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Rimowa Luggage: Top 5 Insane Features Uncovered!

Travel – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller, they say. A significant part of your travel narrative spins around the luggage you carry. Here we unravel the story of Rimowa luggage, punctuated by picturesque locales, opulence, and convenience.

Introducing Rimowa Carry On

Size does matter! Barking up the wrong street if you feel, smaller isn’t always more adept? Well, folks, Meet the Rimowa Carry On luggage. Compact and highly functional, it’s a traveller’s go-to. Remember that time when your luggage took up half the car space? Those days are, thankfully, gone. Rimowa’s carry-on, specially designed for convenience during air travel, stands apart due to its size and ergonomics.

Top Pick

Rimowa Original Lufthansa Edition Check-In L, Silver 86L


Size (W x H x D): 51 x 79 x 27.5cm
Pole length (fully extended): 119cm
Weight: 6.2kg
Volume: 86L
Material: 100% aluminum, lining: 100% Polyjacquard(1756305)

How Rimowa Luggage Dethrones Other Brands

Breaking away from conventional Rockland luggage, Rimowa tweaks its designs towards innovation. But, what’s cooking? Their designs reflect a blend of traditional craftsmanship tweaked with modern technology. Isn’t that like having your cake and eating it too? And remember, it isn’t just a suitcase. It screams luxury! Just imagine strutting through the airport with a Rimowa suitcase, and boy, don’t you stand a class apart! Move over American Tourister luggage, there’s a new frontrunner in town!


Anatomy Of A Rimowa Luggage

Let’s play Sherlock now and delve into the ‘insides’ of a Rimowa suitcase. Think of it like dissecting a frog in 8th-grade biology, only, well, less gross. The material is primarily high-end, long-lasting aluminium and lightweight polycarbonate, like a suit of armour for your belongings. Golly! That’s solid stuff. The multi-wheel system glides smoother than a bald man’s head (wavy-haired men might not relate, but surely our bald celebrities do!).

Top Pick

Rimowa Original Lufthansa Edition Cabin, Silver 35L


Size (W x H x D): 40 x 55 x 23cm
Pole length (fully extended): 110cm
Weight: 4.3kg
Volume: 35L
Material: 100% aluminum, lining: 100% Polyjacquard(1756303)

Unboxing Rimowa Luggage

Tearing open a brand-new Rimowa suitcase is like Christmas morning – all year round! The unique look of each suitcase makes one feel like they’ve hit the jackpot. Remember the first time you opened a Lego set and how divine it felt? A Rimowa luggage gives you that exact fluttery vibe (minus the assembling part, of course!). It’s as exciting as getting your hands on a spanking new LEGO flower set. Well, to experience that magic, get a load of the Lego flower set!

Rimowa’s Astonishing History

Moving back in time, Rimowa had an intriguing journey. Joining the LVMH Group in 2016, Rimowa became the conglomerate’s first German subsidiary, hinting at an upward trajectory for the brand. With Alexandre Arnault at the helm as CEO, they embarked on a product expansion voyage. As they say – the rest is history, folks!

Statistics Uncovered: Rimowa vs. Others

When it comes to luggage, it’s a jungle out there with heaps of brands like American Tourister and Calpak duelling for supremacy. Bagging an 80% stake for a stellar 640 million euros in 2016, Rimowa has tipped the scale ever so slightly. It’s like choosing between two language learning apps, say, Babbel vs Rosetta Stone. Sure, both have their perks, but based on personal needs, one might just edge the other.


Gimme More: Rimowa’s Features

What sets Rimowa luggage a cut above the rest, you ask? The answer lies in its splendid features. The brand, extending its network of care services, ensures the repair process is a breeze. In the likelihood of your suitcase needing a spruce-up, the care centres and in-hotel concierges got your back!

Sneak Peek at Rimowa Suitcase Shoppers’ Thoughts

People are full of beans about their Rimowa luggage! Pre-owners claim that despite the suitcase denting after a single trip, it adds to the characteristic look of the luggage! You say tomato, they say tomato, right? Boggles the mind, but hey, if it works!

Rimowa Suitcases: A Symbol of Luxury

There’s no two ways about it! With the sheen of the materials used and the brand’s reputation, it’s no surprise that Rimowa suitcases scream grandeur. An owner struts around flaunting a symbol of luxury. In comparison, a clear purse, while functional, lacks the oomph Rimowa offers-luxury at its best!

Rimowa vs. Brands Like Rockland Luggage: Calling A Spade A Spade!

Clarifying the elephant in the room, yes, there is a battle in the luggage-land! Between brands like Rockland luggage, American Tourister luggage, Rimowa and Calpak luggage, there are plentiful options! Stepping into a luggage store can feel like entering a combat zone for luggage superiority.


Post-Purchase Services: Rimowa Outshines

After-sales service could be a deciding factor while choosing a luggage brand. And Rimowa ensures its customers are content. It’s like getting more bang for your buck! They’ve got a safety net through a multitude of care centres and in-hotel concierges that customers can lean back on.

That’s A Wrap!

The splurge on Rimowa is justified by the materials used, state-of-the-art design, and most importantly, the brand’s reputation. The tantalizing visual appeal combined with unbelievable durability makes it worth every penny, and more. So, are you ready to trade in your old one for a Rimowa luggage set?

Keeping it real, it’s more than just luggage, it’s an experience – streamlined to take your travel game up a notch!

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