reflecting the island lifestyle. Whether traveling to cozy Cities in Montana or enjoying the weather in Italy in April, sarongs adapted their form to the changing fashion trends, underlining their uncanny knack for evolution.

Why Sarongs Remain a Wardrobe Staple in 2023

Today, the sarong stands testament not only to the timelessness of its appeal but its utility. It’s a chameleon of functionality, serving as clothing, a blanket, a towel, a privacy screen, swim cover-up, bed sheet, baby blanket, scarf, or even a ceremonial dress. As we live in an age that celebrates sustainability, the sarong, with its multi-use potential, is a tribute to the mindful traveler.

Modern Sarong Uses: Beyond Just Beachwear

Visit any high-end place like the Dream hollywood and you’ll see sarongs swaying beyond the beach, up-scaling casual wear with their chic appeal. Sarongs have outgrown their conventional beachwear stereotype, transcending into novel territories of utility and elegance.

5 Amazing Ways to Fashion Your Sarong in 2023

Learning to tie a sarong is not just a fashion-fad; it’s becoming a rite of passage for stylish globetrotters. Here are five stunning ways to elevate your sarong game this 2023:

Ekouaer Womens Apparel, Swimwear Chiffon Cover up Beach Sarong Pareo Swimsuit Wrap, Black, Small

Ekouaer Womens Apparel, Swimwear Chiffon Cover up Beach Sarong Pareo Swimsuit Wrap, Black, Small


The Ekouaer Women’s Apparel, Swimwear Chiffon Cover up Beach Sarong Pareo Swimsuit Wrap is a sophisticated and stylish addition to your beachwear collection. Cut from luxurious black chiffon material, the softness and drape of the sarong highlight the grace and femininity of your body silhouette. Sized small, it provides an elegant wrap for your swimwear while still showing a hint of your bathers underneath. As a feature piece, it pairs well with a suit of any color, enriching your overall beach look.

This versatile beach sarong can be styled in multiple ways depending on your comfort and style needs. Tie it around your waist as a skirt for a classic beach babe look or wrap it around your shoulders like a shawl for those breezier beach days. The lightweight chiffon fabric allows it to be folded and packed away neatly in your beach bag without taking up too much space. Its multifunctional nature makes it a must-have complement to your swimwear attire.

Ekouaer’s black chiffon beach sarong respects both quality and style. Its construction ensures durability and longevity, meaning it will retain its color and form even after multiple washes. Moreover, the elegant black hue of the fabric adds a touch of sophistication and attractiveness to your beach outfit. Embrace the perfect blend of comfort and chic with the Ekouaer chiffon beach sarong.

Transforming Your Sarong into a Classic Wrap Skirt

A sarong smoothly transforms into an elegant wrap skirt, merrily swaying with every step you take.

Step by Step Guide on Tying a Sarong as a Wrap Skirt

  1. Hold your sarong horizontally and wrap it around your waist.
  2. Pull the ends together at one side.
  3. Knot them together, and voilà! You have a classic wrap skirt.
  4. Styling Your Sarong Skirt for Various Occasions

    To style this for a day on the beach, pair your sarong skirt with a cute bikini top. And for an evening stroll or a casual dinner, throw on a crop top and accessorize with a pair of beautiful, dangly earrings.

    Image 8860

    Wearing Your Sarong as an Elegant Dress

    An elegant dress is just a knot away with a sarong in your wardrobe. The sarong dress is the epitome of effortless elegance, making you stand out even during a plush united first class travel.

    How to Knot a Sarong into a Sundress

    1. Hold your sarong at your back, horizontally.
    2. Bring the top ends together at chest level.
    3. Then, tie them into a knot, securing your chic sarong sundress!
    4. Casual and Formal Style Tips for Your Sarong Dress

      Pair this with flat sandals and a sun hat for afternoon lounging or dress it up with heels and statement jewelry for an evening dinner. Remember, while the sarong dress might be casual, you can style it up into a formal one with the right accessories.

      Converting Your Sarong into a Chic Top

      A sarong can also conveniently become a stylish top, a perfect accompaniment for your jeans or shorts during a summer day out!

      Instructions on Creating a Sarong Top

      1. Hold your sarong vertically and wrap it around your body from the back.
      2. Cross the ends over your chest.
      3. Tie them at the back of your neck, and voila! You have a chic sarong top!
      4. Coordinating Your Sarong Top with Bottom Garments

        A sarong top pairs well with almost anything, but for a chic summer look, pair it with high-waisted shorts and strappy sandals. Or, for a more polished look, opt for boot-cut jeans, a wide-brim hat, and chunky heeled sandals.

        ZAFUL Textured Tie Side Beach Sarong OneLight Coffee

        ZAFUL Textured Tie Side Beach Sarong OneLight Coffee


        The ZAFUL Textured Tie Side Beach Sarong, in One Light Coffee, offers a light, drapey and effortlessly stylish accessory perfect for beach or poolside looks. Made from soft, breathable material, this sarong features a textured design which adds a touch of elegance to your swimwear. With versatile tie sides, it can be easily adjusted to flatter every body type, providing coverage and fashion simultaneously.

        This stunning sarong in a neutral light coffee shade is designed to complement a wide range of bikinis or one-piece suits. Its large size means it fits comfortably around the hips and can also be wrapped and worn in multiple ways – as a dress, skirt or even a shawl. Despite its generous size, it folds up compactly, making it easy and light to package in your handbag or beach tote.

        The ZAFUL Textured Tie Side Beach Sarong promises to be a chic addition to your summer wardrobe. It’s a functional and fashionable choice that is ideal for casual beach strolls, alfresco dining, or just lounging by the pool. This accessible essential will amp up your beach style, and also makes an excellent gift for women of all ages.

        How to Use a Sarong as a Light Shawl

        Your sarong can also double as a light shawl, ensuring you stay warm on those breezy beach nights or during a crisp morning walk in a city in Montana.

        Rolling and Draping Your Sarong into a Shawl

        Simply roll your sarong and drape it over your shoulders. You can either let it hang loose or tie the ends in front for a more secure fit.

        Matching Your Sarong Shawl with Outfits and Accessories

        A sarong shawl works well with a simple summer dress or a chic tank top and jeans combo. Add in a pair of summer sandals and a straw hat for a complete, vacation-ready look.

        Image 8861

        Adapting Your Sarong into a Unique Headscarf

        Lastly, this all-rounder garment can morph into a trendy headscarf. Whether you want to protect your hair from the summer sun or add some oomph to your outfit, a sarong headscarf is a chic way to do it.

        Wrapping Techniques for a Sarong Headscarf

        1. Fold your sarong diagonally into a triangle.
        2. Place the folded edge against your forehead.
        3. Take the two ends and tie them at the back of your head.
        4. Complementing Your Look with a Sarong Headscarf

          A sarong headscarf is a perfect statement piece, so keep the rest of your get-up simple. Pair it with a maxi dress or a simple tee-and-shorts combo for a chill beachy look.

          Sarong Pareo
          Origin South East Asia and Indian subcontinent Western
          Material Various, depends on usage Western fabric
          Usage Several purposes including clothing, blanket, towel, privacy screen, swim cover up, bed sheet, baby blanket, scarf, ceremonial dress Primarily used as a beach or swim cover up
          Design Traditional and diverse, often geometric or abstract patterns Vibrant colours, often in floral designs
          Weight Varies with purpose and material Can be heavier or lighter depending on style
          Cultural Relevance Highly common for casual home wear among men of numerous ethnicities and religions in countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and much of the Indian subcontinent. Malay men also wear it during Friday mosque prayers Represents the lifestyle of an island.
          Availability Common in South East Asia and Indian subcontinent Common in Western countries and islands

          Caring for Your Sarong: Essential Tips and Tricks

          Just like any beloved item, your sarong deserves proper care to maintain its vibrancy and longevity.

          Pieces Sarong Coverups for Women Bathing Suit Wrap Swimsuit Skirt Beach Bikini Cover Up Swimwear Chiffon (Black and White)

          Pieces Sarong Coverups for Women Bathing Suit Wrap Swimsuit Skirt Beach Bikini Cover Up Swimwear Chiffon (Black and White)


          The Pieces Sarong Coverups for Women is a stylish and versatile addition to your summer wardrobe. Crafted from a lightweight, flowy chiffon, this black and white sarong can be used as a wrap, a swimsuit skirt, or a beach bikini coverup. Its flexible design allows you to style and modify it according to your personal preference and body type, offering a flattering silhouette no matter how you choose to wear it. It’s the perfect accessory for any summertime look, from a day lounging poolside to a stroll along the beachside promenade.

          This sarong coverup exhibits a classic black and white design, offering a universally flattering color palette that can effortlessly complement any swimsuit design and color. Its high-quality chiffon material is soft against the skin, ensuring comfort while maintaining a light and breezy feel. It enhances its practical utility by providing a decent amount of coverage, ideal for those times when you want to step away from the water for drinks or snacks without fully changing out of your swimwear.

          With the Pieces Sarong Coverups for Women, you not only add a touch of elegance to your beachwear but also ensure versatility in its use. It is easy to wear, quick to dry, and can easily be packed in your luggage without unnecessary bulk, making it a must-have item for any beach, pool, or vacation outing. Use it as a bathing suit wrap, an elegant swimsuit skirt, or a chic bikini cover-up to enhance your style statement this summer.

          Cleaning and Preserving the Colors of Your Sarong

          Ensure a gentle hand-wash for your sarong using mild detergents. Rinse it thoroughly and let it dry naturally without wringing the cloth. This care will keep the colors of your sarong bright as a Gilf.

          The Right Way to Fold and Store Your Sarong

          To store your sarong, fold it into quarters, then roll it up gently to prevent creases. It occupies minimal space and is perfect for a quick grab-and-go situation!

          Image 8862

          The Future of the Sarong: A Prediction

          Just like it has in the past, the sarong will continue to revolutionize the fashion industry. The millennials’ penchant for sustainability, combined with the heightened appreciation of cultural diversity in mainstream fashion, will weave the course of the sarong into a globally recognized piece of attire.

          Sarong Trends to Watch Out for in the Coming Years

          The sarong is stepping out of its traditional mold, embracing contemporary styles, prints, and cuts. It’s becoming the “new-kid-on-the-block” of modern minimalist fashion, with muted hues and organic materials trending in the sarong-sphere.

          How the Sarong Could Revolutionize the Fashion Industry

          The sheer versatility of the sarong is not just its strength, but also its revolutionary potential. By acting as a ten-in-one garment, the sarong could redefine the fashion industry by emphasizing sustainability and versatility over fast-fashion.

          Ekouaer Womens Apparel, Pieces, Short Sarongs Sheer Cover Ups Chiffon Bikini Bathing Suit for Swimwear, A black white, Medium

          Ekouaer Womens Apparel, Pieces, Short Sarongs Sheer Cover Ups Chiffon Bikini Bathing Suit for Swimwear, A black white, Medium


          The Ekouaer Women’s Apparel makes an exquisite addition to your usual swimwear collection with its chic Short Sarongs Sheer Cover Ups. Available in a versatile black and white color combo, this medium-sized apparel is a must-have for all style-conscious women. Made from superior chiffon material, it effortlessly blends comfort and style, giving you a lovely ensemble for beach outings and pool parties.

          The sheer fabric of the sarong imbues a touch of sensuality to your overall beach look, effortlessly taking it up a notch. Coupled with any bikini bathing suit, it offers just the right amount of coverage without compromising on style. Furthermore, the light and airy chiffon material ensures that the sarong does not stick to your body when wet, providing comfort and ease during all your summer escapades.

          The Ekouaer Short Sarongs Sheer Cover Up perfectly encapsulates the essence of stylish beachwear with its simple tie-up design. Easy to put on and take off, it serves as a versatile piece of apparel that can be paired up with a variety of swimsuits. Whether you are sunbathing by the beach, enjoying a pool party or cruising along the coast, this sheer sarong is sure to turn heads and accentuate your swimwear in a classy way.

          Elegantly Wrapping Up Your Sarong Story

          In conclusion, the sarong is a style-statement maker and a travel-friendly wardrobe essential. It’s a testament to the timelessness of cultural heritage and a flag-bearer of sustainable fashion. Whether you’re planning a fancy getaway or forecasting a fashion future, the sarong punctuates every narrative with its distinct charm. So, in your next travel-to-do list or fashion forecast, remember to include this versatile marvel, and you’ll be surprised how much difference a piece of cloth can make!

          What is the purpose of a sarong?

          Well, hold your horses because I’m about to tell you the purpose of a sarong. Simply put, a sarong is a large tube or length of fabric, often wrapped around the waist and worn as a skirt by men and women throughout the Polynesian islands. It serves a functional yet stylish purpose and is often paired with summer or beach outfits.

          What culture wears sarong?

          Tell you what, it ain’t just one culture wearing sarongs. Originating in Southeast Asia, they are commonly donned throughout various countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and even the chilly British Isles in Scotland. They’re worldwide!

          How do you wrap a Hawaiian sarong?

          Wrapping a Hawaiian sarong, fella, is a walk in the park. Spread out that colorful piece of fabric, wrap it around your waist, and secure it with a funky knot or buckle at the side or center. Voilà, that’s your style checked in!

          What is the difference between a pareo and a sarong?

          Hold up, are you confused about a pareo and a sarong? Don’t sweat it, it’s just a different name for the same thing. Essentially, a pareo is the Tahitian word for a wraparound skirt and a sarong is from Malaysia. Pretty much the same, ain’t they?

          What is worn under a sarong?

          Now let’s talk about what’s worn under a sarong. Honestly, it’s subjective. Some folks opt for shorts, swimsuits, or underwear, while others embrace a breezy, au natural style. No judgement here!

          Are sarongs in style 2023?

          As for sarongs being in style in 2023, you bet they are! Sarongs have endured as a fashion staple and are touted as an essential summer accessory. They’re chill, comfy, and cute to boot.

          What is a male sarong called?

          Did you know there’s a male version of the sarong? Yep! In certain cultures like in Sri Lanka, men wear a version called a sarama or sarong. Now, isn’t that cool?

          What do Hawaiians call a sarong?

          Interesting fact, Hawaiians actually call a sarong a “pareo.” The design and the creativity that goes into it are uniquely representative of Hawaiian culture.

          What is the difference between a sarong and a sari?

          Comparing a sarong to a sari, there’s more going on than what meets the eye. While they’re both worn traditionally by women, a sarong is more of an everyday, beachwear item. In contrast, a sari is an elaborate, ceremoniously worn attire in Indian culture.

          Can you use a scarf as a sarong?

          Get this: you can totally use a scarf as a sarong! As long as it’s wide and long enough, wrap that beauty around, tie a knot, and bam—you’ve got yourself a makeshift sarong.

          How do you wear a sarong over a swimsuit?

          So, you want to wear a sarong over a swimsuit? Easy-peasy, wrap it around your waist or chest, secure with a knot and bob’s your uncle! You’re beach-ready in seconds!

          What are Hawaiian scarves called?

          In Hawaii, scarves are often referred to as “Hawaiian Lei”. And no, they aren’t worn around the neck for warmth. Rather, they are a symbol of affection or friendship, often made from local flowers or leaves.

          What is a batik sarong?

          Curious about a batik sarong? They’re typically traditional Indonesian sarongs that have been dyed using the batik method. This involves a wax-resist dyeing technique which creates intricate, colorful patterns. They’re a sight for sore eyes!

          What size should a sarong be?

          The size of a sarong you ask? There’s no hard and fast rule to it. Most are about 2 yards long, but as long as it wraps comfortably around your body and ties securely, it’s a good fit.

          What is a Polynesian sarong called?

          Ever heard of a Polynesian sarong? It’s called a “lavalava.” You see, in Polynesian culture, both men and women wear colorful, often floral printed lavalavas.

          Do men wear anything under a sarong?

          Men wearing a sarong often don’t wear anything underneath, but it varies with personal comfort and cultural norms. In some cultures, men might prefer to wear shorts or underwear beneath their sarong.

          What is a sarong in Hawaii?

          A sarong in Hawaii is known by the local name “pareo.” Styled in numerous patterns, colors, and prints, it encapsulates the vibrant Hawaiian spirit.

          Why do Indians wear sarong?

          Now, let’s jump to India. Men in South India wear sarongs known as “mundu” or “lungi.” It’s not just about looking good, but beating the heat, and let me tell ya, it does the job well.

          Why do you wear a sarong in Bali?

          In Bali, wearing a sarong is a mark of respect. When visiting a temple or a sacred place, both men and women drape a sarong to show reverence. And they do look rather snazzy, if I say so myself!



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