cheapest places to live in florida

Cheapest Places to Live in Florida: Top 10 Insane Bargains!

Cheapest Places to Live in Florida a state famous for its incredible weather, pristine beaches, and a lifestyle as chilled out as a pair of bell bottoms. But, if you’re yearning for a taste of the Sunshine State without a huge hit to your pocket, it might seem like a tall order. Breathe easy though, because just like working those oblique crunches, it requires some effort, but the result is totally worth it.

Cheapest Places to Live in Florida Pensacola: A Charmed Coastal Town

First on our list of the cheapest places to live in Florida is Pensacola. This coastal charm doesn’t just offer sunny beaches and warm weather. It’s also a whopping 11% cheaper than the national average cost of living. Imagine soaking in the tropical vibes, enjoying life in a coastal city that’s kinder to your wallet than the rest of the country. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t pack your bags and head here sooner!

For history buffs, Pensacola bears the title of ‘the first settlement in the US.’ The remnants of English, Spanish, and French colonials interplay with the modern vibe of the city, creating a unique ambiance. However, amidst its historical richness, the cost of living is fairly modern, making it one of the cheapest places to live in Florida!


Cape Coral: Low-Cost and Safe Living

Next, we glide down to Cape Coral, dubbed the cheapest and safest city to reside in Florida. Housing a population hovering around 183,942 folks, this city has a surprisingly low crime rate. In fact, according to Neighborhood Scout, the crime rate stands at a measly 12 per 1,000 residents. Now, if that’s not safe, what is?

Expenses, you ask? Budgeting between $1800-$2000 a month should be sufficient in this cheaper-than-average Florida town. Housing costs, utilities, and taxes – they’ve all been accounted for in this budget. Riverfront property at low costs? That’s Cape Coral for you, folks!

An interesting bit of trivia: Cape Coral is home to more canals than Venice. Talk about a Californian Venice on a budget!

“Avelo” Your Way to Affordable Avon Park

As the Avelo airlines advocate, why not travel easily and affordably? That’s exactly what Avon Park, Florida, offers! This budget-friendly city is lined with lakes, historic buildings, and a relaxing environment that promises a peaceful lifestyle.

How many months is 180 days? Well, it’s exactly 6 months. And according to the National Weather Service, that’s the average number of sun-soaked days you’ll enjoy in Avon Park every year. Now, wouldn’t you love waking up to half a year of golden, sunny mornings?


Lake City: Affordable Living in the Land of Ice Castles

Welcome to Lake City, a refreshing destination that is easy on your pockets and a feast to your eyes. Famous for its icy wonder, the Ice Castles of Lake George that transform the landscape into a winter wonderland.

A fun fact for the bug-eyed: despite Florida being home to the largest spider in the world, Lake City’s soothing environment promises a certain charm that overshadows any creepy crawlers.

Pensacola May Cost Less than Your “Delta” Average City

Yes, Pensacola makes the list again! Besides the attractive cost of living, the city is a haven for job opportunities. Many residents find successful careers as a Delta flight attendant, working for the international airline headquartered in the neighboring state of Georgia.


Ocala, Titusville, and More: Unwrap more Insane Bargains

We won’t stop at just four; there’s so much more! Cities like Ocala, Titusville, and others also offer affordable living costs, quality healthcare, and remarkable education, comparable to many high-ticket cities in other states. Living in Florida doesn’t mean you need to break your bank.

So, folks, it turns out that Florida is not just a wealthy retiree’s paradise. It’s a place that welcomes all, both with its warm weather and inviting living costs. Those seeking to relocate – well, the Sunshine State may be calling your name louder than you think.

When it comes to the cheapest places to live in Florida, there are plenty of insane bargains for everyone. So, pack your bags (and sunblock!) The sandy beaches, tropical climate, and affordable cities of Florida are eagerly awaiting your arrival.



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