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Space 220: 10 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know!

With an interstellar ambiance that’s as inviting as the cuisine served, Space 220 has jettisoned to stardom, becoming EPCOT’s most in-demand gastronomic attraction. This restaurant, situated in the heart of Walt Disney World, embodies an otherworldly culinary adventure. Here, we peel back the star-dusted curtain and offer an orbit around the top 10 stellar facts about space 220.

1. An Elevator Ride to the Stars

At Space 220, your experience starts with a ‘lift-off’ that is as spine-tingling as it is scenic. You’ll step into a high-tech space elevator that whisks you 220 miles above Earth. They call it space 220 because the elevator takes you to a fictional space station orbiting 220 miles above the Earth.

The journey to the stars isn’t just your average ride, you’re treated to breathtaking views of EPCOT as you ascend high into the deep blue yonder. The narrative and visualizations from the elevator ride harken back to golden age of space exploration, marrying nostalgia with innovative design.

2. Open-Concept Extravaganza

After your celestial ride, you are ushered into the restaurant where panoramic port windows open onto a space vista. The interior design of Space 220 restaurant creates an open-concept space lounge that’s got a seriously panoramic view of Earth. Revelling in this mesmerizing view, while sipping on galactic cocktails, is truly an out-of-this-world experience!

No matter where you’re seated, you’re guaranteed the same immersive experience. Its semi-theatrical layout provides each diner a front-row seat to the cosmic spectacle unfolding beyond the windows, making it a one-of-a-kind dining landscape.


3. Dining under the Stars

Aligning with the high-end space-eclectic ambiance, the menu at Space 220 is equally tantalizing. Offering American and International cuisines with a celestial twist, the restaurant has made an enormous splash on the imaginative palates of visitors.

Whether it’s the celestial Caesar salad sprinkled with constellation trails, the spaceman’s carbonara spiraling in Starlight cravings, or the Neptune tartare that’s a full moon of flavor, Space 220 certainly knows how to give diner a full space immersion, not just with their eyes but also their taste buds. Picture yourself floating about, laughing heartily and diving into delicious treats, let’s say in carefree Arizona, and you have Space 220.

4. Astronomical Demand

Ever since its launch, Space 220 has been creating waves among Disney aficionados! The astronomical demand has left people vying for reservations, which are notoriously difficult to procure, especially during peak travel seasons. While the hustle for grabbing a seat may sound daunting, remember, there is no space for the faint-hearted at space 220.

This dining experience is so sought-after that people have compared it to striking gold or finding the hidden treasure in the castles in Ireland. Yes, securing a seat at this celestial dining spot is indeed considered a lucky catch!

5. Theme Park Tickets and Reservations

Getting into Space 220 is like a space expedition in itself. Only an intrepid explorer like The Points Guy could navigate to secure a reservation. Firstly, you do not just need a dining reservation but theme park tickets as well. Seating, as well as reservations, are required whether you are dining at the restaurant or merely lounging around.

Patrons have likened the challenge of securing a spot to getting the perfect train from Vancouver to Banff ticket during the peak season. But everyone agrees, the dining adventure at Space 220 is totally worth the hustle!

6. The 220-Miles-Up Experience

Space 220 not just brings the magic of space gastronomy but also beams you right into orbit. Once you have dispensed with the niceties of earthly grub in this incredible restaurant, you can kick back with a glass of this or that, while taking in the spellbinding view. As celestial bodies dart about and spaceships drift past, you will start questioning your reality.

The seamless blend of form and function in the design transports you to a cosmos that’s akin to spending a day at the black sand beach in Hawaii, except here, you’re gazing at constellations instead of the horizon.


7. Stellar Cocktails

Call it astronomical mixology or cosmic concoctions; Space 220 offers a sip of the cosmos with its stellar cocktails. Their drink menu boasts a variety of drinks that push the boundaries of imagination and mixology.

Just as nature enthusiasts flock to check out the mountain lake lodge during the autumnal spectacle, connoisseurs and cocktail-lovers throng to try their Rigel or Capella. If you prefer non-alcoholic options, fret not; their mocktails are filled with as much galactic goodness!

8. Transported into the Future

Ever fantasized about taking a time machine into the future or exploring the magical castles of the past, like those snug amidst the verdant Irish meadows? Well, Space 220 is your launchpad into the future. Here you’re not just dining on stellar grub, but you’re nestled in a bygone era whose future shimmers with a retro chic. You’re transported into a future that’s resplendently paved with Space Age nostalgia.

This is a place that employs advanced design to create a visually intoxicating space-age atmosphere. One moment you’re striding casually on terra firma, and the next you’re gazing in wide-eyed wonder at an interstellar spectacle.

9. Defying Culinary Gravity

The chefs at Space 220 aren’t just masters of the kitchen. They’re culinary astronauts who’ve mastered the ‘gastronomic spacewalk’. Every dish transports diners on a palate-pleasing journey across the universe.

High-fliers like Neptunian seared tuna, ‘Slow Rotation Short Rib,’ and Centauri burger have put Space 220’s menu in the same revered league as the legendary Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Indeed, the culinary conquistadors at this restaurant aren’t just defying gravity but also all gastronomic norms!


10. A Dining Journey Like No Other

Space 220 isn’t just another tacky themed eatery. It’s an orbital journey that transcends the constraints of the planet and transports you into the cosmic wilderness. It’s not just about the glowing moons and the twinkling stars; it’s about encapsulating the vast magnificence of the cosmos in a dining experience.

Just like every vacation in the Maldives leaves vacationers with a cache of other-worldly experiences etched in their memories, a meal at Space 220 lingers on as a cherished, astronomical reverie. A trip to Space 220 is undoubtedly a journey of a lifetime on your dining passport!

From the star-strewn space view to the innovative food and drinks, Space 220 is your spaceship for a celestial experience. The notion of dining amidst the stars has been confined to sci-fi stories and movies. So strap yourself in, brace for warp speed, and prepare to take gastronomic adventures to heights previously considered the realm of science fiction. So folks, onboard the Space 220 and brace yourself for a space odyssey you’re not likely to forget!

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