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7 Secrets Of Disney Treasure’s Adventure Sail

Boarding the Disney Treasure is where the enchantment begins, a feeling akin to stepping into a favorite storybook. It’s not merely a cruise; it’s an entry into an Adventureland on the sea, brimming with the anticipation of journeys yet untold.

The Enchantment Begins: Boarding the Disney Treasure

The newest addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Treasure, is a maritime celebration of exploration and adventure. Since you first catch a glimpse of its majestic hull, you are drawn into a world where elegance and whimsy coexist effortlessly. As you step on board, the grandeur is palpable – the Aladdin-inspired Grand Hall invites you into a tale of its own, setting the bar for a cruise that promises the marvels of Disney in the heart of the ocean.

The welcome show is a vibrant spectacle, seamlessly mingling familiar Disney tunes with the fresh excitement of what lies ahead, embracing you in a unique atmosphere that’s nothing short of magical. Guests boarding are not just passengers; they are intrepid souls setting forth on an epic disney treasure journey, much like Ellie and Carl of Pixar’s “Up” who always believed “Adventure is out there!”

First impressions? This ship doesn’t just sail; it transcends the very concept of a cruise, setting expectations soaring high into the realm of childhood dreams and fantasies ready to be fulfilled.

Disney Treasures From the Vault, Limited Edition Mickey and Minnie Mouse Plush, Amazon Exclusive

Disney Treasures From the Vault, Limited Edition Mickey and Minnie Mouse Plush, Amazon Exclusive


Step into the enchanting world of Disney with the exclusive Disney Treasures from the Vault, Limited Edition Mickey and Minnie Mouse Plush set, available only on Amazon. These meticulously crafted plush toys are a homage to Disney’s iconic duo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, designed with the collector in mind. The attention to detail on these limited edition plush toys is remarkable, from Mickey’s classic red shorts and Minnie’s polka-dot dress to the authentic textures that bring these beloved characters to life. Each plush set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, making it a must-have for Disney enthusiasts and serious collectors alike.

Embrace the nostalgia and celebrate Disney’s storied heritage with this unique collector’s item that commemorates the timeless magic of Mickey and Minnie. The plush set is part of the Disney Treasures from the Vault collection, which revives the rich history of Disney through a series of collectible plush releases throughout the year. Measuring at an impressive height and produced in a limited quantity, these plush toys are not only a treasure for their collectibility but also their display-worthy design. The charming pair is presented in a special collector’s box, further enhancing their value and appeal to fans of all ages.

Perfect for gifting or adding to your personal Disney collection, these exclusive Mickey and Minnie Mouse plush toys offer an unparalleled blend of craftsmanship and sentimental value. The availability of this set is strictly limited, ensuring that each piece remains as special and unique as the treasured moments they represent. As an Amazon Exclusive, this Disney Treasures from the Vault offering is a convenient and secure purchase for fans around the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of Disney magic with this exquisite limited edition Mickey and Minnie Mouse plush set.

Navigating Enchanted Waters: Unique Route of the Disney Treasure

Charting a course unlike any other, the Disney Treasure takes guests on a route sprinkled with exclusivity and thrill. Secret paths lead to private gems like Disney Castaway Cay, where the azure embrace of the blue waters gives way to experiences curated to delight Disney enthusiasts. Unique to Disney Treasure, imagine special at-sea performances where the “Beauty and the Beast” comes to life under the stars, a luxury unmatched by any other cruise line.

But what differentiates Disney Treasure’s sailing route? It’s the blend of the all-time favorites with the novel treasures — stops at islands untouched by the typical traveler and seas that whisper the tales of Moana and other beloved characters. Each voyage is an exploration narrative penned by Disney magic, charting both sun-kissed beaches and the fertile ground of imagination.

Image 26744

Category Details
Name of Ship Disney Treasure
Part of Fleet Disney Cruise Line’s 6th Vessel
Steel-Cutting Ceremony January 19, 2023
Keel-Laying Ceremony March 30, 2023 (Keel laid with a coin for good fortune)
Theme Adventure and Exploration (Inspired by Adventureland)
Stateroom Themes Aladdin, Pocahontas, Up, Encanto, The Lion King, Luca
Inaugural Sailing Date December 21, 2024
Maiden Voyage Itinerary 7-Night Eastern and Western Caribbean: Port Canaveral, Tortola (BVI), St. Thomas (USVI), Disney Castaway Cay
Construction Progress On schedule with key milestones achieved
Gross Tonnage 144,000 tons
Theatrical Productions “Disney The Tale of Moana”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Disney Seas the Adventure”, New show TBA
Booking Availability Castaway Club members: September 12, 2023; General public: September 20, 2023
Starting Price From $9,123
Departure Port Port Canaveral, Florida
Concept Inspiration “The Wish is a castle on the sea whereas the Treasure is Adventureland on the sea”
Tagline “Adventure is out there!” – reminiscent of Ellie and Carl from Pixar’s “Up”
Special Features Aladdin-inspired Grand Hall; distinctively themed staterooms; emphasis on Disney-themed exploration and adventure.
Current Booking Status Available

A Gastronomic Quest: Dining Secrets Aboard Disney Treasure

Embark upon a gastronomic quest aboard the Disney Treasure, where dining is not just eating — it’s an adventure of flavors. Specialty dishes that narrate stories and themed dining settings transform a meal into an extraordinary event. Imagine savoring Tiana’s beignets within an ambiance straight out of “The Princess and the Frog.”

Of particular mention are the Disney character dining events, where a meal becomes a meet-and-greet with some of your all-time favorite adventurers. The culinary strategy is cleverly curated to balance between taste and tale, with every forkful laden with decadence and a sprinkle of Disney dust.

Hidden Chambers: Disney Treasure’s Exclusive Suites and Cabins

Venture further into hidden chambers aboard the Disney Treasure, and uncover suites and cabins that remain a mystery to the uninitiated. These living spaces aren’t just for rest; they are realms of their own. Themed suites like those inspired by “Encanto” and “The Lion King” boast secret amenities and hidden features that boggle the mind and enchant the heart.

Design philosophy here isn’t just about luxury; it’s about creating a cohesive narrative through interior design — these suites aren’t just places to stay; they’re crossroads between reality and the adventurous lands of Disney stories.

Walt Disney Treasures Zorro Season

Walt Disney Treasures Zorro Season


Rediscover the swashbuckling adventures of the masked crusader, Zorro, in the Walt Disney Treasures collection of the iconic television series. This meticulously restored set presents the first season in its entirety, transporting fans back to the captivating exploits of Don Diego de la Vega, played by the charismatic Guy Williams, as he defends the oppressed and battles injustice in Spanish California. Each episode is a treasure trove of heroism and swordplay, showcasing the writing and production quality that has made the series a timeless classic.

The Walt Disney Treasures Zorro Season 1 box set is a must-have for Disney aficionados and classic TV enthusiasts alike. Presented in a collectible tin case, this limited edition release includes exclusive bonus content, such as behind-the-scenes insights, interviews with cast members, and original promotional materials that provide a glimpse into the making of this beloved series. The episodes have been digitally remastered, ensuring the sharpest picture and clearest sound to experience Zorro’s thrilling adventures as never before.

With every daring rescue and narrow escape, Zorro captivates the imagination and brings to life the spirit of adventure. Engage with the historical lore of Old California through storytelling that combines action, romance, and moral lessons. This definitive collection also offers a unique look at the legacy of Disney’s live-action entertainment, making it an essential addition to any classic television library. Relive the nostalgia or introduce a new generation to the masked avenger who leaves his mark with a signature “Z”the Walt Disney Treasures Zorro Season 1 is an adventure not to be missed.

The Quest for Entertainment: Disney Treasure’s Unique Shows and Experiences

Plunge headfirst into a quest for entertainment when you’re on the Disney Treasure, experiencing shows that ingeniously blend technology and talent. Behind-the-scenes, the magic is just as palpable as it is on stage with new productions like the “Disney The Tale of Moana” and other exclusive shows using innovative staging techniques.

The entertainment here doesn’t just delight; it envelopes guests in a narrative arc, offering an immersive experience that’s both extraordinary and uniquely Disney. It’s not just about enjoyment but embodying the spirit of adventure and exploration that the Disney Treasure represents.

Image 26745

A Trove of Rarities: Shopping on the Disney Treasure

Aboard the Disney Treasure, shopping transforms into a hunt for a trove of rarities. Exclusively designed merchandises awaken the inner collector in every guest, while specialty boutiques become alcoves of discovery. The shopping experience is an extension of the adventure, with high-end brand collaborations mirroring the uniqueness of this magnificent vessel.

And much like the unexpected delight of finding a hidden Mickey, the exclusive product lines onboard — such as white Sneakers designed with a Disney twist or the Bondi 8 hoka** with that hint of magic — make for souvenirs that are both luxurious and nostalgic.

For the Young and Young at Heart: Kids’ Adventures on Disney Treasure

Dedicated spaces for children to forge their adventures set the Disney Treasure apart in a sea of amusements. The kids’ adventures provide more than just fun; they serve as a bastion for nurturing imagination and creativity. Interactive play areas, themed to the likes of “Luca” and “Pocahontas,” present both educational and entertainment value packed into one memorable experience.

Programs like treasure hunts envisioned for little adventurers not only ignite the spark of fun but also inculcate a spirit of exploration, ensuring the wonder of Disney is passed on even to the youngest of guests.

Disney Doorables Treasures From the Vault Collection Peek, Blind Bag Inspired Figures, Styles May Vary, Kids Toys for Ages Up, Amazon Exclusive

Disney Doorables Treasures From the Vault Collection Peek, Blind Bag Inspired Figures, Styles May Vary, Kids Toys for Ages Up, Amazon Exclusive


Delve into a whimsical world of Disney magic with the enchanting Disney Doorables Treasures From the Vault Collection Peek. This special Amazon exclusive series invites young fans and collectors alike to discover an adorable assortment of mini, blind bag-inspired figurines. With a delightful blend of anticipation and surprise, each blind bag offers a unique unboxing experience, encouraging imaginations to soar as kids unveil which beloved Disney character awaits them. Styles may vary, ensuring a wide variety of fan-favorite figures from classic animated tales to contemporary Disney adventures.

Crafted with intricate details and sparkling glitter eyes that capture the distinctive charm of Disney personalities, these Doorables figures stand out with their cute, stylized appearances. Suitable for kids of the ages specified and above, these tiny treasures are ideal for play, display, and trading with friends. The compact size of the figures makes them perfect for on-the-go fun, easily tucked into pockets or bags for entertainment anywhere. Each package may contain a surprise mix of characters, some rarer than others, fostering a sense of excitement and collectibility.

Adding to the excitement, the Treasures From the Vault Collection Peek extends the Doorables experience beyond the toy itself. Collectors can use their figures to unlock imaginative narratives, create dynamic displays, or integrate them into existing Doorables playsets for expanded storytelling possibilities. The blind bag format also highlights the joy of collecting, as children can aspire to complete their Disney Doorables collections by acquiring the full range of available figures. Whether given as a charming gift or purchased as a personal treat, the Disney Doorables Treasures From the Vault Collection Peek promises to be a treasure trove of fun for Disney fans and collectors.

Plunge into the Unknown: Exclusive Excursions with the Disney Treasure

Daring to delve deeper, the Disney Treasure orchestrates shore excursions that are exclusive badges of its identity. Private island escapades, confidential cultural experiences, and Disney storytelling seamlessly interwoven into each adventure set these excursions apart from the commonplace.

Hearing the thrilling tales from participants of these journeys, one realizes that these aren’t mere trips; they’re crafted chapters of a grander voyage, with the Treasure serving as both vessel and storyteller to lands and narratives that bind the Disney universe together.

Image 26746

Sailing Back into the Sunset with Treasured Memories

In drawing our voyage to a close, the secrets of the Disney Treasure’s Adventure Sail weave together a tapestry of an unparalleled experience. It’s the boldness of its hidden chambers, the savor of its gastronomic quests, the allure of its enchanted routes, and the intimacy of its entertainment that mold the Disney Treasure into more than just a journey — it’s a treasure chest of memories waiting to be unlocked.

As we bid farewell to the vessel, it’s not just the horizon that calls us back, but the Disney magic that lingers long after the sails have folded. The Disney Treasure not only sets the bar for future Disney cruises but also reaffirms the timeless adage that with Disney, there’s always another adventure waiting right around the riverbend.

Sailing on the Disney Treasure is an invite to indulge in the whimsical, to embark upon a journey where every moment is a keepsake, and every experience is a story waiting to be told. Embrace the cruise, and you will find that each day is a new chapter in your own personal book of Disney explorations.

Unveiling the Magic Behind Disney Treasure

Ahoy, mateys! Ready to dive into the whimsical world of Disney Treasure? Buckle up, cause we’re about to embark on a journey sprinkled with secrets and speckled with trivia that’ll make even the sternest pirate crack a smile.

A Mast-erpiece of Engineering

First off, let’s talk about the sheer size of the Disney Treasure. This vessel isn’t just big; it’s like, “I can’t believe it’s not land!” big. Imagine standing dockside, awestruck as the ship looms over you, its mast higher than a huge penis statue. It’s the kind of mammoth you’d surely want to Instagram but would struggle to fit into one shot.

Seafaring Fitness with Mickey

When boarding the Disney Treasure, you might think you’re taking a break from your gym routine, but there’s no need for your muscles to mutiny. With a state-of-the-art fitness center onboard, you can keep those gains coming. Picture Captain Mickey leading you through a front lateral raise as you overlook the rolling ocean waves—a unique workout with a view that your local gym simply can’t compete with.

Cuisine That’s Off the Hook

Disney’s attention to detail doesn’t end with entertainment and exercise; it extends to your dining experiences too. Imagine sailing on the high seas and still having access to mouthwatering tuna Packets that even the pickiest food critics would tip their hats to. Disney Treasure offers a gastronomic adventure that rivals its thrill-a-minute escapades—a truly delicious secret if there ever was one.

Pampered Pirates’ Pearly Whites

Every pirate enjoys a good feast, but not all are equipped for what comes next—the dreaded toothache! But hold on to your eye-patches and peg legs, Disney Treasure’s got you covered with sensitive toothpaste available right onboard. So you can indulge in all the sweets from the galley without having to worry about walking the plank due to tooth sensitivity.

Villains and Vigilantes: The Characters Revealed

And what’s a Disney adventure without encounters with your favorite characters? Sure, you expect to rub shoulders with princesses and talking animals, but the Disney Treasure goes a step further. Have you ever pondered, Is Black adam a villain, while you stood starstruck next to the legendary character himself? The lines between hero and villain blur on the high seas, as Disney lore comes to life in the most unexpected ways.

Grab your maps and your sense of wonder, readers. The Disney Treasure isn’t just a ship—it’s an immersive experience where every deck tells a story, every character has a tale, and every sunset brings a new kind of magic. Keep these secrets in your heart, for the real treasure lies in the memories you’ll be sure to cherish long after you’ve disembarked from this enchanting voyage.

Walt Disney World th Anniversary Celebration Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Collectible Plush, Limited Edition Inch , Officially Licensed Kids Toys for Ages Up, Amazon Exclusiv

Walt Disney World th Anniversary Celebration Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Collectible Plush, Limited Edition Inch , Officially Licensed Kids Toys for Ages Up, Amazon Exclusiv


Celebrate the magic of Disney’s milestone with the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Collectible Plush. This exclusive Amazon offering is a must-have for Disney aficionados and theme park enthusiasts, capturing the adventurous spirit of the iconic Frontierland ride. Crafted with exquisite detail, the plush stands at an impressive limited edition size, making it a stand-out addition to any collection. Officially licensed, this plush toy is designed for Disney fans ages 3 and up, ensuring that the joy of the ‘wildest ride in the wilderness’ can be shared across generations.

This meticulously designed collectible features the vibrant colors and dynamic design inspired by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, bringing the thunderous excitement straight into your home. Each element of the plush pays homage to the beloved attraction, from its faux steam engine to the intricate Western motif synonymous with the ride. Collectors will appreciate the high-quality materials and durable construction that ensure this plush withstands the test of time, much like the memories it embodies. With its limited edition status, this plush serves as an exclusive emblem of the 50th-anniversary celebrations, imbued with the enchantment of Disney World’s storied history.

Perfect as a gift for children and collectors alike, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Collectible Plush transforms playtime and showcases into a Disney lover’s dream. Not only does it promise hours of imaginative fun for younger fans, but it also offers an exceptional piece of memorabilia that captures the essence of Walt Disney World’s milestone celebration. Each plush comes in commemorative 50th Anniversary packaging, accentuating its uniqueness and collectibility. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of magic with this limited edition, Amazon-exclusive treasure that celebrates one of the most beloved Disney Park attractions.

Is the Disney Treasure being built?

Is the Disney Treasure being built? Oh, you betcha! The Disney Treasure isn’t just a figment of our imaginations—it’s well on its way to making a splash! Since the steel was first cut on January 19, 2023, the construction’s been chugging along steadily. Fast forward to March 30th, and voila—the keel was laid down, complete with a lucky coin nestled under it for a bit of that good ol’ sea-faring fortune.

What is the difference between the Disney Wish and the Disney Treasure?

What is the difference between the Disney Wish and the Disney Treasure? Talk about a tough choice! Choosing between the Disney Wish and the Disney Treasure is like picking between a chocolate and a vanilla sundae—they’re both sweet, but in different ways. The Wish? She’s a floating castle of dreams, but the Treasure, ah, it’s pure Adventureland at sea. With nods to Aladdin, Pocahontas, and more, the Treasure takes you on a whirlwind of exploration and escapades without ever leaving the ship!

What shows are on Disney Treasure?

What shows are on Disney Treasure? Well, well, well, it’s showtime on the high seas! Disney Treasure’s got an entertainment lineup that’ll knock your flip-flops off. Alongside the new theatrical spectacle, it’s dishing out hit productions like “Disney The Tale of Moana,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Disney Seas the Adventure.” Sounds like there won’t be a dull moment on board!

What do we know about Disney Treasure?

What do we know about Disney Treasure? Here’s the scoop on the Disney Treasure—it’s the next big wave in Disney’s oceanic adventures, setting sail in 2024. As the sixth vessel in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, it’s all about living it up with an adventure-themed extravaganza. Think “Up” without the balloons and a treasure trove of Disney-inspired excitement packed onto a ship!

Where will Disney Treasure sail in 2024?

Where will Disney Treasure sail in 2024? Ahoy, mateys! In December 2024, the Disney Treasure will embark on a maiden voyage that’ll put the ‘carib’ in ‘Caribbean.’ Sailing from Port Canaveral, Florida, she’ll be whisking away passengers on 7-Night Eastern and Western Caribbean adventures. Get ready to drop anchor in stunning spots like Tortola, St. Thomas, and of course, the not-to-be-missed Disney Castaway Cay.

Why did Disney Treasure Planet fail?

Why did Disney Treasure Planet fail? Whoopsie-daisy. Even Disney strikes out sometimes, and sad to say, “Treasure Planet” was one of those swings and misses. This animated flick walked the plank at the box office, taking a hit due to the stiff competition and the shift to computer animation at the time. Despite its stellar art and heart, it just didn’t find its treasure map for success.

What is the sister ship to the Disney Wish?

What is the sister ship to the Disney Wish? Ah, the Disney Treasure’s sailing into port as the spiffy new sister ship of the Disney Wish. She’s the latest maritime marvel in the Disney Cruise Line’s family tree, and trust me, the family resemblance is there with just the right amount of distinct flair. Get ready to meet the new sibling soon!

What do you get for the 5000 drink on Disney Wish?

What do you get for the 5000 drink on Disney Wish? Okay, here’s the lowdown on that epic $5,000 drink aboard the Disney Wish—it’s not just a drink, it’s an experience! The buzz is that you’re not just sipping on a cocktail; you’re getting a rare collector’s item and the kind of VIP treatment that could make a sultan blush. With that hefty price tag, you’re joining an exclusive club, that’s for sure.

Is the treasure bigger than the wish?

Is the treasure bigger than the wish? Well, size isn’t everything, but when it comes to ships, who doesn’t love a bit more elbow room? That said, the Disney Treasure and the Disney Wish are about as neck-and-neck as two seagulls racing for a French fry. As of my last check-in, the specific dimensions hadn’t been released, but hey, both ships promise a boatload of fun either way!

What cruise ship did Disney buy?

What cruise ship did Disney buy? Now hold your seahorses—it’s not about buying an old dinghy; Disney’s crafting their ships from scratch! The Disney Treasure is the latest creation in the fleet, but there’s no news of Mickey and the gang purchasing a second-hand ship lately. They’re all about that shiny new ship smell!

What is the new Disney ship in 2024?

What is the new Disney ship in 2024? The newest sailor in the Disney Cruise flotilla is none other than the Disney Treasure, set to make waves in 2024. Trust me, this vessel’s ready to take the high seas by storm, wooing adventurers and Disney aficionados alike with a treasure chest of activities and entertainment.

Why are Disney cruises so expensive?

Why are Disney cruises so expensive? Okay, let’s talk turkey. Disney cruises may cost a pretty penny because, frankly, you’re floating in a sea of extras! From top-tier entertainment to Disney’s signature service and touch of magic, these voyages are like an all-you-can-experience buffet of fun, character, and memories to last a lifetime. You get what you pay for, and with Disney, that’s usually a whole lot of wow!

How much does it cost to go on the Disney Treasure?

How much does it cost to go on the Disney Treasure? Listen up, because your piggy bank might want to sit down for this: setting sail on the Disney Treasure comes with a starting price tag of $9,123 for its first seven-night journey. A bit of a splurge, but for a Disney-packed journey with all the fixings, some might say it’s worth shelling out the clams.

How many Disney treasures are there?

How many Disney treasures are there? Oh, if we’re talking Disney treasures, there’s a boatload of ’em! But if we’re sticking to cruise ships, the Disney Treasure will be the sixth shiny bauble in Disney’s crown when it sets sail in 2024. So far, there’s only one Treasure, but who knows what’s on the horizon for this fleet?

What’s new on the Disney Treasure?

What’s new on the Disney Treasure? If you’re looking for something new, the Disney Treasure is like opening a fresh pack of cards and finding all aces! This ship is setting the bar high with its Aladdin-inspired Grand Hall and staterooms themed to beloved explorers from Disney and Pixar tales. It’s practically bursting with fresh, fun, and fanciful experiences.

Where is the Disney Treasure being built?

Where is the Disney Treasure being built? Ah, the Disney Treasure’s birthplace is under wraps, but you can bet it’s in a shipyard capable of crafting something with that Disney dazzle. Wherever it is, the construction’s been in full swing since the steel got sliced back in January ’23, and it’s shaping up to be a true jewel of the sea.

How big will Disney Treasure be?

How big will Disney Treasure be? Well, I’ll tell you, the Disney Treasure is no dinghy—it’s weighing in at a whopping 144,000 tons! That’s a whole lot of ship to explore. Disney’s all about going big or going home, and with this vessel, they’re definitely not headed to port any time soon.

Why was Disney Treasure island abandoned?

Why was Disney Treasure island abandoned? Disney’s Treasure Island, or Discovery Island as it was later known, is a tale of a forgotten paradise. Left to the whispers of the Florida breeze, this sanctuary closed down in 1999, likely due to the opening of the bigger and badder Animal Kingdom. Sometimes in the game of parks, it’s a jungle out there, and only the newest attractions survive.

How much money did Disney lose with Treasure Planet?

How much money did Disney lose with Treasure Planet? Ouch, the tale of “Treasure Planet” is a bit of a hard pill to swallow; the flick took a plunge, costing Disney about $74 million. It was a costly gamble that, well, didn’t exactly have them swimming in doubloons. Goes to show, even the mightiest can face the music when a movie walks the plank.

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