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Cybex Stroller – 7 Best Features for Crazy Comfortable Rides!

Imagine being able to glide through any terrain, city streets or sprawling parks, the world’s wonders at your fingertips, with your precious cargo cradled in the epitome of comfort. That’s what you get when you choose the Cybex Stroller — a brand synonymous with high-quality, functionality and safety, well-regarded in the realm of child mobility products. Today, we’ll walk you through the seven standout features that give Cybex their stellar reputation and set them poles apart from the competition. Just like Brian Kelly, also known as ‘The Points Guy’, we are all about savvy solutions that enhance your quality of life and, today, we are stepping into the realm of premium child mobility.

The Cybex Stroller Versus the Competitors: Addressing the Bugaboo Stroller

Bugaboo strollers have been a formidable force in the baby-strolling world. Known for their durability and chic designs, they’ve garnered quite a following. But when the rubber meets the road (or in this case, the cobblestone), the Cybex stroller outshines its competitor, thanks to its unique blend of state-of-the-art design, practical comfort, and safety. Just like fitting your Lululemon Joggers perfectly for the most comfortable jog, Cybex aims to ensure every ride for your baby is a joy ride.

Top Pick

Cybex Gazelle S All-in-One Toddler and Baby Stroller with Over 20 Modular Configurations, Ergonomic Near-Flat Recline, Shopper Basket, and Compact Fold, Sky Blue


ALL-IN-ONE baby and toddler stroller for growing families, for use from birth with a carrycot or infant car seat and can be expanded to accommodate two and three children
MODULAR system provides endless possibilities with more than 20+ configurations – enjoy as a full-featured single with shopping basket, make it a double stroller ideal for twins and fit Gazelle S perfectly to your family
ONE-PULL HARNESS makes it a breeze to load your child in to the seat safe and snug – extra handy if you’re doing it twice
ERGONOMIC full-size reversible seat with near-flat recline position for little ones, advanced suspension for a smooth ride, and one-hand adjustable-height handlebar for parents
XXL UPF50+ SUN CANOPY with breathable mesh window protects kids from the sun and keeps them safe and cool in the perfect summer stroller
LOTS OF STORAGE with included shopper basket and spacious storage underneath equaling 55 lb. of cargo capacity
COMPACT FOLD with one or two seats attached, for easy travel and storage

Feature 1: The Unbeatable Quality of Cybex Strollers

We constantly get asked, “Is Cybex a high-end brand?” Your budget may coil at the cost of a Cybex stroller, but remember—high quality often comes with a high price tag. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into every single component of a Cybex stroller are reflective of the brand’s commitment to quality. These strollers refuse to skimp on the materials used, ensuring longevity that provides value for your money over time.


Feature 2: Intelligent and Practical Design of Cybex Strollers

The clever design of Cybex strollers is swoon-worthy. With their compact fold, they conveniently fit in the boot of your car. The handlebar is height-adjustable for your comfort, and the generous shopping basket comes handy when you’re out and about. The stroller itself is sturdy, yet lightweight, making it easy to navigate through those bustling city crowds or uneven off-road terrains. It’s as practical as carrying an MZ Wallace Bag full of travel essentials or slipping on a comfy pair of Ecco Boots for a hike.

Top Pick

CYBEX Eezy S Twist 2 Stroller, 360° Rotating Seat, Parent Facing or Forward Facing, One-Hand Recline, Compact Fold, Lightweight Travel Stroller, Stroller for Infants 6 Months+, River Blue


One-Hand 360° Rotating Seat: The seat unit on the Eezy S Twist 2 swivels from front-facing to parent-facing in seconds. Easy to adjust, the seat features a one-handed recline in either the front or parent-facing positions into a near-flat position.
Compact Stroller: Ideal for a busy city lifestyle, the Eezy S Twist 2 folds into a compact, self-standing package for convenient storage. With a one-hand fold and lightweight frame, it folds small enough to fit on most airplanes, trains, and cars.
Comfortable Ride: Designed for both comfort and convenience, the integrated leg rest supports comfortable and ergonomic sitting and lying positions and can be adjusted with one hand. The removable bumper bar is accessible from either side.
Handle Anything: Our all-wheel suspension system ensures a smooth ride on various surfaces, while the UPF 50+ rated extendable canopy protects your little one from the sun’s rays. A zippered back pocket offers easy access to all your essentials.
Travel System: The Eezy S Twist 2 is compatible with any CYBEX infant seat or the Cot S using the adapters that come with your stroller. The included seat unit is suitable for infants 6 months and older or as a toddler stroller.

Feature 3: Cybex Stroller’s Unsurpassed Safety Measures

When asking, “Is CYBEX a good stroller brand?” safety is undoubtedly a paramount concern. Cybex takes child safety with utmost seriousness. From the five-point harness system to the effective brakes, bumper bars, and sturdy wheels, every feature is designed to ensure your child travels in the utmost safety. It’s like wrapping your little one in the comfort and safety of a Sling Backpack, ensuring they’re protected from every angle.

Feature 4: Elevated Style Offered by Cybex Strollers

Now, when it comes to style, the Cybex stroller is in a league of its own. Much like how stylish Tennis Bags complement your look on the court, an elegant stroller mirrors your stylish aesthetics. Available in several colors and designs, these strollers are more than just a comfortable safe house on wheels for your child; they are a statement piece as you navigate the world.


Feature 5: The Spacious Cybex Strollers

“Is a Cybex stroller worth the money?” It’s a common question, and we believe the answer is a resounding yes! The space and storage capacity that a Cybex stroller offers is well worth your investment. It’s much like ensuring your Back Dumbbell Workout gives you a good ROI in terms of health. The spacious Basket is ample enough for all your baby essentials, and there’s still enough room for some of your shopping bags!

Feature 6: The e-Priam, Cybex’s Star Stroller

The crown jewel of the Cybex range is undoubtedly the e-Priam. Its price might be a bit on the higher end, but when you consider the host of features and benefits it offers, you realize it’s quite a bang for your buck. With features like an electric assist that makes pushing the stroller uphill a breeze and regenerative breaking when going downhill, the e-Priam takes the stress out of strolling.

Feature 7: Shopping Cybex Strollers – Availability in the US Market

“Is Cybex sold in the US?” Absolutely! Authentic Cybex strollers are available in the USA. Recognized retailers include the prestigious Nordstrom. Therefore, acquiring a Cybex stroller isn’t a herculean task; it’s easily accessible to anyone looking to invest in a reliable stroller.


Final Remarks: Why Cybex Strollers Outshine the Rest

A Cybex stroller is more than a transportation tool; it’s a carrier of comfort, a chariot of style, and it underscores your commitment to the safety and happiness of your tiny tot. With a Cybex stroller, you’re enabling yourself to experience and explore the world with your little one in luxurious comfort. Whether you choose the feature-packed e-Priam or any other model from the Cybex range, you can trust that you’re investing in a high-end, high-quality stroller. So, if price isn’t a problem, remember that every penny spent on a Cybex stroller is a penny invested in your child’s ultimate comfort and safety.

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