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where was white lotus filmed

Where was White Lotus filmed? Discover 10 Stunning Locations You Won’t Believe!

I. Capturing the Serene Drama: Where Was White Lotus Filmed?

The curtain lifts, and we’re thrown into the lavish yet eerily calm world of ‘The White Lotus’. Debuting in 2021, this HBO miniseries quickly grasped attention with its intriguing narrative, an ensemble star cast, and most strikingly, its mesmerizing filming locations. But here’s the jackpot question: ‘Where was White Lotus filmed?’. Rapidly trending among binge-watchers and travel junkies worldwide, this mystery forms the core of our quest today. Buckle up as we flit between the paradisiac Hawaiian landscapes to the historic Italian grandeur, the stunning backdrop that takes ‘The White Lotus’ to a whole new level!

II. An Exotic Paradise: The Filming Location of White Lotus Season 1

“Where was White Lotus Season 1 filmed?” The answer, folks, is nothing less than a tropical luxurious utopia: the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. This divine location despite the pandemic restrictions, was the canvas upon which the entire first season was vividly painted. Wondering why this unique shooting process? Well, the pandemic had thrust unanticipated hurdles, which meant the cast and crew traded mainstream filming for confined, isolated shooting throughout the entire production.

The cast and the crew’s experience of living in this tropical paradise was indeed a mixed bag. Throw in tight pandemic protocols with the bliss of waking up to the rhythm of the soothing sea waves, and you get a blend as intriguing as the show itself. Imagine the scene: an island to themselves, both a utopia and a bubble, their world for those eight months in the midst of a global crisis. Now that’s a story in itself!

Season Filming Location Year Shot Other Details
1 Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, Hawaii 2020 Filmed during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic; the cast and crew were completely isolated during production.
2 San Domenico Palace, Taormina, A Four Seasons Hotel, Sicily, Italy 2023 Shot post-Covid; stars branched out slightly further than Season 1.
Note White Lotus isn’t a real hotel; both seasons were filmed at the Four Seasons, a luxury hotel chain.

III. Breakdown of the Breathtaking Hawaiian Setting

Let’s now embark on a closer exploration of the idyllic Hawaiian with cartoon muscle setting that served as the backdrop for White Lotus Season 1.


Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea: This breathtaking resort gives the word luxury a new dimension. Boasting of exquisite suites, world-class dining facilities, and a panoramic aquatic view, this resort was rightly chosen as the fictional ‘White Lotus Resort’.


The nearby Wailea beach: Besides the resort, the captivating Wailea beach featured significantly in the series. Beyond the resort’s confines, the natural beauty of this pristine beach played its part in the unfolding drama, tempering luxury with the raw elegance that is Hawaii.


Internal views of the shut-down hotel during the height of the pandemic: To work around the filming constraints, many sequences had to be shot within the confines of the vacant hotel. However, it is precisely these behind-closed-doors scenes, tinged with daunting isolation, which add to the series’ intrigue.


IV. An Italian Excursion: The Filming Location of White Lotus Season 2

Now let’s hop onto a European sojourn and answer the question, “Where was White Lotus filmed in Season 2?” Swapping Hawaiian tranquillity for European charm, Season 2 took us to San Domenico Palace, Taormina, A Four Seasons Hotel, and other breathtaking locales across Italy. With the easing of pandemic restrictions, the crew could stretch their creativity beyond the resort’s confines and the horizon of Wailea’s beach. Sicily, boasting a rich cultural heritage coupled with the mesmerizing natural beauty, presented the perfect backdrop for the unfolding drama of the second season.

V. A Dive into the Italian Splendour

Plunge into the Italian marvels that bolstered the narrative of White Lotus Season 2.

  1. San Domenico Palace, Taormina: This historic hotel in the heart of Sicily’s picturesque town weaved a tapestry of vintage allure with modern luxury, making it a primary spot for much of the filming.

  2. Grand Views of Taormina’s coastline in Sicily: Sicily’s enchanting coastline, with azure waters meeting majestic cliffs, became intrinsic to the storyline, giving viewers a taste of Italy’s unparalleled scenery.

  3. Locally famous restaurants and other sites featuring in the series: Among these, Ristorante Cin Cin, the open-air eatery overlooking the picturesque Sicilian coast, deserves special mention, its sumptuous meals presented as a feast for the viewers’ eyes, effectively recreating the vibrant Sicilian ambiance.

    VI. Double Exposure: Why White Lotus Used Real Luxury Hotels

    Delving deeper into the grandeur of The White Lotus’ setting, one can’t help but notice the real-life luxury it showcases. For all the wandering souls with a nudge of luxury lodged in their hearts, here’s a bummer: the hyped ‘White Lotus Resort’ doesn’t exist! Yet, we can’t deny the sophistication associated with White Lotus, a synonym for luxury worldwide. This was possible due to the filming’s strategic choice of location: the opulent Four Seasons hotels, each one an emblem of lavish comfort and style. Who wouldn’t feel royally pampered in such lap of luxury?


    VII. Enchanted by The White Lotus: Planning Your Visit

    If you’ve been captivated by the series’ serenity and are eager to trace the steps of your favorite characters, here’s some essential info. Please be mindful of the booking at these renowned hotels, as they’re often swamped with reservations. Sure, a visit to these filming locations may require some planning and reservation wrangling, but believe us, the unparalleled experience that awaits you makes it worth the effort!

    VIII. Beyond the Screen: Reflecting on The White Lotus Locations

    The inviting twin locations of The White Lotus didn’t merely serve as the backdrop for our ethical drama; they shaped the narrative, becoming a character in their own right. The tropical tranquility of the Hawaiian resort and the historical grandeur of the Sicilian coastline created a stark contrast that mirrored the underlying tensions in the series. Reflecting on the pandemic filming restrictions also shows us the resilience and creativity in television production. Although compelled to film in isolation, the crew skillfully harnessed the exotic charm of a single location, turning what could have been a constraint into a storytelling asset.

    IX. Setting the Scene for the Future: Where Will White Lotus Season 3 be Filmed?

    Looking ahead and speculating: “Where will White Lotus Season 3 be filmed?” While the showrunners are tight-lipped, going by the previous trends, one can’t help but imagine another lavish international destination. Perhaps the stunning landscapes of Santorini or the tranquil Swiss Alps? Only time has the answers to our wanderlust-filled speculation!


    X. Bringing the Wanderlust to a Close

    As we gradually close the curtain on our immersive journey into the ‘where was White Lotus filmed’ query, we open doors to a world of intriguing possibilities. Don’t you feel the wandering itch in you, urging for an adventure to these exotic locales? Whether you’re a fan of the series or simply besotted by the lure of luxury travel, the stunning settings of The White Lotus beckon you. So let’s keep the wanderlust alive and look forward to the scenic surprises the next season may offer. Happy traveling!

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    What resort is The White Lotus filmed at?

    Alright, listen up and get ready to be blown away – the enticing resort you can’t stop ogling on ‘The White Lotus’ is no other than the Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea, Hawaii! It’s an absolute paradise boasting top-notch amenities and breath-taking views. So, it’s no surprise that it was chosen as the opulent backdrop for this sensational series.

    Was White Lotus actually filmed in Italy?

    Hold your horses! Scuttlebutt has been going around that the ‘White Lotus’ was filmed in Italy, but I’m here to set the record straight. No siree, they didn’t hop over to the European boot for shooting! The captivating series you’re hooked on was shot squarely in our picturesque slice of Hawaiian paradise.

    Where was The White Lotus season 1 filmed?

    Wondering where they filmed ‘The White Lotus’ season 1? Brace yourself for a sunny surprise! The steamy drama unfolded not in some fancy Hollywood studio, but on the sparkling sands of the Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea. Yup! All that tropical luxury you see on your screens is genuine, Hawaiian eye-candy, my friends!

    Is White Lotus a real hotel Hawaii?

    Now, is ‘The White Lotus’ a real hotel in Hawaii? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it ain’t. The ‘White Lotus’ is a figment of the series creator’s imagination. The actual locale is the swanky Four Seasons Resort Maui. So, although you can’t book a room at ‘The White Lotus’, you can sleep, dine, and soak up the sun at the same divine location!

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