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Briggs and Riley Luggage: 10 Crazy Advantages for the 2024 Traveler!

Unpacking the Briggs and Riley Luggage Phenomenon

Once upon a time, back in 1993, nestled in the 206 area code, Richard Costa, a visionary from Hauppauge, New York, started to build something extraordinary. A masterpiece for modern nomads that we now recognize as Briggs and Riley. This company, with a brilliant commitment to quality, ascended rapidly to the zenith of the luggage industry.

Talking about Briggs and Riley luggage without mentioning its legendary “Simple as that” lifetime guarantee would be quite like talking about Elaine Hendrix without mentioning her iconic role in “The Parent Trap.” The guarantee is simple and straightforward, covering any damage, even if it’s caused by an airline, for the bag’s entire life. Now that’s a whole lot of comfort packed in one crazy promise, isn’t it?

A Sneak Peek into Briggs and Riley’s Manufacturing Process

Delving deeper into its manufacturing process, it’s worth noting that Briggs and Riley luggage emerges from the bustling production lines of China. One might wonder why China? It’s all about striking the perfect balance between affordability without compromising on quality. Working in the main hubs of the manufacturing world allows for efficient and streamlined production.

Briggs & Riley Spinners, Black, inch Baseline Essential Carry On

Briggs & Riley Spinners, Black, inch Baseline Essential Carry On


The Briggs & Riley Spinners, Black, Inch Baseline Essential Carry-On is the epitome of sophistication and practicality wrapped into one. This suitcase is renowned for its elegant black finish and superior build quality. The suitcase has been built to last, featuring a hybrid fiberglass frame that is both lightweight and incredibly durable. The frame is also flexible, capable of retaining its shape while being packed to the brim and under increasing pressure.

This black, inch Baseline Essential Carry On is designed around ease and accessibility with a focus on internal organization. It features external dual spinner wheels that provide a smooth and seamless 360-degree mobility. The bag has an outsider handle for wrinkle-free flat packing and provides a greater interior capacity. Additionally, the bag also features quick-access exterior pockets and a zip-around expansion that increases packing space by 34%.

Briggs & Riley’s Carry-On ensures optimum user convenience with features like a built-in tri-fold garment folder for suits and smart SpeedThru pocket for security checks. It also includes a hidden ID tag, providing a measure of security without compromising the bag’s sleek design. Combined with the excellent Briggs & Riley warranty, this bag offers an unbeatable combination of style, durability, and peace of mind. Whether for business trips or vacation, the Briggs & Riley Spinners, Black, inch Baseline Essential Carry On is an ideal travel companion.

Category Information
Manufacturer Briggs & Riley Travelware
Foundation Year 1993
Founder Richard Costa
Based At Hauppauge, New York
Products Luggage
Known for “Simple as that” lifetime guarantee that covers even the airline-caused damage
Manufacturing Location China
Average Cost Prices vary across models, typically starting from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand
Main Audience Frequent flyers, business travelers
User Reviews Praised for high-quality luggage, durability, functionality, value for money
Comparison with Rivals Tumi offers modern designs and cutting-edge features while Briggs & Riley focuses on durability and value
Recommendation Recommended for those who prioritize durability and functionality over design
Business Model Likely a high profit margin due to manufacturing in China

Decoding the Value for Money Proposition with Briggs and Riley Luggage

Briggs and Riley luggage is synonymous with a valuable proposition, offering enduring quality while maintaining a fair price tag. While, yes, the profit margin might seem high, considering the Chinese manufacturing factor, there’s more to the picture. The quality, durability, and lifetime guarantee, all bundled together create an attractive ‘value for money’ spectacle that’s hard to ignore.

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Briggs and Riley Vs. Tumi: An Unbiased Showdown

Rivalries make the world go round, and the luggage industry is no exception. In a face-to-face showdown between Briggs and Riley and Tumi, it’s all a matter of your travel preferences. If you lean towards sleek design and cutting-edge features, perhaps four Seasons austin, Tumi might be calling your name from the united terminal lax. On the flip side, if durability, functionality, and value for money top your list, Briggs and Riley could be your stalwart travel companion.

Unraveling the First of 10 Crazy Advantages: Unmatched Durability

You know what they say about first impressions? Well, the number one advantage that Briggs and Riley luggage impresses its customers with is its brute durability, akin to Clark Kent’s Superman. Resilient shells, sturdy zippers, and rugged wheels that keep rolling are all testament to a luggage range designed to safeguard your precious cargo for the long haul.

Briggs & Riley Torq Hardside Luggage, Stealth, Checked X Large Trunk Inch

Briggs & Riley Torq Hardside Luggage, Stealth, Checked X Large Trunk Inch


The Briggs & Riley Torq Hardside Luggage in stealth is the epitome of quality and style, particularly designed for long-haul travelers that need an expansive capacity for their belongings. This checked x-large trunk inch luggage offers unparalleled durability and convenience with its hardside shell made from three-layer 100% virgin Makrolon polycarbonate material, notorious for its high impact resistance and glossy finish. Decked in a classic stealth shade, it exhibits an aura of sophistication, suited for every modern globetrotter who values aesthetics as much as functionality.

The Briggs & Riley Torq Hardside Luggage serves as a mobile storage space perfect for extended trips, with its generous main compartment that can incorporate everything from clothing to souvenirs. Specialized compartments are also available for smaller items and delicate objects such as jewelry, gadgets, and documents, ensuring their safety during transit. Internally, the luggage is just as impressive as its exterior: it features a 70/30 top lid opening that allows packing clothes flat and minimizing wrinkles, saving homesick travelers from extra hassle.

Practicality extends to maneuverability with the Briggs & Riley Torq Hardside Luggage. Continuous journeying can be effortless courtesy of its four double spinner wheels that promise smooth movements over any surface and its aircraft-grade aluminium telescoping handle system that rolls hand-in-hand with the user’s pace. Combined with a TSA-friendly lock system, this luggage piece is not only a credible travel partner but something that speaks of understated luxury and dependable companionship.

The Second Advantage: Cutting-edge Functionality

A car trunk organizer‘s dream come true, the interior design of Briggs and Riley’s baggage line shouts functionality at its peak. A place for everything, and everything in its place – that’s the mantra of Briggs’ practical design. Packing cubes, compression systems, garment bags all play their role in creating a well-organized traveler’s haven.

Image 8034

Advantage Three: Modern Design Elements of Briggs and Riley

The modern design elements of Briggs and Riley don’t just stop at providing practicality. With ever-changing travel patterns, luggage needs to adapt and evolve. Briggs’ modern design philosophy is evident in its offerings, from sleek carry-ons for quick Flights To charleston sc to large uprights for extended vacations.

Delving into the Fourth Advantage: High-Quality Materials

We’ve chatted about Briggs and Riley’s humdinger durability, but where does it come from? Peek behind the curtain, and you’d discover the league of all-stars high-quality materials – ballistic nylon, specially engineered zippers, and top-grade polycarbonate – joining forces to create luggage that’s ready for anything.

Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside Medium Spinner Luggage, Plum, Inch Checked

Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside Medium Spinner Luggage, Plum, Inch Checked


The Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside Medium Spinner Luggage in Plum is an elegant and durable travel solution designed for modern travelers. Its refined plum color and sleek design make it both aesthetically appealing and easy to recognize on the luggage carousel. Built with a 100% Makrolon polycarbonate shell, it offers admirable resistance against scratches, knocks, and weather elements, ensuring your belongings remain safe and secure even during rigorous travel activities. Most importantly, the hardside medium spinner luggage is designed to provide a seamless packing experience with its spacious interior.

The 25-inch checked luggage is perfect for convenient packing and handling. It features four double swivel wheels that offer effortless 360-degree navigation, a feature that saves you time and energy as you maneuver through crowded airports or up flight stairs. The luggage also comes with a built in TSA-friendly lock, keeping your belongings secure yet easily accessible by airport security. Its CX technology allows the bag to expand up to 25% for more packing space, then compress back down to its original size ensuring it fits in overhead compartments or under the seat in front of you.

An outstanding feature of the Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside Medium Spinner Luggage is its Smartlink Strap system. This allows you to transport two or more bags easily by attaching them together, a perfect feature when you have multiple bags to handle. Along with this, a soft-touch molded ID tag serves for easy identification, making your travel experience hassle-free. With the Briggs & Riley Sympatico Luggage, you won’t just travel; you’ll travel in style and convenience.

Exploring Advantage Five: Ideal for Frequent Flyers

Ask any frequent flyer what they appreciate most in their go-to luggage, and you’ll likely hear themes of durability, practical storage, and easy maneuverability. Voila! That’s exactly what Briggs and Riley luggage brings to the airport runway. Jetsetters and business travelers alike have given it their seal of approval.

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Advantage Six: Tailored for Lifetime On-The-Go

No matter how often you travel, Briggs & Riley luggage manages to stand tall, withstanding the test of time (and baggage handlers). Such durability is fundamental to the company’s promise to offer travel solutions that thrive lifetime on-the-go. That also translates into savings in the long run since with Briggs and Riley you won’t need a replacement anytime soon!

Briggs & Riley ZDX Luggage, Hunter, Checked Medium Inch

Briggs & Riley ZDX Luggage, Hunter, Checked Medium Inch


The Briggs & Riley ZDX Luggage in Hunter Checked Medium Inch is the quintessential reliable and stylish travel companion every voyager desires. Boasting an incredible volume for packing, this luggage is ideal for those extended holidays or business trips. Durability is epitomized in the bag through its sleek, resistant Hunter Checked fabric finish, expertly designed to resist the wear and tear that often comes with frequent travel.

This mid-sized check-in luggage combines style with functionality, featuring an array of pockets and compartments that allows for efficient packing and easy access to your necessities. Its robust but smooth-rolling wheels make mobility a pleasure, mitigating travel fatigue. The Hunter Checked design gives it a unique, sophisticated aesthetic appeal that stands out, boldly declaring your taste for quality and elegance.

What sets the Briggs & Riley ZDX Luggage apart is its commitment to delivering superior performance without sacrificing style. The interior is fully lined providing extra protection for your belongings. The bag also includes a lockable zipper and an expandable compartment to accommodate any last-minute purchases. It is not just a luggage; it’s a statement of a traveler who appreciates quality, durability and functionality with a keen eye for style.

The Seventh Advantage: “Simple as that” Lifetime Guarantee

This lifetime guarantee isn’t just a phrase thrown around by the company to raise eyebrows. Briggs and Riley’s “Simple as that” guarantee is a pledge of their commitment to their customers. When you invest in their luggage, you’re truly investing in a lifetime of worry-free travel.

Delving into Advantage Eight to Ten: Value for Money, Product Range, and Customer Satisfaction

Briggs and Riley does travel trifecta right by acing the harmony of value for money, variety, and customer satisfaction. With a diverse product range, there is a style and size for every type of traveler. Couple this with consistently high customer satisfaction ratings, and it’s evident that Briggs and Riley bags offer a bang for their buck!

Catching the Briggs and Riley Fever

The fascination and growing popularity of Briggs and Riley among travelers globally isn’t a fluke. It’s an acknowledgment of a brand that stands firm on its commitment to deliver enduring, functional, and stylish luggage. Catching onto this trend isn’t hard to imagine, for it combines quality, variety, and warranty in one neat package.

Your Travel Odyssey Awaits with Briggs and Riley Luggage

As this exploration closes, the journey of the modern traveler now equipped with Briggs and Riley luggage is set to embark. No, it won’t grant you the power to teleport, but it promises a faithful travel companion that meets and surpasses your evolving needs. Happy travels!

Is Briggs and Riley a good luggage brand?

Oh, absolutely! Briggs and Riley is a top-notch luggage brand renowned for its balance of durability, convenience, and style. Its unique warranty that covers all repair costs is the icing on the cake, boosting the brand’s popularity among frequent travelers.

Is Tumi or Briggs and Riley better?

Now, that’s a tough one to crack! While Tumi is a hallmark of luxury and design innovation, Briggs and Riley offer stellar functionality and a lifetime warranty. Ultimately, it’s a draw – the choice mostly hinges on personal preference and budget.

Is Briggs and Riley made in China?

Funny you should ask! Despite the common misconception, Briggs and Riley isn’t made in China. The brand has different manufacturing bases around the world, including ones in the US.

Is Briggs and Riley an American company?

Spot on! Briggs and Riley is indeed an American company, headquartered in Hauppauge, New York. Founded by U.S Luggage LLC back in 1993, it’s since become a staple in the travel gear industry.

What is the best durable luggage to buy?

Looking for luggage that can take a hit? Look no further than Eagle Creek. Known for its remarkable durability and innovative packing solutions, Eagle Creek stands out as the go-to choice for adventurers and frequent fliers alike.

What luggage does Kate Middleton use?

Well well, if it isn’t the Duchess herself! Kate Middleton, a trendsetter in every right, has been spotted using Globe-Trotter suitcases. Classic, distinguished, and British, they’re a perfect fit for the royal image.

What brand compares to Tumi?

Need another brand that can shoulder the competition with Tumi? Check out Rimowa. It offers high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing luggage that gives Tumi a run for its money!

Who makes Briggs and Riley?

Who’s the wizard behind Briggs and Riley’s stellar designs, you ask? It’s a highly skilled team under the umbrella of U.S Luggage LLC that manufactures these top-tier bags.

Is Tumi made by Samsonite?

Aha! An interesting query. Funnily enough, Samsonite and Tumi maintain separate production lines, despite both being owned by Samsonite International.

Is any luggage made in USA?

Looking for American-made luggage? Yes, there are options! Brands like Red Oxx, Tom Bihn, and Briggs and Riley manufacture some of their products in the USA.

Is Samsonite made in China?

Contrary to what you might think, Samsonite doesn’t manufacture all of its products in China. While the brand does have production facilities there, it also operates factories in Europe and the Americas.

Does Briggs and Riley ever run sales?

Sure as eggs is eggs, Briggs and Riley do run sales! Keep your eyes peeled for special promotions and discounts, especially around holiday seasons and Black Fridays.

What luggage do flight attendants use?

Flight attendants, they know what’s best! Most of them prefer Travelpro’s rollaboard bags for their dependability, convenience, and robust construction.

Is investing in luggage worth it?

Investing in good luggage? It’s worth its weight in gold! High-quality bags last longer, protect your belongings better, and ease up your travel experience – ultimately saving you money, time, and hassle.

Is Samsonite a good brand of luggage?

You bet! Samsonite is one of the most reliable luggage brands out there. Known for its quality, durability, and stylish design, Samsonite is a welcome companion for any traveler.

Who makes Briggs and Riley luggage?

Again, U.S Luggage LLC is the powerhouse behind Briggs and Riley, providing the global market with superbly designed luggage since the ’90s.

Which company is best for luggage bags?

In the market for the best of the best? How about Samsonite? They’ve stood the test of time, delivering on style, affordability, and durability, thereby gaining worldwide recognition.

Who makes Briggs and Riley?

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet – wink, wink – it’s U.S Luggage LLC that manufactures the fabulous Briggs and Riley luggage.

What are nice luggage brands?

Looking for classy luggage? Take a gander at brands like Rimowa, Samsonite, and Hartmann. These big names are sure to add that touch of luxury to your travels.



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