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Primland Resort – 10 Shocking Luxuries at America’s Top Hideaway 2024!

Unwrapping the Magnificence of Primland Resort

America’s best-kept secret lies nestled amongst the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and its name is Primland Resort. The late Didier Primat, a French timber magnate, had a unique vision when he purchased this vast tract of land in Virginia, and it’s clear from the sheer level of attention to detail that his dream was transformed into a reality. Now overseen by the Primat family and managed by the esteemed Auberge Resorts Collection as of 2021, Primland Resort stands as a beacon of luxury and elegance in the heart of America.

This magnificent resort has a rich history that’s deeply intertwined with the Primat family’s entrepreneurial spirit. Didier Primat, known for his successful ventures in wood product manufacturing, had the fantastic idea of turning this splendid piece of land into a resort in the late 90s. Sadly, he passed away in 2008, just a year before Primland Resort was completed.

Now managed by the Auberge Resorts Collection, a brand synonymous with luxury and bespoke service, the resort has only improved in stature. The strategic partnership was official as of June 1, 2021, ushering in a new era of opulence for this historic mountain hideaway.

Primland’s Shocking Luxury 1: Unparalleled Landscapes and Awesome Scenes

Whether you’ve woken up early to catch the sunrise from the porch of your lodge, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll through the 12,000-acre mountaintop retreat, every view at Primland is a sight to behold. You can’t help but be captivated by the lush forests filled with indigenous flora and fauna, or the majestic rolling hills stretching out towards horizons etched by awe-inspiring mountain peaks, adding a remarkable backdrop To Your seemingly Middle-parted hair.

But the real kicker, the one that will truly take your breath away, is the view from the Pinnacle Cottages bathroom. It’s like peeking into a grand canvas of Mother Nature in her most beautiful drapery. The sight that unfolds before you will surely remind you of that feeling of stumbling upon a hidden gem, much like when you discover the meaning of co-op.

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Aspect Details
Name Primland Resort
Location Virginia, USA
Area Covered 12,000-acre mountaintop
Founded By Didier Primat
Status of The Founder Passed Away in 2008
Current Owner Family of Didier Primat
Management Auberge Resorts Collection (As of June 1, 2021)
Year Opened Publicly 2009
Other Properties Owner Domaine des Etangs, a restored 11th-century château turned 29-room luxe hotel in the Charente-Limousin region of France
Target Market Season All-season resort
Room Prices Ranges from $400 to $700 before taxes and fees refers to the official website for current rates
Notable Features The Pinnacle Cottages comes with an exceptional view
Founding Vision Develop a market for tree chips and kindling.

Primland Resort’s Shocking Luxury 2: Rooms that Exude Opulence and Elegance

There is no scrimping on luxury in Primland Resort; as you step into their rooms, you can experience opulence that would make you feel as cosy as snuggling into mini Ugg Boots. Mystery prices that skyrocket upon checkout? That’s a horror story that Primland guests will never experience because they mean what they say and say what they mean.

Transparency is key when it comes to their pricing. A range of $400-$700 per night before taxes and fees is what you’re looking at for most rooms. Should you desire to explore further, by all means, check out their rate card.

Primland’s Shocking Luxury 3: Taste of France in the Heart of Virginia

Just visit Domaine des Etangs in western France, and you’ll understand that Primland’s origins are quintessentially French. Just as Primat’s heirs own Domaine des Etangs, with its beautiful 11th-century château turned luxe hotel, they have also shaped Primland in the heart of Virginia as a testament to French charm and American hospitality.

The culinary experience at Primland is an electric mix of Southern heartiness and French refinement that tastes as inviting as slipping into comfortable Crocs From Amazon. With the influence of French heritage evident in every pièce de résistance brought to your table, dining at Primland is a tête-à-tête with extravagant delights that feel just at home in Virginia.

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Primland’s Shocking Luxury 4: The Auberge Resorts Connection

Auberge Resorts is the epitome of luxury, known for curating experiences that are as unforgettable as the splendid landscapes of Hot Springs , Oregon. It’s a marriage of sublime locations and bespoke service that make Auberge Resorts Collection hold its world-class reputation.

When it comes to enhancing Primland, Auberge’s influence is undeniably present. By intertwining their mastery in hospitality with Primland’s unique landscape, they’ve forged an experience that transcends the boundaries of luxury, resulting in a getaway that’s second to none.

Primland’s Shocking Luxury 5: Reserved for Royalty

At Primland, exclusivity isn’t an afterthought—it’s the norm. From their impeccable service that greets you the moment you arrive to the immaculate attention to detail that punctuates every corner of the resort, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere that spells ‘luxurious exclusivity.’

Customer service at the resort isn’t just outstanding—it’s paramount. From the moment you step foot on this luxurious hideaway, the staffs treat you as if you were royalty. So much so, their attention to your needs makes it feel like you’re draped in one of the season’s finest winter Dresses For Women.

Shocking Luxuries 6-10 at Primland Resort – More Lavish Features

But the luxuries don’t end here. Five more breathtaking features are cradled by this mountain retreat. Be it its chic wellness center, world-renown golf course, astronomical observatory, endless outdoor leisure activities or the high-tech conference spaces, Primland truly makes a surreal escape a tangible reality.

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Uncovering Primland’s Allure

This elegant mountain retreat lives up to its reputation as America’s top hideaway. Juniper and pine trees stand like sentinels in the vast wilderness, guarding the secret sanctuary that Primland Resort represents. The sheer level of commitment to preserving mother nature while simultaneously providing unabashedly luxurious experiences is why it reigns supreme.

One could argue that the multitude of recreational activities one can indulge in, the tranquility of its landscape, or the bespoke service…These are the contributing factors to its top ranking. But it’s the synthesis of all these elements that culminate in Primland Resort’s charm.

The Heritage of Excellence at Primland Resort

With the Primat family’s influence vividly apparent, one can’t help but draw parallels to their other establishments. The family’s commitment to preserving the environment while offering luxuriant getaways is evidently in their DNA.

Just like Domaine des Etangs, Primland too boasts an exquisite attention to detail that seamlessly blends elegance and comfort. Their pursuit of creating breathtaking and environmentally respectful luxurious retreats is what separates this family’s establishments from the rest.

Signing Off: An Eloquent Farewell to Primland Resort

In the world of luxury travel, Primland Resort shines like a beacon light on top of the Blue Ridge mountains. Is it worth it? Oh, absolutely. If you want to wrap yourself in the arms of nature while being waited on, Primland is worth every penny.

This resort isn’t just a travel destination; it’s an immersive experience that’s carefully curated to appeal to the very essence of what one seeks in a luxury mountain retreat. If luxury had a home, its address would be Primland Resort in the romantic mountains of Virginia.

When did Auberge buy Primland?

Well, let’s set the record straight, Auberge Resorts Collection bought the Primland resort not so long ago in 2021. Monday morning quarterbacking, the move was pretty smart.

How old is Primland resort?

Oh gosh, talking of age! The majestic Primland resort is not a spring chicken, it has been around for years – specifically, it was born in 1977, so it’s 44 years old.

How many rooms does Primland resort have?

As for how many rooms, let me tell you, Primland resort has a fair bit to offer! This luxurious pad comes with 51 spacious rooms – tasty stuff, huh?

How big is Primland?

Now, ambling towards the size – Primland spreads its charm across a good 12,000 acres. So, as you can see, plenty of room to roam.

How much does it cost to stay at Primland?

When talking about price to shack up at Primland, it varies, mate. But on average, you’re looking at around $500 per night. Not exactly cheap as chips but worth every penny!

Who is Auberge owned by?

Oh, who owns Auberge? Now that’s a little complicated but in a nutshell, it’s owned by a firm, brimming with big cheese, named Ashford Inc.

Who owns Primland resort?

Well, who owns Primland resort? It’s the Auberge Resorts Collection again; they surely have their fingers in a lot of pies!

What do you wear to Primland?

Chin up, fashionista in the making! When it comes to what one should wear to Primland, generally speaking, its smart-casual. No ball gowns necessary!

Who is the founder of Primland resort?

Who started it all? That would be Didier Primat. He’s the founding father of Primland resort.

What mountain is Primland on?

Fancy a height check? The resort is perched cozily on Kibler Valley’s mountain, part of the Blue Ridge Mountain range.

What is the elevation of the Primland resort?

And about the elevation of Primland resort? It’s at a heady height of about 2900 feet above sea level.

Does Primland allow dogs?

Woof-woof! No, my friend, unfortunately, Primland doesn’t allow dogs. Major bummer, I know!

How many acres is Primland Resort in Virginia?

For those wondering about the area of Primland Resort in Virginia, it’s a whopping 12,000 acres. That’s a lot of elbow room, you bet!

How did Meadows of Dan get its name?

And here’s a fun tidbit. The Meadows of Dan – it got its name from the Dan River that flows nearby, interesting isn’t it?

How many hotels does Auberge Resorts have?

Auberge Resorts Collection is not a small fry, you know. They’ve got a portfolio of 19 hotels under their belt. That’s a lot of hospitality!

Who owns Primland resort?

As for Primland resort, if you’ve missed it earlier, Auberge Resorts Collection is the big shot that owns it.

When did Primland resort open?

Opened its doors? Primland resort cut its ribbon back in 2009. An auspicious moment indeed!

When did auberge buy Mauna Lani?

Wait a minute, you mean there’s more? Auberge Resorts Collection also snagged Mauna Lani! They sealed the deal back in 2018.

What chain is Auberge part of?

Auberge, it’s part of a chain? Well, no, it’s not part of a chain. Despite its diverse portfolio, it remains a standalone luxury hospitality brand.



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