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Best Sand Cloud Towel: 5 Amazing Picks

As the travel aficionados dust off their passports and sunhats, gearing up for the next coastal adventure, a new ally emerges from the sea of beach essentials. Enter the sand cloud towel – the epitome of beachside luxury and practicality. But hold onto your sunnies, beachgoers; not all sand cloud towels are created equal. Let’s dive into the depths of these remarkable towels and resurface with the crème de la crème that ensure your seaside retreat remains as pristine as a secluded paradise.

The Rising Popularity of Sand Cloud Towels: A Phenomenon Explained

When you first lay eyes on a Sand Cloud towel, you might wonder how a simple accessory could spark such a fanfare. Well, there’s no mirage here; the allure is real. The brand’s mission and ethos turn heads as swiftly as a sunset sail on the Amalfi Coast – with a commitment to not just quality, but the well-being of our oceans too. It’s clear that these towels are woven with more than just threads; they’re interlaced with purpose and passion.

Sand Cloud doesn’t just talk the talk – they swim the big blue, donating a share of their profits to marine conservation efforts. It isn’t merely a brand; it’s a movement, one where every purchase contributes towards a healthier, bluer planet. This is sustainable consumerism at its most heartfelt – and savvy travelers are eager to be part of it.

But it’s not all about philanthropy; practicality and the allure of a premium product play their parts. Here are the key features that have sun-lovers swapping out their conventional towels for a Sand Cloud:

– Sand-free design – because bringing the beach home in your bag is overrated.

– Fast drying – time is precious, especially when it’s your leisure time.

– Lightweight and travel-friendly – embrace minimalist travel, because less really can be more.

Sand Cloud Turkish Bath Towels Bundle for Bathroom, Set of (Terra Sage) Large Size % Certified Organic Cotton Yarn is Lightweight, Soft & Absorbent Premium Bath & Hand Towels Dry Faster

Sand Cloud Turkish Bath Towels Bundle for Bathroom, Set of (Terra Sage)   Large Size   % Certified Organic Cotton Yarn is Lightweight, Soft & Absorbent   Premium Bath & Hand Towels Dry Faster


Elevate your bathing experience with the Sand Cloud Turkish Bath Towels Bundle in the serene Terra Sage color. Crafted from 100% certified organic cotton yarn, this luxurious towel set is not only eco-friendly but also gentle on your skin. The large-sized premium bath towels promise to wrap you in softness, offering a cozy embrace after a relaxing shower or bath. Their lightweight design ensures they are easy to handle, while still being highly absorbent to effortlessly wick away moisture.

The sophisticated Terra Sage shade of the towel set adds a touch of earthy elegance to any bathroom decor. The Sand Cloud Turkish Towels have been meticulously woven to create a plush texture that feels indulgent against your skin. While traditional towels can take ages to dry, these organic cotton towels are engineered to dry faster, reducing the chances of mildew and odors and keeping them fresh for your next use. Their durability and quick-dry nature make them not just a stylish choice, but a practical one too.

Completing the bundle is a matching set of hand towels that continue the theme of luxury and eco-consciousness. They are perfect for guests or daily use, maintaining the aesthetic flow from bath to hand towel. The entire Sand Cloud Turkish Bath Towil set provides you with an effective and elegant solution to your bathing needs, seamlessly blending function with upscale design. With their superior softness, absorption, and faster drying capabilities, these towels offer a sustainable way to pamper yourself daily.

Evaluating the Best Sand Cloud Towel: Criteria Used in Our Ranking

Sure, a towel that supports ocean creatures is grand, but it’s also got to tick the boxes on individual needs. Picture yourself post-abs workout on a secluded beach – you crave comfort and superior drying capabilities. Here’s how we’ve sifted through the plethora of options like sourcing the perfect seashell:

Material quality and comfort: A must for that soft embrace after a cool swim.

Absorbency and quick-dry features: Essential after plunging into the sea or post-shower after a salty dip.

Durability and ease of maintenance: No one fancies a towel that quits after a few seaside escapades or flounders after a spin in the washer.

Design and style variety: Whether you’re sunbathing by the chic shores of Disney Springs Hotels or enjoying a picnic at a local park, style is key.

Customer reviews and testimonies: Nothing like a hearty recommendation to ease the mind.

Price and value for money: Because smart luxury travelers know it’s all about the experience-per-dollar ratio.

Image 19699

Feature Description
Material 100% Organic Turkish Cotton Yarn
Texture Super soft and very absorbent; becomes softer with every wash.
Design Available in various patterns, including a unique tie-dye (Wanderlust) design.
Sand-Free Designed to shake off sand easily for a cleaner use at the beach.
Quick Drying Fast drying capabilities which benefactors find convenient for back-to-back use.
Lightweight and Compact Easy to pack and carry, making it suitable for travel and minimizing space in luggage.
Versatility Can be used as a beach towel, picnic blanket, throw, or even as a sarong. Highly adaptable for various scenarios.
Dimensions (Typical Size Range – might not be on all designs)
Price Point Considered high, yet users find value in the versatile and durable nature of the towel.
Maintenance Machine wash on delicate/gentle, cold water with like colors, hang to dry recommended, tumble dry low acceptable, no bleach, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets.
Environmentally Friendly Made with organic materials, aligning with eco-conscious values.
Business Impact Featured on Shark Tank (Season 8), resulting in increased web traffic and sales post-episode airing.
Investment Utilization The $200k investment from Robert Herjavec was used for website enhancements and inventory restocking.
Customer Feedback Positive feedback regarding softness, absorbency, and functionality, with some limitations on compactness post-use noted.
Gift Potential Marketed as an ultimate gift for its unique features and versatility.

1. The Quintessential Choice: The Classic Sand Cloud Towel Reviewed

Let’s start with the gold standard. The Classic Sand Cloud towel is the stuff of beach daydreams. It transcends the average beach towel – with a versatile design that’s served travelers from all walks of life, like a trusted leather suitcase that’s seen the corners of the world.

We’ve seen it in action, from the stylish loungers by the pool to the jetsetters using it as a chic cover-up. Travel gurus even compare its versatility to that of Movies With Jamie lee curtis – adept at playing any role to perfection.

On comparison with other towels, Classic Sand Cloud practically floats on water, metaphorically speaking. Its ability to shake off the sand with a simple flick and fold neatly into any travel ensemble makes it, certainly, a preferred choice among beachgoers.

2. Luxurious Comfort: The Premium Sand Cloud Towel Range

For those who embody the epitome of ‘travel in style’ philosophy, akin to indulging in Nike Air Force 1 black sneakers, the Premium Sand Cloud Towel Range beckons. This selection elevates beach lounging to levels akin to a crisp glass of champagne on a private yacht – it’s that deluxe.

The premium range features textures softer than whispers and as indulgent as the finest Priyanka Chopra Movies And TV Shows that transport you to another realm. These towels are whispering tales of Turkish cotton lure – as seductive to the touch as Mediterranean zephyrs on sunkissed skin.

The range brims with luxury, yet never ebbs on functionality. Despite being a high-end pick, the consensus is clear as a Maldivian lagoon: they’re worth every penny of your travel fund.

Sand Cloud Turkish Beach Towel Sand Proof % Certified Organic Turkish Towel Quick Dry Towel for Beach, Blanket or Bath Towel As Seen on Shark Tank Mandala Sea Turtle Green

Sand Cloud Turkish Beach Towel   Sand Proof   % Certified Organic Turkish Towel   Quick Dry Towel for Beach, Blanket or Bath Towel   As Seen on Shark Tank   Mandala Sea Turtle Green


Experience the elegance and earth-friendly luxury of the Sand Cloud Turkish Beach Towel, your perfect companion for beach days, picnics, and home comfort. Crafted from 100% certified organic Turkish cotton, this towel boasts the superior softness and absorbency Turkey is known for, coupled with eco-conscious sustainability. Adorned with a charming Mandala Sea Turtle design in a vibrant green, this towel doesn’t just cater to functionality but also adds a touch of serene beauty to your beach or bath experience. As seen on Shark Tank, its reputation for quality and style precedes it, ensuring youre investing in a product that’s both admired and entrepreneurial.

This lightweight towel is the ultimate travel must-have, fitting snugly in your beach bag or suitcase without taking up too much space. Quick-drying properties mean saying goodbye to damp, heavy towels after a swim; the Sand Cloud Turkish Towel is designed to dry rapidly, making it perfect for back-to-back uses throughout your sun-soaked days. The tightly woven fibers translate to a durable, long-lasting towel that stands up to repeated washes and constant use. Plus, its sand-proof design shakes off beach sand easily, keeping you and your surroundings clean and hassle-free.

Not just for the shore, the versatile Sand Cloud towel doubles as an elegant throw or blanket, bringing a piece of coastal charm to your home decor. It can effortlessly transition into a luxurious bath towel, wrapping you in its expansive, lightweight warmth after a relaxing shower or bath. Socially conscious consumers will relish in the fact that a portion of every purchase goes towards marine conservation, allowing them to support environmental efforts while enjoying top-tier quality. Embrace a touch of sustainability, style, and seaside serenity with this exquisite Mandala Sea Turtle Green towel, an essential for nature lovers and beachgoers alike.

3. The Eco-Warrior’s Pick: Sustainable Sand Cloud Towel Options

In our greener world, not just any towel will do. We need one that helps the planet as much as it comforts our sun-soaked bodies. The Sustainable Sand Cloud Towel Options embody this ideal with gusto.

Crafted from sustainable materials that would make even Mother Nature herself nod in approval, the eco-friendly designs are a hit with eco-warriors. And these designs don’t compromise on effectiveness – they’re quick-drying, sand- and grime-resistant, and fold up easily into any bag or backpack, echoing the feeling of slipping on your favorite platform Sneakers For Women; they are just inherently right.

Users report they’re as robust as a seasoned traveler’s spirit and imbued with a softness that rivals that of an affectionate embrace. The environmental impact? As minimal as the space they occupy in your backpack.

Image 19700

4. The Versatile Performer: The Sand Cloud Towel for Every Occasion

Picnic blanket, swim cover-up, yoga mat – the versatility of the Sand Cloud Towel rivals even that of the little black dress. It celebrates the wanderlust that thrives within us all, ready for every plot twist and turn of our travel narratives.

It adapists seamlessly to varied lifestyles, whether you’re unwinding in a lotus pose or simply catching a break in between travels. The Sand Cloud Towel has stories draped within its fibers – tales that stitch together yoga retreats, movie nights under the stars, and impromptu coastal toddles.

Testimonials likens its adaptability to a day hopping through movies with Jamie Lee Curtis – you’re guaranteed entertainment, comfort, and a touch of flair regardless of the genre or scene.

PAMUKLU Cloud Oversized Beach Towel Sand Resistant, Quick Drying, Compact, Soft and Absorbent % Organic Turkish Cotton for Pool, Yoga, Travel, Outdoor Adventures, and Gifts (Blue S)

PAMUKLU Cloud Oversized Beach Towel   Sand Resistant, Quick Drying, Compact, Soft and Absorbent   % Organic Turkish Cotton   for Pool, Yoga, Travel, Outdoor Adventures, and Gifts (Blue S)


Enjoy the plush comfort of the PAMUKLU Cloud Oversized Beach Towel, the ultimate companion for all your aquatic escapades and outdoor activities. Crafted from %100 organic Turkish cotton, this premium towel offers not only a luxuriously soft touch but also the peace of mind that comes with using eco-friendly materials. The oversized dimensions ensure ample coverage and comfort whether youre lounging by the pool, practicing yoga, or simply enjoying the sandy beach. Its eye-catching blue shade captures the essence of the ocean and is sure to stand out during your outdoor adventures.

Not only does this towel boast a delightful softness, but it is also designed with functionality in mind. Sand-resistant properties mean that you can say goodbye to bringing the beach home with you; a gentle shake is all it takes to leave those pesky grains behind. The quick-drying feature is perfect for those who are always on the move, reducing waiting times and keeping your towel fresh for the next use. Being compact when folded, the PAMUKLU Cloud Oversized Beach Towel fits easily into any travel or beach bag, making it a hassle-free accessory for any trip.

Gifting has never been more thoughtful and useful than with the PAMUKLU Cloud Oversized Beach Towel. Whether it’s for the avid traveler in your life, a yoga enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys weekend getaways, this towel is a versatile and cherished present. Its softness and absorbency offer a touch of luxury, while the durable construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Gift the experience of comfort, practicality, and style all wrapped into one with this unique, organic Turkish cotton towel.

5. The Wanderlust Companion: Sand Cloud Towel for Travelers

Travelers, the nomads treading paths less trodden, resonate with the Sand Cloud Towel for its light-as-air presence and unmatched pliability. Packing it is as effortless as choosing your next destination on a whirlwind globe-trot.

During a sun-soaked sojourn in Hawaii, one traveler mentioned how the towel perfectly complemented their minimalist packing approach – though it didn’t fold up as small as anticipated post-use, its quick-drying properties and ease of shaking off the sand earned it earnest praise.

Another adventurer wrapped it around their waist, using it as a sarong after a refreshing ocean dip – a testament to its multifaceted nature. Sand Cloud Towels don’t just accompany travelers; they morph fluidly into whatever they need it to be.

Image 19701

Expert Tips: Caring for Your Sand Cloud Towel for Longevity

To maintain this travel companion’s vitality, consider these pearls of wisdom direct from the manufacturers and seasoned users:

– Machine wash on delicate with cold water and similar colors.

– Air-drying is best, but a tumble dry on low won’t ruffle its fibers.

– Evade the use of harsh agents like bleach, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets.

Following these guidelines is akin to nurturing a prized possession – one that only becomes more cherished with time.

Customer Insights: The Sand Cloud Towel Experience in Review

Sifting through customer insights is like people-watching at an international terminal – everyone has a story, and each is worth hearing. From the exuberant praise like “super soft and very absorbent!” to practical notes on portability and versatility, the verdict on the Sand Cloud towel leans heavily towards the positive.

Reviewers gush over the compactness and effective drying, likening it to unearthing hidden treasures or seizing a sought-after abs workout routine that’s both challenging and rewarding. Brand response to feedback hasn’t gone unnoticed either, with each thoughtful improvement cementing customer loyalty deeper than the sand beneath our toes.

Market Analysis: Sand Cloud Towel in the Competitive Landscape

In the arena of beach accessories, Sand Cloud towels gnarl their flag with conviction, after a post-Shark Tank boom that sent tides of traffic to their website. Their turkish Towels are not just another product on the shelf; they stand tall, a lighthouse amongst candles, especially when pitted against the competition.

They’ve held their own in sales trends and market share, proving that innovation combined with consumer understanding is as powerful as the rolling waves.

Conclusion: Wrapping Up Our Sand Cloud Towel Expedition

We’ve navigated the waters and emerged with the top 5 Sand Cloud towel picks, each with their tales to tell and promises to keep. The classic, the premium, the sustainable, the versatile, and the traveler’s companion – all boast unique selling propositions that extend beyond their threads.

Opting for a Sand Cloud towel isn’t just about the functionality; it’s a statement. It’s the choice to support social responsibility, champion sustainability, and become part of a community that cherishes our oceans.

So as we fold up this guide, think not just about the towel you’ll lay on your beach chair, but about the world you wish to see from that chair. Consider the impact of a simple choice, and let the ripple of that decision spread as wide as the ocean itself. Bon voyage, and happy towel hunting!

Dive Into the World of Sand Cloud Towels!

Who doesn’t love a good beach day, with the sun beaming down, waves lapping at the shore, and your trusty sand cloud towel keeping the pesky grains at bay? Brace yourself for a fun-filled trivia sesh about these amazing beach companions. And, hey, you might just find your new must-have for a sunny getaway!

The Ingenious Fabric of Fun

First thing’s first, let’s chat about what makes a sand cloud towel practically a beach genie. Unlike your standard terry cloth number, these babies are made from a microfiber blend. This means they’re like the superhero of towels – quick to dry and miraculously repellant to sand! Just a simple shake, and voila, you’re sand-free. It’s no wonder they’ve become a beachgoer’s dream!

Ah, but there’s more! These towels are not just about functionality. They’re also a statement piece with their vibrant patterns and colors that can make any mermaid jealous. Plus, they’re lightweight and compact, perfect for those who pack like they’re escaping Alcatraz for a weekend jaunt – gotta leave room for the important stuff.

From Beach to Barbecue Bliss

Okay, let’s look past the beach because these towels have a rep for being crazy versatile. Hosting a spur-of-the-moment barbecue or a sunset picnic? Your trusty sand cloud towel transforms from your beach partner in crime to your picnic blanket extraordinaire. You’ll be the talk of the park with your trendy setup, I promise!

Eco-Friendly and Fab

Pause for a cause – and this is a cool one. Sand cloud towels are more than just eye candy; they’re about loving our planet. These beach buddies often boast an eco-friendly badge, made from sustainable materials. Who knew drying off could make Mother Earth smile, right?

Towel? More Like Lifesaver!

Let’s not forget the nifty side of things. Ever got stuck without a “changing room”? Well, your sand cloud towel is here to save the day! Wrap, tuck, and you’ve got yourself a makeshift changing cubicle. Handy for those impromptu swims or if you’ve had a run-in with an unexpectedly large wave – we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Your New Best Friend

But wait, there’s more! If you’ve ever wondered how you could use these fantastic towels in your daily life, here’s something that’ll knock your flip-flops off. A sand cloud towel can double up as an exercise mat! Yup, for those beach yoga sessions or if you want to get a quick workout in before you hit the waves, this towel’s got your back. And when you’re parched from all that stretching and flexing, why not take a swig from your equally eco-friendly Insulated water bottle? Hydration – check!

Chatting Up a Storm

If you’re itching to know more or share a piece of your mind, guess what? There’s an open ai Chatbot that’s a earful away, ready to dive deep into the world of sand cloud towels with you. Isn’t technology marvelous?

A Little More Than a Towel

By now, I bet you’re convinced that these sand cloud towels are more than just a spot to park yourself on the beach. They’re a beach day ninja, your secret to living that vacay life to the fullest. Plus, they’re helping to keep the planet cool. That’s the kind of multitasking we like, right?

So, there you have it! Dive into the sand cloud towel life, and, trust me, you’ll be wrapping yourself in a slice of beach heaven. Splashes, laughs, and good vibes – here you come!

Sand Cloud Turkish Beach Towel Sand Free % Organic Turkish Cotton Yarn Quick Dry Towel for Beach, Picnic Blanket or Throw As Seen on Shark Tank Mandala (Mint)

Sand Cloud Turkish Beach Towel   Sand Free   % Organic Turkish Cotton Yarn   Quick Dry Towel for Beach, Picnic Blanket or Throw   As Seen on Shark Tank   Mandala (Mint)


The Sand Cloud Turkish Beach Towel, as seen on Shark Tank, exemplifies stylish practicality for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. This towel, woven with 100% organic Turkish cotton yarn, promises a luxuriously soft touch that is gentle on the skin and safe for the environment. The unique Mandala design in a soothing mint hue accents its quality and adds a touch of elegance to your beach or picnic experience. Furthermore, thanks to its generous size, it can easily double as a throw or picnic blanket, providing versatile use for any outing.

Designed with functionality in mind, the Sand Cloud Turkish Beach Towel offers a quick-dry feature, allowing it to be ready for use shortly after being drenched or washed. This quick-dry characteristic, paired with the towel’s sand-free technology, means you can leave the beach without bringing half of it back with you, keeping your car and home clean. Its lightweight and compact nature also ensures easy packing and transport, making it an indispensable accessory for travel or spontaneous trips to the shore. Whether you’re lounging under the sun or enjoying a meal outdoors, this towel provides comfort without the fuss.

With a commitment to sustainability and style, owning a Sand Cloud Turkish Beach Towel is more than just owning a towelit means you’re part of a movement toward eco-friendly practices and beach conservation. The company prides itself on donating a portion of profits to preserve marine life, aligning your purchase with a worthy cause. The towel’s durability is a testament to the quality craftsmanship, ensuring your beach days are enjoyed on a product that lasts season after season. When you choose this Mandala Mint beach towel, you are not just making an environmental statement, but also elevating your beach experience with superior comfort and design.

Are Sand Cloud towels really worth it?

Well, here goes nothing! Sand Cloud towels have been making some serious waves, and folks seem to agree they’re a solid bang for your buck. Sure, they might be a tad pricier than your run-of-the-mill beach towel, but with their eco-friendly mission and unique designs, many are shouting from the rooftops that these towels are worth every penny!

What makes Sand Cloud towels special?

Ah, Sand Cloud towels have got a few tricks up their sleeve! They aren’t just pretty as a picture; they’re as special as finding a seashell in your pocket long after a beach day. Made from sustainable materials, each purchase supports marine conservation. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to wrap themselves in a towel that’s doing some good for our blue planet?

How did Sand Cloud do after Shark Tank?

After diving into the Shark Tank, Sand Cloud swam out with a sweet deal and they’ve been riding the wave of success ever since! The company didn’t just survive after the show – it thrived, and their sales soared like a seagull after a fish. You’ve gotta tip your hat to that kind of hustle!

Can you put a Sandcloud towel in the dryer?

Hang on to your hats, ’cause you can put a Sand Cloud towel in the dryer! Just make sure to tumble dry on low heat. Think of it like sunbathing – a gentle warm-up is all it needs. Too much heat and you might just have a shrinkage situation on your hands.

Are Sand Cloud towels just turkish towels?

Alright, let’s set the record straight. Sand Cloud towels might share the same luxurious feel as Turkish towels, but they come with their own flair and a mission to boot. While they’re both quick-drying and snazzy, Sand Cloud adds a splash of giving back to the ocean, making every towel a little more than just your average Turkish delight!

Should you wash Sand Cloud towels before use?

Before you hit the sand, it’s a smart cookie move to wash those Sand Cloud towels. Just a quick rinse cycle and you’re good to go! It’s like priming a canvas before painting; you’ve gotta prep it to perfection for the best beach day experience.

Do Sand Cloud towels dry quickly?

Fast as a greyhound, Sand Cloud towels dry quicker than a dad joke at the dinner table. They’re thin, they’re light, and they’ll be bone-dry in a snap, so you won’t have to lug a soggy towel around.

Does sand stick to Sand Cloud towels?

Well, you’re in luck! Sand does a magic act with these towels – it shakes right off. No more bringing half the beach home with you, stuck to your towel like gum on a shoe!

Do Sand Cloud towels float on water?

Umm, nope, Sand Cloud towels don’t double as a floatie. They’re quick-drying and light as a feather, but when it comes to buoyancy, they’re no Jack Sparrow’s ship.

What was the most successful item on Shark Tank?

Hook, line, and sinker, the most successful item to come out of “Shark Tank” is the Scrub Daddy. This smiling sponge has cleaned up in sales, leaving everyone else in the show’s history in the, well, suds!

What is the highest earning product from Shark Tank?

The top dog, the cream of the crop in “Shark Tank” history, has to be the eco-friendly sponge Scrub Daddy. This cheerful cleaning gadget has scrubbed its way to the highest earnings ever from the show!

What is the biggest Shark Tank company turned down?

Topping the list of “the one that got away,” the biggest Shark Tank company turned down has to be Ring. Talk about a missed opportunity; this doorbell camera business went on to become a security sensation!

Do Sand Cloud towels stain?

Hold your horses – Sand Cloud towels aren’t immune to stains, but they do handle spills and splotches like a champ. Treat stains quick and your towel will stay spiffy longer than your favorite pair of flip-flops.

How heavy are Sand Cloud towels?

Light as a feather and nifty to boot, Sand Cloud towels won’t weigh down your beach bag. They tip the scales at just about a pound, so you can bring the whole caboodle and still travel light!

Do Sand Cloud towels bleed?

Bleeding colors? Not on Sand Cloud’s watch! These towels are designed to keep their cool colors in check – no color run marathons here, but always give ’em a solo wash the first time, just to be on the safe side.

Which is better Teema or Sand Cloud?

When it comes to picking favorites, it’s like choosing between ice cream flavors – some prefer Teema, others swear by Sand Cloud. It’s all about personal taste, but Sand Cloud’s got that give-back-to-the-ocean vibe that hooks a lot of folks!

Do sandless beach towels work?

You bet your bottom dollar, sandless beach towels work! They’ve got a knack for leaving the beach at the beach, which is a win in anyone’s book. It’s like they’ve got an invisible shield against the pesky grains.

What’s so great about Turkish beach towels?

Turkish beach towels are the bees’ knees – they dry faster than your hair in the breeze, are light enough to tote around with ease, and they get softer with each wash – it’s like they aim to please!

Do Sand Cloud towels float on water?

Psst, just a heads-up, we’ve already covered this one earlier, remember? Sand Cloud towels are amazing in many ways, but floating on water isn’t their game. They’re about as buoyant as a rock – but hey, don’t let that sink your boat!

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