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Best 5 Lululemon Tennis Skirts Reviewed

The Evolution of the Lululemon Tennis Skirt

When it comes to striding the courts or strutting down city streets, the Lululemon tennis skirt has served up a revolution as elegant as a well-played backhand slice. Positioned comfortably at the intersection of high fashion and athletic prowess, Lululemon has aced the athletic wear game like a seasoned champion.

Spectators and style mavens alike have watched the rising star of the tennis skirt trend with keen eyes, and Lululemon has volleyed back with designs that resonate both on and beyond the courts. These aren’t just ordinary skirts; they’re masterstrokes of ingenuity, blending Lycra with the flair of Paris runways.

Exploring the distinctive seams of these skirts reveals much about Lululemon’s craftsmanship. Their secret sauce? A penchant for blending performance with panache. The skirts support a player’s dash and dive, ensuring every point is played in comfort and style.

The Top 5 Lululemon Tennis Skirts You Need to Know

As we embark on our search for the best of the bunch, we’ve crafted a meticulous selection process. Material toughness, style sharpness, and user cheers form our triad of judgement. Only those that score high in all will make our esteemed roster.

Drum roll for our carefully curated line-up:

1. The Pace Rival Skirt – equipping you with the speed of a gazelle.

2. The Court Rival High-Rise Skirt – where comfort meets competitive spirit.

3. The Play Off The Pleats Skirt – elegance has never felt so empowering.

4. The Power Pivot Skirt – turning every twist into a statement.

5. The Serve It Skirt – timeless as the game itself, fresh as the morning dew.

LULULEMON Pace Rival Skirt Tall (Black, )

LULULEMON Pace Rival Skirt Tall (Black, )


The LULULEMON Pace Rival Skirt in Tall (Black) is a sleek, performance-driven piece designed for the active woman who seeks comfort and style on the go. This skirt features a lightweight, four-way stretch fabric that effortlessly moves with your body, ensuring unrestricted movement whether you’re running a marathon or sprinting to catch a bus. Its tall length offers added coverage for taller individuals or those who prefer a bit more modesty during high-intensity activities. Plus, the classic black color adds a touch of elegance, making it a versatile addition to your fitness wardrobe that can easily transition from the track to a casual lunch out with friends.

Functionality meets fashion in this impeccably crafted skirt, which includes convenient features such as built-in shorts that provide extra support and protection. The shorts are equipped with LULULEMON’s signature pockets, perfect for stowing away small essentials like keys, cards, or a smartphone, enabling you to keep your hands free while on the move. The wide, flat waistband is designed to lie smoothly against your skin, reducing distractions and providing a flattering, secure fit. Additionally, the skirt’s moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties ensure that you stay cool and dry even during the sweatiest workouts.

LULULEMON’s Pace Rival Skirt Tall in Black is not only functional but also eco-conscious, as it is made with sustainably sourced materials that align with today’s ethical fashion standards. This skirt incorporates subtle reflective details that enhance visibility during early morning or late evening sessions, adding a layer of safety for outdoor enthusiasts. The durable construction and high-quality fabric guarantee longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for both serious athletes and casual exercisers. Embrace the perfect blend of performance, style, and comfort with this versatile skirt, a staple that will undoubtedly become a go-to in your activewear collection.

Feature Description Benefits
Style Athletic, pleated, A-line or body-hugging designs with a flared look Versatile fashion, fitting various aesthetics
Material Sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric (typically a blend of nylon and Lycra or elastane) Comfortable and keeps the wearer dry
Built-in Shorts Compression shorts included for support and coverage Secure feeling, allows for free movement
Waistband Wide and flat for comfort or with hidden pockets for essentials Comfort and convenience
Length Options Typically available in various lengths from mini to midi Personal preference and fashion choice
Size Availability Usually ranges from XXS to XL, encompassing plus sizes in some styles Inclusive sizing for different body types
Color and Pattern Variety Available in a range of colors from classic white to vibrant hues and prints Matches with different tops and accessories
Breathability Fabric that allows air circulation Reduces sweating and heat retention
Moisture Management Material that wicks away moisture from the body Keeps the wearer dry during physical activity
Price Range Generally around $58 – $98 USD, varying by style and design Reflects the quality and brand reputation
Availability Online store, physical lululemon shops, and select retailers Accessible for shoppers
Fashion Flexibility Can be dressed up with a polo shirt and sweater or down with a casual tee and sneakers Suitable for sports and everyday wear
Care Instructions Most are machine washable on a cold setting with like colors; tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. Some may require delicate handling due to material specifics or color preservation Easy maintenance for longevity

Performance and Elegance: The Lululemon Skirt Experience

One may wonder, can the quixotic worlds of relentless rallies and runway reveries truly coalesce? Oh, they do, and spectacularly so within the hems of a Lululemon tennis skirt. Fabric that shapes around your sprint, and designs that dazzle your audience— it’s this marriage that enables a conquest on clay just as confidently as a saunter through a soiree.

Material innovation ensures that heat of the moment never translates to discomfort, even when you’re grinding it out on a tiebreaker. Breathable, agile, and tailored to every curve and contour, these tennis skirts affirm that yes, you can have it all.

In the ballet of baseline exchanges, the fluttering pleats of some models play a tantalizing tango with the rhythm of your game. And in the midst of this dance, each stitch and fold of their designs elevates not just your style, but your swing.

Image 20720

Serving Style: The Timeless Appeal of a White Tennis Skirt

The white tennis skirt is a saga penned in the annals of tennis lore. It’s the fabric of Wimbledon dreams and baseline ballets. Lululemon pays homage to this heritage with pristine pieces that pulse with tradition yet throb with contemporary zest.

Their white variants whisper tales of grace under pressure, but a detailed look at the different models shouts innovation. Each seam, every pleat is more than just a design choice; it’s a slice of tennis sublime, where form and function entwine like doubles partners destined for victory.

On-Court Agility: Lululemon Tennis Skirt Functionality Unveiled

To slice through the air with the poise of a falcon, Lululemon’s skirts are cut with a feather-like finesse. They’ve dissected the dynamics of the dive-and-dash, fashioning skirts that complement your every lunge and leap.

Side by side, these skirts stand a rigorous test. Some boast deeper pockets to harbour balls for the next serve, while others are applauded for a snug fit that never hinders the hustle. Not just in narratives, but in the very stitches and weaves, each skirt is an ally to agility.

LULULEMON Pace Rival Skirt Regular (Color , )

LULULEMON Pace Rival Skirt Regular (Color , )


The LULULEMON Pace Rival Skirt Regular is a stylish and functional piece designed for those who want to combine fashion with athletic performance. Available in a variety of colors to match your personal style, this versatile skirt is perfect for tennis players, runners, and active individuals who demand both comfort and flair in their sportswear. Its lightweight fabric features four-way stretch technology, providing maximum mobility and maintaining its shape throughout the most rigorous activities.

This skirt also integrates LULULEMON’s signature moisture-wicking material to keep you cool and dry, even during intense workouts. The built-in shorts offer additional coverage and support, as well as convenient storage for small essentials, with discrete pockets that are perfect for stowing away keys or a card. The wide, flat waistband sits smoothly against the skin, ensuring the skirt stays in place, without digging in, no matter how you move.

Designed with attention to detail, the Pace Rival Skirt Regular boasts reflective elements for increased visibility during low-light conditions, ensuring safety during early morning or evening sessions. Whether you’re on the court, trail, or street, this skirt combines the best of LULULEMON’s performance technology with a sleek, sporty look that transitions effortlessly from your workout to your day out. It’s more than just a skirt; it’s an essential piece of activewear that doesn’t compromise on style or performance, making it a must-have in your active wardrobe.

Durability and Care: Keeping Your Lululemon Skirt in Prime Condition

In the same breath as we speak of agility, let’s not forget about the long haul—durability. Each skirt is scrutinized for how it withstands the duel of racquets and time. These skirts don’t crumble at the sight of a rigorous wash cycle. Instead, they emerge, game-ready, time and again.

To keep them in prime condition:

– Gentle wash cycles are the way to the longevity league.

– Avoid heat as though it’s an out ball.

– Let each skirt air-dry like it’s resting for the next set.

With fibers woven to last longer than an intense rally, Lululemon ensures your investment goes the distance, from season to season, serve to serve.

Image 20721

Reflecting on User Feedback: What Tennis Players Are Saying

What’s the buzz in the clubhouse? Players from backstreet courts to grand slams are sporting these skirts, serving both opinion and style. Some herald the skirts for their secret compression shorts that clutch with the comfort of an old friend, while others praise the swing-ready flow of the fabric.

The consensus? Lululemon skirts are a match-winner, frequently seen on the hips of star athletes as they gracefully thump a crossover.

Wear testers and pros are chiming in with a resounding thumbs-up, creating a volley of commendations that echo our findings.

Fashion Meets Function: The Lululemon Tennis Skirt Design Philosophy

To understand the genius behind these garments is to step into the minds of Lululemon’s creators. The mantra here is clear – innovate tirelessly, but let style lead the rally. Every fold and fabric stitch is a tribute to tennis traditions.

Here, designers don’t just sketch; they’re philosophers, contemplating the nuanced needs of the sport as they conjure up their next masterpiece. It’s a relentless pursuit of the golden breakpoint between aesthetics and athleticism, resulting in skirts that serve as much more than just sporting apparel.

Husnainna High Waisted Pleated Tennis Skirt with Pockets Athletic Golf Skorts for Women Casual Workout Built in Shorts BZQ Moroccan Blueb

Husnainna High Waisted Pleated Tennis Skirt with Pockets Athletic Golf Skorts for Women Casual Workout Built in Shorts BZQ Moroccan Blueb


The Husnainna High Waisted Pleated Tennis Skirt is a tasteful blend of fashion and functionality, designed for women who value both style and performance. Its exquisite BZQ Moroccan Blue hue gives a fresh and vibrant feel, perfect for standing out on the tennis court or adding a splash of color to your casual outings. The smart, high-waisted design ensures a flattering fit for all body types, providing both comfort and confidence as you move throughout your day.

Crafted with built-in shorts, this athletic golf skort offers you the flexibility and coverage you need for an active lifestyle, whether you are perfecting your serve or enjoying a brisk walk in the park. The pleated detailing adds a classic charm to the skirt, allowing for a free range of motion and an elegant silhouette that moves with you. The lightweight, breathable fabric is carefully selected to keep you cool and dry, even during the most intensive workouts.

Not just stylish, the Husnainna skirt is thoughtfully designed with convenience in mind, featuring functional pockets that are seamlessly integrated into the design. These pockets are perfect for storing your essentials such as tennis balls, golf tees, or personal items, allowing you to keep your hands free and focus on your game. This versatile skirt is a must-have addition to any sporty-chic wardrobe, delivering a harmonious combination of practicality and contemporary fashion.

Conclusion: The Court is Yours – Choosing Your Perfect Lululemon Tennis Skirt

Recapping our fashionable journey across the baseline of the top 5 Lululemon tennis skirts, it’s a love game. Whether you’re an aggressive baseliner or a swift net-player, there’s a skirt stitched to your style.

Looking to what lies ahead, we can predict cuts that hug more ergonomically, fabrics that breathe even more easily, and designs that dazzle, as Lululemon continues to court innovation like a top seed.

So, as you reach for your racket and your resolve, know that the perfect skirt awaits. It’s not just attire; it’s your ally, ready to complement every serve and sprint.

Image 20722

Unique Perspectives: A Different Angle on the Lululemon Tennis Skirt

Now, let’s lob the conversation off the court and onto new tangents. Spinning a tennis skirt into street fashion? Absolutely. The stylish versatility of Lululemon’s skirts makes them as apt for a coffee run as they are for acing a serve.

Once, while strolling through the bustling avenues of Brightline’s Miami Station, I couldn’t help but fancy using a classic pleated skirt as the centerpiece of a rejuvenated, sporty-chic ensemble. Or, for an added zest, imagine parading a vibrant tennis skirt at your next garden soiree, as light and refreshing as a sip from one of those fancy martini glasses. It’s an ensemble that says, ‘Yes, I played a match at noon, but I’m ready for an afternoon of elegance.’

In this social media-fueled epoch, the sight of a Lululemon skirt adorning influencers is as common as hashtags and selfies. These skirts serve as a stark reminder that while trends flicker and fade, the union of form and function is always in vogue, just as the periodic wonders of nature like the bustling curiosity of Yellowjackets Season 2.

In a landscape dotted with athletic apparel, Lululemon prevails. Their skirts don’t just cover champions—they make them. With practical prowess and an aesthetic appeal, these skirts are a slice of the sublime, ready to turn a point into poetry. So go on, sport that skirt, and make every court appearance, an ovation-worthy performance.

Swing Into Style with the Best Lululemon Tennis Skirts

When it comes to hitting the court, who says you can’t ace your fashion game while serving your best shots? And if you think about it, finding the perfect lululemon tennis skirt could be as crucial as nailing that backhand slice—both require precision and a taste for quality!

Game, Set, Match Your Style

Picture this: you’re about to play a match, and your ensemble is just as sharp as your volleys. Lululemon has been a trendsetter since they burst onto the scene, and their tennis skirts are no exception. They’re like the magic Bands Disney of the sports apparel world—essential and oh-so-collectible!

From Tee Time to Tennis Time

You might be thinking, “Sure, but does the versatility of these skirts stretch beyond the baseline?” Absolutely! The iconic designs of lululemon skirts are akin to the adaptability of a two piece dress. They transition seamlessly from a quick game to a casual outing. Plus, much like how those Callaway golf Bags carry everything a golfer needs, these skirts come with pockets that are just the right size for your essentials—no balls left behind!

All About Timing

You know what’s vital? Punctuality. Because, What time Is it in Maine or wherever you may be, it’s always time to bring your A-game. And yes, that means showing up on time and in style. Speaking of time, did you know that some avid tennis fans even time their watch purchases to match terence crawford record fight nights? Now, that’s dedication!

Love-Love for the Details

So, what sets these skorts apart? Is it the breathable fabric that whispers Regions mortgage Login because, hey, comfort is just as important as that monthly payment? Or could it be the snug and flattering waistband that doesn’t dig in, even when you’re stretching for that wide forehand?

Journey to the Perfect Fit

Well, searching for the ideal lululemon tennis skirt can feel like hopping on a Brightline miami station express. You’re swiftly carried through options with top-tier comfort and style. And once you find the one that fits like a glove, it’s “all aboard” the style express!

Wedding Bells and Well-Served Shots

Intrigued by the word ‘wedding’ here? Hear me out. Imagine a world where amazon wedding Dresses are discussed right alongside the best sports apparel. Why? Because whether it’s a volley or a vow exchange, everyone wants to look their best. And while you might not wear a lululemon skirt to say “I do, you’d definitely say “I love” how seamlessly it fits into your athletic lifestyle.

So, there you have it—our juicy serve of trivia and tidbits on the champion of sporty chic: the lululemon tennis skirt. Wear it, love it, and most importantly, play fantastically in it. And remember, whether you’re on the court early in the a.m. or enjoying a post-match victory dance, looking good should always be part of the playbook!

CRZ YOGA Women’s Quick Dry Pleated Tennis Skirts Mid Waisted Cute Athletic Workout Running Sports Golf Skorts Volleyball Black Medium

CRZ YOGA Women's Quick Dry Pleated Tennis Skirts Mid Waisted Cute Athletic Workout Running Sports Golf Skorts Volleyball Black Medium


Crafted with performance and style in mind, the CRZ YOGA Women’s Quick Dry Pleated Tennis Skirt elevates any athletic wardrobe with its sleek and versatile design. The skirt is expertly tailored to fit a woman’s mid-waist, offering a flattering, secure fit during any activity. Its pleated construction allows for a full range of motion making it perfect for all your sporting needs, from tennis and golf to running and volleyball. The built-in shorts provide additional coverage and support, ensuring confidence with every move.

Innovative quick-dry fabric keeps you cool and dry, even as the competition heats up. This skirt is designed for optimal moisture management, wicking sweat away from the skin, and evaporating quickly to maintain comfort throughout intense workouts or casual wear. Its lightweight and breathable material is also durable, withstanding wear and tear for countless games and training sessions. Plus, the easy-care fabric means it’s ready to go after a simple machine wash, saving you time and effort in maintenance.

The sporty yet fashionable CRZ YOGA Women’s Tennis Skirt is versatile enough to take you from the court to casual outings without missing a beat. Its classic black color ensures it pairs effortlessly with any top or athletic shoe, creating a coordinated look that’s as cute as it is functional. The mid-waisted cut and delicate pleats add a touch of femininity, while the practical built-in shorts make it a go-to choice for active women. Whether you’re serving an ace or sprinting to the finish line, this skirt is an essential piece for the athletic fashionista, available in a convenient medium size to accommodate a variety of body types.

Are tennis skirts still cool?

Oh, absolutely! Tennis skirts have aced the test of time and are still a smash hit on and off the court. They’re a perfect blend of sporty and chic, and let’s be real, they’ve got game in the fashion world. So, whether you’re serving up aces or just looking to serve some serious style, tennis skirts are a go-to.

How do you wear a mini tennis skirt?

Rocking a mini tennis skirt? Pair it with a cool tee or a sporty tank top and some sneakers, and you’re good to go. It’s all about balance, folks—keep it casual up top and let the skirt hit an ace in the style department. And hey, don’t forget a dash of confidence—it’s the best accessory!

Are tennis skirts supposed to be tight?

Tennis skirts are like a friendly match—they should be snug but not too tight, allowing you to move freely without feeling like you’re caught in a net. The perfect fit lets you frolic without flipping out over a wardrobe malfunction. Remember, comfort is key to looking ace!

How do you wear a Lulu skirt?

To style a Lulu skirt, you’ll want to serve up some athleisure vibes. Pair it with a cute crop top or a breezy tank—Lululemon’s own or any other brand—and some fresh kicks or sandals. Whether you’re hitting the gym or the streets, you’ll look as sharp as a fresh pair of tennis whites.

What tops go with a tennis skirt?

Tennis skirts spin a fashion serve with pretty much any top! Try a form-fitting tank, a breezy t-shirt, or even a sporty sweatshirt on those cooler days. Mixing and matching textures and styles is totally in, so feel free to experiment until you find your personal grand slam.

What is the best color for a tennis skirt?

When it comes to tennis skirt color, it’s not just about love—it’s about what love looks like on you. White is a classic, can’t-go-wrong choice, but don’t be afraid to rally with bolder shades. Vibrant colors and patterns can make you stand out, both on the court and in the style stakes!

How do women’s tennis skirts hold balls?

Women’s tennis skirts are nifty with built-in shorts that have pockets—like secret hideouts for your tennis balls. Just slide the ball under the hem, and voila, you’re ready to serve without missing a beat or breaking your style stride.

Do you wear shorts under tennis skirt?

Hey, you betcha—wearing shorts under your tennis skirt is like the doubles team of fashion and function! Most come with built-in shorts, but if not, throw on a pair of spandex shorts to keep things under wraps while you leap and lunge.

How do you wear a mini skirt without showing?

Keep it classy with a mini skirt by wearing a pair of modesty shorts underneath—kinda like your own little secret. You can strut your stuff without giving more of a show than you bargained for, and let’s face it, it’s all about the tease, not the reveal!

Why is everyone wearing tennis skirts?

Tennis skirts are scoring points in fashion because they’re the ultimate blend of preppy and edgy—it’s love-love! Girls are acing street style with them for their versatility and the fresh, youthful vibe they bring to any outfit. Plus, they scream, “I’m active but make it fashion.”

Why do tennis skirts have upside down pockets?

The upside-down pockets in tennis skirts? Genius design! It’s for keeping extra tennis balls at the ready. So, when your serve is as hot as a summer day, you’ve got the balls to back it up without scrambling around. Score!

Can you wear leggings under tennis skirt?

Leggings under a tennis skirt? Why not—it’s like frosting under cake, extra sweetness! They’re perfect for chilly days when you still want to keep your style match-ready. Plus, you get all the freedom without the shivers.

What famous people wear Lulu?

Lululemon’s got a fan club, and celebs are definitely in it—think off-duty models, fitness influencers, and A-listers like Meghan Markle and Gisele Bündchen. They’re all about that Lulu life, marrying comfort and style on the streets, in the gym, everywhere!

Do you dry lululemon skirts?

Dry Lululemon skirts wisely; like, treat them as nicely as you would your doubles partner. Hang them to air dry instead of tossing them in the dryer—heat can mess with the fabric and fit, and nobody wants that!

Does lulu hem the waist?

Hemming the waist on Lululemon apparel isn’t their usual spiel, but they do offer free hemming on the length of many items. So if it’s too long and you’re trippin’ over your style, swing by a store and they’ll cut it down to size.

Is tennis skirt a fad?

A fad? Nah, tennis skirts are more like the Grand Slam champs of the wardrobe world—they’ve got staying power! They’ve volleyed back into style for their preppy, sporty, and versatile look. It’s not just a fleeting trend; it’s a full-blown love affair with fashion.

Why are tennis skirts trending?

Tennis skirts are making a racket right now because they’re versatile and have that “I’m sporty but also chic” vibe. Everyone’s loving that athletic look while enjoying the breezy freedom of a skirt. Plus, with athleisure on the rise, tennis skirts are totally on-brand.

When were tennis skirts trendy?

Flashback to the ’80s and ’90s, and tennis skirts were the Serena Williams of skirts—everywhere and winning. But, just like the pros, they’ve never really left the top rankings of style. They keep coming back, season after season, with a fresh spin.

What is the point of tennis skirts?

The point of tennis skirts isn’t just to look fab (though that’s a definite perk); it’s to ace your movement on the court. They’re designed for ease of play with built-in pockets for your tennis essentials. But let’s be honest, smashing a style statement is a pretty great bonus!



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