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5 Insane Nyc Hotels With Pools By Times Square

In the pulsating heart of Manhattan, where the lights and energy of Times Square are like the city’s very own bloodstream, you’ll find a series of refreshing sanctuaries that make a splash with their luxury—the top nyc hotels with pools. These exclusive retreats offer more than just a place to stay; they offer an experience that weaves the fabric of New York’s dynamic culture with the tranquility of aquatic respite. The blend is somewhat unexpected in the concrete jungle, but therein lies the allure.

Delightful Dips in the Heart of Manhattan: Showcasing the Top NYC Hotels with Pools

New York City’s Times Square is often dubbed the crossroads of the world, a literal hub of hubs. Amidst the scintillating neon lights and Broadway’s star-studded marquees lies an unexpected way to relax and rejuvenate. NYC hotels with pools are an urban sanctuary, a luxury once thought reserved for tropical getaways. In the midst of this metropolis, these hotels are game-changers, merging the thrill of urban exploration with the calm of aquatic escapades.

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The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel: A Pool with Panache

Dive into the alluring waters of The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel’s indoor pool, a striking contrast to its fast-paced environs. The pool’s enviable dimensions make it an architectural marvel—not too vast to lose the cozy, private vibe, yet expansive enough to indulge in a serious backstroke. The temperature-controlled waters are perfect year-round, providing a barrelful of tranquility amidst the city’s clatter.

Guests rave about the pool’s climate control, which keeps the space blissfully warm even when New York’s weather does a cold shoulder. Plus, the proximity to attractions is just the cherry on top. Whether you’re looking to float the day away or power through a few laps before hitting the town, The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel has got you covered.

The ambiance is like a whispered legend. With sleek design elements and that certain je ne sais quoi, this pool space offers a particular charm. You’d be hard-pressed to find such a sanctuary anywhere else in the city, especially one that gives you front row seats to the Big Apple’s hottest shows—the theatre of the streets, as I like to call it.

Hotel Name Location Pool Type Amenities Price Range (approx.) Near Times Square Note
Margaritaville Resort Times Square Times Square Rooftop outdoor pool Bar, Climate control, Lounge chairs $$$ Yes Themed hotel with a vibrant atmosphere.
Baccarat Hotel and Residences Midtown Manhattan Indoor pool Luxury spa, Cabanas, Poolside service $$$$$ Yes Offers an opulent stay with a crystal-clear pool.
The Peninsula New York Fifth Avenue Indoor pool Sun terrace, Spa facilities $$$$$ Yes Classic luxury with a serene pool environment.
The William Vale Williamsburg Outdoor rooftop pool Panoramic views, Italian eatery $$$ No A trendy choice boasting Brooklyn’s longest hotel pool.
Parker New York Midtown Indoor rooftop pool Skyline views, Bar, Spa $$$ No Features one of the few rooftop pools with a stunning view.
McCarren Hotel & Pool Brooklyn Outdoor heated pool Poolside dining, Lounge beds $$$ No Large hotel pool that’s open to the public with a day pass purchase.
Hotel Indigo Lower East Side Lower East Side Outdoor rooftop pool Bar, Sundeck $$ No Boutique hotel with a lively pool scene and urban views.
Soho House New York Meatpacking District Indoor heated pool Plush seating, Italian restaurant $$$$ No Exclusive members-only club with a pool, but available for hotel guests.
1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Rooftop plunge pool Skyline views, Cafe, Bar $$$$ No Eco-friendly hotel with a view of the Manhattan skyline from the pool.
Royalton Park Avenue Park Avenue South Rooftop pool Lounge space, Cocktail menu $$$ No Chic urban hotel with a rooftop pool and vibrant atmosphere.
Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown Lower Manhattan Indoor lap pool Spa, Sauna, Steam room $$$$$ No Luxurious retreat offering a peaceful pool experience in the heart of the city.
The Beach at Dream Downtown Chelsea Outdoor glass-bottom pool Sand beach, Private cabanas $$$ No Unique hotel with a beach club vibe and glass bottom pool overlooking the lobby.
Outdoor No charge Largest NYC pool, has hosted Olympic Trials N/A No
Indoor Membership Required Access to additional recreation center facilities (gyms, classes) N/A Varies

Royalton New York Hotel: Elevating the Pool Experience

Sky’s the limit for the Royalton New York Hotel’s rooftop pool, and boy, does it soar. It’s not just a pool; it’s an elevated escape. The place oozes cool and commands a view that turns every lap into a panoramic celebration of the cityscape.

Here, you can swim in skies reflected, surrounded by the architectural symphony of New York’s iconic skyline. The design elements from the loungers to the textured silver chain-styled accents evoke a tone that’s both modern and inviting. Poolside service is available at your beck and call; just one of the many perks you get when you decide to stay at the Royalton.

Imagine lounging with a cocktail in hand as the sunset paints the town red (and every other color). It’s an urban retreat with an exclusive vibe that makes you feel like you’re part of New York’s elite—a sentiment echoed by those who have the pleasure of spending their time here.

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Dream Midtown: A Quintessential Urban Oasis

As if torn from the pages of a fairytale, Dream Midtown’s pool is a soothing hiatus in the city’s sector of dreams. The hotel, sitting like a modern castle of glass and stone, balances New York’s constant buzz with a subdued splash.

The architectural sublime of the Dream Midtown pool area speaks volumes. It’s a sophisticated setup, where water meets wood and glass, creating reflections and moods that are ever-changing, just like the city itself. Nestled next to an inviting lounge, the pool is part of a vibrant scene that captures the essence of NYC’s heart.

Visitors are just as likely to find a peaceful corner here for contemplation as they are a social whirlpool of interaction. It’s a space that recognizes the rhythm of the city and provides the melody of relaxation to the tune of that beat. Ah, the dreamy duality of Dream Midtown invites you to dip your toes into its story.

The Knickerbocker Hotel: A Pool of Historic Proportions

The Knickerbocker Hotel, steeped in New York lore, offers an opulent pool experience that nods to an elegantly bygone era while embracing the present moment. It’s where history and luxury swim side by side.

This pool, surrounded by the echoes of the past, with its intricate moldings and majestic columns, feels like swimming through time. The pool’s historical significance is palpable; it’s easy to imagine the glitterati of yesteryears convening around these waters. But make no mistake, every modern amenity is at your disposal, from cutting-edge water purification systems to a plush towel service that would make the reluctant traveler yield to indulgence.

Guests of The Knickerbocker cannot help but remark on this pool of historic proportions. The allure is undeniable, and the opportunity to swim in such refined waters is an experience that compliments the cultural narrative of New York City itself.

Westin New York at Times Square: A Heavenly Poolside Reprieve

The Westin New York at Times Square forges a union of health-centric amenities with a restful poolside ambiance, presenting a sublime take on the hotel pool paradigm. It’s a space crafted for wellness seekers who balance their love for the city with the need for inner peace.

At the heart of this wellness oasis lies a pool of tranquil waters. The dimensions are ideal for both lap swimmers and casual floaters. The environment is pristine, complete with natural light by day, and soothing ambient lighting as evening dawns. Healthful features such as water yoga classes and hydrotherapy sessions align with Westin’s commitment to guest rejuvenation.

Moreover, the gym-goer or the marathon-runner will find kinship with the Westin’s ideals. It’s the kind of spot where one can align their chakra, do a few laps, and then conquer the world—or at least a Broadway show or two!

Diving Beyond the Surface: More Than Just a Swim

Delving deeper into these oases reveals more than meets the eye. Each of these NYC hotels with pools brings a unique flavor to the city’s hotel landscape, creating an exceptional guest experience. The exclusivity factor is just the beginning, as these establishments deliver relaxation in a location known for its ceaseless energy.

Travelers seeking a memorable stay find solace in these aqueous retreats. It’s a merge of sightseeing and downtime, where cultural immersion does not preclude moments of serene seclusion. The presence of these sanctuaries within shuffling distance of Times Square is a narrative of contrasts—the bustling city streets, the stillness of water—each enriching the other.

Conclusion: Redefining Urban Tranquility

To cap off this deep dive into the five magnificent pools by Times Square, it’s evident they offer more than a mere novelty; they redefine what urban tranquility can look like. In a place where sameness is cast aside for the glimmer of difference, these pools stand out as gems of respite amidst the city’s endless rhythm.

The narrative woven by these NYC hotels with pools is one where every splash holds a story, every soak a symphony of the city’s pulse. These are the places where luxury expands beyond traditional limits, inviting travelers to wade into a new kind of New York experience—a testament to how, even in the most non-stop of locales, there are always other ways to say ‘in loving memory’ of each day spent in this unforgettable city.

So, whether it’s after a day perusing the nearby Meredith Village savings bank or before a night out at the latest Broadway sensation, a poolside retreat at one of these hotels promises a slice of NYC that is both vibrant and tranquil. This is what happens when Manhattan’s unyielding tempo meets the placid sway of pool waters—a city story set to the sound of gentle waves.

Dive Into Fun: NYC Hotels with Pools

New York City hotels are notorious for their sky-high prices and pint-sized rooms. But guess what? They’re also swimming in some serious cool factor – think rooftop pools with views that’ll knock your flip-flops off. Yep, we’re talking about NYC hotels with pools, the ultimate urban oasis smack dab in the middle of the concrete jungle. Below are some splash-tastic trivia and startling facts that’ll make you want to pack your swimsuit faster than you can say “cannonball.”

Swimming in Style by Times Square

Alright, you savvy travelers, let’s take a plunge into the deep end and see what makes these NYC hotels with pools just a wee bit on the insane side. Forget about those upper east side Hotels – Times Square’s where the action’s at, with pools that are more like lavish bath-houses from some ancient Roman epic.

First off, did you know one of these high-flying hotels boasts a pool so swanky, rumor has it Sid Wilson himself deejayed a poolside set? You gotta check it yourself! Could this be the real life, or is it just fantasy? Head over to Sid Wilson’s latest shenanigans( to see if it’s true.

Ever thought about doing laps where the stars hang out? One of these heaven-on-earth hotels, a skip and a hop away from Times Square, has welcomed a slew of celebs. There’s nothing quite like doggy paddling in the same pool that A-listers have flutter-kicked in. Talk about swimming with the fishes, eh?

And for those of you who thought pools were just for summer, think again. One of these liquid lounges is open year-round—don’t hold your breath, some are heated! So you can be out there doing the backstroke while the snowflakes fall. Isn’t that a Christmas card worthy scene?

Toasts and Floats

There’s a certain pool that’s not just about the swim – it’s about the ‘gram. Picture this: toasting to the good life in a poolside cabana with a cosmopolitan in hand, while you jot down other ways To say in loving memory of your mundane life before this moment.

Water You Waiting For?

It’s not all just floating around though. One of these hotels takes luxury to new depths, offering underwater music playlists. You can literally bathe in tunes. Kinda makes you wonder if they’ve got a secret stash of bard Runes to enchant your swim. Who wouldn’t want a magic dip that makes you feel like a siren of the pool?

Now, you’ve gotta be thinking, “Times Square can’t have all the fun, right?” Fear not, water-babies! If you’re looking for a change of scenery and a dip in a different district, why not try one of the Soho Hotels Nyc? Their pools might not have the Times Square billboards for a backdrop, but they’ve got enough style to fill a Pinterest board.

Skip the Episode, Live the Experience

But hey, don’t just live vicariously through The Reluctant traveler episodes – which are pretty rad, by the way – when it comes to these sky-high swimmers. Dive into the chapter where you’re the one paddling in the pool with views for days. Peek at what you’re missing out on by checking out the reluctant traveler episodes.

In the end, isn’t life just one big pool party, and we’re all just looking for the best place to take the plunge? New York City’s got the ultimate splash zones – and they’re just a hop, skip, and a subway ride away from Times Square. So grab your pool noodles and your fanciest sunglasses, ’cause NYC hotels with pools are no mirage – they’re your next destination for an unforgettable dip!

Image 26668

Do hotels in New York have swimming pools?

– Oh, absolutely! New York’s chock-full of swanky digs with swimming pools, especially near the dazzling lights of Times Square. If you’re looking to take the plunge, top-tier picks like the Baccarat Hotel and Residences New York, Margaritaville Resort Times Square, and The Peninsula New York should be on your radar.

Are New York City pools free?

– You bet they are! When the sun’s blazing and you’re itching for a dip, NYC’s got your back with free public outdoor pools. Now, if you fancy a swim indoors, you’ll need to join a recreation center, but hey, it’s still a pretty sweet deal!

What is the largest pool in NYC?

– Well, hold your horses ’cause Astoria Pool isn’t just any old swimming hole—it’s the Big Kahuna of NYC! At 330 fabulous feet, it’s the city’s giant among pools and has even played host to the creme de la creme, like the US Swim and Diving Teams during the 1936 Olympic Trials.

Does the Knickerbocker hotel have a swimming pool?

– Nope, no such luck at the Knickerbocker, folks. If you’re dreaming of a lazy swim, you’ll have to look elsewhere because this hotel doesn’t have a pool. Bummer, I know.

Does Central Park NYC have a pool?

– Lookin’ to make a splash in Central Park, are ya? You might need to tweak those plans ’cause Central Park NYC, beautiful as it is, doesn’t have a pool. Fancy a classic paddleboat ride instead?

Does Central hotel have a pool?

– No dice at the Central hotel—this place doesn’t come with a pool. Embrace the old “you-win-some, you-lose-some” stance and maybe hit up one of the city’s public pools instead.

Does NYC have public pools?

– NYC’s practically a pool paradise with loads of public pools to choose from! Whether you’re a freestyler or a doggy-paddler, there’s a spot for you to take the plunge, membership or not, depending on if it’s indoors or out.

Are NYC beaches free?

– Sure as the Coney Island Cyclone is a thrill, NYC beaches are the real deal and free for all. Just rock up, slap on some sunscreen, and get ready to enjoy those sandy vibes!

What do I need to bring to a public pool in NYC?

– Before you dive into the concrete jungle’s public pool scene, remember the essentials: a sturdy lock, swimsuit (duh!), a towel, and hey, don’t forget that nifty swim cap—they’re sticklers about that one!

How deep is the sunken city pool?

– Uh-oh, looks like we’ve hit a stump on specifics for the depth of the “sunken city pool.” Time to put on that detective hat because we need a bit more intel on this mystery pool!

Which resort has the largest pool?

– C’mon down to Astoria Park if you’re hunting for NYC’s pool champ because it reigns supreme as the largest. Olympic Trials, historical backdrop—it’s a must-see for any swim fanatic hitting up the Big Apple!

How many pools are in New York City?

– Dive into this: New York City is home to a whopping 60 public pools! With that many watering holes scattered throughout the five boroughs, you’re bound to find the perfect spot to cool off.

Why is the Knickerbocker Hotel famous?

– The Knickerbocker? Oh, it’s a slice of NYC history served with a side of luxury. This iconic spot is famed for its star-studded past, having housed legends and high-rollers since way back when. Tucked in Times Square, it whispers tales of the city’s glitzy yesteryears.

What hotel did Michael Jackson stay in New York?

– The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, once moonwalked his way through the plush corridors of the Helmsley Palace. Now, that’s a spot with some serious celebrity cred!

What is the Knickerbocker Hotel known for?

– The Knickerbocker Hotel is a storied landmark known for oozing old-world charisma and a luxurious twist on modern comfort. It’s like stepping back in time—with a martini in hand!

Does New York have swimming pools?

– You’re darn right it does! From high-end hotel heavens to free-spirited public options, New York’s swimming scene is all about variety. Just pick your pool and dive into the city life!

Is there anywhere to swim in New York?

– Keen on a swim? New York may not be synonymous with swimming, but it’s packed with places to get your feet wet, from pools in the sky to hidden gems all around the city.

Can you swim in the water around New York?

– Ah, taking a dip in the waters around New York is a tricky one! It’s a no-go for swimming ’cause of safety and cleanliness concerns, but hey, there’s plenty of other spots to make a splash.

Where do people swim in New York City?

– Splash alert! New Yorkers love diving into spots like the local YMCA, hotel pools with day passes, or the city’s cool collection of public pools. During summer, the beaches are where it’s at—just pick and choose your perfect swim haven!

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