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Best Multi Tool Review: 5 Top Picks

The Rise of the Multi Tool: A Must-Have in Modern Toolkits

Once upon a time, carrying a toolbox for every task was the norm. But, who would’ve thought a single device could house an entire arsenal? Enter the multi tool, the Swiss Army Knife of the modern era. Its origins trace back to the Romans but, boy, have we come a long way!

What’s the fuss about, you ask? Well, it’s the jack-of-all-trades in your pocket. Convenience? Check. Functionality? Oh yes! Reliability? Like a loyal pooch. Nowadays, a multi tool is like a badge of honor in your gear—right up there with amazon Essentials for the prudent traveler. Whether you’re an urban warrior or a gallant explorer, it’s the helpmate for every good odds-and-ends job.

The charm of these little beasts lies in their transformation over the years. Once clunky trinkets, now they’re ergonomic masterpieces. And the models we’re eyeing today? They’re not just tools; they’re gateways to fixing a spectacle, slicing rogue threads, or finessing a gourmet camp meal.

Gerber Gear Suspension NXT in ulti Tool Pocket Knife Set EDC Gear and Equipment Multi Tool with Pocket Clip Stainless Steel

Gerber Gear Suspension NXT in ulti Tool Pocket Knife Set   EDC Gear and Equipment Multi Tool with Pocket Clip   Stainless Steel


Gerber Gear introduces the Suspension NXT, an innovative addition to the ensemble of multi-tool pocket knife sets designed for the everyday carry (EDC) enthusiast. This meticulously engineered stainless steel multi-tool embraces versatility and reliability, providing a suite of tools for a myriad of tasks while maintaining a lightweight and slim profile for easy pocket carry. It features a locking system that ensures each tool is secured in place during use, enhancing safety and precision for the user. The Suspension NXT is an essential piece of equipment for outdoor adventurers, DIY hobbyists, and anyone who values preparedness and efficiency in their daily routine.

Crafted with a durable stainless steel body, the Suspension NXT Multi Tool withstands the rigors of day-to-day use while resisting corrosion and wear. Its well-thought-out design includes needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, a fine edge blade, scissors, a crosshead driver, and multiple flathead drivers, among other necessary tools, making it a robust companion for a wide range of tasks. The inclusion of a pocket clip offers the convenience of quick access, so the tool is always within reach when you need it most. Each component folds neatly into the handle, transforming this comprehensive toolset into a sleek, pocketable unit ready to tackle challenges on the go.

Designed with the EDC community in mind, the Gerber Gear Suspension NXT Multi Tool does not compromise on functionality or style. It exudes a professional look that complements its practicality, making it an attractive accessory for any gear collection. Whether at work, on a camping trip, or tackling repairs at home, the Suspension NXT is the dependable multitasker that ensures you’re equipped to handle the unexpected. No matter the scenario, the Gerber Gear Suspension NXT stands as a testament to the fusion of form and function, solidifying its role as an indispensable tool for daily life and beyond.

Identifying Your Needs: Selecting The Right Multi Tool For You

But hang on, let’s not jump the gun. Picking your sidekick is personal. It’s like choosing a 4 person tent**—roomy for thoughts, compact for travel.

Got a professional hat? Look for the tough nuts. Everyday carrier? Light and nifty does it. You want something that doesn’t become dead weight. The spectrum of tools—scissors, blades, you name it—should suit your playground. Durable materials are key, too. After all, this isn’t a one-night stand; it’s a long-term relationship. And never underestimate the clout of good brand mojo.

Before we dig in, remember, the suede cleaner of multi tools doesn’t exist. Each shines in its own right. So, onto the grindstone!

Image 22634

**Multi-Tool Model** **Closed Length** **Weight** **Primary Blade Length** **Blade Steel Type** **Additional Notable Features** **Price Range (Approx.)**
Leatherman Wave 4 in (10 cm) 8.5 oz 2.9 in (7.37 cm) 420HC Best-seller, versatile for various tasks $60 – $100
Charge+ TTi Varies Varies 2.9 in (clip point) S30V High-end blade steel, robust construction $100+
Leatherman Charge+ Varies Varies 2.9 in 154CM Premium cutting ability $80 – $150
Leatherman Skeletool CX Varies Varies Varies 154CM Lightweight, focused on essential functions $70 – $100
Leatherman Skeletool RX Varies Varies Varies 154CM Specifically designed for emergency responders $70 – $100
SOG Reactor Varies Varies Varies Unspecified Single-handed use, tactical advantage, SEALs’ choice $40 – $80
Generic Oscillating Multi-Tool Varies Varies Varies Varies LED lighting, cordless option, versatile attachments $20 – $60

Leatherman Wave Plus Review: The Industry Standard Multi Tool

Here’s the drill—Leatherman Wave Plus is hailed as the industry belle. What’s its secret sauce? Robustness and a quaint appeal that’s Garnered admirers worldwide. It’s a marvel of engineering with its 4-inch frame and 2.9-inch blade acting as a beacon for quality seekers.

It feels like Oceans Eleven in your palm—19 tools packed in a sleek ensemble. And it’s not all smoke and mirrors; the functionality is real. Flip and flick with ease, thanks to its one-handed operation. Not just a pretty face, it’s got the Leatherman pedigree, honed for both the grunt work and the detailed artistry.

User kudos are a testament. Whether it’s a loose hinge or a wire that needs snipping, this critter tackles them with finesse. Its latest iteration? Pure, unadulterated functionality that’s married to innovation—a love story for the ages.

Gerber Center-Drive Review: The Game-Changing Multi Tool

Now, the Gerber Center-Drive is the wrench in the works—a game-changer. What makes it stick out like a sore thumb? The eponymous center-axis driver—straight as an arrow, giving other tools a run for their money.

It’s a heavy hitter in the usual mêlée of functions. What’s the hubbub? Access. Tools pop out like Robyn Dixon at a reality TV reunion; ready for action. It’s designed with real work in mind; hardy, dependable with no funny business.

The sturdiness is notable, primed for life’s curveballs. Sheathing it feels like endorsing your rugged persona. For the hands-on folks, it’s less of a tool, more of a companion.

LEATHERMAN, Rebar Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters and Saw, Coyote Tan with Nylon Sheath

LEATHERMAN, Rebar Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters and Saw, Coyote Tan with Nylon Sheath


The LEATHERMAN Rebar Multitool is a rugged and versatile tool perfect for any DIY enthusiast, outdoorsman, or professional. It boasts an impressive array of tools including a knife, pliers, premium replaceable wire cutters, and a saw, among others, all packed into a sturdy stainless steel body with a stylish coyote tan finish. The replaceable wire cutters are a significant feature, ensuring that you can maintain optimal functionality even with heavy use over time. This multitool is an indispensable companion for camping, repairs, or any situation where you might need a toolbox’s worth of tools in one compact form.

Durability is at the forefront of the LEATHERMAN Rebar’s design. It has been engineered to withstand the toughest of tasks and environments while maintaining its functionality and ease of use. The all-locking design means that every tool and knife on the body of the handle, with the exception of the pliers head, will lock into place, providing extra safety and efficiency when tackling demanding tasks. Additionally, the design enables easy access to the tools, ensuring a quick and hassle-free user experience in any condition.

The LEBAR COYOTE Tan comes complete with a sturdy and practical nylon sheath, making it convenient for everyday carry or for attaching to a belt or bag. The sheath not only adds an extra layer of protection to the multitool but also ensures it is always within reach when you need it most. Whether fixing equipment on the go, performing emergency repairs, or simply opening packages at home, the LEATHERMAN Rebar with its reliable and multifunctional tools is built to perform when it counts. With a 25-year limited warranty, this multitool is a solid investment for anyone who values functionality and quality craftsmanship in their tools.

Victorinox SwissTool X Review: Precision Engineering in a Multi Tool

Across the pond, Victorinox SwissTool X stands tall with the might of Swiss precision. Much like those diligent clocks, precision is its middle name.

Here’s the scoop – it’s like having a toolbox that moonlights as a surgeon. Its array of tools is crafted for the precise and the perfectionists. Think of those times when only Swiss engineering will do—this is your Houdini.

Outdoor buffs or DIY enthusiasts, take heed. This poignant piece of craftsmanship is a battle cry. A reliable plus one, the SwissTool X personifies resilience with finesse.

Image 22635

SOG PowerLock Review: The Robust and Heavy-Duty Multi Tool

Muscling its way in, the SOG PowerLock is the brute of the lot. An embodiment of robustness, it’s got a Compound Leverage system that means business.

True to its name, PowerLock clamps down on tasks that would make lesser tools quiver. It’s a Leviathan in pliers form. And let’s not forget, SOG is the blade of choice for the U.S. Navy SEALs—the emblem of tough gets tougher.

But this isn’t a one-trick pony. Its multifaceted self is ready for a myriad of tasks—slicing, dicing, and, why not, punching metaphorical terrorists. For heavy-duty tasks, it’s akin to wielding Thor’s hammer—enough to make a grown man weep with joy.

Bosch PMF 350 CES Review: The Multi Tool for the Tech-Savvy User

Veering off the beaten track, the Bosch PMF 350 CES is the multi tool for the new age—the tech-savvy user’s dream. This isn’t your grandpa’s gizmo; think of it as the “ of DIY solutions, teeming with potential adventures.

The 350 CES is electric—literally. Packing a punch, its myriad uses span from cutting to grinding, with sanding in between. And not to mention, it’s kitted out with LED lighting and long-lasting battery life, making it perfect for cordless escapades.

The ergonomic design whispers sweet nothings into the ears of home improvement enthusiasts. If modern DIY had a poster child, this tool would be front and center, oozing charisma.

In ultitool with Safety Locking, Professional Stainless Steel Multitool Pliers Pocket Knife, Bottle Opener, Screwdriver with Nylon Sheath Apply to Survival,Camping, Hunting and Hiking

In ultitool with Safety Locking, Professional Stainless Steel Multitool Pliers Pocket Knife, Bottle Opener, Screwdriver with Nylon Sheath Apply to Survival,Camping, Hunting and Hiking


The In ultitool Multitool is a robust, professional quality device designed for the handy individual always ready to tackle problems on the go. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this multitool features an array of practical functions, including needle-nose pliers, a wire cutter, a bottle opener, a variety of screwdrivers, and a pocket knife, all in one compact frame. A standout feature of this versatile tool is its safety locking mechanism, which ensures that each tool remains secured in place during use, minimizing the risk of accidental injury. Whether you’re tightening screws, slicing through tough materials, or popping open your favorite beverage, the In ultitool delivers reliable performance.

Versatility and portability are the hallmarks of this multitool, making it an indispensable companion for outdoor activities like survival expeditions, camping, hunting, and hiking. Each tool folds neatly into the multitool’s body, ensuring maximum functionality without the bulkiness of carrying numerous separate instruments. The tool comes with a sturdy, protective nylon sheath that not only safeguards the multitool when not in use but also allows for convenient storage and quick access via a belt loop, keeping the In ultitool at your fingertips whenever needed.

Designed with both everyday use and harsh outdoor environments in mind, the In ultitool is equally at home in a domestic toolbox or clipped to a hiker’s belt. For outdoor enthusiasts and DIYers alike, this multitool is the perfect gift, offering a sense of preparedness and the ability to address a wide range of tasks with a single tool. Embodying reliability, multi-functionality, and safety, the In ultitool with Safety Locking is an essential gadget for those who prize efficiency and are ready to conquer challenges that come their way.

Performance Comparison: Putting Multi Tools to the Test

Alright, enough chitchat. How do these titans fare in the grand tool arena? To elevate from mere mortals to multi tool maestros, they’ve got to prove their worth.

Picture this: there’s cutting, screwing, sawing—tasks that make or break a tool’s reputation. Each multi tool brings a different pizzazz to the table. Some flex their muscles, others their brains. But it’s not just about brute force; dexterity plays a pivotal role.

The Bosch glides through tasks with motorized flair. SOG and Leatherman stand ground with sheer might and reliability. Victorinox brings precision, while Gerber offers unparalleled accessibility. It’s a grueling rally, but there’s respect at the finish line.

Image 22636

Durability and Longevity: Which Multi Tool Stands the Test of Time?

freedom cash Lenders themselves would be impressed by the investment worthiness of a stalwart multi tool. After all, durability and longevity are the hallmarks of a sagacious buy.

Materials are the unsung heroes here—stainless steel, titanium, the works. These tools scoff at the years, wearing time like war medals. Warranty offers reveal the faith manufacturers have in their progeny. Take note of the customer services as they are a beacon in times of need.

User testimonials are the lore of legend. They speak of falls, dips, and the resilience of their trusty tools. A hefty price tag may raise eyebrows, but the subsequent chapters told through scrapes and scars make every penny worth it.

The Technology Behind The Tools: Innovations in Multi Tool Design

It’s not all just nuts and bolts. The newest crop of multi tools brandish advancements like medieval knights brandished swords—proud and purposeful.

These aren’t just tacked-on features; they’re revolutions. Locking mechanisms? Check. Ergonomic handles? Double-check. Customizability? Triple-check. It’s a cavalcade of progress, where each new iteration learns from the last, always itching for improvement.

It’s not about changing the game; it’s about elevating it—making the trusty multi tools not just better at what they do, but also easier to use, and spiffier to boot.

Price vs. Quality: Balancing Cost and Craftsmanship in Multi Tools

Ah, the age-old conundrum: if I fork out my hard-earned cash, will I get my bang for my buck? The balancing act between price and craftsmanship is a tightrope walk.

From $5 knick-knacks to $100 virtuosos, the market’s awash with options. And here’s the kicker—each dollar should unfurl its worth as you toggle, twist, and turn your multi tool.

Leatherman whispers luxury, SOG roars might, Victorinox exudes finesse, Gerber echoes innovation, and Bosch hums with power. The litmus test lies in your hands: how deep is your task, and how deep your pockets?

Conclusion: Choosing the Multi Tool That’s Right for You

Now, as the dust settles, it’s clear that the multi tool isn’t just a tool. It’s a saga of companionship, tales of tasks conquered, and expressions of personality.

Reliability, functionality, innovation—they all jive to create a symphony of convenience in these powerhouse gadgets. From the Leatherman Wave Plus, a Broadway hit in the tool world, to the tech marvel Bosch PMF 350 CES, there’s a hero for every tale.

Choose wisely, for the right multi tool is not just a partner in crime—it’s a narrative of your life’s escapades, a badge that says, “Here stands a doer” looking squarely at life’s challenges, ready to tackle, twist, unwind, and triumph every step of the journey.

In the end, the multi tool is a steadfast ally, as vital to your adventures as the memories you forge. Whether it’s in the hinterlands or the hustle and bustle of daily tasks, it’s about finding the match that meets your rhythm—a symphony in steel, a ballad in bronze, your ode to readiness.

The Marvel of Multi Tools: A Glimpse into Their Versatility

Isn’t it astonishing how a single gadget can be the Swiss Army knife of the DIY world? The multi tool, folks—this nifty little device is the answer to “What if I could carry an entire toolbox in my pocket?” With a good multi tool, you’re basically a walking Fix-It Felix, ready to tackle almost any mishap life throws at you. So buckle up, as we’re about to slice into some trivia tidbits and awesome facts that make multi tools the superheroes of gadgets!

The Birth of a Handy Revolution

So, what’s the deal with these multi tools? Well, let me tell you, they didn’t just pop up out of thin air. The concept has been around longer than you might think, sprouting from the Roman Empire. No kidding! Back then, Romans had their version of a multi tool, complete with a knife, spoon, fork, spike, spatula, and even a toothpick—talk about a grand feast at your fingertips! It’s like they knew back in the day, before heading out, “when in Rome,” always pack your multi tool.

An Epic Tale of the Multi Tool’s Utility

Jumping forward to our modern hero—the multi tool we know and love today—is like the Batman of gadgets, and has a utility belt packed into one sleek package. Imagine yourself hiking through the breathtaking vistas of St. Thomas. Suddenly, your daypack strap snaps! No sweat, you’ve got your trusty multi tool at the ready. A quick stitch-up and it’s go-time again, ’cause you’ve just MacGyvered your way out of a jam. And as you keep exploring all those things To do in St Thomas, your multi tool is the trusty sidekick you never knew you needed.

The Pop Culture Multi Tool

And this pocket-sized pal isn’t just for outdoor enthusiasts; it’s basking in the spotlight too! Did you know multi tools have made their fair share of cameos on the big screen? You might catch one in an action-packed sequence where the hero is seconds away from doom. They flick open their multi tool, fiddle around, and boom—the day is saved! The multi tool might not have the fame of Macaulay Culkin Siblings, but it sure is a staple in any action hero’s inventory.

The Evolution of Utility

Let’s not beat around the bush. Multi tools have evolved faster than a speeding bullet. From a simple combo of pliers, scissors, and a knife, to now including specialized tools for tech gurus and electricians—these bad boys cater to every stripe. Heck, there’s even a multi tool out there with a built-in USB drive. Talk about living in the future!

Maintenance: Keep That Shine On

Remember now, owning a multi tool means giving it the TLC it deserves. Treat it like your trusty steed in a Wild West showdown. Keep it clean, keep it oiled, and always, and I mean always, keep it close. ‘Cause you never know when you’ll need to swoop in and save the day!

So whether you’re the handy human ready for anything, a globe-trotting adventurer, or just someone who loves a good gadget, multi tools are your ticket to being prepared. Now that’s something worth tipping your hat to. Don’t forget to check out our top picks for multi tools that are so nifty, you’ll be itching to get your hands on one, faster than you can say “Eureka!”.

MOSSY OAK Multitool, in Stainless Steel Multi Tool Pliers, Survival Tools with Fire Starter, Window Breaker, Whistler, Self locking EDC Gear with Sheath for Outdoor, Survival, Camping, Hiking

MOSSY OAK Multitool, in Stainless Steel Multi Tool Pliers, Survival Tools with Fire Starter, Window Breaker, Whistler, Self locking EDC Gear with Sheath for Outdoor, Survival, Camping, Hiking


The MOSSY OAK Multitool is an indispensable companion for any outdoor enthusiast, combining a robust set of tools with rugged durability. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, this multi-tool is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use while maintaining its functionality and sharpness. It features an array of tools, including pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw, and more, all with a self-locking mechanism that ensures safety and efficiency when in use. The compact design enables easy storage and access, making it a must-have in any survival, camping, or hiking gear.

Not only does this versatile multitool handle day-to-day tasks, but it is also equipped with specialized survival features to aid in emergencies. The integrated fire starter is a critical tool for warmth and cooking in the wild, while the hard-pointed window breaker can be a lifesaver in rescue situations. The tool also includes a high-pitched whistle for signaling help, adding an extra layer of safety for adventurers. Every feature is thoughtfully incorporated to provide peace of mind and practical assistance when facing the unpredictable elements of nature.

The MOSSY OAK Multitool comes with a durable sheath that secures the tool when not in use, making it convenient to carry on your belt or in a pack on any expedition. The sheath’s design also ensures the multitool is always within easy reach, allowing for quick and efficient access when seconds count. Whether you’re setting up camp, navigating through tough terrain, or needing to signal for help, this multitool has you covered. With this MOSSY OAK Multitool in your possession, you’re well-equipped to tackle virtually any challenge that the great outdoors throws your way.

What is a multi-tool best for?

What is a multi-tool best for?
Well, think of a multi-tool as the Swiss Army knife’s burly cousin; it’s a Jack-of-all-trades in your pocket. Perfect for those on-the-fly fixes, camping trips or odd jobs around the house, these handy gadgets combine pliers, wire cutters, scissors, screwdrivers, and more, all in one compact package. Talk about convenience!

What multi-tool do Navy SEALs use?

What multi-tool do Navy SEALs use?
Ah, Navy SEALs, the tough guys! They often go for proven durability and versatility, which means they typically reach for a multi-tool like the Leatherman MUT – it’s rugged, reliable, and ready for anything, just like them.

Is it multitool or multi-tool?

Is it multitool or multi-tool?
Confusing, right? But here’s the deal, both “multitool” and “multi-tool” get the job done. It’s like tomato, tomahto! Generally, though, you’ll see “multi-tool” more often, with that handy hyphen making the difference.

What kind of multi-tool does the military use?

What kind of multi-tool does the military use?
Talk about tough stuff, the military needs gear that can handle the heat. They often use multi-tools designed for combat and heavy-duty field use, like the Gerber Multi-Plier 600 or the Leatherman OHT.

Is a multi-tool worth having?

Is a multi-tool worth having?
Is peanut butter worth having with jelly? Absolutely! A multi-tool is like the duct tape of tools – indispensable and incredibly useful in a pinch. They’re compact, versatile, and can save the day in countless situations. Worth it? You betcha!

What is the most useful tool in the world?

What is the most useful tool in the world?
Now there’s a question! Many would argue it’s the knife, given its history and multitude of uses, from cooking to crafting, hunting to everyday cutting chores. It’s truly the cutting edge of usefulness!

What leatherman does army use?

What Leatherman does army use?
The army folk like their gear tough and reliable. The Leatherman MUT and the Leatherman OHT are often their go-to tools, specially designed with military needs in mind.

What multi-tool do Marines use?

What multi-tool do Marines use?
Marines need gear as tough as they are. The Gerber Multi-Plier 600 D.E.T. multi-tool, decked out with demolition features, is a popular choice among the few and the proud.

What multitool do Green Berets use?

What multitool do Green Berets use?
The Green Berets, with their no-nonsense approach, often prefer a multi-tool like the Leatherman MUT or the Gerber Multi-Plier 600. These are as versatile and robust as they come – perfect for a wide range of missions.

Why are Leatherman’s so expensive?

Why are Leatherman’s so expensive?
Well, you’re paying for top-notch quality, pals! Leathermans are like the Rolls-Royce of multi-tools – built to last with high-quality materials and superb craftsmanship. They’re not just tools; they’re investments!

What is the best brand of multitool?

What is the best brand of multitool?
Choosing the best is like picking your favorite ice cream flavor – tough! However, Leatherman and Gerber are the big dogs in the multi-tool world, both boasting long-standing reputations for quality, durability, and innovation.

Can you bring a Leatherman on a plane?

Can you bring a Leatherman on a plane?
Whoa, not so fast! You can bring a Leatherman in your checked baggage, but if you try to take it through security in your carry-on, it’s likely to be a no-go. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to flying regulations!

Is Leatherman better than Gerber?

Is Leatherman better than Gerber?
That’s the ultimate showdown, isn’t it? Both brands are top-tier, but Leatherman often edges out with a wider variety of models and a 25-year warranty that’s hard to beat. It’s like choosing between Batman and Superman – both are heroes, but you probably have a favorite.

What is the toughest Leatherman?

What is the toughest Leatherman?
The Leatherman Surge takes the trophy when it comes to toughness. This bad boy is built like a tank and is ready to face whatever task you throw at it. Bring it on!

What is a royal multi-tool?

What is a royal multi-tool?
Royal multi-tool? Huh, it sounds like it belongs in a king’s pocket! Truth is, it’s not a specific type or brand – “royal” isn’t commonly used to describe multi-tools, but if one did, it’d probably be regally awesome.

Is a multi-tool good for cutting wood?

Is a multi-tool good for cutting wood?
A multi-tool can take a crack at smaller woodcutting jobs with its saw blade. It’s not going to replace your chainsaw, but for trimming little branches or cutting thin pieces, it’s quite handy!

Is a multi-tool good for sanding?

Is a multi-tool good for sanding?
Sure thing! While it won’t replace your dedicated sander for big projects, the sanding attachment on a multi-tool can tackle small areas and detailed sanding tasks. It’s like the cherry on top for finishing touches.

Can a multi-tool cut concrete?

Can a multi-tool cut concrete?
Cutting concrete with a multi-tool? That’s a tough cookie. While a multi-tool can do wonders, cutting concrete is a bit out of its league. You’re better off with a dedicated concrete saw for that heavy-duty job.

What is the best multitool for emergency kit?

What is the best multitool for emergency kit?
When SHTF, you’ll want a reliable multi-tool in your emergency kit, like a Leatherman Wave or a Victorinox SwissTool. These are versatile, dependable, and ready to help you MacGyver your way out of a sticky situation.



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