things to do in pittsburgh this weekend

Things to Do in Pittsburgh This Weekend: 10 Top Picks

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the city where the Monongahela, Allegheny, and Ohio Rivers meet, beckons travelers with its melting pot of cultural sophistication and industrial grit. Endearingly termed ‘The Steel City,’ Pittsburgh promises a plethora of exciting activities suited to every fancy, inviting you to peel back its layers. Let’s plunge into the top things to do in Pittsburgh this weekend, mingling the refined insight of Brian Kelly with the vivid prose of Pico Iyer, to unlock an unforgettable luxury travel experience.

Discover Insider Favorites: Unique Things to Do in Pittsburgh, PA

When in the city once blanketed in smokestacks, cast aside the obvious paths and indulge in the clandestine splendors that only the locals whisper about. Here’s the inside scoop on two uniquely Pittsburgh experiences:

  • Spy on a Secret Art Stash: There’s an intoxicating allure to private art collections tucked away in the steel citadels. Curate a private show where local artists reveal their works.
  • Tipple in the Unknown: Saunter into an underground speakeasy, where the very walls breathe prohibition-era tales. Remember, the golden rule is to keep it hush-hush – speak easy, after all.
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    First Pick: Kayak the Three Rivers

    Don a life jacket and paddle through the city’s arteries—the magnificent Three Rivers. While you’re strengthening those muscles and reaping the wellness rewards, you’ll also gain a unique perspective on Pittsburgh’s cityscape.

    • Renting the Best: Seek out the finest vessels at our top rental spots—where service and quality meet.
    • Paddling Paradises: Navigate to the point where waters congregate for a panoramic city kiss—a vista like no other.
    • Image 15747

      Activity Location Date & Time Price Range Transportation Options Description/Notes
      Visit the Andy Warhol Museum 117 Sandusky Street Jul 28-30; 10 AM – 5 PM $10-$20 Bus, Bike, Walk Explore the largest collection of Warhol’s artworks; walking distance from downtown.
      Explore the Strip District Strip District Jul 29; All day Free Car, Bus, Taxi, Walk Shop and dine; local vendors, ethnic eateries, and unique boutiques.
      Ride the Duquesne Incline 1197 West Carson Street Jul 28-30; 5:30 AM-12:45 AM $2.50-$5 Car, Bus, Walk Historic cable car ride with a stunning view of the city skyline.
      Attend a Pirates Game PNC Park Jul 29; 7:05 PM $20-$100 Boat, Bike, Walk, Taxi Cheer on the Pittsburgh Pirates; accessible via riverwalk paths.
      Schenley Park Hike Schenley Park Jul 30; Anytime Free Bike, Bus, Walk Enjoy nature trails and green spaces; perfect for a peaceful weekend getaway.
      Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre 2900 Liberty Avenue Jul 30; 8:00 PM $30-$75 Car, Bus, Taxi, Pedicab Experience a night of exquisite dance performances.
      Kayak on the Allegheny River North Shore Jul 29-30; 8 AM – 8 PM $15-$30/hr Walk, Bike Rentals available for a paddle on the river; first-come, first-served basis.
      Attend a Local Food Festival Highland Park Jul 30; 12 PM – 7 PM Free Entry Bus, Bike, Walk Delight in local cuisines and culinary creations; various food vendors.
      Visit the Carnegie Museums 4400 Forbes Avenue Jul 28-30; 10 AM – 5 PM $11.95-$19.95 Bus, Taxi, Pedicab, Walk Choose from art, natural history, and other exhibits; educational and fun for all ages.
      Sunset Cruise on the Rivers Station Square Dock Jul 29; 7 PM – 9 PM $20-$30 Car, Bike, Walk, Boat Enjoy the city from the water; refreshments for purchase onboard.
      Outdoor Yoga Session Market Square Jul 30; 9 AM – 10 AM Free Bike, Bus, Pedicab, Walk Join a community yoga class in the heart of downtown; bring your own mat.
      Attend a Comedy Show Downtown Comedy Club Jul 29; 8 PM – 10 PM $15-$25 Taxi, Walk, Pedicab End your night with laughs; featuring local and touring comedians.

      Second Pick: Historic Market Square Festivities

      Market Square, a tapestry of history and present-day life, brims with stories and laughter. This weekend, the past meets artisanal crafts and tantalizing bites:

      • History Comes Alive: Every brick and cobblestone is drenched in tales dating back centuries.
      • Seasonal Surprises: From fresh blooms to ice rinks, depend on Market Square to turn ordinary into extraordinary.
      • Vendor Vibes: Seek out vendors with stories as rich as their wares—a genuine Pittsburgh concoction.
      • Third Pick: The Cultural District’s Performing Arts

        Amid Pittsburgh’s radiant Cultural District, a symphony of performances awaits—be it theatre, ballet, or orchestral overtures:

        • Curtain Call Magic: This weekend spills over with artistic genius. Anticipate the thrill of the last-minute rush for tickets.
        • Backstage Whispers: Snag a rare glimpse behind the scenes, where the real enchantment lives.
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          Fourth Pick: Explore the National Aviary

          Flit into the avian universe with an excursion to the National Aviary:

          • Winged Wonders: Immerse in a kaleidoscope of colors with exclusive weekend displays.
          • A Visitor’s Tale: Let’s chirp into a personal anecdote from a recent visitor for a feathered touch.
          • Image 15748

            Fifth Pick: A Gastronomic Tour of the Strip District

            Ah, the Strip District! Prepare for a foray into Pittsburgh’s culinary heart where diversity and flavor dance on every street corner.

            • Foodie’s Dream: Dive into interviews with the maestros—the market vendors and chefs who carve the district’s taste.
            • Must-Tastes: We’ll do more than hint at the gastronomic treasures. This weekend, try these dishes—you’ll yearn for seconds.
            • Sixth Pick: Ride the Duquesne Incline to Mount Washington

              Ascend in essence and elevation with the historic Duquesne Incline up to Mount Washington—one magnificent way to survey Pittsburgh’s vast landscape.

              • Historical Journey: Embrace the engineering marvel that links past with present.
              • Eyes Wide Open: Capture picture-perfect moments, with tips on the choicest spots and times for that supreme snapshot.

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              Seventh Pick: Attend a Sports Event

              Pittsburgh breathes sports with a fervent passion:

              • Weekend Warriors: This weekend, steep in city pride as local teams display heart and hustle. A guide on indulging in the perfect game day.
              • Local Haunts: Discover where the pre-game spirits are high and the seats offer an unrivaled view.

              Image 15749

              Eighth Pick: Visit the Andy Warhol Museum

              Warhol—iconoclastic pop art prodigy—finds homage in his native Pittsburgh:

              • Art Prowl: Traverse through his complexities and ponder on the personal narrative pieces this weekend has on show.
              • Warhol’s Way: Let’s lay down the ultimate route, ensuring no Warhol highlight gets missed.

              Ninth Pick: Discover the Gardens and Conservatory at Phipps

              Step into the lush embrace of the Phipps Conservatory:

              • Seasonal Splendor: Revel in the verdant displays curated to flourish this weekend.
              • Conservatory Secrets: Whisper some of the conservatory’s lesser-known endeavors, tinting your visit with newfound appreciation.

              Tenth Pick: Uncover Pittsburgh’s Speakeasy Scene

              When night falls, seek the thrill of days long gone in the clandestine corners of Pittsburgh’s speakeasy bars:

              • Hidden Libations: Indulge in the rich atmosphere and exclusive spirits that spark clandestine conversations.
              • Authentic Vibes: Unravel the very fabric of Pittsburgh’s nightlife through the lens of its speakeasy domain.

              Embrace the Unexpected: Curate Your Own Pittsburgh Adventure

              While this curated guide offers a mosaic of activities, the true essence of travel lies within your unique encounters. We encourage you to use this weekend’s guide as a compass that points to hidden treasures waiting for your trove.

              Delight in the Discovery: Your Exclusive Pittsburgh Pathway

              Recall this trove of things to do in Pittsburgh this weekend as a mere prelude to the symphony of experiences within this resilient city. Allow yourself to sidestep the beaten path and discover your very own slice of Pittsburgh—a city that reveals its heart to the explorer within.

              Pittsburgh’s Weekend Wonders: Fun Facts and Trivia

              Weekends in Pittsburgh are never dull, let me tell you! This city is as lively as a bee on a sunny day – buzzing with activities and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. If you find yourself in the Steel City with 48 hours to kill, here’s a trivia-laden guide to make your weekend as memorable as your favorite childhood song.

              The Cultural District Calls

              Alright, picture this: you’re wandering down Penn Avenue on a brisk Saturday morning. The Cultural District beckons with its theaters and galleries. But did you know this area used to hum with the sound of printing presses? That’s right – this district was Pittsburgh’s original “Newspaper Row.” Imagine catching glimpses of tomorrow’s news today, hot off the press!

              Infamous Threads of History

              And while we’re threading through history, let’s chat about a fun fact that’s bound to stitch some interest. Pittsburgh was once the stomping ground for the creator of the “Von Dutch” brand. Known for revolutionizing the world of streetwear with those iconic trucker hats, the brand has etched its mark on fashion. Think of it – as you walk through the South Side, you’re treading the same ground that once inspired designs worn by countless celebrities!

              Art and Oddities

              Heading over to the quirky side of town, the Mattress Factory isn’t just your typical art museum – it’s a haven for installation art that’ll twist your perception around like a pretzel. Now, here’s a nifty tidbit: this museum’s building was actually… you guessed it, a real mattress warehouse. Talk about catching some Z’s surrounded by art!

              Brews and Views

              Did someone say beer? Indeed, Pittsburgh’s craft beer scene is as hopping as a rabbit in spring. But okay, let’s raise a glass to an odd fact: at one point, beer wasn’t the city’s go-to drink. Instead, whiskey flowed like the Allegheny. In fact, back in the 1790s, the Whiskey Rebellion put Pittsburgh on the map in a rebellious, tipsy light. These days, you’ll find the city’s “spirit” more in its brews than its brew-haha past.

              From Coal to Cool

              Once the king of steel, Pittsburgh has swapped its coal-covered reputation for something far greener. You’ve gotta visit one of the city’s 165+ parks. Here’s a kicker: these green spaces cover more greenery than any other US city – including Central Park in New York! So go ahead and tell that to someone stuck in “what used to be” and watch their jaw drop.

              Every Bridge Has a Tale

              Now, did you know that Pittsburgh has more bridges than Venice? With over 446 of them, this city’s got a bridge for days! Every span has its own yarn to spin – some might even rival the suspense of “who’s the father?” dramatic reveals, and we’re not just talking about Larry Birkhead ‘s net worth.  Cross over to the North Shore, and you’ve got yourself a story at every corner.

              Culinary Connection

              Get this: Pittsburghers are as proud of their pierogis as folks out west are about their wine – which says a lot, considering places like NJ Wineries are worth singing praises about! If you’re chowing down on a hearty plate of these stuffed sensations this weekend, remember you’re partaking in a foodie tradition that’s been kneaded into the city’s legacy.

              Toot Your Horn for the Buccos

              If you’re a baseball nut, PNC Park is where you want to be. The Pittsburgh Pirates have seen more curves than those winding Santa Ynez Hotels. And oh, the view of the skyline from the ballpark? It’s more spectacular than fireworks on the Fourth of July!

              The Vintage Charm of Station Square

              Let’s roll back the clock at Station Square: once a bustling train station, now a vivacious hub of shops and eateries. Trains may not be the stars here anymore, but the vibe is as electric as the third rail, with more excitement buzzing than the lobby of bustling Portland Hotels downtown.

              The Waterfront Escape

              And finally, unwind like a local at The Waterfront. This sprawling shopping and entertainment complex in the Homestead area is just the ticket after a day of exploring. Not as cozy as those Vancouver WA Hotels, but hey, with all its riverfront charm, you won’t miss the fluff of extra pillows.

              So there you have it! Armed with these quirky facts and top picks, your Pittsburgh weekend is set to be as iconic as the city’s skyline. Remember, each bridge, ballpark, and pierogi has a tale worth telling. Go make some memories and possibly find some facts of your own to boast about when Monday rolls around!

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              What food is Pittsburgh famous for?

              Oh, Pittsburgh’s grub scene? Let’s talk about the iconic Primanti Bros. sandwich! Stuffed with french fries and coleslaw right between thick Italian bread, this behemoth is a Steel City staple you don’t wanna miss. It’s like Pittsburgh on a plate—unpretentious and jam-packed with flavor.

              What is there to do in Pittsburgh with kids?

              Looking for a blast with the kiddos in Pittsburgh? Check out the Carnegie Science Center or the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. They’re chock-full of interactive exhibits that’ll leave your little ones wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. And, hey, don’t forget the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium for a wild family day out!

              Is Pittsburgh worth visiting reddit?

              Is Pittsburgh worth visiting? You betcha, and Reddit agrees! From vibrant neighborhoods to rich history, and some killer eats, Reddit users rave about the Burgh’s charm. Sure, every city has its haters, but scroll through those threads and you’ll see the love for the ‘412’ shines bright.

              What is Pittsburgh known for?

              Pittsburgh’s calling card? It’s an industrial powerhouse turned tech hub, with a side of sports fever. Think steel, bridges, Andy Warhol, and those die-hard Steelers fans. It’s a city that’s reinvented itself while keeping its gritty, hard-working spirit alive and kicking.

              What is the main dish of Pittsburgh?

              When you talk about the main dish of Pittsburgh, you’re talking about a hearty Primanti Brothers sandwich. Born in the Strip District, it’s like a whole diner meal squished between slices of bread. It’s not just food; it’s a Pittsburgh experience!

              What is the official sandwich of Pittsburgh?

              The official sandwich of Pittsburgh is none other than the Primanti Brothers sandwich. It’s a high-stack of meat, cheese, french fries, and slaw, all crammed into two slices of thick Italian bread. Yinz can’t say you’ve been to Pittsburgh without trying one!

              Where can I take my kids to enjoy?

              Where can you take your kids to have a blast? Look no further than the nearest park or playground! Kids don’t need much to have a good time—a slide, some swings, and maybe a sandbox for the little diggers and you’re set. If you’re near Pittsburgh, give the classic Schenley Park a whirl!

              Does Pittsburgh still have the good ship lollipop?

              Ah, the Good Ship Lollipop—sadly, it’s sailed away from Pittsburgh’s waters. But don’t let that sink your plans! The city is still brimming with fun spots for the young’uns, from the Children’s Museum to the National Aviary.

              Is Pittsburgh a family friendly city?

              Is Pittsburgh family-friendly? Absolutely! With tons of parks, museums, and eateries that welcome the whole crew, Pittsburgh’s got your back for a family fun time. There’s something for every age, from tots to teens, to enjoy.

              Is it safe to walk in Downtown Pittsburgh?

              Walking in Downtown Pittsburgh? By day, it’s a safe bet—you’ll be fine as you explore the bustling city center. Of course, like any city, keep your street smarts about you and be a bit more cautious when the sun goes down.

              What attracts people to Pittsburgh?

              People are buzzing to Pittsburgh for loads of reasons! There’s a vibrant arts scene, lush green spaces, and sports that could make even the most laid-back person jump off their seat. Plus, the city’s rebirth from steel to tech and culture is downright inspiring.

              Is Pittsburgh a foodie town?

              Is Pittsburgh a foodie town? You know it! The city’s got a smorgasbord of culinary gems, from high-end dining to food truck round-ups that’ll tantalize your taste buds. Whether you’re after fancy eats or street treats, Pittsburgh’s food scene is sure worth a nibble.

              What is the famous street in Pittsburgh?

              The famous street in Pittsburgh everyone chatters about? Carson Street in the South Side is where it’s at. Day or night, this strip is a bustling mash-up of bars, boutiques, and bites that keeps the pulse of the city thumping.

              Why do people like Pittsburgh so much?

              People like Pittsburgh for its hard-to-beat combo of friendly folks, cultural pockets, and surprising affordability. Plus, it’s got arts, sports, and a foodie landscape that can go head-to-head with any big city. In short, Pittsburgh’s got its arms wide open, waiting to welcome yinz.

              What is the most popular food in Pennsylvania?

              The most popular food in Pennsylvania has got to be the Philly cheesesteak, hands down—ooey-gooey cheese whiz, thinly sliced steak, all tucked into a hoagie roll. But wait, there’s more! Soft pretzels and scrumptious whoopie pies are also in the ring for the top spot.

              What is the most popular food in Pennsylvania?

              Hold up, did someone say iconic Pennsylvania food? It’s a fierce battle, but the Philly cheesesteak is throwin’ punches at the top. Still, let’s not forget the soft pretzels, Pittsburgh’s Primanti sandwich, and Dutch Country’s whoopie pies and shoofly pies elbowing in for the title.

              What is the most iconic Pennsylvania food?

              As a foodie city, Pittsburgh is no slouch. This place is high on flavor with its dynamic restaurant scene, ranging from international kitchens to farm-to-table joints. It’s got the gastronomic goods that’ll satisfy any food lover’s cravings.

              Is Pittsburgh a foodie city?

              Oh, you better believe Pittsburgh is known for pierogies! These stuffed Polish delights are a nod to the city’s Eastern European heritage, and they’re as much a part of Pittsburgh as the three rivers. You can find them everywhere, from food trucks to grandma’s kitchen.



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