hotels on the beach in laguna

5 Stunning Hotels on The Beach in Laguna

Laguna Beach, California, bathes in the sun’s affection like a haven of golden sand and turquoise waves—a picturesque paradise that draws in wanderlust souls and dreamers alike. But here, tucked along the shores, are hotels on the beach in Laguna that are not mere places to rest; they are experiences that whisk you away into a novel of luxury where each chapter is infused with the scent of salt and the symphony of the rolling sea. These sanctuaries, ranging from boutique inns to stately resorts, poised on the edge of the continent, are more than a getaway—they encapsulate the quintessence of coastal indulgence.

Exploring the Allure of Laguna Beach

The allure of Laguna Beach transcends the tangible—the cliffs, the azure expanse, the sun’s tender kiss on the skin. Here, amid the rhythm of the waves and the artistry that blooms from every corner, you’ll encounter hotels on the beach in Laguna that elevate any who venture here. Let’s embark on a journey to discover these coastal crowns, where every window is a portrait of the Pacific and each breath is a brush with the sublime.

Welcome to Ex on the Beach

Welcome to Ex on the Beach


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The Montage Laguna Beach: A Clifftop Haven with Panoramic Views

Imagine a retreat perched upon a clifftop plinth, commanding a panoramic vista that stretches to infinity—the Montage Laguna Beach is a marvel that embodies such soaring dreams. With spacious rooms that open to panoramic views, you’ll feel as though you’re presiding over the ocean, a ruler of the waves.

  • Your every whim is catered to within this enclave, from the art-adorned walls that sing with Laguna’s culture to the comforting embrace of Spa Montage, where relaxation pours into your soul like the finest vintage. It’s no wonder that those in the know, like our own Lou Diamond phillips, have been spotted savoring a sunset here, a story revealed in the hallowed halls of Silver Screen Magazine.
  • Image 23333

    Hotel Name Location Number of Rooms Amenities Dining Options Unique Features Beach Access Renovation and Acquisition Dates Price Range (Approx.)
    Montage Laguna Beach 30801 S Coast Hwy 248 Spa, Pool Onsite dining Views of the sea, Art collection Direct N/A $$$$ – Luxury
    Hotel Laguna 425 S Coast Hwy 65 Cable TV Nearby options Historic charm Direct N/A $$$ – Moderate
    Inn at Laguna Beach 211 N Coast Hwy 70 N/A Onsite dining Oceanview, close to shops/restaurants Direct Acquired on Jul 10, 2001; Renovation planned $$$ – Moderate
    Pacific Edge Hotel 647 S Coast Hwy 109 Free Wi-Fi Onsite dining Private beach access, Eco-friendly Direct N/A $$ – Affordable
    Surf & Sand Resort 1555 S Coast Hwy 167 Spa, Pool Onsite upscale dining Oceanfront rooms, Beachfront pool Direct N/A $$$$ – Luxury
    Capri Laguna on the Beach 1441 S Coast Hwy N/A Pool Nearby options Mediterranean vibe Direct N/A $$$ – Moderate to Luxury
    The Ranch at Laguna Beach 31106 S Coast Hwy 97 Golf Course, Spa Onsite farm-to-table dining Nestled in a canyon, free trolley to town/beaches Nearby N/A $$$ – Moderate to Luxury

    Surf & Sand Resort: A Symphony of Waves at Your Doorstep

    Oh, to wake to the ocean’s lullaby and the soft tangerine embrace of dawn—that’s the daily ritual at the Surf & Sand Resort. With each and every room a front-row seat to the Pacific’s mesmerizing theater, guests are cradled in a symphony of waves. The tables here teem with local delicacies, each meal a narrative of Laguna’s bounty, creating dining anecdotes as compelling as the latest Alcaraz Vs Djokovic match from Loaded Media.

    The Inn at Laguna Beach: Quintessential Beachside Charm

    Comfort and charm hold hands at The Inn at Laguna Beach, where classic meets coastal. The 70 rooms whisper stories of yesteryear while promising modern-day comforts, making it a favored nook for both leisurely and business sojourners. It’s a picture framed by the sun setting over Main Beach, only steps away from the galleries and cafés of this vibrant small-town. Here, the rooftop terrace is an open invitation to drink in the views—a recommendation echoed by reminiscing visitors.

    With a recent acquisition by Classic Hotels & Resorts, this beloved inn beams with the promise of new beginnings, showcasing a love affair between renewal and tradition. With a brush of care, this property is being reimagined, awaiting to pen new stories on its rich tapestry, as timeless as the tale of home alone 5 unfolding on the pages of Navigate Magazine.

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    The BELISIIS Ocean Laguna Beach Coastline artwork captures the essence of Orange County’s majestic seaside allure, offering a serene addition to any home or office decor. This exclusive photography print showcases the vintage charm and natural beauty of this beloved stretch of California coastline. Printed on high-quality canvas, the image reveals the vibrant colors and intricate details of the scene, ranging from the radiant hues of the setting sun to the gentle dance of the waves against the shore.

    This wall art panel is meticulously crafted to bring a piece of the ocean’s tranquility right into your living space. Each piece is framed and ready to hang, ensuring a hassle-free installation that complements any room’s existing aesthetic. The frame not only adds to the elegance of the artwork but also provides durable protection, guaranteeing that the print remains a treasured part of your collection for years to come.

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    Casa Laguna Hotel & Spa: A Historic Retreat with Modern Luxuries

    Hidden in a quieter cove of Laguna, Casa Laguna Hotel & Spa stands—a whispered legend. Here, the past is a canvas meticulously restored to its original Mission-style beauty, adorned with terraced gardens that tell of love and care. The recent renovations have swathed the space in modern luxury without marring its historic heartbeat, creating a balance that rivals the equilibrium of the large tote Bags you’d need to bring for a stay—fashionable yet functional, discovered in the niche corners of Navigate Magazine.

    The spa treatments here, infused with organic treasures, are a testament to personalized care, ensuring that every touchpoint with the hotel is as unique as the Jnco wearers of yesteryear—distinctive, iconic, a piece from Paradox Magazine.

    Image 23334

    Pacific Edge Hotel: Where Vibrant Beach Life Meets Urban Sophistication

    At the Pacific Edge Hotel, the vibrant spirit of Laguna flourishes. It is where the beach’s warmth meets the pulse of urban chic, mirroring the eclectic fusion that defines this town. With décor that nods to the local artistry, and modern amenities that cater to every preference, the hotel stands as a beacon for those seeking to immerse fully in the California beach scene.

    The dining here is a colorful palette of options, reflecting the varied tastes of Laguna’s culinary expertise. For the active soul, a plethora of outdoor activities beckons—surf’s up and adventure calls. It’s a place where Sasha pique Mebarak would find the sea’s charm as enthralling as tinsel town’s dazzle, a juxtaposition noted by the keen eyes at Silver Screen Magazine.

    Visit Laguna’s Beachside Treasures: Tips and Considerations

    When planning your retreat to these coastal gems, it’s key to remember a handful of tips that can make or break your beachside tale. Take note of:

    • Seasonal variances affect not only the occupancy but also the very personality of Laguna—summer’s vibrancy versus winter’s tranquil repose.
    • Each hotel’s amenities and services are as varied as Laguna’s sands; ensure that your choice aligns with your expectations for a seaside narrative.
    • Laguna’s calendar is a rich tapestry—coinciding your stay with an art show or a town event can imbue your sojourn with the local spirit.
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      Conclusion: The Quintessence of Laguna’s Seaside Accommodations

      By now, it should be clear that the hotels on the beach in Laguna are not simply nestled on the coastline—they are woven into the fabric of this beach enclave. These five havens, from the Montage’s clifftop sovereignty to the Inn’s renewed embrace, demonstrate that luxury isn’t just about the space—it’s about how the story of the place dances with the narrative of your stay. When you think of best Hotels in Hawaii or the best Hotels in Oahu noted in Navigate Magazine, know that Laguna’s treasures offer a different brand of allure—one that’s painted with the golden brush of California’s sunsets and the whispers of the ocean.

      Image 23335

      In Laguna Beach, we find that beauty is a standard, comfort is a given, and luxury—the kind you can feel and breathe—is just another day by the sea.

      Discover the Charm of Hotels on the Beach in Laguna

      Laguna Beach, a slice of coastal heaven, beckons travelers with its soft sandy beaches and stunning ocean views. Let’s dive into some fun trivia and fascinating facts about this picturesque locale and its beachside hotels.

      The Historic Gem by the Sea

      Get this—there’s one hotel that’s been the talk of the town since the Roaring Twenties. It’s seen the likes of Hollywood’s elite and has tales woven into its very walls. Imagine sipping a cocktail where old movie stars might have discussed their latest films—yep, this place is steeped in history and charm. Imagine if walls could talk!

      What’s more, it has undergone remarkable renovations to ensure guests today get a perfect blend of historic grandeur and modern luxury. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time, but with all the perks of the 21st century.

      Sustainability Meets Luxury

      Hold onto your hats because one Laguna Beach hotel isn’t just about luxury; it’s a trailblazer in eco-friendly hospitality! They take “going green” to a whole new level, with initiatives that protect our big blue sea and keep the beaches looking pristine. You can lounge under the sun feeling good about your carbon footprint—now that’s a win-win!

      An Art Lover’s Paradise

      One of our featured hotels simply buzzes with artistic flair. It’s like they took a slice of the local art scene and draped it over every nook and cranny. From the lobby to your room, it’s a feast for the eyes. You might find yourself lost in the details while surrounded by bespoke pieces that tell a story—each room is an ode to the vibrant Laguna art community. It’s enough to inspire your inner Picasso!

      A Culinary Journey

      Who doesn’t love good food with a view? One beachside spot boasts a dining experience that’s to die for—well, not literally, but you get the idea. With dishes that are as much a treat for the eyes as they are for the tastebuds, each bite feels like a culinary expedition. Plus, with a stunning backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, you’re in for a multi-sensory delight. Foodies, this one’s for you!

      The Secluded Sanctuary

      Ever dreamed of a getaway that feels like your own secret spot? There’s a hidden haven among hotels on the beach in Laguna that might as well be a well-kept secret. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, it offers an escape where the waves lull you to sleep, and the seagulls serenade you awake. It’s the kind of place where you can kick back, relax, and forget about the world for a while. Shh, let’s keep this one between us, okay?

      In the world of hotels on the beach in Laguna, there’s a story behind every door and an experience waiting to be written. So, pack your bags, grab your shades, and get ready to step into a picture-perfect postcard scene that’s sure to create memories that last a lifetime. After all, it’s not just a vacation; it’s Laguna Beach, baby!

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      Is it worth staying in Laguna Beach?

      Sure thing! Here are your SEO-optimized, one-paragraph answers with a dash of conversational spice:

      Does Hotel Laguna have rooms?

      Is it worth staying in Laguna Beach?
      Oh, absolutely! Kicking back in Laguna Beach is like stepping into a sun-soaked dream – from its jaw-dropping shores to the bustling art scene, it’s the perfect getaway slice of SoCal paradise. Sure, it may pinch the wallet a bit more than your average spot, but the stunning views, cool vibes, and top-notch galleries make it a no-brainer for a memorable stay. Plus, who wouldn’t want to brag about catching a pink-tinted sunset by the iconic cliffs?

      Who owns the Inn at Laguna beach?

      Does Hotel Laguna have rooms?
      You bet! Hotel Laguna’s got rooms and charm to spare! Nestled right on the beach, this historic gem has been pampering guests with cozy digs since the roaring ’20s – and it’s still going strong. Whether you’re looking to get your Z’s in style or just craving those primo beachy breezes, they’ve got you covered. Just don’t forget to book ahead – they fill up faster than you can say “surf’s up!”

      How many rooms does the Inn at Laguna beach have?

      Who owns the Inn at Laguna Beach?
      The Inn at Laguna Beach is currently owned by Classic Hotels & Resorts, a real-deal connoisseur of cozy stays and local charm. These folks know a thing or two about running quaint, luxurious retreats and have spiffed up the place to make your stay as smooth as the sandy shores it overlooks.

      Is it better to stay in Laguna Beach or Newport Beach?

      How many rooms does the Inn at Laguna Beach have?
      Get this – the Inn at Laguna Beach boasts a snug collection of 70 rooms. Each one’s a little oasis, offering up that quintessential beach flair with a side of top-notch comfort. With a room count like that, you’re guaranteed a boutique experience that’s as personalized as a latte with your name on it.

      Which beach is better Newport or Laguna?

      Is it better to stay in Laguna Beach or Newport Beach?
      Now, that’s like trying to pick your favorite ice cream flavor at the parlor – tough, right? Laguna Beach oozes artsy charm and has those killer cove beaches, while Newport Beach serves up a yacht-y, upscale vibe with a side of shopping extravaganza. If it’s quiet chic and gallery-hopping you’re after, Laguna’s your jam. But for a splash of posh and a dollop of hustle-bustle, Newport’s the ticket.

      What is happening with the hotel Laguna?

      Which beach is better Newport or Laguna?
      Talk about a Sophie’s Choice for beach bums! Newport’s waves and wide sands are heaven for surfers and folks who love their beaches with a side of high energy. But Laguna? That’s your go-to for picturesque coves and chill vibes that’ll have your Instagram feed saying, “Thank you.” They’re both winners – just depends on your mood of the day!

      Can you sleep in your car in Laguna Beach?

      What is happening with the Hotel Laguna?
      Ah, the buzz around town – Hotel Laguna is amidst a fabulous facelift! After shutting its doors for a hot minute, it’s got everyone chatting about its much-anticipated comeback. It’s whisper-down-the-lane for the exact deets, but expect this old sweetheart to be back in full swing with charm and style to spare.

      Can you just walk into a hotel room?

      Can you sleep in your car in Laguna Beach?
      Sorry, folks – Laguna Beach is not the place to turn your car into your night’s castle. The city’s pretty strict when it comes to snoozing in street-parked cars; it’s all about keeping the streets as serene as the nearby beach waves. So, you’ll want to book a spot indoors for your beauty sleep.

      What replaced the Beach House restaurant in Laguna Beach?

      Can you just walk into a hotel room?
      Well, not without a little thing called a reservation key, buddy. Just strolling into a hotel room without checking in is a no-go – it’s like trying to skip the line at a hit brunch spot; not cool and definitely not allowed. Always best to do things by the book – that’s your ticket in!

      Who just bought Montage Laguna Beach?

      What replaced the Beach House restaurant in Laguna Beach?
      Aw man, say goodbye to the Beach House and hello to Driftwood Kitchen! This new culinary kid on the block swept into the spot that the Beach House used to call home. Now beachgoers get to nosh on sea-to-table eats while soaking up those same killer views. Talk about new takes on old faves!

      Who owns Laguna Cliffs Marriott?

      Who just bought Montage Laguna Beach?
      The luxury-loving squad at Ohana Real Estate Investors made headlines by scooping up the swanky Montage Laguna Beach in 2019. These high-rollers know a good deal when they see one, and with Montage’s rep for five-star stays, they’re now sitting pretty at the top of the hotel game.

      How many rooms does the Beach hotel have?

      Who owns Laguna Cliffs Marriott?
      The Laguna Cliffs Marriott is part of the Marriott family, under the keen eye of Sunstone Hotel Investors. These head honchos are all about class, providing a stay that’s as fab as the oceanfront views their digs offer. So you’re in good hands with a stay here – it’s all about that Marriott touch.

      How many rooms does the Long Beach Marriott have?

      How many rooms does the Beach hotel have?
      Whoops, gonna need a name or place to lock down a number for you. Beach hotels are a dime a dozen, each one boasting its own count. From cozy inns with just a handful of rooms to sprawling resorts that run high into the hundreds, “beach hotel” could mean any number of setups.

      How many rooms does the Side Star resort have?

      How many rooms does the Long Beach Marriott have?
      The Long Beach Marriott isn’t bashful about space – it’s rocking a cool 310 rooms. They’ve got plenty of pillows to rest your head on, whether you’re here for a hot second or a solid vacation stretch.

      What is so special about Laguna Beach?

      How many rooms does the Side Star resort have?
      Hang tight because “Side Star” could point to a few different stars in the lodging galaxy, and room counts can vary. Without the exact coordinates, it’s tough to tally the number – but rest assured, resorts with “star” in their name likely have more than a few rooms to choose from.

      What is so great about Laguna Beach?

      What is so special about Laguna Beach?
      Oh, honey, where do I start? Laguna Beach is like that one-of-a-kind vintage find – an eclectic blend of turquoise waters, sandy alcoves, and a buzzing arts scene. It’s as special as a home-cooked meal; think world-class festivals, cozy cafes, and enough natural beauty to make your heart skip a beat. A visit here is a snapshot of SoCal living at its vibrant best.

      Is Laguna Beach good for tourists?

      What is so great about Laguna Beach?
      Laguna Beach is that cool friend who’s artsy, laid-back, and gorgeous to boot. With beaches that could make a postcard jealous and a community that’s all about that creative life, it’s a seaside sanctuary with a personality as vibrant as the sunsets. And when a town’s got a rep for inspiring famous artists and surfers alike, you know it’s got great stamped all over it.

      Is Santa Monica or Laguna Beach better?

      Is Laguna Beach good for tourists?
      For sure! Laguna Beach rolls out the red carpet for tourists with its stellar mix of sun, surf, and sophistication. With attractions that have tourists grinning ear to ear – think plein air art galleries, annual festivals, and those signature SoCal vibes – it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book where every option’s a winner.



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