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Awakening Wynn: 7 Shocking Secrets to Vegas Luxury!

1. A Stumble in the Spotlight

You might have caught wind of some recent hiccups concerning Wynn Las Vegas, particularly centered around their extravagant show, “Awakening”. The lavish production, noted to have run the company pockets “north of $150 million”, is having a bit of an ‘awakening’ problem itself. Since its big bang opening back on November 7, 2022, the ticket sales haven’t exactly matched up to the hype. Bit of a bummer, you’d agree! As of April 17, 2023, Awakening is taking a brief bow from the stage for a little downtime, an awakening Las Vegas might say it needed.

Sounds like a letdown, huh? Well, don’t let this throw you off course. Word from Wynn Resorts has it that Awakening is but “‘temporarily paused’” to factor in time for an “extended rehearsal period”. The company is walking that fine line between maintaining quality standards and offering an unparalleled awakening Wynn experience. It takes little to know that sometimes you have to take one step back to take two forward.

2. Awakening Wynn: Dress to Impress

Each Vegas outing comes with its expectations. The Wynn is absolutely no different. Peek into the daytime programming and you’ll find the vibe smack dab in the middle of resort casual. You can go easy on yourself and stay as comfortable as you like. That’s not to say you should tuck your sense of style away when the lights go down. Thursdays and Fridays are reserved for business casual attire. For little ones, comfort triumphs over all, but jeans might be a no-go.

Now for the awakening Wynn production, the dress code deviates to the smarter end. Shorts, sports attire, and open shoes are best left behind. Grab that slim-fit suit or deck yourself in a black tie outfit, and make heads turn.


3. Pricing Particulars

Experiencing the luxurious show doesn’t come free of cost. If you’ve been wondering just how deep you’d need to dig into that pocket of yours, allow us to dish out the numbers. Regular tickets will set you back anywhere from $99 to $179, tax and fees not included. However, if your wallet allows for a splurge, there’s the VIP package for $279, plus tax and fees. You can secure your tickets from The Awakening website or drop by the Box Office at Wynn Las Vegas. Worth every penny? Oh, you bet!

4. Shhh! Inside Secrets Unveiled

Making head or tail of a new city can sometimes turn your world upside down. And when that new city is the shimmering Vegas, well oh well! Fret not. We have the splendid Brian Kelly, our very own ‘Points Guy’, to thank for some inside information. If you plan to fly into town, go for taxis over Uber or Lyft. Not only will you dodge the mad surge pricing, the taxi queue is quicker to dissipate than the rideshare one. A win-win on the awakening Las Vegas circuit, wouldn’t you agree?

Suppose you have the watering hole on your radar. Rose. Rabbit. Lie., housed in the Cosmopolitan hotel, will suit you to a tee. With its captivating atmosphere, brisk cocktails, and live music, it is the perfect awakening Wynn treat to end a fun day.


5. Days and Nights to Remember

Las Vegas also echoes Brian Kelly’s “don’t over plan, but don’t under plan” mantra for a perfect vacation. Test your adrenaline at the X-Scream, hit the slot machines or grab a fancy cocktail at the Parasol Down. These impromptu visits do make up for the thrill of an awakening Las Vegas experience.

But alas, don’t forget to book the staple attractions beforehand. If a trip to the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay makes your list, remember that the big tickets sell out fast. So, snap them up at the earliest!

6. Vegas, Beyond the Strip

Brian Kelly isn’t all about the glitz and glamour. Stepping off-beat from his familiar luxury travel domain, he swears by an off-strip awakening Wynn adventure. In fact, grabbing a toro rental can lead you to some of Vegas’ most breathtaking landscapes.

Places like Valley of Fire State Park or Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area are too good to pass up. Once you get past the humdrum of the Strip, you’d realize there’s so much more to Las Vegas than meets the eye.


7. All’s Well That Ends Well

To wrap things up on a positive chord, Wynn Resorts is staying committed to quality and excellence. So, despite the minor setback, the future of Awakening looks bright. In essence, your opulent romance with Wynn Las Vegas is far from over. The city continues to cater to every whim and fancy for an unbelievably luxurious awakening Las Vegas trip, with plenty of lavish Knights to write home about!



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