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Top 7 Stunning South Carolina Beach Resorts

South Carolina’s coastline, with its balmy weather, soft sandy beaches, and gentle Atlantic waves, beckons vacationers year-round. The state boasts some of the most stunning beach resorts, offering a mix of southern charm, luxury, and natural beauty. Here we explore the top seven South Carolina beach resorts where sun, surf, and leisure harmonize to define the quintessence of a beach vacation.

NYC Jewelers Round City of Myrtle Beach Seal (South Carolina sc Resort) Metal Lapel Hat Pin Tie Tack Pinback

NYC Jewelers Round City of Myrtle Beach Seal (South Carolina sc Resort) Metal Lapel Hat Pin Tie Tack Pinback


The NYC Jewelers Round City of Myrtle Beach Seal Metal Lapel Hat Pin Tie Tack Pinback embodies the spirit of one of South Carolina’s most adored coastal resorts. Designed for both locals and admirers of this beloved city, the pin features the official seal of Myrtle Beach, elegantly encapsulating the city’s vibrant energy and beachside charm. Crafted with precision, the high-quality metal construction ensures a durable finish that resists wear and tear, a perfect accessory for daily use to adorn your lapel, hat, or tie.

This pin serves as a stylish memento for those who have enjoyed the sun-soaked shores, bustling boardwalks, and the warm Southern hospitality that Myrtle Beach is known for. Its polished design and attention to detail showcase the iconic elements of the city’s seal, including the sun, waves, and any other local symbols, rendered in crisp enamel colors that catch the eye. Wearers can fasten it securely to any fabric with the included tie tack pinback, guaranteeing that the cherished emblem stays safely in place throughout the day.

Not only is this item an excellent gift for tourists who want to keep a piece of their vacation close to heart but also for residents who express their hometown pride. Sororities, fraternities, and local organizations will find it an ideal token for events or as an insignia of community unity. The NYC Jewelers Round City of Myrtle Beach Seal pin is versatile enough for formal occasions or casual outings, instantly elevating the wearer’s ensemble with a touch of coastal sophistication. Whether attending a city council meeting or strolling the Grand Strand, this pinback is a discreet yet distinct nod to one of the South’s treasured cities.

The Allure of South Carolina’s Shores

With its oceanfront majesty, South Carolina is a beacon for those seeking sun-drenched R&R. From the bustling fun of Myrtle Beach to the historic streets of Charleston that whisper tales as old as the pines, the coastal regions are a blend of relaxation and vibrant culture. Whether you’re sipping a perfect bart concocted from local spirits or feeling the sand between your toes clad in your finest beach pants, the sheer variety of beachfront bliss is enchanting in the Palmetto State.

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The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort – A Grand Oceanfront Experience

Nestled on the shores of Kiawah Island, The Sanctuary is more than just a resort; it’s a grand stage where luxury plays the leading role. With corridors echoing whispers of the elite and rooms that open up to pristine views, it’s a place that knows how to put on a show. Guests can tee up on golf courses that even the pros tip their hats to—in part designed by legends like Pete Dye. Can you imagine a more harmonious juxtaposition than a rough-clad golfer against the elegance of these greens? Meanwhile, the resort’s dedication to nature preservation makes you feel part of something bigger—like you’re walking alongside Laura Haddock in an epic drama of conservation. Unwind later as you’re pampered head to toe in an award-winning spa that knows just how to erase the tension from your shoulders.

Atlantic Beach (Images of America)

Atlantic Beach (Images of America)


Atlantic Beach (Images of America) is a captivating photographic chronicle that invites readers to step back in time and explore the rich history of Atlantic Beach, a gem nestled along the picturesque coastlines of the United States. This volume is part of the renowned Images of America series, which celebrates the unique heritage of towns and regions across the country through a collection of archival images and insightful narratives. Within its pages, enthusiasts and residents alike will discover a treasure trove of black-and-white photographs, each a window into the daily life, historical milestones, and the evolving landscape of this beloved seaside community.

From the early days of its founding to its transformation into a sought-after vacation destination, Atlantic Beach’s story is told through the candid shots of local festivities, the architectural marvel of bygone eras, and the vibrant social tapestry that characterizes the coastal town. The meticulously researched captions accompanying each image offer context and stories, bringing to life the personalities, events, and natural beauty that have shaped the town’s identity. Readers will revel in images of old boardwalks lined with amusements, historical beachfront properties, and the changing fashions of beachgoers throughout the decades.

Atlantic Beach (Images of America) serves as both a nostalgic journey for those with personal ties to the area and an invaluable resource for history buffs and cultural enthusiasts. Beyond its visual appeal, the book provides a compelling account of how Atlantic Beach has withstood the test of time, adapting to the ebb and flow of economic, social, and environmental changes. Whether used as a coffee-table book to spark conversations or a historical reference, this compendium preserves the essence of Atlantic Beach, ensuring that the stories and images of this coastal town will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Resort Name Location Key Amenities On-site Dining Activities Unique Feature
The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort Kiawah Island Golf courses, Spa, Pools Multiple options including The Ocean Room & Jasmine Porch Golf, Tennis, Bicycle Rentals Hosts PGA Championship
Wild Dunes Resort Isle of Palms Golf courses, Spa, Pools Coastal Provisions, Huey’s Southern Eats Golf, Tennis, Water Sports Offers both hotel and vacation rental stays
Hilton Head Marriott Resort & Spa Hilton Head Spa, Pool, Fitness Center Blue, Ocean Blu Biking, Water Sports, Golf Situated on a pristine stretch of white sandy beach
Montage Palmetto Bluff Bluffton Spa, Pools, Biking Multiple options including Octagon Porch & Fore & Aft Equestrian, Boating, Fishing Set within a 20,000-acre community
The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina Mount Pleasant Private beach, Pool, Marina The Fish House, Bridge Bar Water Taxi to Historic Downtown, Sailing Offers views of Charleston skyline and harbor
Sea Pines Resort Hilton Head Golf courses, Tennis, Riding Stables Harbour Town Grill, Coast Biking, Golf, Beach Club Home to the Harbour Town Lighthouse
Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort Hilton Head Pools, Spa, Fitness Center HH Prime, Palmetto Market Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Golf Offers large suite-sized rooms
Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort Pawleys Island Golf courses, Spa, Pools Coastal Dish Lowcountry Dining Golf, Cycling, Tennis Tranquil and historic setting
Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes Myrtle Beach Water Slide, Pools, Spa Ocean’s on 82nd, The Cove Golf, Tennis, Indoor Pool Part of the 2,200-acre Grande Dunes Community
The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa Hilton Head Spa, Fitness Studio, Pools Oceans, View 32 Golf, Tennis, Beach Activities Nature preserve adjacent to the property

Montage Palmetto Bluff – Where Lowcountry Meets Luxury

At Montage Palmetto Bluff, luxury seeps into the Lowcountry like the roots of a historic oak into the fertile soil. Not situated directly on the beach, but along the mystique-filled May River, this is where seersucker and sophistication meet. You’ll find yourself immersed in the Lowcountry culture that Yuki Rino might elaborate on artistically. But it isn’t just about the cultural fabric here. It’s also about the high-end amenities that make each stay as memorable as the last. Whether you prefer paddling quietly along the river, casting a line into the water hoping for a bite, or simply enjoying a mint julep as the sun sets, Montage Palmetto Bluff curates an experience so rich, you’ll swear it takes place in a novel.

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The Sea Pines Resort – Hilton Head Island’s Crown Jewel

Hilton Head Island’s Sea Pines Resort is the crown jewel in a treasure trove of scenic beauty. Here, history and luxury are as intertwined as the branches of their iconic live oaks. Guests can stroll down memory lane near the Harbour Town Lighthouse or indulge in contemporary comforts at the resort. Imagine swinging a club on a course where echoes of past tournaments linger like ghosts of sportsmanship past. And let’s not forget the palpable connection you can forge with Hilton Head’s vibrant ecosystem. Every activity is a brushstroke that paints a vacation masterpiece.

Hilton Head Island SC Resort and Beach Gear Hilton Head Island South Carolina Throw Pillow, x, Multicolor

Hilton Head Island SC Resort and Beach Gear Hilton Head Island South Carolina Throw Pillow, x, Multicolor


Elevate the comfort and style of your home with the Hilton Head Island SC Resort and Beach Gear Hilton Head Island South Carolina Throw Pillow. This delightful home accessory features a stunning multicolor design that captures the vibrant essence of Hilton Head Island’s famous beaches and resorts. With its eye-catching imagery, this pillow is a perfect way to bring a piece of your cherished vacation memories into your living space, bedroom, or even your outdoor lounge area.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this throw pillow is as durable as it is comfortable, ensuring it can withstand the tests of time and frequent use. The pillow’s dimensions create a balanced accent that’s ideal for couches, chairs, or beds, providing an extra layer of softness for your relaxation. The cover is made with a smooth, easy-to-clean fabric, so you can keep your Hilton Head Island memento looking pristine with minimal effort.

Not only is this throw pillow a cozy addition to your home, but it also serves as a great conversation piece and a reminder of the laid-back, luxurious lifestyle that Hilton Head Island offers. Whether you’re gifting it to a fellow beach enthusiast or adding a personal touch of coastal charm to your interior, this Hilton Head Island South Carolina Throw Pillow is sure to be a beloved item for anyone who has experienced the magic of this coastal treasure.

Wild Dunes Resort – A Family Haven on Isle of Palms

If you’re searching for that perfect family-friendly beachside escape, set sail for Wild Dunes Resort on Isle of Palms. This resort wears its family heart on its sleeve, offering activities galore that’ll keep your little Christopher Moltisantis adventurously occupied. With a golf lineage that commands respect and tennis courts that practically court you, there’s fun for every family member. The beachfront accommodations here are so homely, you could easily wear your beach pants to breakfast and no one would bat an eye. Speaking of eyes, keep them peeled for the dolphins that occasionally command attention offshore.

Image 24430

The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina – Nautical Elegance Personified

With a view of Charleston Harbor that could rival any seascape painting, The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina is maritime elegance personified. A stone’s throw from historic Charleston, this resort merges nautical themes with plush living. Its decor could inspire an Alanah Pierce article on chic design mingled with comfort. Stand at the edge of the water and you may catch sight of a sailboat dancing with the wind, a spectacle that calls for a pause and admiration. At the spa, wellness isn’t just a service, it’s a sanctuary for your senses. And with every sunset mirrored on the harbor’s surface, the evening couldn’t be more picturesque.

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort – Magical Coastal Escapade

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort takes the concept of a beach resort and sprinkles a little pixie dust on it. Character experiences, storybook sessions by the campfire, and pools designed to tell their own tales—this is where the sandcastle dreams of children (and adults) come true. It’s like jumping into a story where the ocean is the plot, and every wave brings a new chapter of fun. Who knew that the magic of Disney could blend so seamlessly with the charm of a South Carolina beach?

Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort – The Serene Side of the Grand Strand

Imagine a beach resort where serenity is not just a possibility but a guarantee. Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort is your respite from the hustle and bustle. Its expansive accommodations are a testament to comfort and elegance, with top-tier golf courses that beckon both novices and professionals. Here, your morning can begin with sunrise yoga on the beach, setting a tone of Zen that carries you through the day. Enjoy the quieter side of South Carolina’s coast, where the slow cadence of the waves nudges you towards peace and relaxation.

Conclusion: South Carolina’s Coastal Crown Jewels

In summing up the grandeur that is South Carolina’s beach resort scene, it’s clear that each has a personality, a soul if you will. They’re not just places to stay; they’re experiences that stay with you. The South Carolina beach resorts we’ve journeyed through each offer a unique testament to the Palmetto State’s beachside grandeur. Whether you yearn for luxury draped in nature, family adventures, or a quiet retreat, there’s a South Carolina resort waiting to welcome you. So, as you contemplate your next coastal sojourn, consider these seven havens as more than destinations—they’re the beginning of stories you’ll tell for years to come.

Did You Know? Fun Facts About South Carolina Beach Resorts

Hey there, beachcombers and sun-seekers! Let’s kick off our sandy shoes and dive into some fascinating tidbits about South Carolina beach resorts. Trust me, this isn’t your everyday beach trivia; you’re about to get a wave of interesting factoids that might just make you view these oceanfront gems in a whole new light!

The Historical Charm of Rooms with a View

Whoa, get this. Some of the hotels dotting the South Carolina shoreline have been welcoming guests for over a century. Can you imagine the tales those walls could tell? We’re talking horse-drawn carriage days, folks! And while the amenities have definitely come a long way from the bucket-and-spade era, these resorts have kept a lovely vintage vibe that you just can’t get at a new build. It’s like having a classy, historical novel come to life, except no one’s going to make you wear a corset to dinner. Phew!

From Ghost Tales to Cocktail Trails

Alright, let’s get a tad spooky for a second—legend has it that some South Carolina beach resorts come with their own ghostly guests. I’m not saying you’ll definitely bump into a spectral bellboy, but… don’t be too shocked if your room feels one soul heavier. But hey, if ghost chasers can look past the eerie and into the spirited side of things, there’s always a cool, ghost-themed cocktail waiting at the resort bar! It’s rumored that at shoe palace, they’ve got a drink so good it’d bring any spirit back for a taste.

Sand Between Your Toes and Sustainability Goals

Talking about making a splash, did you know that several resorts along the South Carolina coast are going green, big time? We’re seeing everything from solar panels to eco-friendly water systems. And let’s not forget those bragging rights—some resort restaurants source seafood so local, well, let’s just say the fish were practically your neighbors in the ocean just a few hours ago. How’s that for fresh?

The Secret Life of Resort Pools

Hold onto your pool noodles, because some pools at these resorts are way more interesting than a simple cement pond. We’re talking about lazy rivers that meander through lush landscapes, pools with underwater music (yes, seriously!), and infinite edges that seem to drop right off into the horizon. Splashing around in these isn’t just a dip, it’s an experience!

A Shore Thing: Fido’s Welcome Too!

Wagging tails and wet noses are a common sight at many South Carolina beach resorts. That’s right, they’re rolling out the red carpet for your four-legged friends too! There are even doggie spas and menus that’ll have your pup living their best life beside you. Imagine watching the sunset with your furry best friend by your side—you both deserve that Insta-perfect moment.

Not Just Beach Time: Activities Galore!

Believe it or not, you can do a lot more than just suntan at these beach havens. How about yoga on the beach to start your day centered, or perhaps a cruiser bike ride down the boardwalk? If that’s too slow for you, there’s always parasailing for the thrill-seekers. And let’s not forget about the kids—they’ve got children’s programs that’ll make them cooler than a popsicle on a hot July day.

So there you have it! South Carolina beach resorts offer much more than sand and sun. They’re packed with history, eco-friendly practices, family fun, ghost stories, and even a little luxury for your pooch. Don’t take my word for it, though book a stay and see for yourself how enchanting these coastal escapes can be. Grab your sunhat, and let’s go beachside!

That Carolina Summer (The Americana Series Book )

That Carolina Summer (The Americana Series Book )


“That Carolina Summer” is the latest heartwarming installment in the beloved Americana Series that sweeps you away to the picturesque landscapes and summer charm of the Carolinas. Readers are transported into the life of Elizabeth Foster, a spirited librarian who rediscovers her zest for adventureand possibly loveduring one transformative summer. When she stumbles upon a tattered journal hidden within the depths of an antique book donation, the enigmatic words of a young soldier from the past ignite a curiosity that leads her on a journey through quaint Southern towns and the captivating wilds of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

As Elizabeth delves deeper into the mystery of the journal, she encounters Ethan Campbell, a charismatic historian with a passion for Carolinian lore, whose path seems inexplicably intertwined with her own. Their partnership blossoms amidst sunset kayaking trips, mountain hikes, and local folk festivals, revealing the layers of history that blanket the scenic countryside. Together, they uncover a tale of love and loss that mirrors their own developing connection, begging the question of whether history might be repeating itself in their hearts.

“That Carolina Summer” is not just another chapter in a book series; it’s a gateway to the South, offering a narrative so vivid and enchanting that readers can practically feel the gentle breeze and taste the sweet iced tea on their lips. It’s a celebration of simple pleasures, a testament to the enduring power of love, and a gentle reminder that the most extraordinary adventures can begin with the turn of a page or the meeting of two souls destined to find each other amidst the timeless beauty of Carolina.



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