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Tennis Skirt Styles: 10 Best Looks for Court Couture

I. A Love Game: The Allure of the Tennis Skirt

There’s something timeless about a tennis skirt. Nothing says game, set, match quite like the vision of a player striding onto the court clad in the perfect blend of athletic functionality and chic design. A visual symbol of the sport itself, the tennis skirt effortlessly melds grace and power, much like the swing of a well-trained athlete sending a clean serve over the net.

In the world of sports luxe fashion, the classic tennis skirt stands as the epitome of court couture. Much like the participants in the high-ranking game of cat and mouse on the court, these skirts transition flawlessly from a day of errands to an afternoon of hitting balls, evoking the grandeur of well-loved holiday spots like Monaco or the Hamptons. And let’s not forget the generous dose of old-school charm they add to any ensemble.

Skorts, the lovechild of skirts and shorts, just may be the unsung hero of the tennis skirt silhouette. Epitomizing practicality and style, these dynamic hybrids provide athletes with the fluidity of motion you don’t often find in shorts, coupled with a stylish flair that only a skirt can bring.

Top Pick

Husnainna High Waisted Pleated Tennis Skirt with Pockets Athletic Golf Skorts for Women Casual Workout Built-in Shorts 018BZQ-Moroccan Blue/b4


【Features】:High waisted ,Pleated,Liner short has 2 side pockets and The back zipper pocket can put down the phone.
【Designed for Athletic】:Tennis,golf,workout,hiking,daily…high waisted pleated skirt perfect for sport or just lounging.
【Care】:Machine wash,Air dry,No bleach.
【Money Back Guarantee】:Not in Love? We accept returns! Full refund is guaranteed if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

II. The Ace Serve: Top 10 Tennis Skirt Styles

Just like Bryan Kelly, AKA ‘The Points Guy’, would advise on airline choices, landing the perfect tennis skirt style can make-or-break your court presence. Here are some all-star options:

A. Pearl Ball Pocket Skirt

Combining functional pockets with a feminine silhouette, this style enables players to carry extra tennis balls effortlessly.

B. Athletic Striped Skort

The Athletic Striped Skort brings a dose of preppy aesthetic to the tennis court. The sporty stripes accentuate the court-friendly cut of this dynamo piece.

C. Pleated Classic Skirt

The Pleated Classic Skirt is the Audrey Hepburn of tennis styles—timelessly elegant and universally loved. The pleats not only add an extra dash of charm to the skirt but functionally create a broader range of motion.

Top Pick

CRZ YOGA Tennis Skirts for Women Crossover High Waisted Ruffle Layered Workout Athletic Golf Skort Skirts with Pockets Black Medium


Upgraded Feathery-Fit Soft fabric: Ultra soft and breathable, weightless and quick dry, slightly stretchy, and no swish-swish sound
Double Ruffle Athletic Skirt: Flowy appearance adds chic to sporty stylish, while enhance your range of motion
Built-in short with anti-slip dots enhance your range of motion without riding up
Two pockets in short liner, one tennis ball pocket and one phone pocket, free your hands during workout
Cross Waist: High waist pleated skirt with V shape waistband, tummy control and streamlining your waist’s curve without muffin top
Activewear Tennis Skort, suitable for any activities, such as tennis, golf, workout, fitness, dancing, etc.

D. High-Waist A-Line Skirt

The upswept silhouette of a High-Waist A-Line Skirt highlights the waist and creates a flattering line. This chic option takes you from court to lunch with ease, especially when paired with spring Dresses budding in vibrant colors.

E. Contrast Trim Tennis Skirt

In-line with the 2023 trend, the Contrast Trim Tennis Skirt showcases a playful dichotomy of colors that makes your on-court antics pop.

F. Two-Tone Split Skirt

Sporting a look that borrows from the style pages of the iconic Eddie Guerrero, the Two-Tone Split Skirt is every bit as audacious as his famous ‘dragon flag‘, yet maintains that athletic classiness inherent to tennis wear.

Top Pick

LouKeith Tennis Skirts for Women Golf Athletic Activewear Skorts Mini Summer Workout Running Shorts with Pockets Black S


COMFY MATERIAL: Soft, skin-friendly nylon fabric wicks moisture away from skin to keep you cool and dry. Ideal wear for tennis, golf, volleyball, running, athletics, workout, racing, yoga, cheerleading and everyday casual wear. It also figure flattering and useful for all seasons and various occasions.
2 in 1 OUTFIT SKIRTS: LouKeith tennis skirts combines a lightweight, stretchy outer layer with breathable built-in bike shorts that flex as you fitness. The inner short can provide you with extra coverage and support, enhances your range of motion, not see through when you’ve been sweating on the court, make you move carefree.
WIDE ELASTIC WAIST: The activewear skorts with compression-fit shorts inside is elastic and comfortable to wear, which can tummy control mildly and stay in place, not roll down when you do sport. Flat, high-rise waistband creates a snug fit, provides a nice natural fit with plenty of coverage while bending and stretching.
SIDE POCKET: 1 pocket in this golf skirt with shorts can play different roles. Give you enough room to hold tennis balls and also secure to store essentials like phone, airpods, card etc.
FASHION ACTIVE FIT: Split on the side put a unique design on a classic style. Cheer mini buttocks skirts highlight your waist and hip curve, help you enjoy the beauty while exercising. Lovely summer skorts can be matched with T-shirts, crop tank and tops, make you more charming.

G. Performance Spandex Skirt

For the serious girlfriends of the sport, the Performance Spandex Skirt presents lightweight, easy-to-move-in fabric that keeps you focused on those match-winning shots.

H. Cooling Tech Fabric Skirt

Hot summer matches require gear that won’t slow you down. The Cooling Tech Fabric Skirt promises just that, with cutting-edge technology designed to cool you down as the game heats up.

I. Minimalistic Straight-Cut Skirt

For purists seeking a clean-cut option that gets out of its own way, the Minimalistic Straight-Cut Skirt places emphasis on performance, punctuated with a subtle nod to style.

J. Eco-friendly Recycled Material Skirt

For the environmentally conscious, the Eco-friendly Recycled Material Skirt doubles down on sustainability without the compromise on the look or feel.


III. A Behind-the-Lines Look at Tennis Skirts

A. The Skort: A Skirt and Shorts Fusion

As discussed, the Skort remains a resilient tennis skirt variant that refuses to be overshadowed by its counterparts. The clever combination of shorts and a skirt creates a design that flaunts aesthetics while boasting unrivaled function.

B. The Comfort Factor: Why Do Female Tennis Players Wear Skirts Instead of Shorts?

Female players opt for skirts instead of shorts primarily because of the comfort element. Most modern tennis skirts house built-in compression shorts that allow a greater degree of movement – essential in traversing the court swiftly.

IV. The Groundstroke Debate: The Difference Between a Golf Skirt and a Tennis Skirt

At first glance, golf skirts and tennis skirts might appear strikingly similar. And while they do share some common ground such as comfort and aesthetics, they have distinct characteristics. For example, golf skirts are generally longer and carry larger pockets – a necessary feature to accommodate various golfing tools. On the other hand, tennis skirts provide increased flexibility and motion dynamism, as demanded by the fast-paced nature of the game.


V. Current Trend Report: Are Tennis Skirts Still in Style in 2023?

Echoing the tennis-appropriate forecast of the Supergoop Glow screen for Summer 2023, the tennis skirt trend appears more robust than ever. Pleated variations along with contrast trim designs are currently enjoying a heyday in the fashion landscape, proving we’re just ramping up for the tennis skirt mania.

VI. The Final Set: Choosing the Right Tennis Skirt for Your Game

A. Factors to Consider When Buying a Tennis Skirt

Your serve is only as good as your tennis skirt allows. Understanding material, fit, flexibility, comfort, and style can ensure your choice of tennis attire complements your game.

Top Pick

Stelle Women Tennis Golf Skirts High Waisted with Inner Shorts for Athletic Workout Sports Skorts Running Pickleball (WT, S) White


【Soft Comfort Material】The tennis dress is made of high-quality nylon material, feels soft, and quick drying. STELLE Tennis skirts let you exercise and enjoy the beauty at the same time.
【Built-in Short Liner】The skirt has a built-in short, and a two-layer design for extra coverage and support, so you don’t have to worry about showing off while exercising.
【With 2 Pockets】The two pockets are designed to serve different purposes. The left pocket can hold a tennis ball, and the right pocket is convenient for you to store phones, cash, and cards.
【High Waist & Wide Waistband】High waist design which can tummy control mildly and stay in place, not roll down when you do sport. A flat, high-rise waistband creates a snug fit and provides a nice natural fit with plenty of coverage while bending and stretching.
【Multi-occasion Wearing】STELLE skirts are suitable for tennis, golf, running, dancing, hiking, school, party, yoga, swimming, volleyball, cheerleading, and everyday casual wear.

B. Understanding Your Comfort vs Style Spectrum

The bridge between comfort and style isn’t always straightforward. A player’s preference could range from high function-focused gear to a more balanced approach favoring both comfort and aesthetics.


VII. A Grand Slam Closer: Perfecting Court Couture with Your Tennis Skirt

In the final set, tennis skirt selection is a game of balance. Perfecting court couture involves selecting a style that aligns with your game-play, personal comfort, and fashion-forward thinking. From the eco-conscious to the performance-driven, the tennis skirt world offers a fantastic array of options. In essence, your court flair can be as distinctive, individual, and dynamic as the way you play your game.



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