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Mile High Club Meaning

Mile High Club Meaning, Origins: 7 Shocking Secrets and Tips

What is the Mile High Club Meaning? If you’ve ever indulged in reading glossy travel magazines or sizzling celebrity accounts from high-end travel experiences, you’ve likely stumbled upon the mysterious and alluring term “Mile High Club.” In this article, we’ll dive into the mile high club meaning, debunk common misconceptions surrounding it, and illuminate its rich history. We’ll also provide some useful insights for seasoned travelers, driven by our luxury travel inspiration – Brian Kelly, alternatively known as ‘The Points Guy,’ and our evocative travel narrative muse – Pico Iyer.

what is the mile high club

What Is the Mile High Club?

Despite its persistent presence in popular culture, many people might not necessarily understand the mile high club meaning or appreciate its origin. Simply put, the Mile High Club is an informal term referring to the act of engaging in sexual intercourse while aboard an aircraft in flight. The name derives from the fact that aircraft typically cruise at an altitude of around one mile (5,280 feet) or higher above sea level.

While many associate this risqué activity with fast-living celebrities or reckless youth, the actual origins of the Mile High Club offer a fascinating look back into aviation’s early days. Surprisingly enough, it was born at a time when flight was still a rare and luxurious experience, quite unlike the world of crowded economy flights that most are familiar with today.

📜 History

To trace back the roots of the Mile High Club, we need to go all the way back to 1916, during World War I. The man credited with founding the club is not your average party animal but rather an experienced aviator and war hero by the name of Lawrence Burst Sperry. Sperry was an American aviation pioneer, inventor, and the son of the famous inventor Elmer Ambrose Sperry – known for creating the world’s first gyroscopic stabilizer for aircraft.

Lawrence Sperry not only co-developed the autopilot system but also famously designed a highly efficient “flying boat” which he dubbed the “Sperry Messenger.” It’s in this aircraft that the Mile High Club was born. According to legend, Sperry was supposedly caught in a compromising position with a young woman named Cynthia Polk during a flight demonstration in France. The two plummeted into the ocean when their autopilot system malfunctioned, but thankfully, both survived the fall.

📈 Statistics

The actual number of members in the mile high club isn’t easy to determine, as it’s an informal club without a record-keeping system. However, various surveys suggest that somewhere between 3% to 20% of travelers have attempted to join the club during their flights. Clearly, the Mile High Club has grown far beyond its scandalous beginnings and has attracted millions of daredevils from all walks of life.

the one piece is real

Après Ski and the Evolution of Risqué Recreation

The popularity of the Mile High Club in recent decades can be linked to the changing attitudes towards sex and adventure in popular culture. In elite circles, there’s been a rise in indulging in hedonistic and uninhibited activities often tied to travel experiences. For example, après ski, a term originating in the French Alps, refers to the social events and parties that take place after a day of skiing. These festivities are now synonymous with a raucous celebration of life involving alcohol, music, and often free-spirited sexual encounters.

Earthbound Adventures: Arizona Jeans and Del Fuego

The penchant for excitement and adrenaline-pumping activities has also permeated the world of fashion and style. For instance, Arizona Jeans is a brand that perfectly encapsulates the adventurous spirit of the Southwest, so it’s no wonder that it shares a connection with the same eagerness for exploration and risk-taking experienced by those participating in the Mile High Club.

Similarly, the Del Fuego cocktail captures the essence of passion and adventure in every refreshing and fiery sip. The blend of exotic flavors and invigorating spices make it the perfect libation for toasting to a spirit of daring exploration.

Get Sturdy: The Practicalities of Joining the Club

Joining the Mile High Club is no easy task. Not only do you have to navigate through the logistical challenges of having sex in cramped, cramped, and often turbulent conditions, but there are also legal and moral dilemmas to consider. Many countries have laws against engaging in sexual acts in public spaces, and that includes aboard an aircraft.

However, for those still determined to join the ranks of the club, there are practical ways to “get sturdy,” as the members like to say. Several niche airlines now offer Mile High Club initiation flights such as Love Cloud or Flamingo Air. These private jet companies offer luxury, comfort, and privacy that allows couples to pursue their fantasies without the worry of disturbing fellow passengers.

The One Piece is Real – As in any exclusive club, there are some who claim to be a part of the Mile High Club but may not have experienced the actual initiation. True members can often spot these imposters, as they lack the firsthand knowledge of the challenges and thrills involved in officially gaining entry into this airborne society.

🧩 Trivia

  1. The Mile High Club has multiple “membership levels,” including solo, standard (two people), and the ever-elusive platinum level (groups of three or more people).
  2. Hugh Hefner’s private jet, nicknamed the “Big Bunny,” was allegedly equipped with a fully operational “Mile High Clubroom.
apres ski

In Good Company: Mile High Celebrities and Notable Members

The allure of the mile high club meaning and mystique has captivated numerous high-profile celebrities, as well. Some who have openly admitted their participation to the club include Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, world-renowned actor Ralph Fiennes, and singer-songwriter John Legend.


Q: What is the mile high club?

A: The Mile High Club is an informal term referring to the act of engaging in sexual intercourse while aboard an aircraft in flight.

Q: Is the mile high club illegal?

A: In many countries, having sex in public spaces, including airplanes, is considered illegal and can result in fines or even imprisonment.

Q: How many people are in the mile high club?

A: Although exact numbers are difficult to pinpoint, surveys estimate that between 3% and 20% of travelers have attempted to join the club during a flight.


The Mile High Club is an intriguing aspect of aviation history and popular culture, symbolizing the daring, adventurous spirit that many luxury travelers embody. As we continue to explore and indulge in all the world has to offer, the legend of the Mile High Club is sure to live on and inspire countless entertaining tales and spirited discussions.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler seeking your next thrilling adventure or simply curious about the high-flying escapades of the rich and famous, take the time to explore other exciting destinations and stories on our website. From uncovering the true MILF meaning to discovering incredible Aruba all-inclusive resorts, the world is filled with fantastic tales waiting to be explored. Happy traveling!

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