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7 Must-See THings to do in St Thomas Marvels

Discover the Top Things to Do in St Thomas for an Unforgettable Caribbean Experience

Draped in the warmth of the Caribbean sun and lapped by azure waters, St Thomas beckons with an allure few can resist. A gem among the U.S. Virgin Islands, it’s a mosaic of stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a kaleidoscope of vibrant marine life that dances beneath the waves. But St Thomas is no one-trick pony; it’s a symphony of cultures, a tapestry of historical threads, and a natural beauty that captures the heart. When it comes to things to do in St Thomas, the island doesn’t just tick the boxes, it embellishes them with a tropical flourish.

Before you pack your 4 person tent and set sail to this island paradise, let’s unearth the seven marvels that will transform your Caribbean escape into the adventure of a lifetime.

Dive into History at Blackbeard’s Castle

Perched atop Government Hill, Blackbeard’s Castle is a stone sentinel that guards the island’s piratical legends. As folktales would have it, the infamous pirate Edward Teach, dubbed Blackbeard, once used this tower as a lookout. Although history might dispute these claims, the spot’s association with swashbuckling rogues is as palpable as the tropical breeze.

As you traverse the ancient stone steps, imagine pirates scanning the horizon for treasure-laden galleons. A guided tour weaves a narrative rich with factual insights, dispelling myths, and painting a vivid picture of the Caribbean’s golden age of piracy. Tip: Don your Multi tool for a day of exploration; it’s the sidekick every modern-day adventurer needs.

P. BLAKE Black St. Saint Thomas Medal Necklace Men Boys, Stainless Steel Catholic Saint Thomas Aquinas Pendant Chain

P. BLAKE Black St. Saint Thomas Medal Necklace Men Boys, Stainless Steel Catholic Saint Thomas Aquinas Pendant Chain


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Activity Description Location Suitable for
1. Beach Hopping Visit the stunning beaches for sunbathing and watersports. Magens Bay, etc. Beach lovers
2. Snorkeling & Diving Explore underwater life at vibrant coral reefs. Coki Beach, etc. Adventurers
3. Hiking Trails Engage in scenic hikes throughout the Virgin Islands National Park. St Thomas and St John Nature enthusiasts
4. Historic Tours Discover the island’s history at various historic sites. 99 Steps, Fort Christian History buffs
5. Shopping in Charlotte Amalie Enjoy duty-free shopping from local vendors and boutiques. Main Street Shoppers
6. Reggae Falls Adventure Journey to the beautiful man-made waterfall and relax. Hillside, St. Thomas Sightseers
7. Kayaking and Paddleboarding Paddle in the calm waters around the island’s coast. Various locations Water sports fans
8. Ecotours and Wildlife Take guided tours to observe the rich flora and fauna. Coral World Ocean Park Wildlife enthusiasts
9. Island Hopping Visit nearby islands like Water Island and St. John. Ferry locations Explorers
10. Culinary Delights Sample diverse cuisines at local eateries and food tours. Throughout the island Foodies
11. Sailing and Boating Charter a yacht or join a sailing tour for a day on the water. Charlotte Amalie Harbor Ocean lovers
12. Parasailing and Jet Skiing Get your adrenaline fix with air and water-based activities. Various beaches Thrill-seekers
13. Spa and Wellness Relax at luxury spas with ocean views for ultimate relaxation. Resort locations Wellness seekers
14. Sunset Cruises Enjoy a romantic or scenic sunset sail around the island. St. Thomas harbor Couples, photographers
15. Zipline Adventure Experience the thrill of ziplining through the lush landscapes. Tree Limin’ Extreme Adventure seekers

Explore the Depths at Coral World Ocean Park

Dive into an underwater wonderland without ever getting wet at Coral World Ocean Park. Gaze through the observatory or take the plunge in a semi-submarine, and come face-to-face with the ocean’s mysteries. From playful sea lions to the delicate ballet of the seahorses, this is a marine spectacle in a league of its own.

Coral World isn’t just an attraction; it’s a testament to conservation. The park’s efforts in marine education and habitat preservation afford visitors a rare opportunity to engage responsibly with nature. As you marvel at sea turtles and stingrays, reflect on the delicate balance of our ecosystems—and how we can help protect them.

Image 22662

Marvel at the Views from Mountain Top

Speaking of views, St Thomas’s Mountain Top offers up scenery that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Forget those gentle monsters” of other tourist hotspots—here, the panoramic vistas of the Caribbean are as intoxicating as the famous banana daiquiris served up in the equally famed bar.

Legend has it, Mountain Top began as a humble market and brewed into a must-see landmark. Head for a lookout spot first thing in the morning or as the sun sets for that golden-hour glow. And hey, if you snag a suede cleaner from our travel essentials, those souvenir shop finds will stay as fresh as your memories.

Relish the Sands and Scenery at Magens Bay Beach

Envision a stretch of sand that feels like a whispered secret between you and the sea—this is Magens Bay Beach. It’s not just any beach; it’s a sliver of paradise shaped by nature’s hand and celebrated as one of Earth’s most beautiful escapes.

But let’s not forget the commitment to preservation; the beach thrives due to a delicate dance between nature and human touch. Through community efforts, this is an Eden where all forms of life flourish—and as a traveler, you play a part. Whether it’s picking up after a beach picnic or respecting local wildlife, every small action helps keep Magens Bay pristine.

Round St. Thomas More Medal with Prayer Card

Round St. Thomas More Medal with Prayer Card


Introducing the Round St. Thomas More Medal with Prayer Card, a beautiful and touching piece that serves as a daily reminder of faith and inspiration. This exquisite medal is meticulously crafted, featuring an embossed image of St. Thomas More, a saint known for his unwavering moral integrity and loyalty to his religious faith, even at the cost of his own life. The medal is made of a durable metal that maintains its lustrous shine, making it an enduring addition to any Christian’s collection of religious items. Each medal comes with a coordinating prayer card bearing a powerful prayer to St. Thomas More for guidance in upholding one’s beliefs with grace and courage.

The reverse side of the medal is elegantly inscribed with the words “Pray for Us,” a humble invocation for St. Thomas More’s intercession in our daily lives. This medal serves not only as a religious accessory but also as a symbol of the virtues of integrity, education, and the pursuit of justice that St. Thomas More exemplified. It has a smooth, round shape, ensuring comfort when worn against the skin or placed in a pocket, and it is sized perfectly for use in rosaries or as part of a collection. The medal is suitable for all ages and occasions, serving as a thoughtful gift for confirmations, feast days, or as an expression of solidarity with those who respect the legal profession and value upstanding moral character.

The accompanying prayer card is printed on high-quality cardstock, featuring a detailed portrait of St. Thomas More that brings his likeness to life with vibrant colors and careful detailing. On the card, the faithful will find a prayer that eloquently petitions for wisdom and fortitude, invoking St. Thomas More’s spirit to help navigate the complexities of moral life. This card can be used in personal devotions or shared with others as a token of shared faith and a source of comfort in challenging times. Whether placed in your Bible, on your desk, or carried with you, this prayer card and medal serve as a beacon of hope and a tangible connection to the communion of saints, encouraging us to live a life worthy of our convictions.

Take a Step Back in Time at Fort Christian

Fort Christian stands sentry over the harbor, a bastion of St Thomas’s storied past. Constructed by Danish settlers in the 17th century, this crimson stronghold has weathered storms and sieges, only to emerge as a symbol of resilience and history.

Within its thick walls lies a treasure trove of artifacts, each with a tale to tell about the island’s colonial chronicles. The Fort Christian Museum is a journey through time, where the stories of Danish garrisons, strategic battles, and cultural exchanges come alive. It’s a narrative that crisscrosses epochs, touching upon St. Thomas’s physical and cultural landmarks.

Image 22663

Experience Vibrant Local Life at the Charlotte Amalie Market

Picture a marketplace bubbling with colors, flavors, and sounds—the Charlotte Amalie Market is a carnival for your senses. In the hustle, artisans hawk handcrafted wares while hawk-eyed spice merchants ply fragrant seasonings native to Caribbean soil. This is where St Thomas’s heart beats the loudest, in the rhythm of local life.

The market isn’t just a shopper’s playground; it’s a vital cog in the island’s economic wheel, supporting families and fostering traditions. For those on the hunt for unique finds, a beautifully handwoven throw or a bottle of homemade hot sauce might be just the ticket. Remember to haggle a little—it’s all part of the experience!

Embark on an Eco-Tour of St Thomas’s Mangroves

Ready to go off the beaten path? Venture into St Thomas’s halo of green, where mangrove forests stand guard over the island’s secrets. These unsung heroes of the coastline safeguard countless species and serve as a sanctuary for juvenile marine life.

Take an eco-tour to slip into a world of quiet streams and whispering leaves, a place where the concept of time seems to retire. It’s a unique lens through which to view St Thomas—a prism that reflects the island’s diverse ecology and its whispered promise of renewal.

A Sail of Two Idiots + Lessons and Laughs from a Non Sailor Who Quit the Rat Race, Took the Helm, and Sailed to a New Life in the Caribbean

A Sail of Two Idiots + Lessons and Laughs from a Non Sailor Who Quit the Rat Race, Took the Helm, and Sailed to a New Life in the Caribbean


“A Sail of Two Idiots” is not merely a book; it’s an adventure narrative infused with humor and the raw honesty of a non-sailor who made a drastic life choice. The protagonist isn’t your typical seafarer, but rather a daring dreamer who decided to quit the exhausting rat race in pursuit of freedom and rejuvenation under the Caribbean sun. With little to no experience on the water, the book chronicles his misadventures and learning curves in an engaging, self-deprecating style that both seasoned sailors and landlubbers alike can enjoy. Readers will find themselves laughing at the blunders, nodding at the universal truths, and inspired by the books sincere underlying message of chasing ones dreams regardless of the obstacles.

The book serves as both a cautionary tale and an inspirational guide, offering a candid look at all the unexpected twists and turns of swapping a stable life on land for the unpredictability of the high seas. Throughout the pages, vital sailing lessons come alive through a comedic lens, demonstrating that the journey is just as important as the destination. Valuable insights for prospective sailors are peppered with sidesplitting anecdotesmaking the process of learning the ropes as enjoyable as it is educational. The author conveys the realities of sailing with self-effacing wit, ensuring that readers are amply entertained while they absorb the practical lessons he learned the hard way.

Ultimately, “A Sail of Two Idiots” is more than a simple chronicle of sailing mishaps; its an exploration of personal transformation set against a backdrop of turquoise waters and tropical breezes. The author’s odyssey illustrates how embracing change and facing fears can lead to a life that one never imagined possible. It’s a vivid reminder that sometimes, in order to find what we didn’t even know we were searching for, we have to set sail into the unknown. The book motivates us to reconsider what it means to live a fulfilled life and encourages taking the helm to navigate toward our own Caribbean dreams, idiocy and all.

St Thomas Awaits with Open Arms

Reflect on the marvels we’ve sauntered through, from the azure depth of Coral World to the hallowed halls of Fort Christian. St Thomas offers a tapestry of experiences, woven with history’s threads, nature’s brushstrokes, and the vibrant hues of Caribbean culture.

Whether beneath the surface of the water or high above on Mountain Top, the island beckons travelers to explore its depths and its heights. Your heart might linger on a beach, but your spirit will soar with the stories and the laughter that echo from the market stalls.

Image 22664

As you chart your journey, bear in mind the importance of leaving a gentle footprint on St. Thomas’s shores. Travel not just with a suitcase, but with awareness and respect for this island that welcomes you with open arms. Don’t just take a trip—embark on an adventure that enriches both the traveler and the treasured destination of St Thomas.

Top Picks for Things to Do in St. Thomas

When you’re island-hopping in the Caribbean, St. Thomas is a must-stop destination with a treasure trove of experiences. Let’s dive into some trivia and fun facts that’ll make your trip to this island unforgettable.

Magens Bay: More Than Just a Pretty Beach

Ah, Magens Bay. It’s not just a beach; it’s an experience. Did you know that this heart-shaped bay is often ranked among the world’s most beautiful beaches? Trust me, it’s like snapping a picture-perfect postcard with every glance. But before you hit those crystal-clear waters, you might want to snag yourself a sweet deal on a waterproof case for your smartphone – after all, even electronics want to take a dip sometimes. Just swing by this Samsung Promo code if you’re in need of a discount. You can thank me later when your phone survives the plunge!

The Buzz of Charlotte Amalie: Shop ‘Til You Drop!

Charlotte Amalie isn’t just any old port town; it’s the buzzing capital of shopping in the Virgin Islands! Picture this: historic buildings filled to the brim with duty-free goodies. You’ll find jewelry, perfumes, electronics – you name it. But don’t forget, haggling is part of the fun here, so bring your A-game. And hey, speaking of deals, those who like a good bargain should definitely take a gander at Bringatrailer. It might just be the perfect place to discover some unexpected treasures and deals that will make your friends green with envy.

The Cool Chill of Coral World Ocean Park

Ready for a wild underwater adventure without getting wet? Coral World Ocean Park is the spot. This marine park offers up-close encounters with sea creatures that’ll have you gasping in awe. Imagine touching starfish or staring down a shark! And when you’re done exploring, you might want to cool off with a yummy ice cream or maybe some chilled beverages. In this tropical heat, keeping things cool is essential. Ever wonder how your hotel keeps that refreshing air flowing? It’s thanks to heroes in the HVAC biz, like united refrigeration, who battle the Caribbean sun to keep things as cool as a cucumber!

Legendary Pirate Tales and Treasures at Blackbeard’s Castle

Ahoy, matey! Blackbeard’s Castle is not just a tower; it’s a step back in time to the era of swashbuckling pirates. Legend has it that the infamous pirate Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard, used this very tower to spot vulnerable ships to plunder. Now, while I can’t promise you’ll find buried treasure here, I bet you’ll unearth rich stories and maybe even capture a ghostly photo or two. Just imagine sharing those snaps with friends, boasting, “Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of fun in St. Thomas!”

Theatre Under the Stars: Pistarckle Theater

Wanna catch a show that’s as enchanting as the island itself? Check out Pistarckle Theater. It’s an amphitheater where the stars aren’t just on stage; they’re twinkling overhead, too. Fancy a bit of culture while you’re sipping your tropical drink? Keep an eye on their schedule—Pistarckle Theater often showcases performances that’ll have you applauding with the palms. And speaking of performances, if you admire great acting, you’ve got to read up on david Hyde pierce. His career is as inspiring as a sunset on this stunning island.

So, there you have it! Armed with these insider tips and fun facts, you’re all set to explore the top things to do in St. Thomas with a bit of extra know-how. Whether you’re into beaches, shopping, marine life, pirate lore, or starlit performances, this Caribbean gem has got it all!

What is there to do in St. Thomas besides the beach?

St. Thomas ain’t just about sunbathing and sandcastles, folks! Get ready to explore beyond the beach with zip-lining adventures at Tree Limin’ Extreme, marveling at marine life at Coral World Ocean Park, and taking a historic stroll through Blackbeard’s Castle. And hey, if you fancy some retail therapy, Charlotte Amalie won’t disappoint with its duty-free shopping spree.

What is St. Thomas best known for?

Oh boy, St. Thomas is like the poster child for picturesque Caribbean getaways, famed for its stunning beaches – think Magens Bay – and luxury yachting scene. Plus, Charlotte Amalie, the capital, is a hotspot for shopping with its duty-free status. It’s a slice of paradise with a side of history, too, thanks to its colonial landmarks.

What do I need to know before going to St. Thomas?

Whoa, hold your horses before hitting the sunny shores of St. Thomas! Remember, driving’s on the left – a quirk for statesiders. It’s US territory, so USD is the way to go, and English is the word. And remember, the sun’s a scorcher, so pack your sunscreen and stay hydrated. It’s a relaxing spot, but keep an ear to the ground for local advice on safety and etiquette.

How many days is enough for St. Thomas?

How long’s a piece of string? But seriously, for St. Thomas, a 4 to 7-day stay should hit the sweet spot. It’ll give you enough time to soak up the sun, dive into the blue, and check out the local scene without rushing through paradise.

What areas to stay away from in St. Thomas?

Not to scare you off, but like any destination, St. Thomas has its less-than-ideal spots. Locals usually advise steering clear of back streets in Charlotte Amalie after dark and being cautious around isolated areas. Keep your wits about you, stay where the tourists thrive, and you’ll be golden.

Is it expensive in St. Thomas Virgin Islands?

Well, I hate to break it to ya, but yes, St. Thomas can be a bit heavy on the wallet. Eating out, accommodations, and activities – it can all add up quicker than a toucan’s flight. But fear not! With smart planning and a keen eye for local gems over tourist traps, you can keep those purse strings tighter than a clam shell.

Do I need a passport for St. Thomas?

US citizens, you’re in luck! No need to stress over a passport for St. Thomas trips, thanks to it being a U.S. territory. But make sure you’ve got some proof of citizenship on you – better safe than sorry, right?

Do I need a car in St. Thomas Virgin Islands?

Are you thinking about renting a car in St. Thomas? Well, brace yourself for a left-side road adventure because public transport isn’t the island’s strong suit. If exploring every nook and cranny’s on your list, then a set of wheels is your ticket to freedom – just remember, those winding hills can be quite the thrill ride!

Are there waterfalls on St. Thomas?

Searching for waterfalls in St. Thomas is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack – they’re pretty scarce on this island. But hey, don’t let that dampen your spirits! There are plenty of other natural wonders and beautiful beaches to splash around in.

Can I drink the water in St. Thomas?

Chill, folks – drinking tap water in St. Thomas is generally safe. However, if your tummy’s a bit on the sensitive side, sticking to bottled water might just be your best bet to keep the vacation vibes smooth sailing.

What is the best time of year to go to St. Thomas?

Ah, let’s chat about timing your tropical escape to St. Thomas! The goldilocks period is between December and May, where you dodge hurricane season and catch the sun at its beach party best. Just remember that winter can draw a crowd, so if jostling with the masses isn’t your jam, consider the shoulder months.

Is St. Thomas a walkable island?

St. Thomas might have charms you can walk through, but calling the whole island ‘walkable’ might be a stretch. With those hilly terrains and sparse sidewalks outside of town centers, you might want your hiking boots or opt for wheels for a breezy cruise around.

Is it cheaper to stay in St. Thomas or St. John?

Well, if your pockets aren’t deep, St. Thomas usually offers a less expensive stay compared to its boutique resort-packed neighbor, St. John. Hunting for deals? You’ll find more budget-friendly options over in St. Thomas.

What should I pack for a week in St. Thomas?

Packing for a week in St. Thomas, ey? Here’s the rundown: bathing suits are a must, toss in a cover-up, some flip-flops, but don’t forget a pair of sturdy shoes for those rocky outcrops. Light clothes to beat the heat, a hat to dodge the burn, and eco-friendly sunscreen – reefs need love too! Plus, a sprinkle of evening wear for those seaside dining affairs.

How long is the boat ride from St. Thomas to St. John?

Ready to island-hop? The boat ride from St. Thomas to St. John can take a quick 20-30 minutes – that’s less time than it takes to watch an episode of your favorite show. Hop on, and before you know it, you’ll be soaking up St. John’s quieter vibes.

Does St. Thomas have a downtown?

Sure does! Downtown Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas is a blend of historic charm and modern bustle. With red-roofed buildings, cobblestone streets, and a shopping scene that’ll have your credit card itching, it’s the heartbeat of the island’s urban life.

Is it better to stay on St Johns or St. Thomas?

Choosing between St. John and St. Thomas is like picking between two paradise cookies – they’re both sweet, just different flavors! St. John is the quiet, nature-filled sibling, with two-thirds being a national park, while St. Thomas is the life of the party with more hustle and bustle. Your choice boils down to whether you’re in the mood for mellow yellow or vibrant vibes.

Is St. Thomas a walkable island?

And in case you missed it earlier, let’s reiterate – I’d hesitate to call St. Thomas ‘walkable’ for the whole island. Sure, you can strut around the main areas and towns, but to really see the sights, you might want some wheels or a few dollars for cabs and shuttles.

Are there waterfalls on St. Thomas?

Nope, still no waterfalls hiding out in St. Thomas – didn’t sprout up since the last time you asked! But hey, keep the adventure going with the island’s many other natural treasures, alright?



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